Who Is This Child’s Dad~ chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)


Xu Yang has recently been in a bad mood because he discovered his “Daughter.” a long-haired Chinese garden cat with yellow and white fur, seems to be pregnant.


After being appraised by several cat veteran friends, he became more sure of this fact. He was depressed because he only had one cat, which was “Daughter’ and now he didn’t even know who the father of the child was.


Xu Yang: Daughter! Quickly tell dad, who is this seduce-then-abandon bastard?


Daughter: [Indiferrent.jpg]



Knowing that his daughter has been pregnant for more than a week, Xu Yang felt himself in an abnormal mental state. The kind of where he obtained a ‘cat peeping’ abnormality. Because every time he sees a cat on the road, he looks at them carefully then keeps them in his mind as the potential cat bastard.


All things come to those who work hard. After a month of being in an abnormal state of mind, he finally determined the bastard, a tiger-striped folded ear cat.


The story began when Xu Yang went to work that day.

He left the office early as there wasn’t any work left to do. As a result, when he opened the door, he saw his daughter with a completely unfamiliar tiger-striped folded ear cat licking each other’s furs. The balcony door behind them was slightly opened. It was evident how it got inside.


It was really a classic scene of a couple caught in the act.


He held the tiger-striped folded ear’s neck and poked its balls with a cold face.


Xu Yang: Your balls are too small. Are you really an adult? How did your dad teach you to pick up girls at such a young age?


Tiger-striped folded ear: Meow~.



After catching them in the act, Xu Yang walked around folded ear and viciously closed the balcony door, cutting off its possibility of returning home.


Xu Yang: Hmp. I want your owner to experience the heartache.


T/N: 许洋:哼,我要让你的主人体会一下我蛋疼的感觉 – raws, I don’t know how to translate that properly.


He mumbled as he angrily wrote a “Wanted Owner” poster.


[Today, I picked up a tiger-striped folded ear cat in my home. It is very fat and likes to eat. To the owner, please contact me immediately. If not, blame yourself for the consequences!!!]



It didn’t take long for the “Wanted Owner” poster to be torn off and taken away. Xu Yang guessed that the original owner already saw it. But unexpectedly, no one contacted him even after 3 days.


Xu Yang gloomily poked folded ear’s belly, “You weren’t abandoned…right?”


Folded ear turned over and continued to sleep. Completely satisfied and carefree.



In a blink of an eye, a week has passed. The original owner still hasn’t contacted him. However, Xu Yang didn’t have the time to take care of this mess because their company’s manager, Mu Yin, was about to return from a business trip.


Speaking of this manager, Xu Yang was like a mouse seeing a cat, extremely scared of him. Although Yao Zhen’s legs are long, a whole year of constantly releasing air-conditioning plus the rigorous work standards made Xu Yang terrified of him. So when he heard of the manager’s return, he immediately threw behind the matter of his “cheap son-in-law” and focused on his work.


T/N: Yao Zhen means someone who is good-looking and has a good figure.
Releasing air-conditioning means having a cold attitude


However, just as he arrived at the company, he was ordered to go to the director’s office.


Xu Yang went with trembling legs.


But as soon as he opened the door to the manager’s office, he froze. Because he saw a very familiar paper on Mu Yin’s desk, it was precisely the wanted poster he wrote.


Thus, under the accumulated emotions after so many days of searching, he questioned without thinking, “Wtf, that bastard is yours!?”



Afterward, Xu Yang left the office with a dark face. When he got back to his desk, he began to feel terrified.


Omg, what did he do? It seems like he just grabbed Mu Yin by the collar to educate him about the proper ways to raise a cat. He also complained about his folded cat eating so much that it became as fat as a ball. He even severely criticized him for not closing the balcony and letting the cat run away, and so on.

Very aggressively.


So, the manager won’t take revenge on the public for a private matter, right?!

Xu Yang’s legs unconsciously started to shake. At this moment, his WeChat rang, so he took his phone out to take a look. Unexpectedly, it was Mu Yin. The content was straightforward.


[Mu Yin sent you a red envelope.]


It-It can’t be his severance pay, right?!


Xu Yang clicked the red envelope with trembling hands and then leaned over his table lifelessly.




Mom, this is more than 2 months of his pay. It really must be severance pay.


Xu Yang rushed to the underground parking lot after finishing work and stood next to My Yin’s parking spot with a look of remorse to keep his job. He was determined to make Mu Yin change his mind.


Soon, Mu Yin came down. He was not very surprised to see Xu Yang. Instead, he opened the car door for him, like a gentleman.


Are you taking me to my farewell dinner?!


Xu Yang collapsed even more, but the emotionless face of Mu Yin, who was sitting on the driver’s seat, made him even more afraid to ask questions. He could only silently shed tears in his heart.


The car was driven steadily, and familiar streets flashed through outside the window. After a stressful day, Xu Yang, who was watching the scenery, fell asleep soundly.

Utterly unaware that Mu Yin parked his car next to a food market during this time, he went down to buy some vegetables and covered him with a warm suit jacket.


How can you be so stupid?

Pinching Xu Yang’s defenseless face, Mu Yin sighed with some helplessness on his cold face.



When Xu Yang opened his eyes, he found himself lying on an unfamiliar bed with two cats sleeping softly beside him.

He quickly sat up and subconsciously looked around. The layout was very familiar. It looked exactly like his own house.


“Awake?” Someone opened the bedroom door. It was precisely Mu Yin who sent him back. As if cooking, Mu Yin wore a beige plaid apron on top of his black home clothes. The gentleness of his tone weakened his cold aura making him even more handsome and extraordinary.


Xu Yang blinked. The sleepiness made his brain more muddle-headed, and he actually blurted out, “Brother, did you transmigrate?”



On the table, a few simple yet flavorful home-cooked dishes were prepared by Mu Yin. As a foodie, Xu Yang plunged into the embrace of delicious foods, completely forgetting his worries of getting fired. And also praised Mu Yin’s craftsmanship with various flattery.


The host and the guest both enjoyed the meal. Xu Yang wanted to wash the dishes, but he was stopped by Mu Yin and was handed a plate of rabbit-shaped apples.


Is he treating him like a child? Xu Yang was somewhat upset, but his hands honestly picked up the apple then ate it.


This is not because he is spineless. Rather he was afraid the Mu Yin would be ashamed if he didn’t eat it. The point is, this apple is very sweet!


The night passed by quickly. Xu Yang, who ate and drank until he was full, returned home while holding his daughter.


Mu Yin stood at the door as he watched him enter his house, just like a gentleman.


Xu Yang looked through the peephole as Mu Yin closed his door and blinked. Then he hugged his daughter and asked, “Daughter, do you think I still have work tomorrow???”



The next day, when Xu Yang left his house, he saw Mu Yin waiting outside. Probably because Mu Yin was wearing a suit since it’s daytime, he looked very cold and unapproachable.


Standing with him on the same elevator, Xu Yang’s legs began to tremble. So much so that he forgot to move when he was already on the first floor.


A gentle hand pulled his wrist and led him out of the elevator. It was Mu Yin. Xu Yang looked at him in surprise, and it seemed as if he saw a hint of helplessness in Mu Yin’s eyes. Then, he somehow got into Mu Yin’s car.


During this process, Mu Yin still held his wrist and didn’t let go.


Xu Yang: Suddenly… I suddenly felt the manager became a little handsome.



Xu Yang finally plucked up the courage to ask Mu Yin about the red packet matter on the way to work.


Mu Yin questioned strangely, “Didn’t you say that child support costs 9999.99?”


Xu Yang’s eyes widened in surprise, “Wtf! You’ll give me as much as I say? Are you stupid?”


Mu Yin didn’t speak until he stopped at a red traffic light, turned his head to look at Xu Yang, and replied affirmably, “Yes.”


Xu Yang dully stared at Mu Yin. Without knowing why, his face started turning red.



In life, three words almost always form into one particular sentence. Such a thing happens easily when love arises from familiarity.


(TN: 三点一线的生活,三个点和一条线几乎完全重合,日久生情这种事很容易就发生了 – raws, but I also don’t get this one.)


On a windy night, Xu Yang boldly pulled Mu Yin’s collar and started to confess by saying, you are special to me.


However, before he could say the three words, “I like you.” he was kissed by Mu Yin.

Then they had a great time.


The following day, Xu Yang looked at the spirited Mu Yin next to him and bit him ruthlessly while angrily complaining, “You are as treacherous as your son!”


Mu Yin didn’t retort but showed a rare smile.


“Xu Yang, I like you.” His low and deep voice echoed pleasantly in Xu Yang’s ears.

Folded ear and his daughter, who were sleeping beside them, also echoed a “Meow~.”


Xu Yang buried his face on a pillow and yelled, “Damn it! You are misleading the kids.”


But as soon as he finished talking, he remembered that his daughter and Mu Yin’s son already did each other and even had a crystallization of their love. As a result, Xu Yang’s face turned redder.



The month after forming a relationship with Mu Yin, his daughter’s due date finally arrived. Strangely enough, however, his daughter showed no signs of labor.

Xu Yang was anxiously pacing around. Mu Yin couldn’t stand it and took him and his daughter to the veterinarian.


Vet: Your cat isn’t pregnant. It’s just fat.

Xu Yang: But the father is here!

Vet: This folded ear has already been sterilized. Can’t you see its balls are too small? It can’t reproduce.

Xu Yang: (⊙v⊙)



After returning home, Xu Yang grabbed Mu Yin and asked, “Did you already know?”


Mu Yin nodded.


Xu Yang angrily said, “Then why didn’t you tell me?”


Mu Yin: “Because it gave me a chance to chase you.”


Who Is This Child’s Dad~

Who Is This Child’s Dad~

Score 9.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
Little shou discovered that his cat was suddenly pregnant and didn’t know who the dad was. Later, he successfully captured it but found out that the owner of daddy meow is the manager who lived next door _(:зゝ∠)_.Much later, shou and the manager lived happily ever after….


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