When the Witch is Imprinted chapter 10


Knock knock –

“Sir, this is Khan.”

Today, in the peaceful Marquis mansion, the scenery of the office as usual was unfolded.

“Have you dealt with it?”

Carlyle, concentrating on the portrait of Luce on his desk, asked Khan, who quietly approached him, without giving him a single glance. Well, it wasn’t a sight that only occurred once or twice a day, so Khan didn’t mind.

“Yes. Madame will never notice him.”

“You are sure.”

“Because I put a watch on it to make sure he doesn’t do nonsense.”

Carlyle nodded his head as if satisfied with Khan’s uninterrupted reply.

The main character of the story was none other than a man named Hanson, who was Luce’s father.

After imprinting with Luce, Carlyle was able to hear more details about Luce’s family. From his name, Hanson, to being a decent father until he found out that his wife and daughter were witches.

Although he did not show it in front of Luce, Carlyle was displease with Hanson for giving her trauma, and instructed to find out about a man named Hanson without her knowledge. Not surprisingly, he was said to be searching for Luce, who had fled from his house long ago, and shouting at people that the evil red-haired witch must be killed.

‘I’m glad I found him before it was too late.’

He was surprisingly found on his estate. Like Luce, who settled here after fleeing to escape from her father who would kill her, he also seemed to have reached this place in search of the lost Luce.

Carlyle frowned, thinking that if he had been a little bit late, Hanson might have reunited with Luce without a hitch.

‘This way, Luce won’t be afraid again.’

Fortunately, now, Carlyle treated her with the utmost sincerity, and she was slowly adjusting to the crowd, but it seemed like she hadn’t completely overcome the wounds of that day and still got scared when talking about the past

‘Honestly, I want to kill him.’

He went through many ups and downs because of her. When he believed that Luce deceived him and ran away, his eyes felt like turning yellow. He had no choice but to use force because he thought that she wouldn’t want to.

‘But the problem that bothered me the most is solved.’

Carlyle, who looked more refreshed, saying that there was less to worry about in the future, asked Khan, who was still standing, about Luce, who had been hard to see for the past few days.

“I know that Madam is in the manufacturing room.”

Is it herbal today? When was the last time I saw my wife?

Carlyle, whose face suddenly turned dark, looked at the calendar in the corner of his desk. Quite a few red marks were there. It was marked every time his beloved wife left him for the manufacturing room.

* * *

‘It’s done!’

Luce, in a pretty dress, filled a glass bottle with medicine, opened the door to the manufacturing room with the instructions she had written all morning.

‘It’s hot. It really is summer.’

It’s already been three months since she stayed at the castle under the name of Luce Winnington. In the meantime, Luce had changed a lot. It took a lot of courage to get out of Carlyle’s bedroom at first, but now she was used to walking around the castle revealing herself. Perhaps it was thanks to the fact that he treated her kindly, regardless of whether she was a witch or anything, Luce was more and more cheerfully lit rather than withered. Her life in the castle was a continuation of everyday life that she could never dream of.

‘Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him properly these days other than at dinner.’

Luce was busy making her own potions, and Carlyle was busy dealing with a felony case on the estate as Winnington’s head.

“…… I want to see you.”

Oh! what did I say now! Luce, who had spit out her honest thoughts in the hallway, hurriedly covered her mouth and looked around while blushing. Fortunately, there were no ants in the empty hallway except for Luce.

‘It’s not perfect because it’s still in the experimental stage. I didn’t know that my inner thoughts…… would come out on its own accord.’

Luce’s face was now almost like an apple.

‘But it’s true.’

It wasn’t just how she treated people that changed. Carlyle Winnington. At first, she thought there was insufficient affection for there to be love, but thanks to Carlyle, who had been constantly attacking her for the past three months with affection, Luce’s heart quickly melted for him. When her identity, which was an obstacle to the relationship, was revealed and there was no reason to avoid him anymore, she looked at Carlyle objectively. The more she looked at him, she realized that he was a good man that she couldn’t help but love.


Luce made a slightly embarrassed face and touched the sleeves of her dress. Like Carlyle’s confession that he would give her all the good things that he had, she was wearing a dress with gorgeous hair ornamented that were rare unless one was as aristocrat.

‘I want to be helpful too.’

Luce wanted to give even a little help by utilizing her specialty. Thankfully, Carlyle gave her some good medicinal herbs that she had not been able to find because of the high cost, and he gave up an unused room for Luce.

The interior was filled with all kinds of medicinal herbs and a large pot jar that was much more sophisticated and professional than the previous store was also there. It was a pity that she had to close the store after her marriage to Carlyle, but he provided a better environment like this by telling her to use it whenever she want.

How could she not open her heart to him? Luce walked towards Carlyle’s office with a lovely sigh.


“Ah? Sir Hawkins.”

She heard a bear-like voice from somewhere, and Hawkins with a sword was walking in the distance.

“I greet you madame.”

“Sir Hawkins. Do you feel no debt to me now?”

“Please forget about that now…….”

Feeling like meeting Hawkins after a long time, Luce unknowingly said a joke mixed with words, and Hawkins’ face turned red with shame.

The origins of the situation were as follows. When Luce succeeded in coming out after a week in Carlyle’s bedroom, Hawkins saw her and misunderstood that the madame had not accepted Carlyle as he feared, so she was forced to imprint through numerous embraces. Hawkins, who already had a guilty heart for Luce and didn’t know the details, happened to meet Luce in the hallway.

‘Madame……! My name is Hawkins, the head of the family’s knights! As a sinner, I dare say something to you, even if His Excellency is a person of wolf blood, even if he did to you……something like that, he did it to ma, Madame because he was fearful that you would live him. In fact, he has been waiting for you more than anyone else. So please open your heart. If you punish me for my disrespect, I’ll take it sweetly……!’

To Luce, who was just afraid that someone would call her a witch, he selfishly said to Luce, to please reconsider Carlyle, and boom! He knelt down to the point of making a noise.

“Maybe it’s all thanks to you.”

“……it’s nothing Madam.”

After that, it didn’t take long for him to hear about Luce’s situation and realize that everything was a misunderstanding, but even now, Hawkins’s misunderstanding that day was always made fun of by everyone.

“Nevertheless. I am a witch…….”

“Rather than that, that aspect of Madame is good.”


Although the employees believed that the rumors about witches circulating were false, the perception of witches in the Empire had not yet changed. When Luce shrunk and muttered in a timid voice, Khan, who came out of the office, firmly denied Luce’s words and approached them.

“I am seeing the full benefit of Madame’s potion. Look at my eyes.”

“That’s, that’s right! When I gave the magic potions to the knights; they said their muscle plain healed in an instant and liked it! Thanks to you, I trained them all day long…….”

“I don’t think the last one is very good.”

“Noisy, you poor aide.”

Luce looked at the two of them chattering with each other with interest. There was not a single lie on their faces, and Khan, who was always tired to the point that the corners of his eyes were darkened, certainly looked fresh and bright.

“I’m glad everyone said that.”

Luce seemed to feel her heart tickling for some reason, so she smiled with a slightly shy face.



As Luce, who already had an extraordinary appearance, smiled brightly, the surroundings seemed to glow. The two of them lost their eyes for a moment at the beauty of their Madame and lost their words.



Khan, who had been coughing a little over the puzzled Luce, clicked her tongue in pure admiration for the appearance of the splendid witch.

‘I unknowingly violated Madame. Should I be lucky that His Excellency is not by my side?’

It wasn’t clear if it was a characteristic of a werewolf, but Carlyle did not like it when someone other than him was looking at Luce for a long time. His regulation was fair regardless of gender.

“Anyway, Madame. Are you going to see His Excellency?”

“Is His Excellency busy?“

Luce, who remembered Carlyle who came in bed late yesterday, asked with a look of regret.

“Not at all. Come on, you can go to the office. He will definitely welcome it.”

“Thank you, Khan. I will go first.”

Even though he was just telling the truth, Luce left the place as if to run away with a face remembering something embarrassing.

‘It’s a relief.’

Khan, who watched from the side how Carlyle, who was already prickly, lost his companion and broke down, now thought it was a miracle that the two had a peaceful relationship. According to what has been recorded so far, it was very rare for each other to feel the same about each other, so the emotion became more intense.

May this peace continue for a long time to come. Khan quietly prayed for their happiness and left with the noisy Hawkins beside him.

When the Witch is Imprinted

When the Witch is Imprinted

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“I didn’t expect you to deceive me.”“…….”“Such a useless act.”These were the words of a man who came along with knights.Embarrassed, Luce shook her head, but had no idea who he was or why he was doing this.As Luce slowly retreated in the overbearing atmosphere, the man embraced Luce’s waist.“Why. When the last time you begged for me to fill you.”Luce, who was trying to push him away, could not do anything because he took off his robe.“It seems you now remember who I am?”She remembered.He…… was the first man she had mixed bodies with.


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