Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce chapter 5

Chapter 5

After returning home, Xiao Mu Zhen naturally went to the master’s bedroom, and Shi Wen simply went to the guest room’s bathroom.


When Shi Wen came out while wiping his hair, he saw Xiao Mu Zhen kneeling on the sofa with a blue hard leather notebook on her knees.


A little familiar, but Shi Wen can’t remember where he has seen it.


He opened the refrigerator and looked at the food in stock. “What do you want to eat tonight?”


Xiao Mu Zhen didn’t look up. “Beijing sauce shredded pork, cola chicken wings, cold kelp, and a corn rib soup.”


Shi Wen’s eyes fell on the tomato on his hand and looked at the empty refrigerator with a few eggs and cucumbers.


Beijing sauce pork and cola chicken wings? It’s not that he can’t make it, it’s just that there were no materials to do it.


The person is not big but the mouth is quite picky.


In the end, Xiao Mu Zhen eaten another bowl of noodles. This time, even the shredded chicken meat was gone. Only the tomato and scrambled eggs paired with a plate of cucumbers.


Xiao Mu Zhen complained while slurping the noodles, “I’m still growing. How can you abuse me like this?”


Shi Wen ate his food, “Beijing sauce shredded pork and cola chicken wings said they didn’t want you to eat them. How can you force them to let you eat?”


Xiao Mu Zhen was very bitter when she was blocked by his words. “Uncle, aren’t you lawyers most concerned about is personal rights? Misappropriating my creativity, you are invading my rights. Infringement…”


Shi Wen prompted her, “Intellectual property rights?”


“Yes, yes,” Xiao Mu Zhen could not help but nod, “You infringe on my intellectual property rights!”


Shi Wen couldn’t help but look at the serious face, not looking away.


“What kind of intellectual property rights do you have? At most, it’s freedom of speech. Well, have you finished eating? After washing, go and wash the dishes yourself.”


Xiao Mu Zhen looked at the bowls that she rarely saw and was very sad, “I haven’t had enough yet!”


Shi Wen simply didn’t care about her and went to the library to do business.


When busy, time always pass by quickly. When the time comes, her rubbed his shoulders and came out of the study. The living room had no longer had the figure of Xiao Mu Zhen.


The kitchen tableware and chopsticks have been washed, and the table has been wiped clean and spotless.


The bedroom door was not closed tightly, and there was a faint light and sound of water, probably in the shower.


Shi Wen smiled and sat down on the sofa. At a glance, he saw the blue hard-covered notebook that Xiao Mu Zhen was looking at.


The cover is very simple, only a green vine winds down from the upper right corner, and intersects with the white jasmine flower in the lower left corner.


In the lower right corner is a small note with the name of Mu Zhen written in Juan Xiu’s fly-in small script.


Shi Wen remembered, this blue hard cover book, is his wife’s diary.


At that time, when he and Mu Zhen were just married, and the two had a very good relationship. Shi Wen often sees what Mu Zhen is writing under the lamp. He asked Mu Zhen out of curiosity.


Mu Zhen doesn’t usually avoid Shi Wen when doing things. Only in the diary, Mu Zhen avoids and shirks, and every time he mentions it, she will awkwardly raise other topics.


She didn’t even cover up, but simply expressed her thoughts that she didn’t want to be seen.


Shi Wen respects his wife’s right to privacy, even if there is a little gap in his heart, he has not privately explored this diary.


He had always thought that he had forgotten, but after seven years, he saw this diary again.


Shi Wen struggled inwardly.


Out of a lawyer’s professionalism, he should not be interested in the privacy of others. It’s just that he found himself too ignorant of his wife and couldn’t help but want to spy on a little real wife.


The diary is the most direct and honest expression in a person’s heart. All secrets that can be said and cannot be revealed will be revealed in the diary.


Should he follow the professional ethics and be a reputable person, or follow his inner will to check his wife’s privacy?


Shi Wen’s hand stretched out uncontrollably.


The bedroom door suddenly opened, and Shi Wen suddenly flicked for a while. He slammed his right outstretched hand, sat in danger, and moved uncomfortably to the left, away from the crime scene.


“Why haven’t you slept yet?”


“Mom said that I can drink a glass of milk before going to bed and still grow.”


Xiao Mu Zhen took the milk and walked back. When she saw Shi Wen’s unnatural sitting posture, suddenly smiled and bent her eyes.


“Do you want to read the diary I wrote when I grew up? Are you embarrassed to read it? It doesn’t matter if you read it, I don’t mind it.”


She walked into the bedroom while drinking milk, but suddenly her head stretched out, “And I think you should take a look.”


The bedroom door closed completely this time, and even the light that appeared through disappeared.


The living room is empty and quiet, only the floor lamp emits some bright and warm shattered light.


Shi Wen took the diary and sat down on the swing chair by the window sill.


That’s where his wife always likes to stay.

Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce

Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce

WBMBD, 离婚前老婆变成未成年
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Shi Wen and his wife Mu Zhen had the seven-year itch and calmly agreed to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for a divorce the next day.As a result, the door was opened in the morning. His wife returned into the seventeen year old her. She opened a pair of black and white eyes and asked him: “Uncle, where is this place?”Looking back at the memories.She was so ignorant that Shi Wen wanted to commit a crime.His wife is calm and composed, does things clearly, and is meticulous in the way she dresses and never do anything wrong.But the seventeen-year-old girl likes skirts and dolls. She will act like a baby and be cute. When did thing go wrong?Shi Wen said: Who can stand this?A short and warm story.


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