When the Witch is Imprinted chapter 3

Chapter 3


Carlyle’s sleep faded a little more after Luce had left.

He habitually squinted his eyes during the hazy sleep, and then suddenly remembered the ‘companion’ he had finally found last night, and he smiled softly with a pleasant smile. She actively acted with the momentum to eat himself up and they coveted each other as if there was no tomorrow for her.


Carlyle, who involuntarily reached out to feel her warmth, opened his eyes when he suddenly realized that nothing was in his hand, and at the same time that only her face had disappeared from his memory to the extent that it was unnatural.


What greeted him after waking up late was the cold bed and her absence without a trace. Carlyle’s low-saturated red eyes quickly scanned the room. Lost clothes and a few coins on the table. Finally, an anxious imprint that never knows when it will break was felt.

“Hey, what…….”

Carlyle mumbled in disbelief. His voice sounded like a lost soul. With a face as if the world had collapsed, he tried his best to feel the traces of Luce that had somehow disappeared.


With a frustrated laugh, he quickly shut his mouth and gripped his sheet with a sense of betrayal and sadness.

All of that was a lie? Did you deceive me? Carlyle recalled what happened yesterday with eyes full of desire to deny everything.

* * * (MTL by Pink Grapes)

Carlyle Winnington. As the lord of the Winnington estate in the west, he had only one problem and one secret. That is, the distant ancestors of the Winningtons were a mixed race of the wolf king and humans, and Carlyle also inherited the wolf king’s habits.

The secrets of the Winnington family were very top secret, as all the servants who served them were made up of children of a family who had pledged loyalty since their distant ancestors with their lives.

The only problem that made Carlyle, who was young and beautiful and had the honor of being a marquise, unhappy, was that even though he had reached the age of majority to find a mate, there was no sign of a companion. And it was a very serious matter for the Winningtons.

Carlyle has been searching for a wife for the past 6 years of his life. In the meantime, he was engulfed in misery hundreds of times, with a longing that surpassed it, and on the days of his heat, he had to be seized with extreme fever and savage urges. When he couldn’t bear all of this, he would transform into a wolf and stand alone on a cliff alone and cry bitterly. As this continued, his personality, which was already not good, became dirty day by day.

“I, my lord. Apparently, she’s not in the Hauteur territory.”


Tired of waiting for a companion according to the norm, Carlyle went to search for a mate by himself, starting from his own estate and wandering around the whole empire, but waiting for him was always heartbreaking vain.

‘I’m really going crazy. Why isn’t the lady who was to be the hostess showing up?’

Carlyle’s closest confidant, Khan, went crazy every time it happened again. As he had been taught by his father, it was said that the wolf beast mate would naturally meet and mate after reaching adulthood as if each other’s fate had been promised in advance. Suin, a wolf facing her companion, falls in love with a supernatural attraction that humans cannot understand.

Of course, this was the perspective of the wolf beast.

Unfortunately, the position of humans or other beings who would be their mates was different. Understanding is gone. From their point of view, it’s like a stranger who doesn’t know a face suddenly comes up to you and rushes at you as a mate of fate. In particular, if the companion is a human being, there are cases in which the concept of the beastly race as the object of exclusion cannot be accepted, resulting in a tragic outcome. —Even in this case, an oath was made essential to keep the secret, but it would be difficult if the mate dies, so he used non-disclosure magic that does not affect his life.—

This is the reason why it has become difficult to find wolf beasts unlike in the past. If you are not a designated partner, you cannot form a mate, and even that is often abandoned.

“…… return to the territory. I’ll have to do the inspection I’ve been putting off for a while.”

“…… All right.”

Khan, who sensed that his master was not feeling well, quietly bowed his head so as not to provoke him as much as possible and followed his instructions.

Carlyle, who returned to the castle this time without much gains, took care of the overdue work and vacated the castle for a long time to inspect the estate.

Then, when he stopped by a nearby inn after finishing his last schedule, he met her like a miracle. The lifelong mate I’ve been looking for so much!


I met her in the corner aisle of the inn, wearing a chestnut hoodie, and all he saw was long red hair, but Carlyle was strongly convinced that she must be his wife. As his deceased father had said, the moment he saw her opponent, his heart raced wildly out of control, and there was an indescribable ecstasy, a sense of security, and even a slight vertigo.

“…… Ugh.”

“Hey, be careful.”

From the moment she walked, she staggered nervously, but she was still drunk. Carlyle, who was walking in the direction she was walking in, he held her in his arms and carefully supported her when Luce was about to fall as she stumbled.



Her face was revealed through her hood, which was tucked behind her back. Not just because she was his companion, but Carlyle really lost his mind to Luce in an instant. He didn’t know if she intended to kill him on the spot, but the woman who will be his mate boasted a terrifyingly extraordinary beauty. As soon as he met her red hair and clear eyes like a flower in full bloom, the silent genitalia exuded a presence with the momentum to break through his pants.

‘Damn it.’

The muscles in his lower abdomen tensed and pounded. The urge to carry her around her shoulders as it is and to engrave her imprint, which would prove to be hers right away, was hers.

“Huh? I found it.”

“Ugh, wait……!”

He wondered if she noticed his insidious intentions, or maybe she suddenly came to him while smiling with satisfaction.


“Hey, hey……!”

That wasn’t enough, she suddenly stretched out her white hand and kneaded his hardened penis and then she rubbed her body over his genitals.


Was it the aftermath of meeting the long-awaited mate? Carlyle, who was fully warmed up just by Luce’s clumsy movements, was pickled in a hasty pleasure and clenched his fists to the point where blood was formed to catch the rest of his reason.

“Get, get a hold of yourself.”

“I’m in a hurry……ahh.”

Her face, with wet eyelashes and light excitement, was similar to his appearance when he was in heat.

‘I’m going crazy.’

I have a lot to say to her.

However, seeing the vibrating smell of alcohol and her unhinged revealing of her desires, it seemed that she is very much moved now.

‘Wait, you must have looked at me and said you found me.’

I wondered that maybe she was looking to find a man for one night.

‘What if she just loses interest in me and goes to other guys?’

As one assumption crossed his mind, an instinctive displeasure surged in Carlyle, revealing a strong possessiveness towards Luce. To Carlyle, Luce was already the hostess of the Winnington family, who even married him with everyone’s blessings.

“Stay here. I will be back soon.”

The thought of other men spending nights with her made his blood well upside down. Above all else, wanting to look good to Luce, Carlyle feared that she would lose interest in him, so he asked for understanding and hurried to the inn counter to get a room.

After that, the story was obvious.

“Name, what is your name?”

“Lu, no, Ruby…….”

It was shabby inn compared to his castle, but he brought her to the best room nonetheless. Then, he held onto Luce, whether she was conscious or not, and said that he would take her to the castle as soon as the day came and would make her happy for the rest of her life.

Each time, Luce said, “Uh-huh,” “Okay.” Repeating her words, she innocently nodded her head.

“Is it really okay?”

“Yes, so hurry up…….”

“Ugh, wait, just like that……!”

Carlyle, not sure if Luce’s understanding was correct, asked the question a couple of times if it was really okay to have wolf blood on her, but she only answered the same thing. Luce, who took off his shirt and began biting the dark nipples, begged him fill the empty void.


“Ha, ang!”

“Ha…… Ruby.”

He was convinced that Luce seemed to have accepted him. To be honest, he couldn’t help but stare at her clumsy tongue that was teasing him. So he mixed with her body in joy.

He scoured her warm and wet inside, so wet that she didn’t need his caress, and swept through it without rest.

She, who was actively searching for a man, was unexpectedly a virgin. Carlyle was very satisfied with the fact that her first opponent was him.

Carlyle was exhausted and hugged Luce, who was asleep, and fell asleep in a cozy and peaceful mood for the first time. Thinking of happy thoughts to return to my home with my wife and build a harmonious family.

That was what he thought.


Everything was his own delusion.

To say that she didn’t remember what happened yesterday was doubtful since she put coins on the table and disappeared as if running away.

In addition, there were traces of imprints on Carlyle’s body.

‘…… Just to take my body?’

To Su-in, imprinting means more than a human being’s night sky. And imprinting does not consist of mere sexual intercourse, but only when they are truly in love with each other, so that they are completely bound together.

There were no problems with the love affair we had yesterday. Still, the fact that the imprinting was clumsy as if it would break at any moment meant that her heart did not belong to him. Unlike Carlyle, where every second was sincere.

“…… Ruby.”

Carlyle mumbled in a cold voice the fake name of Luce, who had disappeared.

No matter how hard he tried to think of it, he couldn’t remember last night when she was begging me for an embrace. And if the imprinting was unstable like now, he cannot feel the energy of his partner no matter how hard he tries. There was no way for her to find her.

When the Witch is Imprinted

When the Witch is Imprinted

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“I didn’t expect you to deceive me.”“…….”“Such a useless act.”These were the words of a man who came along with knights.Embarrassed, Luce shook her head, but had no idea who he was or why he was doing this.As Luce slowly retreated in the overbearing atmosphere, the man embraced Luce’s waist.“Why. When the last time you begged for me to fill you.”Luce, who was trying to push him away, could not do anything because he took off his robe.“It seems you now remember who I am?”She remembered.He…… was the first man she had mixed bodies with.


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