Yuri in Which the World Will End in Ten Days chapter 1

Chapter 1

Day 1

Apparently, the world will end in ten days.

As sad as that would be, it is what it is.

And if that is true, then I guess I ought to finish this one thing.

Her address hasn’t changed. I’ve heard from an acquaintance that she is still living here. A nondescript single house.

I ring the doorbell, but no one answers. I keep ringing for a while before proceeding to open the gate, and then knocking on the front door.


It’s still bright out, so I can’t see whether or not the place has lights on. Feels like there’s no one inside. I can’t be so sure, though. Considering the current situation, they might just be keeping quiet.

“He~y! Come on out!”

I keep knocking. I’ve already come all the way here. I’m not going to just to turn back now.

A few minutes pass; don’t know how many exactly. Just as I’m getting tired from all the knocking, I hear the door unlock.

“Um, what is it…?”

A girl in a high school uniform walks out, looking annoyed. Sixteen or seventeen, if I have to guess. She wears glasses and has shoulder-length hair. Not dyed, no makeup. The kind of girl that I vaguely would like to nickname committee chairwoman.

“Is Ruru home?”

“Not right now… Do you need something?”

She stares at me, her eyes clearly showing suspicion.

“When will she be back?”

“What’s that you’re holding?”

I have this one thing I want to get done in the case that the world ends in ten days.

“…It’s an axe.”

And that is to kill that woman.

“Eh, um, I’m calling the police.”

With a startled look on her face, she declares to me. A predictable, sincere reaction.

“Oh, wait, wait! I don’t mean any harm to you. So… Ruru’s not home?”

“So you’re going to do something to my sister?”

“Ahh, so you’re the li’l sis! You don’t look anything like her though!”

Come to think of it, I might have heard before that she has a sister. I stand by my opinion that their faces don’t look anything alike, that’s for sure, but it seems this girl doesn’t like being told that.

“Again, I’ll call the police.”

She says, sounding headstrong, and tries to close the door. But I force one foot in first, blocking it. She takes a step back, giving way for my successful intrusion into the house.

“So what if you do? The world’s gonna end anyway. C’mon, tell me where Ruru is.”

She moves back again; I close the distance between us with every step.

“I’m not anyone suspicious, you know. Just her ex-girlfriend. I’ve got a bit of a grudge and want to kill her, you see, so just tell me where she is.”

“You know there’s no way I’m telling you!”

“Lemme guess, the villa in Hayama? Used to brag about it. She doesn’t have a car, so she must’ve gone with her mom and dad. Am I right?”

The change in her countenance is very visible. Seems like she’s the type who can’t ever tell a lie. An honest kid through and through.

“Must be so nice, watching the end of the world at an expensive place with a nice view… But why’re you still here, li’l sis?” “…It’s nothing important.”

“You’re still going to school? Why?”

Should be the case, what with her wearing her uniform. I really don’t know if they’re still having proper classes, though. Again, the world’s coming to an end; if I was her, I sure as hell wouldn’t keep studying.

“…I said it’s nothing important.”

“What’s the point when the world’s end is right ’round the corner?”

She goes silent, thinking it over for a moment.

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”


“It’s a famous quote. Haven’t you heard? I wouldn’t expect someone like you to know, but still…”

“Why would you plant trees when the world’s ending?”

“It’s a matter of mindset. I’ll go to school like normal. I’ll keep studying. The world may or may not end; it doesn’t matter. It’s not important to me. I’ll only do what I can.”

She seems to be heating up the more she talks. Her tone turns firm and powerful.

“Hmm, sounds pointless.”

“Like I said! …Look, I’m done talking to you.”

“So, Ruru’s actually not home?”

“She won’t be back for a while.”

“Then I’ll wait.”

“Leave now!!”

She says, practically screaming in my face. I do have a weapon with me, but I sure wouldn’t want to bully the poor girl with it.

It’s her sister that I want to kill, not her.

“Wait, I didn’t catch your name there. Mimi? Roro?”

“It’s Riri!”

After answering so, she looks shocked at herself.

“Riri-chan, see you tomorrow!”

I crack a broad smile and wave to her. With axe in hand.

Blushing deep red, she replies to me, an honest reaction through and through,

“Don’t ever come here again!!”

Yuri in Which the World Will End in Ten Days

Yuri in Which the World Will End in Ten Days

Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A story in which a woman, after learning that the world would end in ten days, sets out to finish one last thing: murder her ex-girlfriend.However, she ends up befriending, and spending the world’s final days with, the little sister of her ex-girlfriend instead.


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