When I Opened The Toilet Door, I Was In a Different World, but I Will Never Transfer To Another World! chapter 3

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I was entranced by Dior’s hot kiss. Even though it was a winter night, my body was hot.

While continuing to kiss through the door, Dior slowly traced his finger down my spine. When he reached my waist, he pulled me in and our bodies stuck close to each other.

When he pushed his tongue in, I responded passionately, and my body slowly grew hotter. The cool air from the soles of my feet felt pleasant.

…Hm? Cool air?

Surprised, I looked at my feet. Both feet are on the wooden floor. It’s not the floor of my room!!!

When I looked back, I could see my room. I hurriedly escaped from Dior’s arm, and returned to my room.

“That…That was dangerous…”

I was absorbed in kissing and inadvertently went to a completely different world! I was really scared!! I held my beating chest that was pounding in a different way. (as in not like when they were kissing)

It hadn’t been half a year since I decided not to go to another world, but I was about to just now.


Dior was looking at me with grievance, but I didn’t have time for that.

Think about it. How many people can go to a country where the standard of living is clearly lower than Japan, abandoning their family, friends, and all their lives? No matter how much I have a loved one, I can’t do that.

For the time being, I knew that the world remained connected while the door was open, but that didn’t mean that I would casually go over there.

“Sighh…Should I prohibit kissing…?”

“No way!”

“What if the door accidentally closes?”

“But if you use transfer magic…”

“It wouldn’t be possible without Ast. I have to go to school tomorrow too.”

Dior fell silent. He promised not to force me.

However, it seems that Dior won’t be giving up tonight.

“Then I’ll go over there.”


Dior took off his shoes and stepped in here. He tried to enter the room, but he couldn’t lift his other leg.


“Dior, it’s impossible. Only I can come and go.”

I thought for a moment, “If it were Dior, could he come over?” I had expectations, but it seems impossible. Unfortunately, I’m the only one who can freely cross the border.

I had some thoughts in front of Dior, who seemed aggrieved, but it couldn’t be helped.

A few days later, I went to consult with Ast.

“Ast, can you teach me how to use transfer magic?”

“Do you finally feel like coming over?”

“Hmm, that’s not the case, but I accidentally stepped in with both feet last time. If that happens in the future, it’s safer to go home by myself, right?”

Ast was willing to teach me if that was the case, However, the foundation of magic also felt suspicious to me. It took time to learn.

During that time, I tried not to kiss Dior as much as possible. Even if I did, we stopped with a light kiss. Because I’m at the age where once I try deep kissing, I would want to do it next time as well. (He meant the age where he’s curious about stuff?) I just wanted to avoid situations where I would be absorbed in it and unintentionally transfer to another world, or when I end up on the bed from Dior’s coaxing.

Dior looked pretty dissatisfied, but I had to put up with it. I want him to wait for a while.

By the time I finally learned the transfer magic, it was almost spring break. After spring break, I will be a third year student. I’ve decided my course too.

At that time, there was a suggestion from Merlow.

“Yoshiki, why don’t you come here as a trial during spring break.”

“A trial…”

“Looking at you now, it’s half-hearted and frustrating. Why don’t you try living here to decide what to do in the future?”

Spring break is not very long. After thinking about it, I consulted with my parents and decided to try living in a different world for 4 days and 3 nights.

And so, the first day. I was sent off to another world by my family. However, I’ve tried returning with transfer magic when the door was open, and it was successful. The question is whether I can return even after closing the door.

What if the moment I close the door, the connection with Japan is   completely cut off? Then I will not be able to return even with transfer magic. When I thought so, the door couldn’t be closed easily.

Although it was a trial, it was necessary to be prepared to live in a different world.

Dior and his family are silently waiting for me to move.

I resolutely closed the door.

When I opened it again, it wasn’t my room, but the corridor of the inn.

I specified my room as the destination and used transfer magic while praying. The next moment, when I opened my eyes, it was a familiar room, where my family was still gathering. I crouched in the middle of the room.

“I’m glad…I was able to come back…!”

“Good for you, Yoshiki.”

“I’m glad, Big brother! Now you can come and go whenever you want.”

When I stood up with quivering legs, I told my family I’ll really be going this time, and moved to the room of the inn where Dior was waiting.

Dior and the others were waiting at the inn.

“How was it…?”

“I was able to return safely. I can be relieved with this.”

Dior hugged me, and I hugged back tightly.

It was said that I would come by myself as a trial for 4 days and 3 nights in a different world, and Dior really prepared everything for me.

On the first day, I was guided around the town. Dressed in the clothes of this world, when I left the inn, there was a townscape full of exoticism.

“Uwahh…This is amazing…”

Dior reached out to me as I walked around. Eh, holding hands? For a Japanese high school boy, holding hands outside is a high hurdle.

As I hesitated, Dior quickly took my hand and our fingers intertwined. Moreover, it’s like how lovers hold hands.

I asked Merlow and the others for help, but on the contrary, I was told that it was normal as soulmates. The cultural difference…

I gave up and tightened our intertwined hands. Dior looked at me with a gentle smile. I like Dior too. I want to flirt with my lover. It’s embarrassing though.

The first store we went to was an armor shop. Weapons and armor are lined up in a large store. I took a breather at the scene that looked like it would be in a manga.

“This town is a comparatively large one, so its assortment is good.”

Merlow explained.

“Dior and I have long swords, Yurina is a bow user and she throws knives too. Ast uses a staff to amplify his magic powers.”

I walked into the store while listening. When I was looking at the armor, I was called by Yurina.

“Isn’t it better for Yoshiki to carry a dagger?”

She said and handed me a dagger. It was a dagger with a few ornaments and a sharp edge.

“But I don’t have any money.”

“Dior is paying for it so don’t mind it.”

Dior nodded to agree.

“Even if you’re not using it, you can protect yourself with it, so please hold onto it.”

With that said, Dior quickly bought it with a holster to place it by my waist.

“Thank you, Dior.”

“You’re welcome.”

Dior replied with a smile, and I couldn’t help staring at him. He’s an ikemen as usual…

When I was in a daze, Merlow called out to me from the entrance of the store.

“Oii, we’re going to the next one.”

Shit, I was about to enter a world where only the two of us existed. I left the shop, holding my burning cheeks.

The second location was a magic shop. Ast explained various things to me.

“This is a lamp that glows when you apply magic to it, and this is a magic stone with a magic square that turns water into hot water.”


By the way, I’ve been holding hands with Dior since just now.

“This shop has a wide variety of tools. From everyday magic tools used by the general public to tools used by magicians like me.”

I see, since everyone in this world has magical powers, is it normal to live with magical tools? I wonder if it’s treated like an electric appliance in Japan?

After going around, I finally came to the corner where accessories were lined up. Is there an accessory-type magical tool?

Dior took one necklace and hung it around my neck. It’s a simple one that doesn’t feel strange even if I’m a man.

“This is a necklace that even people with weak magic can use.”

Dior looked at me with satisfaction, but I don’t think I need it.

“No, just in case, let me give you one.”

When I tried to reject him, Dior made a quick payment again.

“T-thank you.”

“Anything for my dear Yoshiki.”

I was almost captured by his bright smile, but this time I quickly looked away and headed for the entrance.

When we left the shop, we went to an open terrace store next since it was lunchtime. The five of us sat on the terrace and ate sandwiches.

“Delicious…What meat is this?”

It’s similar to chicken, but it feels different.

“It’s the meat of a small dragon called Wildburn. It’s low in fat and goes well with a thick sauce.”

I didn’t know what kind of creature Wildburn was, but since it was a dragon, it would fly in the sky. So is it something like chicken?

“Yoshiki, it’s on your face.”


Dior wiped my cheek with his thumb. It seems like there was sauce on my cheek. I felt my face heating up. It was embarrassing to have sauce on my cheek at this age, to have it wiped, to have Dior come up to me with this sweet atmosphere, and to have the other three pretend that they can’t see.

Uu, the cultural differences, it’s difficult…

“By the way, I’ve heard that even if soulmates are far from each other, they are able to know where the latter is, but is that true?”

Merlow said as if trying to change the mood.

“Who knows…I’ve never been away from Yoshiki.”

“If so, that would be amazing!”

“Maybe it’s the work of magic?”

Hmm, I don’t feel anything for now. While living in Japan, I never felt where Dior was.

“Ah, but I…”

When I was trying to say something, everyone paid attention to me. Uu, it’s hard to say it when there is so much attention on me.

“Soon after I realized Dior was my soulmate, I could feel Dior approaching me even if I covered my face with both hands.”

At that time, my vision was completely obstructed, but I was convinced that Dior was approaching.

“I see…So the rumor was true.”

Well, I don’t know what it’s useful for though.

“Maybe I could transfer depending on the latter’s presence.”

It’s common in fantasy stuff. When I thought so and said it lightly, Ast responded enthusiastically.

“Is that possible!?”

“Eh, no, I was just thinking that it would be great if I could~ you know.”

“Why don’t you give it a try!”

Ast said so and began to clean the table up. Eh, I was still in the middle of drinking the juice after my meal…

Ast rushed us and we left the store after drinking up our juices.

After splitting into two groups. Merlow and Dior. Ast, Yurina, and me. Merlow’s group went to the Guild. If I could transfer to a location I don’t know, which is the guild, it would be a great success.

Dior was quite reluctant to leave me, but at the glance of Ast, he became obedient. When this happens, no one seems to be able to go against Ast.

In the unlikely event that the transfer fails and I get lost, Ast and Yurina will also transfer together with me. It consumes a lot of magical power, but I couldn’t refuse when Ast told me that he would use recovery items later.

I estimated when Merlow’s group arrived at the Guild, and started to search for Dior’s presence. However, I don’t know how to do it. I tried to think about Dior for the time being.

Hmm, Dior, Dior’s presence…When I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds around me, I heard a voice. I felt Dior’s presence. I was convinced that Dior was there.

“Ahh, I think I can do it.”

“Please try it.”

Ast said eagerly. I placed my hands on Ast and Yurina’s shoulders, and recited the spell.

The next moment, I was in front of Dior. Before checking the surroundings, my body felt sluggish and I crouched down on the spot.


“Ohh, that’s awesome, it’s really possible.”

Dior worriedly placed his hands on my shoulder, and Merlow approached from behind.

Both Ast and Yurina were talking excitedly.

“Magic…Someone recover my magic…”

I couldn’t stand up properly because I used too much magic.


When Dior called out to Ast, he finally gave me the recovery medicine.

A while after taking the medicine, I finally got up. When I looked around, it was a building I’ve never seen before, and there were many people, who looked like adventurers, standing. Is this the Guild?

“Yoshiki, are you alright?”

“Mn. It seems like I’ve recovered thanks to the medicine.”

“Please don’t exert yourself.”

“Thanks. By the way, did Dior feel my presence too?”

“Yes. I can really feel it even when we’re apart.”

I don’t know what it’s useful for, but I’m happy that Dior can tell where I am even if I’m not by his side. No, it would be strange if you think about it normally, but for some reason, I felt happy.

“Yoshiki, you alright?”

Merlow and the others were back. The topic of ‘soulmates’ is finally over.

When I told him I was fine, he explained about the Guild.

The Guild is a registration system, and it seems like the requests that can be received according to the rank of the adventurer are decided by them. In an ascending order, it’s divided into special grade, advanced, intermediate, and beginner. And it seems that you can reach the upper grade by the number of requests completed and the promotion examination.

Merlow and the others are an advanced party. Which means they’re pretty strong.

The request is made by taking the request form on the bulletin board and accepting it officially at the reception desk.

If you register a Guild somewhere, you can receive similar requests from other towns. There are people who have bases in one town, and there are people who go around various towns without bases. It seems like Merlow and the others use the inn as a temporary base.

After leaving the Guild, we went to the general store. As the name implies, you can buy miscellaneous goods here, but we went to a general store for adventurers.

There were portable foods, tents, clothes, and some weapons, so it was fun just looking at it.

When we got out of the store, it was already dark. It seems like we were in the store for quite a long time.

“Shall we return to the inn soon?”

We returned to the inn because we were going to have dinner there.

While returning, I was thinking about how fun it was today. I felt like I was in a fantasy world.

After dinner, we separated and went back to our own rooms. There were 3 rooms, Yurina was using a single room, Merlow and Ast were sharing a room, and Dior and I were in a room.

“Since Dior is Merlow’s escort, isn’t it necessary to be in the same room?”

“Usually, I don’t go out of the way to separate lovers.”

Merlow winked and entered the room with Ast.

[T/N: STOP! Clear warning for y’all, it’s gonna be quite(a little, maybe) spicy after this so sit tight and enjoy, or maybe you can skip. Your choice.]

I also entered the next room with Dior. I noticed after that. Is this what ‘staying a night over with your lover’ means!?

“We’re finally alone.”

Dior hugged me from behind, and I stiffened. I couldn’t keep up with the sudden sweet atmosphere. Or rather, I was really nervous.

“U-uh, Dior…”

“Are you feeling nervous? You’re so cute.”

Uwahh, I was caught…It’s embarrassing…

We’ve had a decent kiss before, but I can’t move just from being hugged like this.

“Yoshiki, look at me.”

He turned my body around, and raised my chin to look into my eyes. Dior’s face approached mine and our lips gently met. I was kissed deeply by him, and I was in a daze.

“Wait a moment…A-a bath, I haven’t taken a bath!”

“A bath…?”

Dior looked at me vacantly. After a while, he said as if he understood something:

“By the way, in Yoshiki’s world, you take a bath everyday right? However, there’s no bath here.”

“Eh-!? Then what do you do? Shower?”

“That’s not the case in ordinary homes and inns. It may be in aristocratic homes. Usually, you just draw water from a well and wipe yourself with a cloth. After that, sometimes you go to a public bath.”

Eh, really…? You don’t take a bath…?? Just wipe yourself with a cloth? Isn’t it really cold during winter?

“If Yoshiki is curious, I can prepare it for you afterwards. A bath or shower is impossible though.”

With that said, Dior took off my clothes and began to touch my body.

“Dior, I’m not…”

I’m not prepared for this.

“Don’t worry. I won’t go all the way today.”

Ah, really?

“I’m just helping you get used to it today.”

I see, just going to get used to…get used to it? What does that mean?

“It’s okay, leave it to me.”

Grin*, Dior said with a smile that seemed to make such an onomatopoeia.

[T/N: So the raw was にっこり(Nikkori) which means to smile/grin and I did not know or maybe there isn’t an onomatopoeia for smiling but I’m confused so let’s just leave it like that.]


My voice escaped/leaked from my mouth. Right now, I’m in the middle of getting used to it. What, you may ask? My behind!!

The posture of placing one foot on Dior’s shoulder while lying on my back, and raising my hips high is nothing but embarrassment. And while being touched in front, his finger thrust into my hole, making me pant…

Dior used a slimy substance, and had already inserted two fingers in me, spreading out my hole as if stirring it. Sometimes a certain spot was touched, which made my body jolt and raise my voice(?) each time.


I appealed to him with teary eyes. I haven’t gotten a chance to cum yet.

“Should we leave it at this much for today?”

Dior finally pulled his fingers out and took my leg off his shoulder. Clatter*, I turned to find Dior taking off his pants, and pulling his outstanding schlong* out.

(T/N: Onomatopoeia)

(T/N: So steph suggested other ways of saying it but I still don’t know so here y’all go [Member, rod, shaft, phallus, penis, dick, cock] Thanks for enlightening me, Steph.)

Wait a minute, that’s going in me!? My eyes almost fell out. Without a doubt, Dior is thinking of doing it during this trial period. But with that size…Isn’t it impossible?

Dior held his and mine together, and began to move his hands up and down.

“Ah…Uu, ah…”

When Dior moves his hip, it rubs against mine and it feels good. The sound of the bed squeaking gives out the illusion that we’re really doing it.

I was already close to cumming, and just like that, I reached my limit. Dior also released soon after.

“Haa, haa…”

Looking at our dirtied belly, I sank into the bed.

Dior easily wiped it off with a dry cloth, covered me with a blanket and left the room.

Dior, who returned after a while, had prepared a tub full of water. He wet the cloth and gently wiped my body.

“I’ll do it myself.”

“No, I want to do it.”

I was embarrassed to have someone wipe my whole body and said I would do it myself, but Dior did it all for me in the end.

Dior quickly wiped himself and went out with the basin. Meanwhile, I got dressed and went to bed.

I was going to wait for Dior, but I was attacked by a sudden feeling of drowsiness, and fell asleep.

The next morning. When I woke up, I saw Dior’s face in front of me. First thing in the morning and he’s already an ikemen, our eyes even met. I instantly woke up.

“Good morning.”

“M-morning…Sorry about last night, I fell asleep.”

“You were tired. You were walking around all day in an unknown place.”

Well, compared to active adventurers, my physical strength is nothing. And we did it…at night too.

Dior gave me a small peck on the lips and got up.

“Now, let’s have breakfast.”

When I got up, I went to the dining room with Dior.

The other 3 people were already eating at the cafeteria, so we joined them.

“I’m thinking of accepting a simple request today.”

Merlow said.

“Simple request?”

“Ahh, requests for beginner adventurers is to collect herbs. I’d like you to experience it.”

Collecting herbs! テンプレ*!!

(T/N: I don’t know what he means by テンプレ (Tenpure) here. Do let me know in the comments if anyone knows.)

“I want to do it!”

Seeing that I was enthusiastic, today’s schedule was decided.

After breakfast, we prepared the equipment and headed to the Guild. When I looked at the bulletin board, there were various papers, but I couldn’t read any of them.

Speaking of, we’re able to communicate…My family could understand what they were saying too. I guess it’s not a cheat for me only. Hmm, what a mystery.

While I was tilting my head, Merlow picked up a piece of paper. It was probably a request to collect herbs. He brought it to the receptionist, officially accepted the request, and came back.

“Well then, let’s get going.”

We left the Guild and walked towards the entrance to the town. We bought portable food for lunch on the way.

“How far are we going?”

“Today, we’re going to a place 2 hours away to collect a medicinal herb called Cemilli.”

Dior’s reply made me think tiredly, ‘2 hours, huh…’ If we were in Japan, we wouldn’t have to walk for 2 hours.

When I was thinking how far it would be, Ast suggested:

“Since we won’t be reaching there soon, why don’t I teach you some magic?”

“Eh! Is that okay?”

All I can use is transfer magic and that fire magic that I’ve tried before. I want to use various kinds of magic!

“Of course. You can use transfer magic, so you can use most of the magic.”

Uwahh, I can’t wait!

Ast taught me simple magic first. The magic of this world is the type that chants spells. If you memorize a spell, and successfully apply magic to it, the spell will activate.

It’s quite difficult to chant while pouring in your magic powers, and the way of doing so differs for each spell.

By the time we arrived at the destination, I was able to master some spells. Two hours is surprisingly fast.

“Yoshiki, this is a Cemilli.”

Merlow said and showed it to me.

“If you collect this in this bag, the request is complete.”

Is the bag about 50cm square? If we gather it together, we will finish in no time.”

“Take your time, we’re not in a hurry.”


I crouched down and started looking for Cemillis. Dior also crouched down next to me and started plucking.

It’s a simple task. But seeing everyone squatting down and plucking herbs is an interesting picture.

“What kind of herb is this?”

“Cemilli is a medicinal herb. I mix this with other herbs to make the medicine that Yoshiki took yesterday.”


In addition, while listening to explanations of other medicinal herbs and edible grasses, and about the inn, we collected Cemillis.

When the bag was half full, it was lunchtime.

I was given the portable food we bought in the morning. It’s a stick of about 10cm, it looks like something was boiled down then hardened.

“If it was a day trip request, I could have made ordinary sandwiches, but I bought it because I wanted Yoshiki to experience this as well.”

According to Merlow, this portable food seems to last for about a month, and usually it’s bought for long-term requests.

“I hate this~”

Yurina said while biting on it.

I tried it. It was hard and the taste was indescribable. It certainly isn’t delicious…

Although it was only 10cm, I was quite full by the time I finished eating one. Anything tastes good when you’re hungry,

I drank from the water bottle that had been handed over, my throat was refreshed.

In the afternoon, I talked with Dior while collecting herbs and when the bag was full, we returned to the town. On the way back, I learned magic from Ast again, and I was able to use magic to the extent that I could become a beginner adventurer.

We went to the Guild to complete the request, and today’s experience was over. We returned to the inn and had an early dinner.

When I returned to the room, I sat down on the bed and said:

“It was fun today. I’m able to use a lot of magic now!”

“It was good, but…”


Dior sat next to me and hugged me.

“I was jealous today.”

Eh? Jealous?

“I saw you and Ast being so close.”

“Um…I’m sorry.”

“Even if I knew you wouldn’t do anything, I would still be jealous. But that’s fine. From now on, I’m the only one.”

While being hugged, he pushed me down on the bed. Uh, are we doing it today too? The flow of this…that embarrassing posture…

Dior’s body covered mine and started kissing me. While a rain of kisses fell on my face, he skillfully undressed me.

When I sat up from the bed, he made me go on all fours. I could feel his gaze from behind. Eh, what is this, this is so embarrassing.

In the end, I was able to take 3 fingers, and came with bare thighs.

After finishing, Dior went to get water with a basin.

“I wanna take a bath…”

I muttered.

On the third day, I was taken along to accept a request to exterminate a beast. It was a request in a less dangerous and nearby forest, but I was baggage, so I observed from far. Merlow, Dior and Ast fought. Yurina was guarding me.

Merlow and Dior fought close to each other with their swords while Ast used his magic to back them up.

“Dior sure looks handsome~”

Yurina said while I was fascinated by Dior.


“Dior was colder before met Yoshiki. He talks normally, but it’s like he’s always serious because he’s Merlow’s escort~ or something like that.”

I can’t really imagine. Dior is really kind and makes a lot of facial expressions when he’s with me.

“It’s thanks to Yoshiki that he’s able to be lively.”

Thanks to me…

“That’s why, please be by his side as much as possible. Of course, I’m not going to force you.”

When the beast was stabbed, Dior waved toward us. I also returned with a wave.

Fate is heavy.

That night. I finally made up my mind. I was prepared to be embraced. I don’t think it would be such a horrible thing, but I’ll have to believe in Dior.

“Ah…Nn, uu…Ah-”

I was on all fours today and had his fingers in me again. While being tampered with the front, the back is also being stretched out, it’s already a mess.


His fingers hit the good part inside, making my body jolt.

I wanted to cum but I couldn’t, I was already in tears.

“Dior…You can…put it in already…”

I begged Dior, who I just blamed for teasing me with his fingers, and just won’t put it in.

When Dior pulled his fingers out, a hard object was pressed onto my hole.

“Yoshiki…I love you.”

Simultaneously, Dior whispered and put it in. I gasped deeply, I was suffocated by the overwhelming sensation of the foreign object, that felt different from the fingers, going in me.

It came in little by little, and I couldn’t help feeling out of breath.

“Yoshiki, take a deep breath.”


Dior’s skin stuck to my butt. It went all the way in. Dior used one hand to touch my front while his other hand stroked my body as if to soothe me.

“Please forgive me, I’m moving.”

“Ah-, Not yet-”

Dior moved his hips. That movement alone made my eyes flicker. My front was also being touched, its movement synching with the thrusting waist.

“Nn…Nn, ah…Ah…”

I couldn’t control my voice. I couldn’t stand the increasingly aggressive movement and sank my upper body into the bed. My hands gripped the sheets tightly.

“Yoshiki, yoshiki…!”

Dior’s movement accelerated as if it was the last spurt, and after a while, I felt a hot splash on my back.

“Hah…Yoshiki, I’m sorry.”

Dior said and helped me cum from the front.

“Ah, ah, I’m cumming…!”

When I came with his hand, I finally relaxed my whole body.

It was amazing…When I was absent-minded, Dior’s kiss fell on my back. His hands moved suspiciously while kissing me. My chest was caressed, “Nn…” Making me moan.

Huh? Somehow I feel a pressure on my butt…?


Speaking of, it’s still in…Eh, waitwaitwait, ah-

Eh, ah, wait…!

To be honest, I don’t remember much after that. How many times I came, or when we stopped…

It was morning when I realized. I was hugged by Dior in my sleep.

When I moved my body, Dior woke up.

“Good morning.”


What…My voice won’t…come out…?

Dior poured water from the jug into a cup. I drank it and finally took a breather.

It seemed like Dior wiped my body, and the sticky substance was all gone, but I wanted to take a bath. I want to bathe in hot water and feel refreshed.

I tried to get out of bed, but realized I couldn’t stand up. I had no strength in my legs.



“You overdid it.”

“I’m sorry. Yoshiki was being so cute, I couldn’t help it.”

You couldn’t help it, and did it until I couldn’t stand, just how much did you hold back!

“We have no plans for today, so let’s relax until it’s time to go home.”

Seriously…I guess it can’t be helped. When I went back to bed, Dior rushed in with me. There are two beds in the room, but we ended up using only one.

I was absent-minded when Dior kissed the top of my head. No, wait, my head hasn’t been washed for 3 days, stop it!

When I covered my head, he kissed my hand this time. He sure likes kissing…It’s not like I hate getting kisses though.

We don’t have any plans today…Hm…? You mean, you were planning on making it so that I couldn’t move, then we wouldn’t need to go out? You were planning on doing it until I break!? Does that mean everyone knows…!?!?

I was struck by shame and shouted.


When I glared at him reproachfully, he smiled and asked, “What is it?” This bastard~!

He kissed me all over my face, but I dived into the sheets and ran away. I won’t be fooled by your kisses!

As I hid and buried my face in Dior’s chest, I thought about this trial period.

The last 4 days were fun. Everyone in the party spontaneously guided me. I was able to start magic in another world, and it was full of excitement.

But there was one thing I couldn’t stand.

A bath. There’s no bath here.

I couldn’t take a bath, much less a shower. Basically, if I get dirty, just get a tub of water and wipe your body with a cloth. Although I managed to endure it because it was 4 days and 3 nights, for me, who was able to take a warm bath everyday, it was a matter of life and death.

If I was suddenly sent to another world and I couldn’t return to Japan, I might have been able to put up with it. However, I can always return to Japan with transfer magic. I’m able to take a bath whenever I like.

In the last 4 days, my determination was set in stone. There’s no completely transferring to another world. I can’t.

I came out of the sheets, and told Dior:

“You know I, as I thought, I can’t come over here.”

“That’s…Why is that?”

“I want to take a bath. I can’t stand living like this.”

Dior was visibly disappointed. When I saw my loved one hurt, I felt a sharp pain in my heart, but you can’t solve a problem without making some sacrifice. Of course, I can’t abandon my life in Japan either.

We hugged each other until noon. It was difficult to separate from him.

When we finally showed up in the cafeteria at noon, nobody said anything. Perhaps it was because Dior was feeling sad.

It’s not like we wouldn’t be able to meet each other anymore, and he didn’t have to be so depressed.

After lunch, we had a chat. I told everyone that I wouldn’t come here. They were disappointed, but they understood.

In the evening, I changed into the clothes I had when I came and decided to go home.

“Please have this.”

I was given a dagger and a necklace that Dior bought for me. I put them on, and thanked him.

“Yoshiki, I won’t give up after all. I won’t stop convincing you.”

On the way home, Dior declared. So I replied:

“Okay. But I’ll still be stubborn on my side.”

I love you. But there are too many things I can’t throw away.

This is the end of my trial period in another world.

I will never transfer to another world!


 I didn’t expect this novel to have smut but it wasn’t that bad. What did y’all think bout the ending?

When I Opened The Toilet Door, I Was In a Different World, but I Will Never Transfer To Another World!

When I Opened The Toilet Door, I Was In a Different World, but I Will Never Transfer To Another World!

Score 7.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Tadano Yoshiki, aged 17, a second year high school student; when I opened the door to my toilet, I was in a different world, but I will never transfer to another world!This is my daily life of people from another world who want to summon me, and me, who kicks up a fuss because I don’t want to be summoned.


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