You Must Pity Me chapter 4

Chapter 4



Although the Chen Country’s capital was in ruins, Jinyuan was still holding its fort due to the effort  Jian Cheng had put in. It was able to retain a semblance of its usual prosperity.

Chen Yue knocked on the gates of the General’s Manor. A servant peeked out of the doors, only to see a male and a female standing outside. The young man appeared to be a rather imposing and outstanding person, but the young woman wore shabby clothes. Could they be a pair of seasoned beggars?

The servant tried to chase them away impatiently. Shen Yue noticed that Mo Yun’s expression had undergone a change and he instantly knew that something was not right. Before he could react in time, Mo Yun’s ‘Fugitive’ sword slashed outwards and aimed straight at the gate behind the servant!

Then, a bang sounded. It had embedded into the mahogany door behind him, narrowing missing his cheeks. Yet, not a single hair on his face was hurt. The servant looked backwards in fear and trepidation, only to see that the three-foot sword had pierced through the General’s gate. A helpless and feeble looking girl like her was actually so frightening?

He hastily scrambled back to make a report. Outside the door, Shen Yue glared at Mo Yun with a dark face for the first time. Because his country was destroyed by violence, he really hated it when Mo Yun treated a human life so flippantly like this. It easily brought back memories of the day assassins sieged the imperial palace. A grim expression surfaced on his face.

Not long later, Jian Cheng came out with a whole lot of people in tow. They greeted and welcomed Shen Yue in.

Mo Yun was firm and decisive, but she was also quite impetuous. As a result, she dared to unsheathe her sword within the General’s Manor. Jian Cheng was supposed to welcome Shen Yue, while Shen Yue had no need to pay respects to Jian Cheng. Even a defeated figure should not lose his grandeur, she had even considered this detail on behalf of Shen Yue. However, when she wanted to accompany Shen Yue into the manor, Shen Yue told her: Mo Yun, I have something to discuss with the General. You can keep guard outside.

As he spoke, his eyes subconsciously glanced behind Jian Cheng. Suddenly, he exclaimed in surprise: Eh, it’s you?!

Everyone’s eyes immediately focused onto the girl standing behind Jian Cheng.

The girl looked up in bewilderment. When she caught a clear view of that girl’s face, Mo Yun’s breathing paused temporarily.

So many years had gone by in a flash. Her younger sister already radiated such youthful beauty – Her glowing visage was a carbon copy of Mo Yun 15 years ago.

Mo Yun watched Shen Yue’s expression warm up in the blink of an eye. Although she had gone through life or death circumstances together with Shen Yue, Shen Yue always maintained a courteous and detached attitude towards her.

At this time, Jian Cheng stepped forward swiftly. He said with a grin: Has Your Highness met this little girl before? Meng Die, why aren’t you coming forward to greet His Highness the Crown Prince!”

Jian Diemeng gave a deep bow. Her figure was slim and graceful, just like that of a dancer’s.

From the looks of it, it was time for her to take her leave. However, Mo Yun felt as though her face had been frozen stiff by an icy wind. She kneaded her cheeks expressionlessly, before wrapping the ragged clothing around her tightly. As she was about to leave…

Ya! A shrieked sounded, followed by the sound of shattering teacups.

What was going on today, and why was everyone so flustered? Jian Cheng almost couldn’t control his facial expression. Just as he was about to turn around and berate the offender, he realized that it was his own wife.

Jian Cheng had always treated his wife like a precious treasure. He wasn’t willing to chide her as he said: Are you feeling unwell? Get the servants to tidy up, you should head in and rest.

Madame Jian nodded her head, her face as pale as a sheet. However, her eyes were fixed on Mo Yun, in a daze.

The moment exited through the doors, she immediately tugged Mo Yun’s hand. The people in the vicinity were all staring at her movements. Madame Jian composed herself. She knew that this was not an appropriate place to speak, and hence she said: Tonight, at midnight. The west wing of the General’s Manor. This lady must definitely come!

T/N: Damn, why did the sisters have to be identical twins?? TT 

Also, just in case you can’t follow, Jian Cheng is Mo Yun’s and Meng Die’s biological father. He was previously a lieutenant general (Chapter 2), but he held the fort during the war and was promoted to a general.

You Must Pity Me

You Must Pity Me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
Ever since she was young, Mo Yun was tenacious.When other girls fell, they would cry and wail in pain. Only she would press her lips tightly together, plastering on an obstinate expression instead. She would never attempt to gain pity or affection from others.Even when her Master told her about the 8 sufferings in life: birth, aging, sickness and death, parting with the ones you love, meeting with the one you hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas. Everything was supposedly predestined, nothing could be forced. Even so, Mo Yun would lift her head up stubbornly and sneer: Parting with the ones you love and unattained aims? It merely applies to those who have no guts.Even if it can’t be forced, I will force it!Not long after she said this, Mo Yun met Shen Yue.Shen Yue was just like the biggest joke the heavens played on her, as a reminder to Mo Yun that in this world, there were things that she could not obtain by force.


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