You Must Pity Me chapter 3

Chapter 3


Mo Yun found Shen Yue on Diancang Mountain. At that time, Shen Yue was carrying the ruler’s jade seal with him and was the target of Chu Country’s assassins. Just as the assassin’s dagger was about to pierce his heart, at the point of imminent peril, it was Mo Yun who rescued him.

Living as a fugitive for the past few days had rendered Shen Yue both physically and mentally exhausted. Before he even had a chance to see the little shadow guard who had saved him, he lost consciousness.

Mo Yun silently carried Shen Yue on her back. She could not help but recall the midsummer of the year she turned 15. Shen Yue had held her hand and led her through the field of willows and flowers in the General’s Manor. Dotted specks of sunlight sprinkled on his figure as he smiled at her. There was no contempt or disparity in status, despite the fact that one was a prince and the other was a dancer.

No one would ever know how big a price the shadow guard Mo Yun paid in order to remain by Shen Yue’s side till the very end.

When Shen Yue roused, the first thing he saw was that girl. She was dressed in an ebony robe, paired with her jet-black hair. Her eyes were exhausted and appeared almost like walnuts. Her complexion was wan and sallow, and bloodstains dyed her entire body.

She said: I spent three sleepless nights searching for you, and then kept vigil over you for another three days. You’re finally awake.

However, Shen Yue knitted his brows and asked her: Who are you?

Mo Yun remained taciturn for a while, before replying: I’m Shadow Guard Mo Yun. I came to the rescue of Your Highness at the command of my teacher.

She was aware that after struggling and fighting in the life and death battlefield for three years, there was now a huge difference to her prior appearance. The final death and life battle was especially ruthless. Everyone who was able to make it to that stage was an elite member of the hidden guard. Although Mo Yun forced herself to survive till the end, flying needles had carved three oblique scars on her face.

She had never been a country-renowned beauty. What more, she was carrying a sword that emanated an aura of death. Even that sword had a name that even ghosts were scared of – It was called ‘Fugitive’.

It was no wonder that Shen Yue couldn’t recognise her.

Amongst the shadow guards, how many of them were not runaways or fugitives?

The first time Shen Yue understood the true meaning of a fugitive was right after he met Mo Yun’s Teacher.

He did not converse much with her teacher [1]. He only knew that Mo Yun was the sole disciple of her Master, who had taken her in with full confidence. As the leader of the imperial family’s shadow guard, her Master was loyal and devoted to the imperial family. When a swarm of assassins encroached like bone-eating maggots, her Master fought against 17 of Chu Country’s most elite assassins alone in order to ensure Shen Yue’s escape across the river. In the end, he severed the only ropeway across the river, perishing together with the assassins.

That day, the fresh blood of her Master and the assassins dyed the billowing waters of River Mei red.

Mo Yun followed closely behind Shen Yue, prepared to use her own flesh and blood as a shield in the event the assassins caught up with them. From the start to the end, she did not turn back. She held ‘Fugitive’ in her hand, with a cold and composed expression on her face. There was no sorrow and there was no joy.

However, there was a huge void in her heart as she pondered. In the end, even her last remaining family had left her.

At this time, Shen Yue held her hand and said to her: Mo Yun, you still have me.

Mo Yun didn’t know whether Shen Yue was consoling her or not. Was he giving her a little bit of warmth because he pitied her miserable state? Or was he simply giving Mo Yun a cold reminder of her duty?

She didn’t even know if the current Shen Yue was the same person who told her that it was her second nature to kill much later on.

The road of escape was full of frustration and dashed hopes. Mo Yun received countless injuries on top of her severe injuries that had yet to heal. If she was extremely lucky, Shen Yue would remember to help her bandage them. One time, Mo Yun gave her all to fight a throng of assassins. She suffered heavy injuries and almost lost her life. When Shen Yue found her, she was lying unconscious in a pile of corpses. Shen Yue nearly thought that she had perished with the assassins.

At that time, Mo Yun opened her empty eyes and suddenly called out to him: Shen Yue.

As a shadow guard, calling his name out directly was an utter disrespect. However, Shen Yue responded: Mm, I’m here.

Mo Yun broke into a smile: Look at the sky, there is a meteor shower.

Under the pitch-black curtain of darkness, a few shooting stars meandered past. Shen Yue casually tied a knot on the hems of her clothes. This had always been the manner in which little girls made their wishes. Mo Yun instinctively knew that Shen Yue wasn’t such a meticulous and superstitious person. However, she couldn’t help but ask: What did you wish for?

Shen Yue did not even lift up his head: I hope you will live on.

Mo Yun’s heart jumped slightly. Inexplicably, she asked another question: Why?

Why do you care for me like this, why do you treat me so well?

However, Shen Yue replied slowly and cautiously: Honestly, I don’t like blood. So, I hope that there will not be any more bloodshed and death in the future.

Mo Yun almost told Shen Yue about the events that happened between them when they were 15. However, she still held back. Because she saw a reflection of her face in Shen Yue’s eyes. Her complexion was haggard, and her body was sickly and emaciated. Three hideous scars streaked across her face and most importantly, Shen Yue seemed to frown upon her blood-soaked black robe.

He had told Mo Yun in her face that he hated bloodshed and massacres. Even though he knew that Mo Yun was a shadow guard who lived to kill.

Amidst the gorgeous field of blood, Mo Yun achieved enlightenment: As a prince, he had already crossed his limit by caring for her so patiently. Mo Yun, what more do you want?

However, Shen Yue did not notice Mo Yun. He said: Let’s head to Jinyuan [2] and have a look. Jinyuan is under the jurisdiction of the General. I trust in his loyalty!

[1] Her ‘Teacher’ and ‘Master’ are two different people.
[2] Jinyuan City happens to be Mo Yun’s hometown.

You Must Pity Me

You Must Pity Me

Score 7.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
Ever since she was young, Mo Yun was tenacious.When other girls fell, they would cry and wail in pain. Only she would press her lips tightly together, plastering on an obstinate expression instead. She would never attempt to gain pity or affection from others.Even when her Master told her about the 8 sufferings in life: birth, aging, sickness and death, parting with the ones you love, meeting with the one you hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas. Everything was supposedly predestined, nothing could be forced. Even so, Mo Yun would lift her head up stubbornly and sneer: Parting with the ones you love and unattained aims? It merely applies to those who have no guts.Even if it can’t be forced, I will force it!Not long after she said this, Mo Yun met Shen Yue.Shen Yue was just like the biggest joke the heavens played on her, as a reminder to Mo Yun that in this world, there were things that she could not obtain by force.


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