You Must Pity Me chapter 8



When Shen Yue returned this time, the black-robed girl was no longer present to welcome him back. That long-haired girl with her sword was no longer standing there silently. He leapt off the horse. Tears had stained the beautiful face of Jian Mengdie. She threw herself into his arms and said:  To be honest, we were all in the wrong. All of us have wronged her.

There was news that Mo Yun had been discovered at the outskirts of Jinyuan City. At that time, the wounds that afflicted her entire body were infected and gangrenous. Yet, her sword remained steadily in her hand as she slaughtered her way through the siege initiated against her.

She fought and fled her way back to the gates of Jinyuan City.

Mo Yun had thrown herself against the city gates and pounded against the doors with all her might. However, the generals guarding the entrance were all members of Jian Cheng’s personal army. They had been issued an absolute order and refused to open the gates.

She finally lost all hope.

Hence, a very bizarre scene played out on the battlefield. A scarred and injured girl stood exhaustedly on one side, while a row of lustrous steel-armoured soldiers stood on the other side at the city wall. Both parties stared at each other in dismay.

Someone told Shen Yue that before she died, Mo Yun had slaughtered a few dozen Chu Country soldiers. Another person reported that the number stood at a few hundred as opposed to a few dozen.

Even when Shen Yue closed his eyes, he could still visualize Mo Yun’s blood-soaked appearance.

She was a fugitive who took away lives, the type that he despised the most. She walked under the cover of darkness and wherever she stepped, light would fade away and rules would perish. She would run amuck as she pleased on the plane of this world. Shen Yue hated violence, but Mo Yun obstinately and wilfully stuck to this course.

In the end, Mo Yun’s black robes were purged dark red with blood. The side that held the advantage in numbers had actually been the first one to collapse.

They held out their shields at the frontline and dispatched their archers.

Finally, a thousand arrows pierced her heart.

Jian Cheng was the person who enabled this. However, he was also the one who belatedly shed tears at the sight of her corpse. This girl had been gripping on tightly to a tablet belonging to the shadow guards before her death. Jian Cheng flipped over the tablet and glanced at the birthday engrave on the other side of the tablet. Beneath the robe that had been ripped apart by the rain of arrows, an obvious red mark could be seen on her arm. Soon, Jian Cheng recalled his wife’s abnormal behaviour that day. That day, his wife had mentioned that she had most likely found their daughter.

Ridiculously, he had assumed that his wife was speaking nonsense.

The final blow that took Mo Yun’s life was a flying needle that struck the middle of her brows. This was Hu Si’s famous signature move. Madame Jian had also been killed by a flying needle.

All of them had misunderstood her, but what was the use of this realization? She had suffered through her lifetime, and she had struggled in her lifetime. Peace had finally been returned to her at death.

Shen Yue slowly approached the coffin. He finally saw the girl who had performed a sword dance for him back when he was sixteen. She lay inside tranquilly. Her black robes and ebony hair were spotless, as though she had finally trod over a thousand mountains and oceans.

Back when he was sixteen, Shen Yue had fallen for this intimate view of her bright and clean appearance. Hence, when he met Jian Mengdie in the General’s Manor, he had chosen Jian Mengdie without any second thought, for he thought that she appeared otherworldly. He had once found Mo Yun familiar, but after seeing her hands stained with fresh blood, it instantly quelled all thoughts.

This was the first time Shen Yue did not despise the blood on Mo Yun’s body. However, she would never know, not for eternity.

Shen Yue embraced the soft frame tightly. He said: Don’t worry, I will take care of you in the future. I will no longer let you witness such blood and massacres.

Jian Mengdie lifted her head, revealing her teary eyes. However, when she met Shen Yue’s eyes, she realized that he was looking beyond her, as though he was staring at a non-existent person.

In the end, Shen Yue flattened the entirety of Chu Country, securing his position at the peak. He withdrew the army, established the law of the courts and ascended on the dragon throne. As delicate snowflakes drifted down, he suddenly felt a sense of loneliness.

The road to the throne had been paved by the skeletons of the dead. Yet, when he finally reached the end of the path, he realized that everyone was equally unclean.

However, although thousands of mortals dwelled within the vast expanse of the land, he was still alone. Cold and alone in this boundless world.


[Book complete]


T/N:  And this marks the end of <You Must Pity Me>! I have to apologise for putting this on the backburner for such a long time.

I find it extremely unfortunate that Mo Yun’s struggles never brought forth fruit. Ever since chapter 1, Mo Yun had been fighting against fate. Yet fate plays out exactly how it had been dictated. Up till her death, not a single person remained by her side. Her father indirectly became her murderer, and the only man she ever loved utterly scorned her. She was denied the care and protection she sorely deserved after defending her homeland. 

Shen Yue’s obsession with cleanliness and innocence is clearly ironic. He was a prince, not a monk, so his stubborn objection to violence was unjustified. Defending a country requires military power, and unless your army is going to defend itself with cotton balls and padded swords, violence is almost certain at the frontlines. His hands are no less bloodstained, a fact he belated realizes at the end of the novel.  

You Must Pity Me

You Must Pity Me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
Ever since she was young, Mo Yun was tenacious.When other girls fell, they would cry and wail in pain. Only she would press her lips tightly together, plastering on an obstinate expression instead. She would never attempt to gain pity or affection from others.Even when her Master told her about the 8 sufferings in life: birth, aging, sickness and death, parting with the ones you love, meeting with the one you hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas. Everything was supposedly predestined, nothing could be forced. Even so, Mo Yun would lift her head up stubbornly and sneer: Parting with the ones you love and unattained aims? It merely applies to those who have no guts.Even if it can’t be forced, I will force it!Not long after she said this, Mo Yun met Shen Yue.Shen Yue was just like the biggest joke the heavens played on her, as a reminder to Mo Yun that in this world, there were things that she could not obtain by force.


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