Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce chapter 3

Chapter 3

After the problem of food and clothing was resolved, the rest is how to deal with the matter in front of him.


Shi Wen felt that the situation is a little difficult to handle because he did not know if Xiao Mu Zhen’s appearance was temporary or permanent.


If it is temporary, then it would be okay and they will survive. If it is permanent, then he is a married man with a minor girl at home. After a long time, he won’t be able to explain it.


Besides, Xiao Mu Zhen is only seventeen years old. If she doesn’t go back, it will be difficult to enroll her to a school.


And how would he explain his wife’s unexplained disappearance?


The more Shi Wen thought, the more he realized that a lot of things have to be dealt with and cannot be delayed for a moment.


He packed up the chopsticks and picked up the briefcase on the sofa. “I’m going to deal with some things. Stay at home and don’t run around.”


Xiao Mu Zhen grabbed Shi Wen’s clothes, “You did not ask for a leave. What’s the matter? What are you busy with?”


“Not busy with work. I have something else.”


“Is it urgent? Do you have to do it today?”


“That’s too…”


Xiao Mu Zhen smiled at him.


“I don’t have to do it today.”


“If so, then do it another day. You have something to do today.”


Shi Wen was startled. “What am I going to do today?”


Why didn’t he know?


“Go! On! A! Date!” Xiao Mu Zhen said one word at a time.


Shi Wen slowly widened his eyes.




The matter of dating is thus settled.


When Xiao Mu Zhen disliked him wearing a suit and forced him to change into casual clothes.


Although Shi Wen was helpless, she also said she can change her clothes into “younger” clothes.


“Where do we go first?”


“Of course,” Xiao Mu Zhen waved her hand, “Buy clothes!”


The thirty-two-year-old man entered the girl’s paradise for the first time and saw the skirts, rabbit ears, and rabbit ear socks.


Lawyer Shi, who is well-known in the lawyer world, looked at Xiao Mu Zhen in surprise. “What are you wearing?”


Xiao Mu Zhen turned around in a circle, allowing Shi Wen to appreciate her beauty at 360°, “Loli skirtt. Uncle, haven’t you seen it before?”


Shi Wen shook his head.


Xiao Mu Zhen stomped unhappily, “What’s the matter. Am I so boring after ten years?”


It’s not boring, but maybe because of work needs, and his wife usually wears pencil skirt, even with her everyday wear.


Shi Wen, holding the belt of the clothes, looked at the little girl wearing a bunch of bunny ears, couldn’t help but think.


He and his wife met at an industry conference because they are peers, their ages are the same, and they share a common topic.


His wife is mature and elegant, with extraordinary conversation style, which is his type. Coupled with the tightness of the family, the two are satisfied with each other, and they quickly got married.


It’s just that after marriage, he and his wife were busy, and the two spend little time with each other in private, coupled with the wife’s arbitrariness in certain matters and does not give him the right to choose. Slowly, the words between the two has gotten less and less.


However, Xiao Mu Zhen who was a girl, was so naive and straightforward that she looked completely different from his wife.


Is it because her personality changed after she grew up, or did he not understand his wife at all?


When Shi Wen distracted. When he recovered, Xiao Mu Zhen has disappeared from his sight.


Shi Wen was shocked and was about to call her. He caught a glimpse of a pinkish purple figure on the roadside stall selling rabbits.


Shi Wen was relieved and walked over.


“Uncle, look, they are so cute.” Xiao Mu Zhen smiled.


Shi Wen’s eyes paused for a few seconds on the fat bodies of the rabbits. “Well, it it’s made into a dry pot rabbit or stir fried, the taste should be good.”


Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce

Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce

WBMBD, 离婚前老婆变成未成年
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Shi Wen and his wife Mu Zhen had the seven-year itch and calmly agreed to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for a divorce the next day.As a result, the door was opened in the morning. His wife returned into the seventeen year old her. She opened a pair of black and white eyes and asked him: “Uncle, where is this place?”Looking back at the memories.She was so ignorant that Shi Wen wanted to commit a crime.His wife is calm and composed, does things clearly, and is meticulous in the way she dresses and never do anything wrong.But the seventeen-year-old girl likes skirts and dolls. She will act like a baby and be cute. When did thing go wrong?Shi Wen said: Who can stand this?A short and warm story.


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