You Must Pity Me chapter 6

Chapter 6


Mo Yun was locked inside the interrogation room. Unspeakable exhaustion and undissolvable desolation was etched onto her face.

She recalled that scene for the umpteenth time – Mengdie standing right next to Shen Yue. That pair was like a match made in heaven, be it their status or their appearance.

Jian Cheng rushed over at breakneck speed, and when he saw the body of his own wife, he was burning with fury. So much so that he almost couldn’t stop himself from slaying Mo Yun there and then. Unfortunately, Mo Yun was unable to give a clear indication as to who Madame Jian’s murderer was. Hence, Jian Cheng summoned Mo Yun into the interrogation room to demand an explanation from her.

Shen Yue remained indifferent and silently agreed to let them take Mo Yun away. Mo Yun struggled to turn back, she wanted to shout at Shen Yue, you have to believe me. However, the moment she parted her lips, she saw Jian Mengdie rush into the building, before hugging her Mother’s corpse and bawling mournfully. Then, Shen Yue slowly walked to her side, propping her face up tenderly to wipe away her tears.

In the end, Mo Yun finally gave up. Master, I believe you now, she thought. Somethings cannot be forced, no matter how much I struggle.

No matter how the interrogators tortured her, they were unable to elicit anything other than ‘I don’t know’ from Mo Yun’s mouth. When they realized that Mo Yun’s breathing was becoming more and more unsteady, they could only release her resentfully.

Because her wound had become infected, Mo Yun suffered from high fever for three days and three nights. During these three days, not a single person from the General’s Manor was willing to care for her, regardless of their status. When Shen Yue went to visit Mo Yun, he realized that the girl was shrivelled up in the corner, dying. Her body was covered with stripes – lashes left behind by a whip. Her wounds were covered with an amalgam of quicklime and had already started to scab. There were even whip marks on her palms, which appeared black and blue. If they had been slightly deeper, Mo Yun’s hands would have been crippled, rendering her unable to hold a sword.

Tears were streaming down Mo Yun’s face. She was dreaming, dreaming about that woman collapsing, all while struggling to stretch out her arms towards her. Jian Mengdie could mourn over her body, but she didn’t even have the qualification to grief openly.

She opened her eyes and saw Shen Yue standing before her. He asked her calmly, “Mo Yun, have you repented?”

Mo Yun did not reply. Her eyes landed on the figure standing behind Shen Yue. Jian Mengdie had a set of mourning clothes draped over her.

Jian Mengdie would never know how much her twin sister admired her.

When Shen Yue detected Mo Yun’s eyes staring fixedly at Jian Mengdie, he became visibly enraged: Did you do such a thing in order to hurt Jian Mengdie? You felt upset when you saw her, and you must have wanted to ruin this marriage arrangement. Mo Yun, let me tell you. Even though Jian Mengdie is currently mourning, it will not hinder me from establishing her as my consort. On the contrary, I never expected you to be so cruel. Alas, killing is your second nature!

Mo Yun did not refute him. She merely twitched the corners of her lips apathetically as she said, Your Highness, you are right.

A slap sounded and the crisp sound of ringing echoed in her ears.

If I had known that this would happen, it would have been better if I allowed you to die. Shen Yue uttered coldly.

This girl had once saved his life. Under the shadow of the swords and the blades, she had taken all the pain and injuries in his place. She had protected him with all her heart and soul. Shen Yue was originally unwilling to criticize her so harshly. But, Mo Yun had committed such an unforgivable deed.

Shen Yue remained taciturn for a while. Then, he finally said: I wanted to chide you to repent. However, you obstinately persist in your wrongs, refusing to acknowledge them. Whatever, I will be leaving this place soon. We have discovered former subordinates of Chen Country in Xiapei, I want to head out and gather them. Don’t head out on your own. After all…

After all everyone in the General’s Manor would feel liberated by killing you.

Mo Yun listened to him in a daze. Just as she thought Shen Yue was expressing his concern for her, she heard him continue: Once I return from Xiapei, I will establish my consort. Mo Yun, at that time, please don’t appear.

Mo Yun stared at him. Within her chest, Qi and blood bubbled over and she could barely hold in. She finally spat out a mouthful of blood after waiting for Shen Yue to leave hand in hand with Jian Mengdie.

Shen Yue, if I knew that this would be our ending, I definitely… definitely wouldn’t fall for you.

You Must Pity Me

You Must Pity Me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
Ever since she was young, Mo Yun was tenacious.When other girls fell, they would cry and wail in pain. Only she would press her lips tightly together, plastering on an obstinate expression instead. She would never attempt to gain pity or affection from others.Even when her Master told her about the 8 sufferings in life: birth, aging, sickness and death, parting with the ones you love, meeting with the one you hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas. Everything was supposedly predestined, nothing could be forced. Even so, Mo Yun would lift her head up stubbornly and sneer: Parting with the ones you love and unattained aims? It merely applies to those who have no guts.Even if it can’t be forced, I will force it!Not long after she said this, Mo Yun met Shen Yue.Shen Yue was just like the biggest joke the heavens played on her, as a reminder to Mo Yun that in this world, there were things that she could not obtain by force.


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