Who Sent the Love Letter chapter 1

Chapter 1


He was a relatively rare surname in Qingshi. Anyone who heard the name would think that it was a very scholarly name. Unfortunately, the owner of this name wasn’t satisfied.

He Lan was just fifteen years old, but his slow development made him appear short and thin. His grades were also average, his ranking usually in the middle or the latter of the class.

His junior high school life was similarly just as flat and boring. In the three years he spent in junior high, his classmates seemed to have automatically ignored his existence. He couldn’t be found in the crowd but ordinary people like him were found everywhere on campus. They were all cannon fodder, not the best or the worst, and not the most embarrassing either.

The teachers thought he was an obedient “good student”, but if they suddenly saw him, they might not even be able to call out his name. after all, he was too ordinary.

But such an ordinary teenager, he had a “special trait” that differentiated him from others.

He found out he was “gay”.

Name: He Lan

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Birthday: May 15, 1997

Hobby: None

Sexual orientation: Homosexual

His mother, who had been on a business trip the whole year, looked anxiously at the psychologist in front of her, hoping that he could give her a qualified explanation.

The psychologist glanced at the young man who seemed to be very relaxed and even a little “happy” and coughed slightly.

“Ma’am, at present, I’m inclined to think that homosexuality is not a mental disease…”

He Lan’s mother instantly riled up, “How can it be okay?! He said he likes boys! Isn’t this considered a disease?”

The psychologist was slightly embarrassed and pondered over how to explain the situation. This situation was rare for him so he didn’t know how to handle it well.

“Then, let’s ask your son to fill out a few forms first and then we’ll observe him first…”

The summer vacation had just begun, but it had fallen into deep water.

Fortunately, He Lan’s parents were well-educated. Apart from his mother’s initial outburst, their attitude to his sexual orientation become more lukewarm.

After a while, they slowly accepted He Lan’s sexual orientation and stopped thinking of it as a disease.

He Lan didn’t expect his parents to accept his orientation so fast. He asked his calm father, “Why is your reaction so quiet? Do you think I’m joking? If you don’t believe it, I will immediately fall in love with a boy.”

His father put down the newspaper and slowly sipped his tea, “Even if you’re gay, you can’t fall in love early.”

He Lan suddenly became a little angry; his parents thought he was just joking, but what he said was true!

This was a ridiculous summer vacation!

He would enter high school the next semester and he would find a boyfriend to show his parents he was not lying!

But… For such an ordinary person, who also had a different sexual orientation, would anyone accept him? He Lan was very depressed.

So he went to □, and the avatars of his friends were all lit up, but he couldn’t click in anyway.

T/N: □ was present from the raw so I’m just assuming it’s a social media platform, not sure if it was censored.

He Lan’s downcast mood continued to the beginning of school. In the school, students wore fashionable skinny jeans and denim jackets and some even had stylish haircuts.

T/N: This is uncommon since high school uniforms in China often look like this:

He Lan was very envious. It turned out that everyone in high school was vibrant and spectacular.

Everyone in the class was unfamiliar with one another but none of them was uneasy. Most of them were excited and looking forward to meeting their new classmates. The teacher on the podium smiled kindly at the noisy students without a trace of anger.

After the class meeting, He Lan and another two female classmates were called into the office. He Lan was very nervous, thinking that the teacher would admonish him. However, the headteacher smiled and said, “The three of you are from reputable junior high schools and you have the best grades. I don’t mind about the other students but I hope you can stick to your excellent grades.”

One of the girls was very happy after hearing the teacher’s affirmation and immediately replied, “Teacher, I will work hard!”

The other girl also spoke firmly, “I will do my best!”

He Lan’s heart was beating fast. In his previous school, his grades were always subpar but why was there a higher expectation from him here? The rumours about his seventh junior high school being mediocre seems to be true.

T/N: A dear reader helped me to translate the last sentence! He Lan’s school is basically called Seventh junior high school/middle school.

He Lan spoke slowly, “Me too.”

After hearing their words, the teacher was extremely happy and immediately distributed the class positions to the three of them. Xia An was the class monitor, Liu Xizi was the vice-monitor and He Lan was the study committee member.

This was the first time a teacher expected something of He Lan and he was very delighted and determined to not disappoint his teacher. But slowly, he found that he was still the same. He hadn’t changed and he was even shunned out by the boys in his class.

They would secretly scold him for “putting on an act”, “being a sissy”, “weak chicken” and so on. He Lan kept his secret buried in his heart, staying silent.

After the first monthly exam, his grades were not satisfactory. Even in his class, his results could only be considered in the upper-middle rank. However, his teacher didn’t call him into the office, he didn’t even give him an extra glance.

He Lan was low-spirited, he felt as if he had been forgotten by his teacher. Did his teacher realise his low aptitude and regretted looking at him?

He remained in his gloomy state until a person appeared in his grey world. He was a student the teacher had assigned to his row. He was very tall, about 1.8 meters tall, and he liked to play basketball.

Once when he was resting, he happened to see the boys change their clothes in class. Among them was the person that had caught He Lan’s attention. He Lan caught a clear glimpse of the lean muscles beneath the shirt but he appeared slightly thin.

His spine was always bent forward slightly and his mouth was always hooked into a smile, but he had never bullied anyone.

His name was Qin Heng.



Qin Heng was very serious in attending class. The bridge of his nose was straight and he had a full forehead. He was as handsome as an oil painting scroll, even his side view was captivating. When he sat upright, the pen cap in his hand would always poke his chin restlessly.

After school, he would immediately change into his sportswear and head straight to the court with his friends who also played basketball very well.

He also had a basketball which he would often fiddle with in class. This caused the class monitor to reprimand him until she was breathless and his ball would be confiscated. However, He Lan didn’t know what method he used but Qin Heng would always retrieve his ball a few days later.

He always had his methods. He was so smart, brilliant and eye-catching. He Lan had heard the girls from his class, as well as other classes, talk highly about Qin Heng, praising him.

He Lan’s school had a large court divided into another three basketball courts and they were called the first court, second court and third court.

Qin Heng and his friends had a way to occupy a whole court to themselves every time. They were sweating and grinning wantonly in the blazing sun. That was their youth, their passion and love.

Every time Qin Heng was on the court, He Lan stood outside the fence and silently watched him.

He liked Qin Heng. He liked his smile and every single movement Qin Heng made. However, they had the same gender which distressed He Lan immensely.

Besides, there were so many girls around Qin Heng, how could he notice the plain and ordinary him? Even though they sat near each other, they rarely talked.

So, he buried his love deep within his heart for a long time. The seed of unrequited love gradually took root and sprouted, but as time went by, he could no longer pluck it.



“He Lan.”

The melodious voice sounded as if it was a world away, like a bird’s cry.

“Can I borrow the eraser?” The boy next to him turned his head slightly to speak to him.

It was like an Epiphyllum blooming at midnight, disappearing in an instant. He Lan didn’t have time to capture it, but it made people hopelessly infatuated with him, making them obsessed with him.

His fine bangs covered his eyebrows, obediently sitting against his forehead. His thick eyebrows were partially visible and his long and thin eyelashes flickered softly. Seeing Qin Heng up close, the panic was clearly reflected in He Lan’s dark green eyes.

“Here you are.” He Lan handed over his new eraser.

When Qin Heng took the eraser, their fingertips happened to touch. The warm and soft feeling made He Lan even more nervous but he still tried to appear calm on the surface.

Initially, He Lan never thought that Qin Heng would become his tablemate. The two who had nothing in common happened to sit next to each other coincidentally.

For him, this was a great thing but while sweet, a hint of sadness seeped into his heart.

“Thank you.”

He Lan peeked at him from the corner of his eyes and found that he had a pear vortex. When he smiled, it was as if spring was blooming, warming people’s hearts.

T/N: Pear vortex is like a dimple but not really. Here’s an article if you’re interested!

Unlike other boys of the same age who had acne on their faces, Qin Heng had clear skin and a healthy complexion.

At this time, 16-year-old He Lan was secretly gleeful because he was sitting at the same table as Qin Heng. He gleefully looked forward to his high school career.



Qin Heng was one of the students who lived on campus. He envied the students who were able to leave school and every time he talked about the outside, his eyes were full of yearning.

After the two got familiar with each other, he asked He Lan quietly, “Can you buy me some snacks?”

Of course, He Lan agreed without hesitation. He was eager to bring it with him every day, and in the future, it would indeed become his daily habit.

Once, He Lan asked him, “What do you want to do in the future?”

“Be a doctor.” Qin Heng replied in a casual yet firm tone. When he mentioned his goal, his eyes seemed to glow like stars.

It was not until a long time later that He Lan realized why Qin Heng said he wanted to be a doctor so firmly. He was completely different from the naive him at that time as if they were two worlds apart.

He Lan was very thin with fair skin and slightly yellowed hair because of malnourishment. In the afternoon sun, he appeared as if he had a golden light shining above his head.

The black spectacles framed most of his face, making him look more obedient and duller. Qin Heng thought He Lan’s heart might be different. After all, it was said that the silent people all had a dull heart, but after getting along for a long time, he found that he was more rigid than his appearance.

“Is it boring?” He Lan would sometimes ask him.

Qin Heng smiled and suddenly stretched out his hand to rub He Lan’s hair. The corners of his mouth appeared desolate.

“It’s cute,” he replied casually. However, he didn’t know that this sentence had changed He Lan’s heart. At that moment, He Lan felt that the person in front of him might be an angel sent by heaven to save him.

After getting along for a long time, they talked to each other more often. They would chat about trivial things and they would share the snacks that He Lan bought. When they saw each other in other places, they would smile at each other in greeting. Just this one action made He Lan ecstatic for a long time.

T/N: Unrelated but when Qin Heng said he wanted to be a doctor, I recalled the time my class was discussing what we wanted to do in the future. A lot of my friends were interested in the medical field, some mentioned they wanted to be a dentist, a general surgeon, pediatrician, therapist, and a nurse. I was so surprised to see that many of us wanted to work in the medical field and I remember telling them that I would come to them if I ever needed medical help lol

Who Sent the Love Letter

Who Sent the Love Letter

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
17 year-old He Lan is an ordinary high school student but he finds out that his sexuality seems to be different from others… He likes his deskmate but he thinks that he’s inferior and chose to admire him from a distance. But one day, he received a love letter…


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