You’re Gonna Break the Engagement? Right? chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

I want to run away
I sat on sofa while surpressing that kind of  feeling

the one who’s sit in front of me is, this county throne first successor Leon-sama
even devil would run away if see those kind of sharp eye that give you heavy sense of pressure
aah ….. I want to escape

「i’m sorry for suddenly calling you ,Azursha」
「it.s okay。 I’m the one who’s get the chance to talk with Leon-sama ,i’m the one who’s feel grateful 」

so please let me go home already。
I must not speak what I am thinking。
our eyes meet and after that , smiling。

「I’ll only say the reason I call you here Azursha 。our engagement , I want to cancel it」

I cast my eyes down ,I am holding my skirt with trembling hand。
the excitement and happiness is too much。

first successor of throne ,Leon-sama’s fiancee。
it mean’s that I’ll become the future queen。
it’s a highest honor for a noble girl, but i don’t want it!
under normal circumstances , I’m being Leon-sama’s fiancee already bringing grudge and rejection from all over the place。
For become a queen I already receiving training ever since I was child , and that’s really severe days。

and i’ll say goodbye to those days today!

「it’s one side break up。you’ll be given some compensation money」

Money!i’ll happily receive it。
even if my house is duke house 、the income’s not much。
that’s because my mother is lavish 。
Dad’s income is used for extravagant things、our fortune will soon be exhausted。
if everything’s keep like this my brother future will。

Because i’ll become a queen、Mother always dress me up、in addition my mom love to dress me up。
Flashy and luxurious。
I really want her to stop。

「……stay silent huh。if you have something to say。nobody’s gonna punish you」

no punishment , that mean’s feel free to said anything and complaint。
maybe it’s okay because this is one sided break up、even so i still can’t said it。

looking at me that shaking my head while looking downward、Leon-sama took a long sigh。
i can’t see it because looking downward 、but i’m pretty sure he’s looking me with cold eyes right now。

i’m not fond with Leon-sama。
even thought this an engagement is determined since our childhood、our chance to see each other can only counted by both hands。
it’s because both of us receive training、and spend our days busily。

「i don’t know what you’re thinking」

with a voice that sound’s like it doesn’t matter and disgusted。

I still remember the first day i met Leon-sama。

Blazing red hair、big pupil。
even as child he have such an appeal (read : destruction power)、but then he just like some cheeky brat that doesn’t scary at all。
no need trembling in front of Leon-sama like this、also you don’t need to run from his eyes 。
after the time pass by we will grow、for Leon-sama who’s gradually have a dignity that just like a King made me scared。

But、That、who’s gonna thought that he will grow up like that!?
every girl except me sees Leon-sama like this。
what a lovely man。
That Blazing red hair、Releasing a soul that overwhelm every opponent  、sharp eye that will make every opponent prostate themselves before him contain that kind of coldness。
But other girl is not scared by that、they call that cold face cool。
i can only said that their eyes is rotten。

「if you don’t have anything to said then it’s over」

Absolute king。
for Leon-Sama’s empress who’s have that kind of presence、I absolutely reject。
my heart can’t take it。
after all  i don’t even want to become common queen。

because of that、now that Leon-sama wanted to break our engagement is good thing for me。
Because i will never said it。

aah、From now i can sleep。
tomorrow i don’t need to receive that training to become a queen。
it’s because Leon-sama break up our engagement、there’s no way knowing if he got wife。
I will leave house and live as commoner or maybe join church。
let’s decide it for  later。
for now let’s enjoy this happiness。

「and last、sign this document。it’s a pledge to recognize for breaking our engagement」

i give full smile answer、and then pick the pen。
this time 、it’s like  i am seeing Leon-sama’s face after a long time。
That red hair with bang just like lion’s mane and the back part that stand on it’s end 、that golden pupil’s opening wide just like it is surprised 。

overwhelmed by happiness i don’t feel any fear、then cheerfully signing the document 。

but before i touch the document、that document is running off somewhere。

「you look very happy」

Damn it。
it’s already late when i think like that。

「is breaking up with me really make you that happy?」
「N, way」

my face must become pale as if give up any hope 。
to be pleased after Tearing up engagement with Leon-sama、it’s not weird to receive punishment。

can’t think any good excuse 、i can only hang my head and trembling、

「……it’s okay。now sign」

Next time i must not make any mistake。
griping pen weakly、with trembling hand writing my own name。
just one more character。
at that time once again he pulled the document、the ink is staining the table。


why, i’m not finished writing after all 。
in contrast of my bewilderment state、Leon-sama ‘s smiling like having fun。

「i’ll stop breaking our engagement」

what’s he saying 。
did i misheard? un、that must be it。

「umm、i’m not finish writing my name」

i want to quickly write my name and then leave。
he’s laugh scornfully at me who’s asking about the document without meeting his eyes。
with that laugh my shoulder is jolting with “bikkuri”。

「there’s no need。because i don’t want to break our engagement」

spontaneously standing i stare at Leon-sama。
maybe seeing Leon-sama’s face like this is the first time 。

「do you want to……break our engagement?」

he swing the document to show it to me、asking with smile that look’s like scoundrel。
i cant make that assumption (?) 。
if i could said it i already said it long time ago。

because of that i am , this engagement break up as chance to make it to public

「Leon-sama is……love Mirfria-sama right?」

Mifria ・Frodas
count household second doughtier、the most beautiful girl in this country…. it seem。
i never met her、it’s not more than a rumor that i heard。

and that Mirfui girl is、happily drinking tea with Len-sama、dancing with Leon-sama at balls when can’t come、pretty much friendly relationship and  that’s my friend told me。
maybe it’s painful、because myself is know how painful is that but、it must feel’s like a happiness for  have a kind friend  。

there’s no way it’s painful。
rather i think that’s pretty awesome。
drinking ta together with that Leon-sama、and。
i pretty sure there’s no flavor。
what’s more with tasteless tea and silence tea party、what kind Buddhism practice is that。

「nothing special。i just think that she have more social skill than you that’s all」
「but but、there’s rumor Mifruia is beautiful、also kind。surely in the future she will become appropriate queen ……」
「you don’t want to become a queen?」

i don’t want to、that kind of thing。
i surely can’t stand the strong pressure of become queen 。
beside 、even if my house have a connection 、myself almost have no connection at all。
for me who hate social disposition 、is fatal mistake for queen。
in addition even if i make effort for my knowledge and dance skill is just average。
for me to become country representative, surely the country will fall down.

「in comparison to novice like me、Mirfia-sama’s have more elegance and tolerance、dance skill also knowledge’s surpassed me、i think she’s more suitable to become a queen。i’m just gonna make Leon lose face」

i make an appeal that i think about you , you know 。
with this he should think that i don’t hate him 。

「then you just need make more effort」
「if it’s not enough to make you a queen then make more effort」
「e、but more than this is……」

i have what you call personal power。
with all this much effort i did 、i think that i am an average person。

「you don’t want to put me on shame right? then change that feeling to effort。 what、i can lend you my specialist  teacher。i think in 1 year you’ll learn enough」

Leon-sama’s Specialist teacher 、full of Teacher with spartan way of teaching。
Have to spent 1 year with that kind of fearsome people、Absolutely no!

「not only i will lend my specialist teacher、i also take you to high  society。personal connection is important。Dress and all of expense i will take care of itfor me to do all of this、you don’t want to reject right?」

that demon like smile become more deep、just illusion or what、in that back i see demon wing and tail。

can’t、i can’t run。
but giving up after all of this is like go to start line once again 。

「Are you really sure about Mirufia-sama?」
「of course。don’t make me say it twice。i don’t have any feeling towards Mirufia。aa、are you Jealous」

there’s no way!
getting irritated toward Leon-sama smiling face、but can’t show that feeling  、i Just can grasping tightly my skirt。
what should i do、i can’t do anything。

「until you  become the one who’s fit to become a queen、i’ll wait for it」
「why、to that extent……」
「so what should you  do? then 、Azursha。 your answer?」

overpowering, denial is unacceptable 。
crossing his leg, that figure just like that of royalty。

「……一i will do my best~」

i loseeeeeee。
what’s more now that i got spartan teacher、to train me more than this is!

「i will wait for our wedding、Azuria?」

he reach my body and touch the tip of my hair。
amusingly giggling 。
i am sure he’s making fun of me。

frustrating! next time i will show you i can break our engagement!

「this person’s never learn」

Leon-sama’s servant saying something but i don’t hear it。

if a person like Mirfuia-sama can’t do it then、using an angel that always show up in child story or、is miko-sama’s not gonna show up。
if it’s something like that Leon-sama must be attracted。

「……i think it’s futile」

when i’m doing trial and error in my mind、before i know Leon-sama’s already sitting beside me and putting his hand around my back。

You’re Gonna Break the Engagement? Right?

You’re Gonna Break the Engagement? Right?

Score 6.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
A noble girl is engaged to a prince. One day the prince tells her he will break off the engagement. She is very happy. Now she won´t have to go through the harsh queen training. However, is the prince for real or is he just joking.


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