When the Witch is Imprinted chapter 1




‘That surprised me……!’


Suddenly, someone slammed the old door of the store open and entered. Hearing a series of footsteps, it didn’t seem like only one or two people came.


“I wonder what’s going on?”


Luce, who was making the ointment in the corner was so startled that her heart was pounding to the outside.


What’s this all of a sudden? She forgot that she had been pounding herbs to the point that her arms ached, and with frightened rabbit eyes, she headed to the counter cautiously.


Strangely enough, her heart raced as she took each step. She didn’t know why, but as she got farther away from the studio, an ominous aura slowly rose up and grabbed her whole body and stretched out.


‘Who is making so much noise…….’


The violent appearance of a stranger who did not have polite etiquette was too much that she could not ignore it.


Was there a problem with a product that I sold the other day? Or the truth about being drunk like last week?


‘But it’s a little strange that it’s quiet like a dead mouse…….’


No way…….


Is my identity revealed?




Suddenly, as soon as a family passed by, Luce’s eyes fluttered slightly.


‘No! No way. I’ve never been seen by my guests, thanks to a specially formulated transformation potion.’


Look now. I’m just the owner of a shop full of medicinal herbs. My height has increased and the bones of the face that have changed make me look like a man, right?


Luce checked herself in the small mirror hung on the wall. There, a man with common features, with long brown hair scattered everywhere neatly tied into one, was swallowing his saliva with a bewildered expression on his face.


In addition, the potion she put so much effort into had an effect that modulated her voice, so there was absolutely no danger of being caught. In other words, the uninvited customer who came to the store would never know her identity.


“Customer, the product you are looking for…… is it there?”




There should be a response.


‘Why are you not saying anything?’


The man standing suspiciously in a black robe at the front gave a fierce gaze that was terribly cruel to Luce.


Ha, haha. Luce’s awkwardly laughing voice resounded sullenly.


‘Did I really get caught?’


I had a bad feeling. Luce was anxious and clenched and opened both hands, observing the movement of the visitor. There were five people who entered the shabby store. They were all men with magnificent physique.


All of them standing on the left and right were wearing armor that was hard enough not to break even if a rock was thrown, as well as wearing a large sword.


Besides, a strange man standing in the middle of them.




His face could not be identified because of a deeply draped hood. However, the man was taller than Luce, who had transformed into a man. He somehow looked angry and stared impatiently at her.


“Are you in charge of this store?”


Luce was unwittingly agitated by the voice that was more tantalizing than expected.


“Yes? I am, but…….”




When Luce, who came to her senses quickly, answered his words, the man, who she did not know whether was a guest or an uninvited guest, closed his mouth like a clam again.


‘Why are you so silent?’


She was so nervous that my skin tingled. The ominousness that seemed to have disappeared inside once again poked out its tail and warned Luce.


“Was, was there …… a problem?”


I have to run away. I think something very bad is about to happen.


But where? Already the largest doorway had been rendered obsolete by the knights, and the small emergency door behind her, known only to her, seemed to be caught on the back of her back before she could even reach it.


‘I’m ruined.’


I just had that intuition. No matter how many times she would try to run away, she would never be able to outrun this man.


“I didn’t expect you to deceive me.”




“Sir, did you have any problems with the product?”


Luce pondered for a moment whether he was a member of a noble family who had come to complain. If that is the case, the fact that he appeared with the knights that are rare in such a remote street, or the rude and arrogant attitude was understandable to some extent.


I really wish it were.


“I’m sure all of this pretending to be a man is a shallow trick.”




Sadly, her hopes were shattered by the words that clearly understood her identity.


How did he know? She’s never been caught by anyone. Luce’s eyes widened. Her fiercely shaking eyes were obviously someone who had been caught.


“You were going to get caught like this. Such a useless act.”




I’m caught. The fact that I’m a witch.


Luce, thinking that everything was over, unknowingly took a step back and widened the distance with the man.


“Are you going to run away again?”


The man, Carlyle, wrinkled his face as if he didn’t like Luce’s rejection very much. And he approached her nose and grabbed her soft chin and spat out as if chewing.


“Why. When the last time you begged for me to fill you.”




What I…… asked you to fill me up?


When Luce seemed to be thinking, Carlyle clasped Luce’s waist and clung to her. The appearance of the two men, who were so close that their lips seemed to touch even at any moment, was simply inconsistent. In particular, Carlyle’s tone and emotions toward Luce were like a man who came to catch his wife who ran away at night.


‘Are you crazy? It’s not enough to hug me freely, what are you talking about…….’


“Ugh, guest! If you act like this, it’s difficult!”


Luce, who was suddenly unfairly trapped, fluttered around. He was not a customer who had come for a refund, nor was he trying to catch her because he knew she was a witch, and she could not figure out why he had come to visit her.


But her doubts did not last long.




Finding his face revealed under his robe, Luce instantly recognized who the man in front of her was and what he meant to her.


“It seems you now remember who I am?”




Luce couldn’t say anything. Whatever his purpose, he…… was the first man she had to mixed bodies with.

When the Witch is Imprinted

When the Witch is Imprinted

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
“I didn’t expect you to deceive me.”“…….”“Such a useless act.”These were the words of a man who came along with knights.Embarrassed, Luce shook her head, but had no idea who he was or why he was doing this.As Luce slowly retreated in the overbearing atmosphere, the man embraced Luce’s waist.“Why. When the last time you begged for me to fill you.”Luce, who was trying to push him away, could not do anything because he took off his robe.“It seems you now remember who I am?”She remembered.He…… was the first man she had mixed bodies with.


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