You Must Pity Me chapter 7

Chapter 7


On the day Shen Yue left, Mo Yun left the manor with her sword in hand. She hid in a secluded corner and watched him set off.

No one knew. His departing silhouette was the last thing Shen Yue left for Mo Yun.

Not long after Shen Yue’s departure, the military barracks reported a state of emergency.

Chu Country had convened all its military power and had begun a siege on Jinyuan City. Fortunately, Jinyuan City had a firm foundation. Although the military barracks were in a disarray, their army possessed steady hearts.

Although the soldiers had composed themselves, Jian Chengs emotions were rather turbulent.

Because he had heard news that the commander of their enemy was Hu Si, the fiercest General in Chu Country.

Although Hu Si was young, he possessed innate leadership qualities. Every time he led his troops out for battle, the expedition would be a success.  And soon, his name had spread far and wide. He even had humble beginnings as a shadow guard for Chen Country. Although he had betrayed Chen Country many years back, he was still one of the best elites out there.

Jian Cheng fought with him numerous times, and every single time, he was unable to gain the upper hand. There was one exception –Mo Yun had laid silently in ambush three metres away from Hu Si. They managed to injure him with much difficulty after sending an arrow out. However, Hu Si continued to behave brashly. A few days later, he deployed his men to provoke Jian Cheng – There were rumours that Jian Cheng’s precious daughter possessed beauty capable of toppling cities. Would he be willing to sacrifice her to him?

Jian Cheng barely stopped himself from ripping that letter apart. But at that moment, Mo Yun suddenly appeared before him.

He was a little shocked as he stared at Mo Yun. This girl had tied her hair up in a very traditionally way. Coincidentally, her hair had concealed the scar on her temple. There seemed to be a thin layer of makeup on her face, making her appear less unsightly. This version of Mo Yun actually appeared seventy to eighty percent similar to Jian Mengdie.

However, this merely evoked greater disgust from Jian Cheng. He sneered: Why has Shadow Guard Mo come here?

I heard you received a letter of challenge. Mo Yun went straight to the point. I’ll meet Hu Si in Jian Mengdie’s place.

On the other hand, Jian Cheng was a little stumped. He questioned her carefully: What do you want from doing this?

What do I want? What else can I ask for?

At the start, I wanted to return home. However, in the end, I had no home to return to. At the start, I wanted Shen Yue to like me as well. However, it has proven to be impossible in this existence.

Back when she had ambushed Hu Si, and the moment the hidden arrow was shot at him, she noticed that Hu Si’s body had swayed unnaturally to the right. The arrow had clearly injured his chest. Yet, she did not mention this to him.

Back then, Hu Si had also turned his head. He had also caught sight of Mo Yun, who was hidden within the trees. They had both been enemies on the life or death battle field. Yet, Hu Si merely smirked at Mo Yun in disdain. Then, he made a move and shot a flying needle straight at her.

Mo Yun froze in place. The sound of horses and battle cries roared in her head.

So it was him! The person who had set up an ambush at the west wing was him!

She didn’t tell anyone that the murderer was Hu Si, because she couldn’t be bothered to. Even Shen Yue did not believe, what was the point in telling this to an irreverent person?

The two daughters of the Jian Family had clashing vitalities. Then this time, I will seek death in place of Jian Mengdie. Will you all be satisfied then?

Shen Yue, I’m just like a moth flying towards the flame. In the end, will this be enough to leave a mark in your heart? Alas, in the end, you might just forget that a girl named Mo Yun existed with the passing of time.

But this time, I’m going to make it happen at all costs. Mo Yun thought indifferently.

The next day, Mo Yun departed, dressed completely in black. Her long hair was let loose as the corner of her robe fluttered in the air, staining the blue sky black. She had only brought her sword ‘fugitive’ with her. Hu Si didn’t seem to mind. He appeared confident in his undefeatable skills, where seemingly no one was worthy of being his opponent.

However, that very afternoon, the enemy barracks were plunged into a state of chaos. After sending out countless scouts, Jian Cheng finally found out a piece of explosive news – Hu Si had died at the hands of an assassin. Mo Yun had incurred heavy injuries, and her plight was unknown.

At the start, no one looked upon Mo Yun favourably because they had heard of Hu Si’s skills at battle. However, she had won. This desperate fugitive had gambled her life, and fate had actually looked favourably on her for the first time. Mo Yun had actually accomplished something that Jian Cheng had deemed impossible. He thought, that girl must be fleeing from the scene at that moment.

Jian Cheng mumbled to himself. He stared at the numerous petitions he had received to rescue Mo Yun from the enemy camps. In the end, he signed one word – Rejected.

Then, he ordered his men: Shut the doors of Jinyuan City. Within the month, do not allow anyone into the city without permits. Anyone who opened the doors without permission would be charged with treason!

He had to cut off Mo Yun’s every escape route. The person who murdered his wife had to pay with her blood!

You Must Pity Me

You Must Pity Me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
Ever since she was young, Mo Yun was tenacious.When other girls fell, they would cry and wail in pain. Only she would press her lips tightly together, plastering on an obstinate expression instead. She would never attempt to gain pity or affection from others.Even when her Master told her about the 8 sufferings in life: birth, aging, sickness and death, parting with the ones you love, meeting with the one you hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas. Everything was supposedly predestined, nothing could be forced. Even so, Mo Yun would lift her head up stubbornly and sneer: Parting with the ones you love and unattained aims? It merely applies to those who have no guts.Even if it can’t be forced, I will force it!Not long after she said this, Mo Yun met Shen Yue.Shen Yue was just like the biggest joke the heavens played on her, as a reminder to Mo Yun that in this world, there were things that she could not obtain by force.


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