When I Opened The Toilet Door, I Was In a Different World, but I Will Never Transfer To Another World! chapter 2

Chapter 2

While I was on the train to school, I thought about what had happened this morning. Today,first thing in the morning, when I opened the door to get up and leave the room, I was connected to the other world. Moreover, the other party was changing clothes. I hurriedly closed the door, but my sleepiness flew away.

Even so, Mr. Dior sure had a nice body…I could only see his upper body. He had beautiful abs. As a man, I’m just jealous. I’m in the tennis club, but I basically never partake in the activities, so I have no muscles at all. “Maybe I should do some weight lifting,” I thought for a moment.

I spent my peaceful time at school without being connected to the other world. We don’t talk about the quiz though.

In the evening, when I got home and opened the front door, it was a different world again. Moreover, the number of people increased by two this time.

“Ah, the rumored Yoshiki!”

The petite woman shouted. I wondered why she knew me, but still the location is bad as usual. Mr. Dior was next to the door for some reason. The moment I opened the door, I was held down.

“Excuse me, I have something to talk about but the location isn’t good right now, so can we talk later?”

“…Lord Yoshiki.”

“Dior, Yoshiki already said so. So let go of his hand first.”

Mr.Dior obediently let go. When I closed the door and opened it again to enter my house, I headed to my room first. I changed from my uniform to a plain shirt, then opened the door to the corridor— but it didn’t lead to another world. When I repeated the action though, I was connected for the third time.

“Ah, it connected-…Uwah-”

The moment the door opened, Mr. Dior was in front of me. So scary. Had he been waiting in front of the door? Anyway, the door was facing this room when I opened it, so I’ll just push the door open myself.

“Ohh, it looks like we’re really connected to another world.”

“It’s Yoshiki! So cute!”

A random man pushed Mr. Dior away to look out the door I came from while the woman was looking at me.

“Uhh, may I know who these people are?”

At least, it seems like the latter knows me.

“Ahh, where’s my manners? I’m Ast. I’m a wizard and in the same party as Merlow and Dior.”

“I’m Yurina! Count on me to find the enemies!”

“Yoshiki, sorry for being noisy. They’re both our party members; we’re all working together. Ast is especially familiar with ancient characters and artifacts, so I talked about Yoshiki.”

‘Ancient characters’? ‘Artifact’? Are they related to what I was summoned for?

“Ah, as for advice, I’ve something I’d like to discuss with you as well.”

“If Lord Yoshiki comes in with your body alone, it’ll be fine. I’ll take all the responsibility if anything happens to you.”

“Mr. Dior…I apologize, but I’m not going in there. I don’t think I can live in a world where the culture and life are all different from mine, and I’m not going to leave my family. Rather, can we do something about this situation?”

Mr. Dior seemed to be shocked by my words, and deflated on the spot. I’m sorry, Mr. Dior. But I really don’t want to go to another world.

Instead, Mr. Merlow explained as he approached me.

“Ahh, in conclusion, I’m sorry but we can’t prevent this from happening.”

They told me about the artifact and the ‘soulmate’ thing. To be honest, I thought so as well.

I understood the artifact part, but not the soulmate one. ‘They will be attracted to each other at first glance’, and ‘spending their whole life together’…When I asked him about it, it seemed that there was no such thing as divorce or breaking up there. However, it’s also different from the common ‘getting married fast’ thing.

“Why don’t we just break that artifact?”

When I asked, Mr. Ast opposed it with tremendous speed.

“It’s impossible to break an artifact! Even if it’a a single-use type, if you sell it, you can live a peaceful life without having to worry about money! Besides, can you do it so lightly, breaking something of historical value?”

Uu, if you say it like that, then we can’t just break it like that…Artifacts are like relics of ancient civilization, like the Japanese pottery from the Jomon period.

“Well…it’s still the second day, and we don’t exactly understand what’s happening, but it could be a condition Dior activated when he used the artifact. Even so, since it doesn’t always connect, the other conditions are unclear so far. Maybe it’s just easier to connect with unexpected timing.”

So I understand that I can’t do anything about that for now…

“About the ‘soulmate’ thing, I don’t feel it though. Maybe you’ve got the wrong person?”

“I have no doubt that Lord Yoshiki is my soulmate.”

Dior said firmly. But I don’t feel anything for Mr. Dior…

“You don’t have a soulmate in your world, right? Maybe Yoshiki doesn’t feel anything because he’s from a different world.”

“Ah, or could it be that Yoshiki is dating someone!?”

Yurina, who had been silent until then, suddenly opened her mouth. Just what is she asking all of a sudden…

“…I’m not.”

Mr. Dior looked obviously relieved.

The reason for not having a girlfriend = age.

“Then, why don’t you try dating Dior?”


“If you go out with him, you might fall for him, right?”

No, what are you talking about, Yurina-san!? I don’t feel anything for Mr. Dior. Besides, we’re both guys!? Rather, why bother dating when we’re in different worlds?

“No, that’s a little…”

While I was reluctant, Mr. Dior was shocked again. At first, this person was expressionless and intimidating, but he’s quite expressive today.

“Ehh, why? Dior looks cool and is smart. He takes care of Merlow so he’s good at babysitting. It’s a great deal?”

Oi, is he some property? And for some reason, Mr. Dior is looking at me as if he was expecting something. So you’re fine with being treated as property.

“I don’t like that kind of dishonesty. For making Mr. Dior expect so much, that I can’t fall for you, I apologize. And what if I go there and I can’t come back? It’ll be troubling.”

“Hmm, Yoshiki sure is serious. About not being able to go back, I think I can do something about that.”

Woah, a shocking remark from Mr. Ast here!

“The magic in this world also consists of transfer magic. If you’ve been to a place and you know the coordinates, you can go there in an instant. Although, you’d use too much power casting it.”

I can’t believe that! The biggest reason that’s stopping me from going into another world is gone!

However, if I can come and go freely, then it might not be a bad idea to transfer to another world…

“I’ll go over there for now, and if I can figure out the coordinates, then you’ll be able to go home any time.”

Then, Mr. Ast tried to come in through the door. When he took one step into the room, he stopped there.

“Hm…I can’t go any further. It seems like I can’t go there completely from here.”

“Ah, shoes…” I thought, but it was too late. I guess I’ll clean it later.

However, if only half his body can enter, can’t transfer magic be used?

“But I know the coordinates. I don’t think I can transfer there, but I can send Lord Yoshiki there.”

But even if I can return with this transfer magic that I’ve never seen before, I still feel anxious.

“Hmm, I’d be troubled if we tried it and it didn’t work…”

When I said so, Mr. Ast took out a handkerchief and threw it to me. It fell to my feet.

“It seems like items are able to go through this door. Then, please watch.”

He reached out and picked up the handkerchief, then stepped back and began chanting something. When he finished chanting, the handkerchief in his hand disappeared.

“Lord Yoshiki, please take a look behind you.”

When I looked behind me, I found the handkerchief in the middle of the room. It seems like it does work.

“So cool…”

“It seems like the problem is solved.”

Mr.Dior’s stare is burning holes in me…But still.

I picked up the handkerchief and gave it to Mr.Ast.

“But I have no intention of going there after all. I don’t want to abandon my life here, nor do I want to date Mr. Dior.”

I’m a main character who won’t be swept away!

“Is that so? However, I won’t give up either.”

Mr.Dior and I stared at each other. There wasn’t any sweetness in his words(?). If you’re not going to give up, I’m not going to either!

“…It’s almost time for dinner. Excuse me!”

I couldn’t stand how Mr. Dior was looking at me and closed the door. I have no intention of transferring to another world. There’s no reason for that. I thought of my determination once again.

Will it be a battle starting tomorrow? Even so, I’m glad they’re gone for now. If we get connected while I’m busy, I can just do a quick attack by closing the door on them. But if I waste a relatively large amount of time, I’ll start thinking, “It’d be rude to close the door without saying anything,” and end up talking to them.

There was one time where Mr. Merlow had sweets on him and said, “I got some rare sweets. Yoshiki should try some,” and I’d end up preparing some sweets for him too.

There was another time where Mr. Ast asked, “Are you interested in magic?” And he taught me the basics of magic. Of course, I wasn’t able to cast any magic when I tried to but, “You might be able to use it when you come to this world,” he said, and I was honestly shaken by what he told me.

And again, I had an exchange with Ms.Yurina, “Should I teach you how to throw a knife?”, “No, I’m fine,” and that’s how it went.

And Mr. Dior tried to persuade me everytime. To be honest, he’s the hardest to deal with. A refreshing ikemen is whispering sweet nothings to me, you know? Even my heart would be throbbing from that. Then I would feel apologetic when I don’t answer him.

This had already been going on for several weeks. I was wondering when my family would find out, but it was surprising how we actually haven’t been found out yet.

And one day. I overslept and was in a hurry. I put on my shoes at the entrance, and when I opened the door vigorously, I thought,“Shit!” I wasn’t able to kill the momentum, and took one step into the other world. It was only one leg, but I got in. I hurriedly retracted my leg and closed the door.

That was dangerous. If I had opened the front door without looking ahead, I might’ve completely gone over there. My heart still fluttering, I held my chest and slowly opened the front door. Then I went off to school.

When I got home from school, I gently opened the front door. It was okay; it wasn’t connected. I took a breath, took my shoes off, and headed to my room.

And when I opened the door to my room, it was another world again. Recently, we’ve been connected so many times that I’m not surprised anymore. I was shocked by the ‘one-step incident’ from this morning though.

“Ohh, Yoshiki. You just returned from school?”

Merlow greeted me. It seems like he’s sitting on a couch and reading a book today.

“Mn. I’m doing my homework today so I don’t have time.”

We’ve talked about various things such as school uniforms, my family, etc. It’s personal information but it wouldn’t be misused in another world. Even if it could, I trust that they won’t do so.

I was told to stop using honorifics, so I did as they said.

And for Dior, I will always try to explain to him politely. Like, “How can you say such pick-up lines to a plain looking man!?” Something like that. He says pick-up lines too casually; he treats it like he’s just greeting me or something. The horror…I’ve gotten used to it…The pick-up lines.

“Lord Yoshiki, welcome back. The black uniform suits your shining black hair today as well.”

“Ahh, thank yo…u…?”

It was when I saw Dior as usual. For some reason, I felt my heart leap. Bathump, bathump, I could hear it clearly, and I could feel my heart squeeze at the same time.

What is this, what is this…!?

“Lord Yoshiki?”

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Dior, who thought I was acting strange, approached me. But for some reason, I couldn’t look at him directly and hurriedly closed the door.

My body, is being strange…! I crouched on the spot. My face is hot. My heart is beating fast.

It’s like…It’s like, the thing I heard, “The moment I meet my soulmate”…!

I couldn’t move from the corridor for a while.

“Yoshiki~ Dinner’s ready~”

I was surprised by my mother’s voice. I hurried into my room, changed my clothes, and headed for the living room. My heart is back to normal, for now.

When I went to my room after dinner, I went to my desk to do my homework. However, I couldn’t concentrate at all.

And when I finally managed to finish my homework, I took a bath. It was already quite late, but I didn’t feel drowsy. Everytime I think of Dior, I feel strange. It’s like, I want to see him, but I don’t want to see him.

The next day, I avoided going to another as usual. But the moment we connect, I close the door without greeting anyone. Dior is always in the room. If I speak, I’ll end up saying nonsense.

The day after that. Today is Saturday. I was wondering if I should talk to someone about this incident. However, when it comes to consultation, I always go to Dior. What should I do…No, is asking Dior a problem in the first place? I thought, but I didn’t want to ask Dior for some reason.

I had some conviction with this thought, but I might be wrong, and I want someone to listen to me.

Hmm, I changed from my clothes and opened the door. It connected to the other world. It was late morning, so everyone was there. They were probably about to go out.

“Good…Good morning.”

It’s awkward because I avoided them yesterday, but I greeted them for now.


Each of them greeted me.

“Are you all going to the dungeon right now?”

I asked while making sure Dior doesn’t see me. Merlow replied.

“No, I was requested to take care of the vermin in the nearby forest today.”

“Is that so. Please be careful.”

When I tried to close the door, Merlow stopped me.

“Yoshiki, I have something to ask. Everyone should leave.”

“Master Merlow, even though this is a relatively safe inn, leaving your side is…”

“Ast, Yurina, take care of Dior.”



Ast and Yurina dragged Dior out of the room. However, the door was opened by me, so they went out of the window. Luckily, the room in the inn where everyone was staying was on the first floor.

Merlow closed the window and walked towards me.

“What happened between you and Dior?”

Not ‘did something happen?’ But ‘what happened?’…He probably realized I was acting strange. Since he’s a party leader, he’s attuned to the emotions of others.

“Nothing happened…”

“Then, I’ll ask again. Is there something wrong with Yoshiki’s body?”

Uu…He’s the type of person that won’t stop asking until the question has been answered. Well, I wanted to consult with someone anyway, so this is just right.

“Whenever I look at Dior, I feel weird. I feel like getting closer with him, so close that I could hug him and it wouldn’t be enough…It’s as if it’s the ‘soulmate’ thing you’ve all been talking about. But it was so sudden…I feel anxious.”

“Soulmate, huh…Even though you didn’t feel anything before, it suddenly happened, that’s weird. Did you do anything with Dior? As far as I can see, nothing happened though.”

Did we do anything…Speaking of, he does flirt with me on a daily basis. Ahh, but I was shocked when he kissed the back of my hand. It seems like normal courtship behaviour among aristocrats.

That’s right, not only Merlow, but Dior was also an aristocrat. Even so, he seems to have been hired by Merlow’s family as a servant from an early age because his family was a lower rank than Merlow, and he seems to be the fourth son, which means he can’t receive any property or inherit anything from his family. He discovered his talent of sword wielding, and received training as an escort until now. Now let’s return to the main subject.

I was shocked when he kissed the back of my hand. But it was normal after that, so I don’t think that was the cause.

“What else can you think of? Like did he do anything different from usual?”

Hmm, something different than usual…

“By the way, before this, I was rushing and accidentally took one step into your world…”

“Isn’t that it?”

“Eh? Is it related?”

“Even if it was one step, that was probably the first time you’ve actually come into this world. At that time, I think you were recognized as a being of this world?…Try using some magic.”

I can’t use magic. I’ve tried it once, but if I could…

I stretched my hand facing up, and focused.

“Spirit God of Flame, lend me your strength, fire!”

At that moment, a small flame appeared in my palm. No way, I can use magic…

“I knew it. It really seems like you’ve been recognized as a being from our world and acquired the ability to use magic. Which means, you’re now able to feel the fate that’s pulling you closer to your soulmate.”

“Good for you, Yoshiki.” Merlow seemed happy, but I’m not!

As I said many times, I don’t want to transfer to another world. If they think I’d want to go to another world because of this mysterious ‘soulmate’ theory, I’d rather pass on that.

“It’s troubling…”

“Well, I don’t know how Yoshiki feels about this. I would be troubled too if Dior goes to your world. I know Dior has his own life.”

“Uu, what should I do…”

I thought of destroying that artifact for a moment there, but I can’t even touch it unless I enter this damn room.

“Why don’t you give up and go out with Dior for now?”

I could only cover my face with both hands and groan.

At that time, ‘knock knock’ there was a sound of knocking on the window. Dior and the others are back.

“Are you done?”

Ast asked.

“Ahh, we’re done. I’ve got great news.”

“Waaaaaahhh don’t say itttttttttt…”

Merlow ruthlessly exposed everything. It’s all over…

I still can’t take my hands off my face. Someone is approaching. It’s Dior. I’ve come to understand the signs. It’s fate.

“Lord Yoshiki…Please show me your face.”

I shook my head.

“Then, can I hug you?”

Uwahh, that’s worse!

While I was stuck in place, I felt Dior’s hands on my back. And just like that, he gently hugged me.

What is this, this great sense of security and happiness…this is fate…

I could feel that Yurina was fangirling in the distance.

“Lord Yoshiki…Yoshiki, I love you.”

I felt a chill going up my spine. Ahhhhhhh…Don’t whisper in my ear- I can’t take it anymoreeeeee!

My legs gave out and I crumbled to the floor. I’m sure my ears and even my hands are bright red, not to mention my face…!

“Please…Give me a break today…”

For someone who has zero love experience, I was already at my limit.

“I understand. But I will not hesitate from now on, I intend to do so.”

Did you ever refrain from doing so? From a Japanese person’s point of view, you were so enthusiastic that it was unbelievably appealing, but what will happen in the future…I…might die.

“Congratulations, Dior, Yoshiki!! Both of you were soulmates after all!”

Thank you, Yurina…But I don’t know what to do.

“Fate beyond the world(?)…I will do my best to help you with my power.”

Said Ast, the oldest among them, it was encouraging…But I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

I have no intention of transferring to another world after all.

“Alright, we still have a request to finish, we’re going to leave soon. Dior should release Yoshiki. He looks like a boiled octopus.”

Uy, don’t say it…

I slowly stood up and closed the door. Then I threw myself onto bed. I’m glad it’s Saturday today…

That night, when I opened the window to cool down in the room after taking a bath, I was connected to the other world. Eh, wait…this pattern is a first for me. Merlow and Dior were also surprised to see me.

“Ahh…So you can connect through the window too. Rather, you’re able to connect through that now, huh? Anyway, welcome back to both of you. Are you hurt anywhere?”

I’m sure they said they went out to get rid of some vermin in the forest today.

“Yes, we finished it smoothly.”

Dior approached the window.

He looks 50% more ikemen than usual. So this is the effect of fate…!

“T-that’s good.”

I can’t take my eyes away from Dior. When Dior stood in front of me, I felt like hugging him, but I was embarrassed and wanted to run away. So I tried to take a step back, but Dior quickly caught my arm.

Dior leaned over and kissed my cheek.

Hey, is it okay to do this in public or your master?! Or rather, my heart can’t take this so stop! Even I can understand that normal kisses don’t usually make that “chu” sound.

“Dior, we’ll discuss your next request at Ast’s room.”

Ahh, don’t go Merlow!

The cry of my heart was useless, and Merlow left the room.

“He was being tactful.”

I know that though!

“Hey, Dior. I’ve said this before, but I don’t have any intention of going to your world, okay?”

“I know. You’re attending school, and have about half a year left? I’ll wait until you graduate.”

No, that…Are you telling me to marry you after I graduate?

“I will spare no effort to make you feel like coming here.”

If you look at me so seriously, I won’t be able to say anything. When I was looking down, Dior’s right hand scooped my chin up. His thumb gently stroked my lips.

“Please let me know if you don’t like it.”

Ah, he’s going to kiss me. I thought so, but I couldn’t say I didn’t like it or push him away.

Our lips gently touched. This time, it was my lip, not my cheek. It feels good. I gently closed my eyes.

The kiss that was just a simple touch, became deeper and deeper.

Slurp, Dior’s tongue gently invaded and exposed my mouth. When Dior’s hand stroked my back, I felt ticklish. I couldn’t resist at all.


We were both breathless.

It was at that moment.

“Big brotherrrr, teach me my homewor-……Kyaaa! A suspicious person!!”

The door to my room opened, and my sister came in! You should know what I was feeling at that time.

In a hurry, I pushed Dior away and turned around, but my sister already left. I was blocking his face so she didn’t see his face, right?

My sister shouted while going down the stairs.

“Mommm! There was a suspicious person in big brother’s room!”

“A suspicious person? Not a friend?”

“He was kissing big brother from the window!”

“Huhh? You mean a girl? But your brother’s room is on the second floor.”

I’ve been seen by my younger sister who’s in 6th gradeeeeeeeeeeee it’s all overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…!!

I could hear the sound of two people climbing the stairs. “This is bad. Let’s close the window for now, I thought, but for some reason Dior stopped me.

“Hey, you’ll be seen by my family!”

“Isn’t this just right?”

“What is!?”

“Let me greet my family.”

No, that’s impossible, impossible, impossible! How are you going to explain this? ‘I was summoned by another world and met my soulmate’? ‘And he’s a man’? That’s impossible!

I tried to close the window, but I couldn’t beat a strong adventurer with my strength. Efforts were in vain, and my mother and sister came.

“Oh my…An ikemen.”

Mom, is that all you have to say!?

“Yoshiki, who is this? If he’s a suspicious person, I’ll call the police?”

But she’s unexpectedly calm!!

“He’s not someone suspicious…”

“Are you Yoshiki’s mother? My name is Dior. I am going out with Yoshiki on the premise of getting married.”

Just what are you sayingggggggggg!

“Oh my, so polite. I’m Yoshiki’s mother, Marie. And this is Yoshiki’s younger sister, Arisa.”

“I’m Arisa. Big brother’s boyfriend sure is an ikemen!”

“Thank you very much. Both my mother and sister are very lovely. I see Yoshiki inherited his cuteness from mother’s blood.”

There’s no room for me to talk anymore. More like, dear mother, do you even care about how he came from the window, or Dior’s apparently adventurer-like outfit, or any other suspicious points?

“Well…to call me cute, you’re good at it even though you’re young. By the way, which country is Mr.Dior from?  You seem to be very good at Japanese. Also, when and where did the window in Yoshiki’s room become?”

“That’s…It’s a long story and, believe it or not, Dior is from a different world.”

“A different world? You mean the ‘reincarnation in another world’ that they often do in anime?”

My sister quickly got it. It’s easy for her because we usually watch anime where they reincarnate in another world together.

“Big brother didn’t reincarnate, though.”

When I tried to explain, mom told me to wait. That’s right, it doesn’t make sense to suddenly say that he’s from a different world.

“I’ll call your father, so wait a minute.”

Then she left the room. Hey, you’re even calling dad now!

When I was sighing, Merlow came back this time.

“Are you done? Wait, Yoshiki, that girl is…”

“My younger sister…My father and mother are coming soon…”

I could only stare off into the distance.

“Master Merlow, this is Yoshiki’s younger sister, Lady Arisa. She kind of saw us just now.”

Don’t say it! Don’t bring it up again!

“Hoho, you finally got caught by your family. Then, I’ll have to greet them as Dior’s guardian.”

“Just do whatever you want…”

“He’s also an ikemen!” My sister said to Merlow. Well, Merlow grew up in a different economy than Dior, but he’s still an ikemen…

While my sister was excited, my father and mother came back.

“…The window…From the window…”

Dad, I think your reaction is normal.

When the family was together, I patiently explained. About how I opened the door one day and talked to them about fate, from a different world. I was quite embarrassed by the words.

“Uhh, so in other words, in order for Yoshiki and Mr.Dior to marry each other, he has to go to another world?”

My father asked with a look that seemed like it couldn’t comprehend everything.

“No, I won’t go!”

“But that uh, soulmates? Don’t they have to live their lives together?”


“Yes, I can’t live without Yoshiki anymore. I’ll have him come over when he graduates.”

“You sure are passionate. Yoshiki, you found a good partner.”

Hey, mom!? Your son is likely to be taken to another world though?

“Big brother is so lucky. I want to go to another world too!”

Dear sister! Are you able to say the same thing once you’re a high school student?

“I said I won’t go. Generally, there’s no guarantee that I’ll come back here, right?

“Didn’t we solve that? You can come back here with transfer magic. Yoshiki can now use magic, and if you’re able to cast transfer magic on yourself, you can go back whenever you want.”

Merlow, don’t say anything extra!

“Still…Until now, after I graduated from high school, I was planning to go college, get a job, get married, and live normally. Even if I was suddenly told to go to another world with a different culture and everything. I feel troubled.”

“I know. I want to respect Yoshiki’s choice as much as possible. That’s why I’ll wait until you graduate and I’ll try to persuade you by then.”

“Oh my,” my mother said. My father closed his eyes and nodded, and my sister was jealous of her big brother. Nobody is against it…Rather isn’t this all buried in the moat?

Dior took my hand, kissed it, and said,

“Please be prepared.”

Shit, he’s so cool…but I won’t transfer to another world!

For the time being, I mustered up my rationality and shouted in my heart.

This is the end of the main story.

When I Opened The Toilet Door, I Was In a Different World, but I Will Never Transfer To Another World!

When I Opened The Toilet Door, I Was In a Different World, but I Will Never Transfer To Another World!

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Tadano Yoshiki, aged 17, a second year high school student; when I opened the door to my toilet, I was in a different world, but I will never transfer to another world!This is my daily life of people from another world who want to summon me, and me, who kicks up a fuss because I don’t want to be summoned.


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