Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce chapter 6

Chapter 6

June 16,
My cousin took a graduation photo today. I met a man on campus and he smiled warmly.

I think I fell in love with him ^_^

June 18,
I used a western meal to ask cousin about his news. He is called Shi Wen. His name is so warm.

Coincidentally, he is the same age as me and the main things is that he’s single.

I hadn’t heard about the meeting yet  ̄へ ̄ If I missed this opportunity, what if he knew him, or he was abducted by others during this time?

I hope that my cousin will get angry and send me the news quickly

July 12,
It turned out to be this meeting and I am very grateful for my tutor for being the organizer, so that I can get to know him naturally.

He said ‘Hello, Mu Zhen”, the words Mu Zhen came out of his mouth and it sounded that ten thousands time more better that I thought. I’m grateful that my parents gave me a name that wasn’t complicated!

Today is a really happy day!

July 14,
Holding a rejected mentality and asked him to come out for afternoon tea, did not expect him to agree!

He said he still remembered me, because I was very capable and generous when I was at the meeting place, and I was the type he liked.

Does he like intellectual and elegant girls? Then I have to put away all my loli skirts and han suits, so that he won’t think I’m naive.

August 25,
Almost couldn’t help but expose my other side. But can Shi Wen really not accept a childish and lovely girlfriend?

But also, I am not a teenager anymore but still likes what children wear, which is really strange.

September 2,
Shi Wen can’t eat spicy food and later, I won’t eat hotpot and the likes.

September 4,
Shi Wen said that my short hair style looks good.

September 17,
Shi Wen will not cook and I will start to learn how to cook.

October 7,
The first trip with Shi Wen.

January 3,
I met Shi Wen’s parents today. Uncle and aunt are like Shi Wen. They are gentle and easy-going people.

It’s nice.

July 12,
The first anniversary of the meeting, we got married. Although the first anniversary of the real meeting for me was a month ago, it does not matter.

We will be happy O(∩_∩)O~

September 9,
I was scared to death. Why did his stomach ache serious? I didn’t even know.

It is necessary to quickly formulate a reasonable diet menu.

September 20,
Quarreled because of the diet menu. Shi Wen said that I was overreacting.

But he has a bad stomach and can’t be driven by his temperament.

September 30,
What went wrong?

… I was a little tired.

July 12,

The last date was yesterday, their wedding anniversary. After the two quarreled about divorce.

Shi Wen raised his hand and covered his sour eyes.

It turned out that there was no coincidence in this world. He thought that he was lucky that he met a wife who met his spouse criteria in every aspect.

But all the original coincidences were his wife’s painstaking planning and careful maintenance.

It was his nerves that were too large, and he never noticed.

His wife is really tired, because she has changed so much for him. She has no hobby and has no sense of self but all she gets is incomprehension and many complaints.

So she became increasingly silent. In the end, there was nothing to say.

When Shi Wen quietly opened the bedroom door, Xiao Mu Zhen slept soundly, unknowingly, and innocent.

Shi Wen gently dropped a kiss on Xiao Mu Zhen’s forehead.

He thanked God for giving him the opportunity to get acquainted with the young Xiao Mu Zhen, so that he could understand his real wife that he had never known.

But if he looks up, he only wished that God can send his wife back.

Even if his wife no longer love him. Even if his wife will choose to divorce.

He wanted to tell his wife a sentence of love that had never been expressed.

He wanted to tell his wife that it’s good for her to be herself. It’s him who needs to change.


It was sic o’clock in the morning when Shi Wen opened his eyes again.

He lay in bed for a long time before finally getting up.

An electronic clock hung on the wall of the living room. Shi Wen looked at the room door and saw the time and date.

7:20 on July 12.

He lowered his head to tie the cufflinks on his wrist, and suddenly raised his head.

It’s true. It was really July 12.

There was a movement on the direction of the kitchen and Shi Wen turned his head stiffly.

His wife held the breakfast tray in one hand and pushed open the sliding door. When she saw him, she smiled, “Why are you stunned. I have been up early today so I prepared food.”

Shi wen fell into a dream, “Okay.”

He walked stiffly to the dining table and sat down without pulling the stool. His wife’s eyes were fast and grabbed him.

His wife put her hand on his forehead, “It’s not hot. Why are you so abnormal today?”

His wife’s temperature is low, even in summer with a cool temperature.

It was her coolness that made Shi Wen finally recover.

He hugged his wife into his arms, “Mu Zhen, I have never said these words to you.”

His wife stayed in his arms obediently, “Well, say it. I’ll listen.”

“I love you very much. Always.”

His wife smiled slowly, “Ah, this. I now.”

“I lobe you too, for many years.”

After agreeing to divorce that day, his wife couldn’t help but think. If she raised her head, can the god think of a way to solve their misunderstanding.

Fortunately, the gods really heard her.



The author has something to say:
Because I wanted to write a story on a whim, I ended up here. I like that sentence very much. All the unexpected surprises are premeditated. I hope all the little cute ones can meet early with their premeditated person  ^_^

Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce

Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce

WBMBD, 离婚前老婆变成未成年
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Shi Wen and his wife Mu Zhen had the seven-year itch and calmly agreed to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for a divorce the next day.As a result, the door was opened in the morning. His wife returned into the seventeen year old her. She opened a pair of black and white eyes and asked him: “Uncle, where is this place?”Looking back at the memories.She was so ignorant that Shi Wen wanted to commit a crime.His wife is calm and composed, does things clearly, and is meticulous in the way she dresses and never do anything wrong.But the seventeen-year-old girl likes skirts and dolls. She will act like a baby and be cute. When did thing go wrong?Shi Wen said: Who can stand this?A short and warm story.


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