Would You Still Love Me If I Weren’t a VIP? chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Jiang He was holding his mobile phone and crying to his friend who was listening at the other end of the line, “I have become a poor person, and I can no longer indulge in life. Just last week, I had to say goodbye to one of my ten luxury cars and my property in City B.”

His friend comforted him, “Isn’t this just little money? I’ll replace them for you.”

Jiang He was annoyed at his friend who didn’t understand. “How can it be the same? The important thing is that my assets have shrunk. While today it’s only this, tomorrow I might sleep on the streets.”

His friend didn’t understand the leap in his thoughts, so he could only follow his words and ask, “So, what are you going to do?”

Jiang He pursed his lips and said with an aggrieved tone, “I had to cancel my account on the XX platform. It’s too expensive. From now on, I’m no longer a distinguished VIP user.”

The XX platform claimed to be the world’s most considerate butler platform, adhering to the principle of “everything for the client.” With the increase in the recharged amount, the service was also more thoughtful. Whatever you could think of, they could do it.

Simply put, spending the most money meant enjoying the highest level of treatment.

His friend expressed his doubt, “No, I’m afraid you’ll starve to death before next week.”

Jiang He hummed and stopped paying attention to him.

His friend was helpless, “Come live at my house; at least you won’t starve to death or sleep on the street.” Before he was finished speaking, he heard Jiang He’s doorbell ringing, so he wanted to hang up. He hurriedly said, “Go see who’s at the door.”

The knock at the door was not urgent, giving a very gentle feeling.

He put on his slippers, looked through the peephole, and much to his surprise, he saw it was his exclusive butler from the XX platform.

Jiang He opened the door and asked, “Mr. Meng, what can I do for you?”

The man standing outside had a cold temperament which matched his next words. “I saw you canceled the VIP service. May I ask the reason?”

Jiang He faltered. What should he say? Should he say he was running out of money, so he had to budget now?

He could not! This was a matter of dignity!

So he pretended not to care. “I just don’t want to continue. I have other choices.” The choice to go to a friend’s house to mooch food.

Meng Yue narrowed his eyes, stepped into the house, and closed the door behind him.

Jiang He widened his eyes in horror and pointed at him tremblingly, “What are you trying to do, kill me? I just didn’t renew my membership!”

Then he added, “By the way, please return my house keys since you’ll no longer be my personal butler.”

Meng Yue laughed in anger. “You haven’t explained the reason, and now you also want the keys?”

Jiang He swallowed nervously and pointed out anxiously, “I am a client! I have the right to end the service relationship. I will report you to your platform if you do this again.”

Meng Yue found his vicious manner amusing. He knew he had to be soft at this time, so he pretended to be disappointed and said, “We’ve been familiar for several years, and you are my only customer. If you suddenly don’t renew, I will also have a hard time.”

Jiang He looked at the tall man in front of him and showed an aggrieved and embarrassed look. But thinking about cutting the Gordian knot, he closed his eyes and said, “I’m sorry. In fact, I have no money and can’t afford to renew my VIP, so please go find other customers.”

He didn’t hear a reply for a long time after saying that, so Jiang He opened one eye uneasily and met a pair of smiling dark eyes.

Jiang He became annoyed from embarrassment and slapped him lightly. “What are you laughing at? You’re so happy when I have no money!”

Who knew that Meng Yue replied, “Well, happy.”

Jiang He was angry now. He raised his hands to beat him, but Meng Yue grabbed him first.

The big, slightly calloused hand grabbed his two wrists. Jiang He gently struggled to break away, so he let him go.

Meng Yue rubbed Jiang He’s skin with his thumb. His previously smiling eyes looked heavy now. “I’m happy because I can finally support you.”

Jiang He’s neck was red. He was half ashamed, half angry. “I’m a big man; how can you support me?”

Meng Yue said with a smile, “because I want to support you.” Seeing that Jiang He wanted to explode again, Meng Yue added, “You spent so much money on me before. I’m not overdoing it by supporting you now.”

While saying that, he pulled out a few credit cards and handed them to Jiang He. He winked at him, “From now on, my money is your money.”

Jiang He was stunned by Meng Yue’s disturbing gesture. Later, he realized he had gotten services for his money. Why did he say he had spent money on him?

Jiang He’s hand trembled while holding the cards and reluctantly returned them. “Why are you giving me money? We have nothing to do with each other. Besides, it’s not easy for you to earn money. Better go find a new client; don’t waste time on me.”

Meng Yue took a deep breath. “Are you in such a hurry to push me to someone else?”

Jiang He “???” How did the words change their meaning coming from Meng Yue’s mouth?

Jiang He said with a virtuous voice, “I’m also thinking about you. It’s for your own good. You won’t take a cent from me anymore, so don’t bother.”

Meng Yue tried his best to hold back his smile after hearing his words, lowered his head, and said some nonsense, “Don’t you know, our platform has regulations. If the client doesn’t renew their membership, they will think there is a problem with our service. I will have to take responsibility and will be fired directly when I return.”

Jiang He was anxious, “Your platform boss is sick. How can it be like this?”

Meng Yue, “…”

He not only lost his money but also caused others to lose their jobs. Jiang He felt guilty. “So tell me, how can I make it up to you?”

He said ruthlessly, “Or I’ll give you one of my nine luxury cars, and you pick one of my properties in City B.”

Meng Yue did not speak.

Jiang He was cautious, “Do you have any interest in my villas in cities A, F, N, or Z?”

Meng Yue remained quiet.

Jiang He was about to cry, “The villas in countries W, M, S, or J are also good, right?”

Meng Yue sighed and spoke with indulgence, “So how come you don’t have any money?”

Jiang He used the theory his friend criticized, “Be prepared for danger in peaceful times and learn to see the big from the small. Although I only lost a car and a house now, I can’t breathe when I imagine losing everything in the future.”

Jiang He glanced at Meng Yue’s silent face and added softly, “I’m sorry that I can’t renew.”

Meng Yue tried to get the conversation back on track. “I don’t want the property.”

Jiang He gave him a look of ‘you’re such a greedy man.’

Meng Yue said helplessly, “I just want you to be my boyfriend.”

Jiang He was shocked. “Not only are you greedy for my house but also for my body?”

Meng Yue corrected him with a lifeless expression, “It has nothing to do with the house; I just want you to be my boyfriend.”

Jiang He brooded. There is such a strange man in the world who treats money like dirt. Very well, I’m intrigued.

So he said thoughtfully, “All right, then.”

In this way, although Jiang He lost a house and a car, he won love.

When his friend called Jiang He again, Meng Yue was kissing him.

Jiang He pushed away Meng Yue, who was not yet finished, with difficulty and grabbed the phone from the table. “What’s up?”

His friend was surprised. “What are you doing? What’s wrong with your voice?”

Jiang He pursed his lips reflexively, “What? No, don’t talk nonsense.”

His friend was shouting over the line, angry, “Say! Are you eating now? Okay, Jiang He, I’m worried about you here, and you’re busy stuffing yourself.”

Jiang He: angry old man!

His friend asked again, “When are you moving here? I’ll pick you up.”

Meng Yue heard it, and his face darkened.

Jiang He finally couldn’t help but show off, “I’m not going anymore; I have a boyfriend.”

His friend, “???”

“Who is it? Male or female? How old? Where does he live? What job does he have? How many people are in the family? What are the parents doing? … Did he fall in love with your money?”

Jiang He said, “Nonsense, his name is Meng Yue. He is my exclusive butler on the XX platform. He treats money like dirt.”

His friend, “You said he didn’t look at your money, etc.? Wait, did you say his name was Meng Yue?”

The last two words sounded broken. Jiang He moved the phone further away in disgust. “What are you so excited about?”

His friend said in a lifeless voice, “Now I believe he is not after your money. He owns the XX platform.”

Jiang He was furious after hanging up. Meng Yue leaned in to kiss him, but he ignored him.

Jiang He complained, “You lied to me!”

Meng Yue apologized, “I was wrong; I really like you, Xiao He.”

Jiang He covered his mouth. “Don’t think about kissing me today … No. The entire week.”

Meng Yue felt helpless seeing him angry and could only take two keys from his pocket.

Jiang He looked at the keys from the corner of his eyes and recognized them. Weren’t these the keys to his house and car that he had lost a few days ago? Meng Yue replaced them for him.

Jiang He’s hand loosened a bit.

Meng Yue took out the credit cards Jiang He hadn’t taken before.

Jiang He thought about all the money he had spent, and his hand loosened again.

Male Yue persisted in his efforts, “All my money is yours from now on.”

Jiang He said distressed, “What if I can’t even eat one day?”

Meng Yue said, “You have me.”

Jiang He squirmed again. “What if I sleep on the street one day?”

Meng Yue said, “You have me.”

Jiang He was still unsure, “What if one day you will think I can’t save money and won’t want to be with me anymore?”

Meng Yue said firmly, “That day won’t come. I’ll give you all I have, Xiao He.”

Jiang He shamefully forgave him inwardly, but his face was still cold. “You lied to me for years!”

Meng Yue leaned over to kiss, “Then you can punish me to be your exclusive butler for life and you to be my free VIP customer forever.”

Jiang He was happy. “Deal.”

Would You Still Love Me If I Weren’t a VIP?

Would You Still Love Me If I Weren’t a VIP?

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Jiang He is the VIP member of a certain platform where he enjoys the highest quality of treatment while spending the most money. One day, his financial path is cut off. He can’t recharge the money anymore, but he still enjoys the exclusive VIP services.Jiang He: Is there such a good thing in the world?


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