Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Well, I will not to come to work today, it’s inconvenient to talk to you about private affairs. Mu Zhen won’t go too, she has something to do. It’s our private affairs. What’s your business? No, we did not break the law.” After being teased by friends, Shi Wen finally hung up the phone.


It was at this time that Shi Wen felt the benefits of being a boss. Otherwise, her really didn’t know how to ask Mu Zhen’s boss for a leave.


Thinking of Mu Zhen, Shi Wen turned back and looked at Xiao Mu Zhen, who was looking at the noodles on the dining table.


He just spent nearly an hour explaining and even showed his own ID, marriage certificate, and real estate certificate before finally convincing Xiao Mu Zhen that he was her husband, not a human trafficker.


After confirming his identity and explaining where they were, Xiao Mu Zhen began to trust him naturally.


The first thing she said was that she was hungry and let Shi Wen cook her breakfast.


Although Shi Wen had planned to make breakfast by himself, when Xiao Mu Zhen asked him, he still felt a subtle feeling in his heart.


The most important thing is that he feels that Xiao Mu Zhen and his wife had many differences in character. He can’t completely combine the two in one.


Just like now.


His wife is not picky with food and eats everything but Xiao Mu Zhen frowns, picking the onion, parsley and greens from the bowl little by little, only leaving the meat and eggs.


It feels a bit novel.


Shi Wen put down his phone, rolled up his sleeves, and knocked on the table. “Children can’t be picky eaters, they should eat all their vegetables.”


“Why can’t they be picky eaters?” Xiao Mu Zhen’s black and white eyes looked at Shi Wen, “I don’t like to eat vegetables, and vegetables don’t like to be eaten by me. Why do you embarrass both of us?”


Lawyer Shi who hadn’t dealt with such a clever little wife, got stuck, “Because you are still young and you are too thin.”


Actually, this is not true at all.


His wife is indeed too thin, with thin wrist as if he could break it with little effort. Xiao Mu Zhen is not fat, but whether it is the cheek or body, compared with his wife, it is a bit fat.


So his wife’s loose clothes that was put on Xiao Mu Zhen still looked good. It’s just that Xiao Mu Zhen is too young, she looked like a child who stole the clothes of an adult.


Shi Wen thought about it and couldn’t help smiling.


“I think I’m fine like this. I don’t need to gain weight or lose weight.” Xiao Mu Zhen looked at Shi Wen while holding her chin. “But uncle, I saw the photos in the room. How come I’m so think after marrying you? You must have been in charge of this and that, let me eat nothing, and did not feed me well.”


Shi Wen was stunned.


He didn’t choose the food. In fact, he really didn’t control Mu Zhen’s food intake. She always ate and ate, even if he didn’t.


On the contrary, Mu Zhen will force him and ask him to eat three meals, and strictly stipulate how to eat each meal.


And he feels impatient every time.


Now, maybe because of Mu Zhen’s request, he has just subconsciously let Xiao Mu Zhen not to be picky.


Shi Wen grinned, “Well, I’m wrong. I will feed you well and fatten you up later.”


Xiao Mu Zhen was satisfied. “But I don’t like this food. Uncle, I’m reluctant to eat.”


Shi Wen moved next to her, “Then under what circumstances will you voluntarily eat what you don’t like to eat?”


Xiao Mu Zhen looked at Shi Wen with a disappointed look.


Shi Wen smiled, “I just asked. I won’t force you to eat something you don’t like.”


Xiao Mu Zhen frowned and looked at Shi Wen embarrasedly: “Probably, you don’t want what I want. When you eat, you will force me to eat together.”


Shi Wen’s finger on the dining table curled up.


It seems that his wife valued the importance of three meals and forced him to eat healthily because not long after they got married, he was hospitalized due to a stomach ache.

What did his wife looked like before that incident? Is it like Xiao Mu Zhen, who is picky, using a bunch of fallacies and sly ways, and coquettishly saying that ‘you can’t force e to eat what I don’t want to eat’.


… Or that he actually never paid attention to his wife’s taste?


Shi Wen had always felt that his wife did not pay attention to him, only imposing her will to him.


Could it be that the person who doesn’t value the other person is him? Some things the wife does are for his own good, but he is too impatient to listen, so the wife can only force him to obey.


Thinking of this possibility, Shi Wen felt uncomfortable for a while.

Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce

Wife Became A Minor Before Divorce

WBMBD, 离婚前老婆变成未成年
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Shi Wen and his wife Mu Zhen had the seven-year itch and calmly agreed to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for a divorce the next day.As a result, the door was opened in the morning. His wife returned into the seventeen year old her. She opened a pair of black and white eyes and asked him: “Uncle, where is this place?”Looking back at the memories.She was so ignorant that Shi Wen wanted to commit a crime.His wife is calm and composed, does things clearly, and is meticulous in the way she dresses and never do anything wrong.But the seventeen-year-old girl likes skirts and dolls. She will act like a baby and be cute. When did thing go wrong?Shi Wen said: Who can stand this?A short and warm story.


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