When the Witch is Imprinted chapter 8

Chapter 8


Her body felt heavy as if she was submerged in a deep swamp. She was still naked and the touch on her back was very comfortable.

“Are you conscious now?”


At the sudden sound of his voice, Luce woke up and opened her eyes. Unsurprisingly, the man who had made Luce tremble in fear until just now was watching her lying on the bed. It’s also very…… with eyes full of concern.


You must know that I am a witch, but why are you making such an expression?

Luce was still afraid of him and at the same time couldn’t understand Carlyle’s intentions, so she looked at him quietly. Did he know about Luce’s confusion? For some reason, Carlyle felt a surge of emotion and covered her fragile, white cheeks.

“Everything you’ve been avoiding me, Ruby, is it because you’re a witch?”


At Carlyle’s blunt words, Luce opened her eyes wide as if shaken, and then lowered her head. Her weakness seemed to be felt in her little shoulders that were crouched together.


Carlyle licked her lips as if to say something, but no voice came out.

‘My guess was right.’

Carlyle, who wrapped the unconscious Luce in a robe and brought her to his castle, kept her by her side, searching for the cause of the deep conflict that existed between the two.

Witch. An existence that uses her special powers and attracts innocent men with a very beautiful face. In addition to this, the stories surrounding them varied. All on the negative side.

According to the stories floating around, they deserved to be killed. In fact, in the not-too-distant past, a cruel thing called witch-hunting used to happen.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. Please, please save my life.”

So it was not at all strange that she put her hands together and prayed and showed her tears. It was definitely the case.

“I do not care. Even if you are a witch.”

On the contrary, Carlyle held Luce in his arms, who was shivering shabbily, feeling even deeper pain.


As she took in her breath, a very warm body temperature and a subtle body odor that she had once smelled came over. Surprised, Luce was held by Carlyle while the shivering stopped.

As if promising to never let her go again, Carlyle wrapped his arms around Luce tightly.

Carlyle gently kissed his red hair, letting her know how futile Luce’s anxiety was.

“Actually, Ruby, I’ve been guessing to some extent since that I realized you’ve tampered with my memory.”


But is it really okay? At Luce’s unbelievable voice, Carlyle buried his face on Luce’s shoulder as if pleading.

“So don’t turn away from me. If I don’t have you…….”

Carlyle reenacted the confession of that day with a earnest voice beyond desperation. He told her that Luce was his companion that he had been searching for. That Luce will be the only one he will love for the rest of his life. That her identity is no problem for him.

“So now…….”

He has to ask for her to accept him, but I don’t know why I’m so sad. Now she is sober without a sip of alcohol and clearly knows that he of wolf blood. If her choice does not change here, what should I do if she knows everything and hate him even more?

‘If that happens, then my choice is…….’

I will have no choice but to be willing to lead to catastrophe. Carlyle sneered at his feelings of being so selfish and destructive and bit Luce’s neck.


As his moderately pointed fangs pressed against her tender skin, Luce felt a small shiver flow through her. Then her skin became wet with the sound of her flesh getting sucked. It felt like being bitten by a wild beast, but what was the reason for the intense heat on her cheeks?

Slurp. The luscious lips that had bothered Luce for a moment moved away. Luce stared with trembling eyes into Carlyle’s red eyes as they met in a whirlwind of emotions that she didn’t know how to define.


Luce’s crimson eyes turned downward as if they were running away, feeling as if swallowed by his persistent gaze, but Carlyle slowly tilted her head as if to kiss her and begging her to look at him. The movement was like a slow snake that gripped its prey.



Carlyle stopped just before Luce’s lips touched. Silence continued as they felt each other’s breath. Luce had her eyes closed, and Carlyle was engulfed in a silent, satisfying thrill as to whether the reunion he had dreamed of was real.

“Imprint with me.”


Imprint. Upon hearing the word again, Luce opened her eyes and stared at him. Not a single hesitation could be found on the face of the man who had melted into the dimly lit room as the sun had set.

‘Really…… does it not matter?’

She couldn’t believe the secrets that had been hidden away from people’s eyes for the past 10 years had no effect on him. Luce felt funny that she had been engulfed in anxiety for a long time, but her heart ached at the emotion she hadn’t felt in a long time.

The relief that she felt when she shared the same secret with her mother and grandmother, the secret that she had to keep without knowing why she had to keep it a secret, now no longer had to be kept hidden.


A feeling she thought she would never have again after her grandmother’s death was running through her heart.

“You will become my wife and live here for the rest of your life.”


Until they give birth to a child who resembles each other, until their hairs grow white, and until they close their eyes. As soon as the long confession was over, Carlyle swallowed Luce’s lips. Carlyle repeatedly licked and sucked Luce’s thick upper lip with an angry gesture.


Each time his nose tip slightly turned and crawled in her mouth, Luce let out a clear charming nasal sound. There was no corner that Carlyle’s tongue didn’t sweep, enough to make you think it was tenacious. Even the straight teeth and the wrinkled ceiling. It felt like her whole body was being caressed with just a kiss.

“Ha, ha…….”

In the meantime, the kiss ended for a moment because Luce had run out of breath, but Carlyle’s face still hovered around her like a hungry wolf for several days.


Luce’s thick eyelashes trembled at the sight of a drowsy voice calling out to her.

“Ruby. Ruby Winnington.”


Carlyle gave Luce, who had not yet married, his surname, and gently squeezed her breasts. Before she knew it, Luce lay naked on the bed, defenseless and disorganized.

Before she could say anything to him, Carlyle pinched her small, luscious-looking pink nipples, and Luce forgot what she was thinking and she shuddered as she sweetly curled her toes.


As soon as the touch that was persistently touching the nipples disappeared, another damp thing wandered over the chest. As a new sensation engulfed her, a cry broke out from Luce’s mouth. Slurp, slurp. Luce seemed to lose her mind more and more as her sensitive nipples were licked and bitten against the background of a somewhat embarrassing sound, like a child sucking milk.

“Hnng, my, my lord……!”


Carlyle stopped sucking her chest to the fullest when he heard the title Luce used to call out to him and made eye contact with Luce’s wet eyes.

He was sure he told her at the inn that day.

“Did you forget my name?”


Name? Luce was taken aback for a moment by the sudden question. That’s because she lost most of her memories because she drank too much.




“Say it, yourself.”

Seeing Luce who couldn’t come up with an answer, Carlyle put his lips on Luce’s cheek and softly insisted, pretending nothing was wrong.

“Yes? Ruby.”

Carlyle acted like a feisty child and bit Luce’s red hot ear.


No matter what, to call out the name of a noble person. Moreover, as the blunt tongue moved along the shape of her ear, a moist, sticky sound penetrated the eardrum nakedly.

‘I feel strange……’

Luce looked at Carlyle, who rubbed and licked her chest and earlobes like a honey jar, making her shake her body at the increasingly unbearable sexual sensations.

“I want to be called by my name.”

When did he take off the clothes he was wearing?


Before Luce could even turn her head in surprise to see his tightly woven body, Carlyle, without warning, spread her white legs apart and took a seat between them.

Her lower lips, which had public hair that was littler lighter in color than Luce’s hair, appeared to him without hesitation with its two flaps opening up for him.

“It’s prettily wet.”


Carlyle smiled contentedly, looking at the wet hole which was wet as if soaked in milk.

“Your Excellency……? Hnng!”

“Call me Carlyle. We are a couple now.”

Carlyle reached out to her wet pussy without hesitation, and as if to punish Luce for still insisting on a title he didn’t like.


She felt another’s foreign object coming into her narrow hole. The smooth finger penetrated inside and was deeply embedded.

“Car, Carlyle……!”

“Yes, Ruby. Is one too few?”

“That’s not it……!”

Subsequently, the middle finger which squeezed through made Luce’s red eyes wetter.

“How do you like it, being fingered like this?”

Luce’s eyes flashed in front of her as he moved back and forth while he greedily opened the hole to explore.

What drove her even more crazy was that Carlyle’s affectionate touch that was tormenting her was not unfamiliar, but felt good, even though this feeling of him tightly squeezing though her whole body was clearly not in her memory. The more his fingers stimulated the inner walls, the more her waist bounced up and down.

“Ah! Yes……!”

“You face is showing a pleased expression. Did you like it?”

As if to pinch her true intentions, Carlyle reminded Luce of her appearance.

‘How can that be!’

Luce’s face flared up at his voice that was like that of a cat purring in front of the fireplace.

Luce denied his words, but she was already filled with excitement with tears with a red face as Carlyle said.


As soon as Carlyle bent his finger in her vagina without warning, Luce tightly closed her eyes with a moan. She tried to close her legs for a while in unbearable pleasure, but it was useless. It was impossible to be able to go against a tough man with a strong grip that could leave handprints on her body.


Regardless of the inner walls that clung and devoured his fingers, Carlyle caressed and pleasured every inch of her insides as he laid the foundation for her to receive him with ease.

“Ahh, ha…….”

When the Witch is Imprinted

When the Witch is Imprinted

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
“I didn’t expect you to deceive me.”“…….”“Such a useless act.”These were the words of a man who came along with knights.Embarrassed, Luce shook her head, but had no idea who he was or why he was doing this.As Luce slowly retreated in the overbearing atmosphere, the man embraced Luce’s waist.“Why. When the last time you begged for me to fill you.”Luce, who was trying to push him away, could not do anything because he took off his robe.“It seems you now remember who I am?”She remembered.He…… was the first man she had mixed bodies with.


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