You Are Mine chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)


When Li Yuan came across Ye Qingge by the side of the road, Ye Qingge was stacking golden ingots into a pyramid.

As an impoverished new recruit, Li Yuan felt that he had received a deliberate provocation.

Li Yuan: “Little brother1.”

Ye Qingge rolled his eyes scornfully: “What do you want?”

Li Yuan: “With this kind of display, aren’t you afraid of meeting danger?”

Ye Qingge patted the sword at his waist: “Who would dare harm me?”

With a complicated expression, Li Yuan made a rough estimate of Ye Qingge’s height with his hand.

He only reached his waist, and that’s including the high ponytail.


Worried the little young master would encounter some shady characters, Li Yuan took him along.

Li Yuan: “Which family are you from? I’ll take you back home.”

Ye Qingge curled his lip: “I’m not telling you.”

Li Yuan: “What’s your family name?”

Ye Qingge rolled his eyes: “My family name is Li”

Li Yuan thought it over: “You’re making fun of me.”

With one mischievous laugh, Ye Qingge had Li Yuan by the balls, running into the courtyard to swagger and poke about.2


From that point on, a duo, one tall and one small, could often be found taking a stroll on the street.

A tall, slender, handsome youth from Tian Ce3 supported a doll carved from jade4 in the crook of his arm.

Whatever that doll commanded, the youth would do it.

Ye Qingge: “Go and buy that cart of candied haw5 for this young master.”

Li Yuan: “This ancestor6 won’t go.”

Ye Qingge took out a gold ingot: “You can keep the change.”

Li Yuan: “…”

In no time, Li Yuan was pulling the candied haw cart in one hand, Ye Qingge carried in the other. Ye Qingge’s face and hands were covered in malt sugar, carelessly getting some on Li Yuan. Li Yuan kept up his easy going manner, saying coaxingly: “Does the ancestor want to buy anything else?”

Ye Qingge blinked his large eyes and placed a sticky hand on Li Yuan’s face: “You.”

Li Yuan felt uncomfortable from the stickiness: “This ancestor is still a living person, how could you buy me.”

Ye Qingge said unreasonably: “This young master wants to buy you!”

Li Yuan let out a little breath, not arguing with him.


Ye Qingge said sincerely and earnestly: “You should eat more meat. Have some more food.”

Li Yuan finished a bowl: “I’ve eaten three bowls already.”

Ye Qingge said, with a sophistication beyond his years: “How are three bowls enough, you’re still growing.”

Li Yuan laughed: “Little kid, which one of us needs to grow more?”

Ye Qingge served him some spareribs: “You are mine, so I can’t let you go hungry.”

Li Yuan pinched Ye Qingge’s cheeks: “I belong to Tian Ce.”

Ye Qingge: “You’re mine.”

Li Yuan: “I’m Tian Ce’s”

Ye Qingge: “You’re mine!”

Li Yuan: “I’m not.”

Ye Qingge started crying, his chubby hand beating on the table.

Li Yuan coaxed him in good humor, picking him up: “Okay okay okay, I’m yours, I’m yours.”


Li Yuan was practicing his marksmanship in the courtyard. Ye Qingge supported his chin on his hand, sitting on a tree stump observing him: “You need to practice well so you can protect me in the future.”

Li Yuan laughed: “Protect you, my ass. I’m protecting Great Tang.”

Ye Qingge stamped his foot in fury, his glittering boots sending up clouds of dust: “You’re mine! You’re always so wishy-washy! What Great Tang7!

Li Yuan walked over and ruffled his little ponytail: “Alright, don’t be mad.”

Ye Qingge pouted: “Hmph!”

Li Yuan laughed: “I’ll protect you, too.”


One day, Li Yuan was taking a walk on the street with the little young master, as was the usual.

Ye Qingge suddenly pressed his cheek into Li Yuan’s chest: “Find…Find a place to hide, quickly.”

Li Yuan lifted his head and saw some Cang Jian8 disciples holding a painted portrait as they asked around for information.

Li Yuan: “What’s going on?”

Ye Qingge: “Go hide!”

Li Yuan: “Are you the little young master from Cang Jian Manor?”

Without enough time for Ye Qingge to respond, a few Cang Jian disciples had already caught sight of the two of them and came over to surround Li Yuan.

Ye Qingge cried out: “I won’t go back with you guys!”

Cang Jian disciple: “Little young master, it’s really you. The master and mistress are worried out of their minds.”

Ye Qingge kept grasping at the plume on Li Yuan’s head: “Don’t let them take me away.”

Li Yuan sighed: “What else can I do?”

Ye Qingge wailed: “You are mine, you must listen to me!”

Li Yuan patted the top of his head: “Be good, don’t make a fuss.”

Ye Qingge: “No!”

Li Yuan: “Be good. When you go back, listen to your mother and father and don’t wander out recklessly again.”

Ye Qingge: “No!”

Li Yuan coaxed him fumblingly: “Be good, be good.”

Then he handed Ye Qingge over to the Cang Jian disciples.


In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed.


Li Yuan was at the Nine Palaces of Qi Valley9 when he met a Cang Jian disciple.

This Cang Jian disciple didn’t know what manner of evil he was, so he chased Li Yuan down from all four directions.

Li Yuan’s steed hadn’t eaten its fill, so it did not run swiftly enough and received a fierce slash from that Cang Jian disciple.

Li Yuan: “Did you take the wrong meds?”

The Cang Jian disciple laughed coldly: “Yup, I took the wrong ones.”

Li Yuan: “Tch.”

The Cang Jian disciple: “Why haven’t you fed your horse?”

Li Yuan: “What does it have to do with you?”

The Cang Jian disciple threw out a golden ingot: “Take this and buy some horse feed. Come back and fight me when your horse is fed.”

Li Yuan looked at the golden ingot that had fallen on a thick clump of grass, waging a great war in his heart for a bit. He thought there was no reason not to take it, so he snorted coldly, dismounted his horse, then bent down to pick up the gold ingot. And so, when he straightened his waist, someone wrapped him in a hug from behind.


Li Yuan struggled to get free but couldn’t: “Let go!”

The Cang Jian disciple sounded slightly choked up: “I’m not letting go. This young master wants to hug you.”

The young master’s words angered Li Yuan: “You call yourself the young master, the one they pay courtesy to at the gates of Cang Jian Manor? I’ve seen Cang Jian’s young master, and he’s fucking better looking than you.”

The Cang Jian disciple: “Better looking than me?”

Li Yuan: “Ah, what’s wrong? Don’t agree?”

The Cang Jian disciple stretched out a hand to Li Yuan’s face: “Take a closer look.”

Li Yuan blinked rapidly: “…You couldn’t be…that person?”

The Cang Jian disciple stamped his foot in annoyance: “You’ve even forgotten my name!”

Li Yuan’s mouth dropped open in disbelief: “Ye Qingge?”

Ye Qingge: “Bullshit!”

Li Yuan scratched his head in embarrassment: “You’ve grown so big?”

Ye Qingge stared at him, his jaw clenched in anger.

Li Yuan sought his own death, making a rough measurement up to his waist: “You were only this tall…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Ye Qingge stopped his words with his lips.


Li Yuan blushed: “What are you doing?”

Ye Qingge also blushed: “Giving you a kiss, what kind of question is that.”

Li Yuan: “Hey, you’re a little thing.”

Ye Qingge: “So what if I’m small?”

Li Yuan let out a low laugh: “Small, but mischievous10.”

Ye Qingge said in a low voice: “This young master is precocious.”

The corner of Li Yuan’s lips twitched: “Precocious, indeed.”

Ye Qingge: “I’ve offended you.”

Li Yuan squeezed his hand: “No, I wasn’t offended just now. Let me slow down.”


Ye Qingge: “This young master will have all of your emperor bamboo grass.”

Feed merchant: “Alright!”

Li Yuan patted the horse beside him: “I only have this one. It can’t eat that much.”

Ye Qingge: “You can ride any horse in the manor: Qinghai piebalds, Western Winds, Flying Sands11…”

For every exceptional horse breed he mentioned, Li Yuan’s eyes lit up.

Ye Qingge: “How about it? Considering marrying into the manor?”

Li Yuan laughed and rubbed some dust onto Ye Qingge’s chin: “It’s you marrying me.12

Ye Qingge slapped his hand away: “It’s you marrying this young master!”

Li Yuan lowered his voice: “Then I wonder who was sobbing, calling me ‘husband’ last night…”

Ye Qingge straightened his neck: “I don’t know, who?”

Li Yuan smirked: “It was a little dog, a dog I fucked.13

Ye Qingge beat him with a fist: “What bullshit! You’re insulting me again!”

Li Yuan simultaneously dodged and spoke: “I’m not insulting you! You admitted it!”

Ye Qingge swung his sword at him, chasing him from behind.


When Ye Qingge was bitten in the ass and called a wife by Li Yuan, he didn’t understand at all.

Li Yuan was an extremely handsome young man that year, with bright eyes, pearly teeth and a face like jade.

He had originally wanted to buy him and bring him back to the manor as his wife on the sly.

How could I buy him, yet end up selling myself?

The young master didn’t understand.


1 兄弟: term for brother, not necessarily blood related

2 This line has baffled me, probably because I’m not familiar with slang and it can’t be literal. Pleco didn’t pull through this time, folks. The second half of this line is 拎着李渊的□□跑到院子里东戳戳西刺刺. I have no idea what 东戳戳西刺刺 means. I looked up 戳戳 and found something related to Sichuan slang, but I could just be talking out of my a**. I interpreted this line as Ye Qingge, from this moment on, pretty much had Li Yuan by the balls and could get him to do whatever he wants, making fun of him and the like, which is supported by the next chapter. If y’all know, pls help me out!

3天策: refers to Li Yuan’s sect from a video game called 《剑侠世界3》.

4粉雕玉琢的小娃娃: refers to YQG’s appearance

5糖葫芦: sugar-coated haws on a stick, usually a treat for kids.

本少爷 ‘this young master’ and 老子 ‘this father’ (I left it as ancestor to convey the same thing without having weird daddy vibes) are both forms of self-address.

7 So, the ‘tang’ in ‘Great Tang’, which refers to the Tang Dynasty, is a homonym for ‘tang’, which means treat or sweet. So, LY says he’s protecting the country, while YQG asks “what great sweet?”

藏剑: lit. ‘hidden sword’. Refers to the name of another sect from the same video game.

九宫棋谷: lit. “nine palaces of chess valley”. I left it as Qi Valley to make it sound better, and it’s also from the same video game. For context, apparently its the name of a battlefield or something that sucked because the wait times were super long and the battle took forever to complete. Idk much about video games, so I can’t help much.

10人小鬼大: refers to how someone may be small, but shrewd and mischievous. According to Baidu, its from 《三侠五义》 by Shi Yukun, from the Qing Dynasty.

11 These are all types of horses. I don’t know anything about horses, but I think these are also from the game. I just translated them somewhat.

12 This doesn’t come across very well in English, but they’re pretty much arguing over who is the wife vs who is the husband in the relationship.

13 A joke based on “dog-fucker”.

You Are Mine

You Are Mine

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A sweet, naïve young man hands out candy.


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