When I Opened The Toilet Door, I Was In a Different World, but I Will Never Transfer To Another World! chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was a normal morning. When I left the room in my pajamas after waking up, I opened the bathroom door while yawning. When I tried to take a step into the bathroom, I stopped with one leg raised.

When I opened the bathroom door, there was no toilet. Instead, it was an unfamiliar-looking room. Tadano Yoshiki, aged 17, was about to transfer to another world!! Wait—

“Where is this?”

I inadvertently muttered calmly, but it was obviously strange. The room, which should’ve had a toilet, was about twice the size of my own room, with two beds, a sofa set, and a chest of drawers. And two men stood beside the table situated by the window.

The shorter one has red hair tied behind him and is about the same age as me. The taller one has short black hair and is in his mid-20s. Both of them are handsome. They’re dressed as adventurers, which makes them seem like they were from a manga. And I’m currently stunned to see this.

Observing this far, I gently closed the door. No, isn’t this the common ‘transferring to another world’? No, am I dreaming because of the influence from all those novels, manga, and anime? I see, so this is a dream.

I went back to my room and looked at my watch. Three minutes have passed since the alarm went off at 7 o’clock. I pinched my cheeks. It hurts. I was just daydreaming just now. It’s morning though. Let’s change clothes for now.

After changing clothes, I went to the bathroom again. I gently opened the door.

It’s a toilet. I’m back in the bathroom. I was relieved and went to the living room on the first floor. I had breakfast, and went to school as usual. I was wondering if I was still asleep.


“Master Merlow, are you really going to do it?”

“It’s natural. If you get an artifact like this, it’s theoretical to use it, right?”

I’m his escort, and his partner. Master Merlow has a broad smile in front of the artifact found in yesterday’s dungeon search. The artifact is an iron disk about 10 centimeters in diameter, and is filled with ancient characters on its surface. I was told yesterday that it was a tool to summon ‘what you need’, but I don’t know if it was ‘what’ or ‘who’ you need, nor do I know if there is a cost to activating it. Activating such a dangerous thing could not be permitted as his escort.

“As I thought, you should stop it, it’s dangerous.”

“No, I’m doing it. I got up so early because I was excited for this.”

“…Then, at least let me do it.”

It could be deadly magical or cursed. Even if I forcibly stop him here, Master Merlow would definitely steal it if I don’t keep an eye on it to activate it. It would be 100 times better if I activated it.

“It can’t be helped…Then, Dior, you can go activate it.”

“Thank you very much. Well then, I will quickly activate it.”

I held my hand over the artifact and poured my magic into it. Ancient letters emerged and floated around to form a circle of about 20 centimeters. It went on for a while and then the writing disappeared.

“Huh? A failure?”

“How is it…I think I was able to activate it, but was it because there wasn’t enough magic?”

When I tried again, suddenly the door of the room popped open. When I wondered who the hell had entered without knocking, a strange boy stopped with one leg raised to enter the room.

The black eyed and haired boy was dressed in mysterious, loose clothes. All the employees of this inn are acquainted with each other. Maybe they were guests from the next room.

“Where is this?”

He muttered.

Anyway…Something is wrong. It’s an amazing skill he has to not notice the sign of the place he entered in the first place. Rather, I feel strange. I’m fascinated by him for some reason. I’m driven by the urge to get closer and hug him right now. While thinking this was strange, the boy closed the door and went off.

I hurriedly opened the door but no one was there. I thought I’d go to the rooms on both sides to check, but if I think about it, the other party members are renting both sides. I went to the reception and asked the proprietress if a boy with black eyes and hair was staying here, but she said he wasn’t.

I realized one possibility and went back to my room.

“Dior…That boy just now…?”

“I couldn’t find him anywhere.”

“Eh, could it be…A ghost?”

“No, probably not. How did Master Merlow feel about him?”

“It was a boy about the same age as me, and I didn’t notice any signs until he opened the door.”

“Did you get strangely attracted to him?”

“No, not really.”

Was I right about my hypothesis?

“Master Merlow, I think he was summoned with this artifact. He appeared right after it was activated. It’s relevant enough.”

“Ehh? It’s not like what I imagined…I imagined a magic circle suddenly appearing with light. Isn’t it too realistic to come in through the door? Wasn’t it a tool to bring out what I needed?”

“Is that so? But I think he’s probably my ‘soulmate’.”


“When I saw him, it felt like my heart was squeezed tightly. I finally met him and I wanted to get closer and hug him.”

“…You’re kidding me? But you don’t make those kinda jokes either…”

There’s this thing called ‘Soulmate’ that exists. There’s only one and only existence in the world for you; the moment you meet them, you will know. Two people who meet and are attracted to each other as if it was determined by fate. What happened was exactly the definition of a soulmate.

“But I don’t think there’s such a pretense for him.”

“My inference is perfect, but wasn’t it more of a surprise than fate? He wasn’t in this inn. If he was summoned by the artifact from somewhere, he might’ve been confused and just opened this door.”

“Hmm, you wouldn’t know in such a short time. Would you like to activate it again?”

Nodding to Master Merlow’s suggestion, I reinjected magic into the artifact. However, the artifact never activated again. At some point, Master Merlow finally stopped me.

“Dior, stop it now. I wonder if this artifact is a single-use type.”

“But…My soulmate…”

“Well, if you were really destined to be with him, you’ll meet again. Don’t be so discouraged.”

That being said, I was already convinced that he was my soulmate. It’s said that one in 10,000 people can meet their soulmate. Even though I was able to be one of them, the strong desire to meet him made me feel like I would never give up.


By the time I went to school, took classes, participated in my club activities, and returned home as usual, I had completely forgotten about the ‘morning toilet incident’(named).

“I’m back~”

When I opened the front door, it wasn’t the front door. It was the room I saw in the ‘morning toilet incident’. Two men were sitting on the sofa, talking about something. They looked at me at the same time.



My voice overlapped with the red haired man’s voice, and the black haired man stood up to run to me.

I had a bad premonition and hurriedly closed the door.

…At least, that was what I intended to do. But, just before I could close it, the man suddenly stuck his hand in the gap and opened the door.

He stood there in front of me. He was quite tall and intimidating. I felt scared because he was glaring at me…

“U-uhh…I made a mistake? So please excuse me…”

“Wait! My soulmate!!”

My mind ran at a mile a minute. First, there was no doubt that I had opened the front door to my house. However, beyond that was the bathroom door from the ‘morning toilet incident’. Moreover, judging from the interior of the room and the appearance of this man, I surmised that this wasn’t Japan but a different world instead. And the black haired man in front of me called me his soulmate. Did he think we were destined when I opened the door this morning? That’s stupid. If I entered the room, then I would transfer to another world, right? Yes, that must be it. I don’t want to transfer to another world!

“Uhh, it seems like I made a mistake so I will be going back. Could you let my hand go?”

“No. And you’re not mistaken.”


“Even so, I thought I had opened the front door to my house…I want to go back home though.”

“Could you listen to what I have to say?”

Ah. Oh no, this person had no intention of letting go. I should stay away from the door for the time being…Should I kill some time somewhere else?

At that moment, the red haired man came over from the room.

“Dior, let’s calm down for now.”

“Master Merlow, I am calm.”

“No no, look at him, he’s scared. You’re uselessly huge. Stay away from the door.”

“No, I feel like he’ll escape if I leave now.”

“I said that’s what scares him! Sorry, I apologize but could you listen to him for a moment?”

For now, it appeared that the red-haired guy was named Merlow and the black-haired guy was called Dior. And Merlow seemed smarter.

“I understand…I won’t close the door, so could you step back?”

Mr.Dior thought about it for a while. Then he took his hand off the door and took a step back.

“Excuse me!” I screamed and shut the door.

“Hahh…That was scary. I’m too scared to transfer to another world…”

I lied to them and I felt apologetic about that, but I had no intention of getting involved. In a common ‘transferring to another world’, the main character has a cheat and is able to get stronger and enjoy going on an adventure. It’s a lie to say that I don’t yearn for that, but I’m confident that I’ll be homesick. It’s the worst if I can’t go home, and above all, I’m not willing to take the risk of losing my family and my current life.

I gently opened the door. I was relieved. There was the front door and a corridor in front of me.

After taking a bath, I was watching TV in the living room while eating ice cream.

“Yoshiki, have you done your homework?”

Mom asked from the kitchen. Asking if I’ve done my homework when I’m in my second year of high school…What am I, a kindergartener? While thinking that, I turned off the TV. I haven’t confirmed the coverage for tomorrow’s quiz!

“I’ll do it now.”

While saying that, I opened the door to the corridor and closed it within seconds. It was that room again. Dangerous, dangerous, I was about to transfer to another world. It’s said that it’s possible to happen twice, but this is the third time—the third time in a day. Is it possible to be summoned three times?

I gently opened the door again. Good, it’s a corridor.

“Yoshiki? What are you doing?”

Shit, Mom saw.

“No, I just thought there was a bug there.”

“Hey, it’s not the G*, right?”

[T/N: Yes, it’s those cockroaches. They call it the “G” because it’s “Gokiburi” in Japanese. Idk maybe they hate it so much they don’t wanna say it by its name???]

“Probably…Ah, I think I was mistaken.”

I went out into the hallway, up the stairs, and arrived in front of my room. I’m scared. I can’t open the door…

I cautiously opened the door. 1cm, 2cm, 3cm…At that moment, the door vigorously opened from the other side. I immediately let go of the doorknob.

There he was. The black haired man, Mr. Dior. Shit, I might not be able to escape this time…Let’s apologize for now…

“…Uh, I’m sorry about earlier. I was just a little frightened…”

When I looked up to Mr. Dior, he was covering his eyes with his other hand. What? What’s he doing?

“See? I knew you were scaring him, Dior. Boy, we should be the one to apologize. We frightened you.”


“We seem suspicious to you. We won’t do you any harm, so can we talk for a bit?”

Mr. Merlow (he somehow seems to be of a higher class than Mr. Dior so I guess he calls him Master?) suggested and tried to bring me in.

“I apologize. I don’t want to go in there. I’ll be troubled if I can’t go home.”

“Then let’s keep the door open. Would you feel more at ease if we did that?”

“…I don’t want to go in because I might not be able to go back once I enter this room.”

“Haha, you sure are cautious…but I guess you’re right. Then, it’s fine like this. So should we introduce ourselves first?”

I nod. It doesn’t seem like they’ll close the door.

“I’m Merlow; I’m an adventurer. This is Dior, my buddy and escort.”

After that, Mr.Dior finally came back from his dazed state.

“Master Merlow is the third son of an aristocrat in the principality of Utina, but he left the country as if he were running away from home. He is now active as an adventurer in this kingdom of Analy.”

“I’m Yoshiki. I’m a high school student in Japan (Nippon)…I’m studying as a student. Rather, you’re from a different world after all.”

“Nippon? I’ve never heard of this country.”

“Well, believe it or not, this place and your place are different worlds. I’ve never heard of Utina or Analy either.”

Aah, it’s confirmed that this is another world…If the worlds were connected every time I open the door, it’s obvious that I’m being summoned…

When I was looking far away, Mr. Merlow opened his mouth.

“Another world!? That’s awesome! I want to go on an adventure there!”


Mr. Dior looked at Mr. Merlow with great momentum.

“I apologize. I know you’re excited, but there aren’t any places in Japan to go on an adventure. Could it be that there are dungeons and magic in your world?”

“Yes! More like, Yoshiki’s world doesn’t have any of that?”

“There isn’t…So please give up. And I have something to do so could you close the door?”

I looked at Mr. Dior. However, it seems like he has no intention of closing it. I glanced at the door behind me. It’s my sister’s room. My sister is still in sixth grade and already sleeping at this time. However, if I continue to talk in this corridor as it is, she might wake up soon.

“Uh, my sister is sleeping in the room behind me. I can’t wake her up, so it’s about time…”

Mr. Dior still doesn’t seem to move. Or rather, his gaze is kinda bad. He’s been watching me since just now. I’m a little scared.

“Dior, let’s do what Yoshiki says. It’s late at night. We connected so many times today. I’m sure we’ll be able to connect with him again tomorrow.”

Nice support, Mr. Merlow! Though I don’t want to connect with you again tomorrow!


“Isn’t it your fate? It’s fine. Don’t make me order you.”

“Tsk…I understand. Lord Yoshiki, I’ll see you tomorrow, for sure.”

I opened the door again. This time, when I entered my room, I snuck into bed.

I thought about the situation. So far, only the doors of this house are connected to the other side and not at school. Is it not possible to connect worlds in places with many people? Dior had said that we were destined to meet, and Mr. Merlow had said the same. I have a bad premonition. Let’s not think about this. I wonder if they can open doors to transfer to this world too. For now, it’s only on my side.

There are many things I don’t understand. However, just in this one day, we’ve been connected 4 times already. And I don’t know how to prevent them from doing so. Maybe Mr. Merlow and Mr. Dior know something. After all, it’s a world with magic. For the time being, let’s talk tomorrow to see if we can do something about it.

When I came to that conclusion, I decided to go to sleep. I completely forgot about tomorrow’s quiz.


“Tsk…I understand. Lord Yoshiki, I’ll see you tomorrow, for sure.”

I said and reluctantly let go of the door.

“I already said it’s daijobu*! Since it’s fate, you’ll probably be able to connect with him tomorrow.”

[T/N: Yes, he said this in Japanese.]

Master Merlow casually said, but I was already starting to regret closing the door. What if we can’t connect tomorrow? I found my one and only soulmate in the world, but I’ll lose them forever.

I strongly prayed that we would be able to meet tomorrow and went to bed.

The next day, when I woke up, I prayed that I could meet Lord Yoshiki again today.

I have no plans to dive into the dungeon today. Master Merlow and I belong to a party of four. The other two are a woman who is mainly in charge of repulsion and being the bait, and a man who’s a wizard. Wizards can’t identify artifacts, but they can decipher ancient characters to some extent, so let’s ask him about that artifact.

I was changing clothes when the door suddenly opened. When I looked at the opened door, Lord Yoshiki was looking at me with widened eyes.

“Uwah, excuse me!”

Ah, I was changing clothes and couldn’t respond immediately…However, it seems like the doors will still be able to connect today. I thanked God.

“See? As I said, we were able to connect today.”

“Yes. The next time we connect, I will not let go of him.”

“No, you look like you’re targeting your prey. You’re scary. Don’t stick to the door, okay?”

Master Merlow remarked. I see. I could just do that, I thought and waited in front of the door.

“You’ll frighten Yoshiki, so stop it?”

Master Merlow commented with a dismayed look, but my fate is on the line. I’m desperate.

“I will do my best.”

“Your face doesn’t look like it.”

“By the way, I’m thinking of talking to Ast about the artifact and Lord Yoshiki.”

Ast is the wizard.

“…Just stop making that face in front of Yoshiki. Well, it’s a good idea but he’s likely to scold us.”

That’s right. Actually, I was told to have us all present before activating the artifact, but Master Merlow couldn’t resist and activated it early in the morning while Ast was asleep. I have yet to report to him about it.

However, it can’t be helped that it’s been activated, and there’s no choice but to consult with him and be prepared to be scolded.

We were prepared for Ast’s anger and headed to the dining area to have breakfast.


“Good morning.”

At the cafeteria, Ast and our other party member, Yurina, were eating.

Yurina is a petite woman with a boyish attitude. She’s good at searching for enemies and is mainly in charge of recon. During battle, she’s good at attacking from a long distance with a bow and arrow as well as a throwing knife.

Ast is a wizard as mentioned above. He is in charge of both attack and healing. He wears a robe that enhances his magic, and his long hair is tied up.

“Are we going out to buy things today?”

Ast asked.

“Today…We have something to consult with you.”

“Is it about the dungeon raid later?”

“No, it’s not that.”

Towards Master Merlow, who was mixing up his words, Ast could guess what it was about.

“Is it about the artifact you got the other day? If you’re not speaking properly, then it must mean that you activated it? Without my knowledge?”

Ast’s smile looks scary. There’s a tacit understanding: we can’t go against Ast, who’s the oldest and the one responsible for healing the party.

With a strained smile, Master Merlow admitted,

“W-welll…I just couldn’t resist.”

“When? When did you activate it?”

“Yesterday, in the early morning…I’m sorry.”

Yurina continued to eat while looking dismayed.

“Really…I’ll ask more about it as soon as I’ve finished eating.”


We finished the meal promptly and moved to the room where Master Merlow and I were staying.

We explained to Ast what happened after activating the artifact yesterday. He picked up the artifact and assessed the ancient characters. He poured magic into it and closed his eyes to find something within it. Then, Ast set the artifact onto the table and looked at us.

“First of all, this artifact is in an activated state. That’s probably why Lord Yoshiki is able to connect with us many times. Second,I checked the ancient characters, but this artifact isn’t to summon what you need, but something you desire for.”

I see. But ‘what I desire’…I certainly wanted to meet my soulmate, but I wasn’t so keen on it.

“This artifact summons whatever you desire the moment you activate it.  But you didn’t want anything in particular, so you might’ve summoned something you’ve always desired deep in your heart.”

Ast told me it was just a presumption, but I think it’s probably true. But why is it through doors? If only they could’ve just suddenly summoned me into their world, it wouldn’t have caused such a stir.

Yurina: “Hey hey, what kind of child is Lord Yoshiki?”

Ast: “A man with black eyes and hair. He’s a little younger than me?”

Dior: “Well, he has a young face. He always wears mysterious clothes. He has a soft demeanor and is a kind person who cares for his sister.”

“You’re not even dating him yet and you’re already boasting? Funny.”

Perhaps Yurina found it funny, so she laughed. Rather than feeling like I’ve been laughed at, I tilted my head and asked, “Is there anything strange about that?” Ast explained.

“Are you aware of what you look like right now? You’re usually rather expressionless, and you’re devoted to escorting Merlow. However, right now, you look like you can’t help but fall for Lord Yoshiki. It’s interesting to Yurina.”

Do I look like that? I placed my hand on my face to feel it, but I didn’t understand. Or rather, do I usually look expressionless…So was Lord Yoshiki scared too? The next time we meet, I’ll try to smile as much as possible.

“Hey, it doesn’t seem like Yoshiki thinks Dior is his soulmate. Why do you think so?”

Master Merlow asked Ast.

“I don’t know about that…Maybe because he’s from another world, or maybe there’s a different reason.”

Even though I yearn for Lord Yoshiki this much, he doesn’t seem to feel anything. Soulmates are supposed to be able to identify each other at a glance, so why?

“Well, anyway, now that we know the connection with Yoshiki won’t break as long as the artifact is here, I’m glad for you Dior.”

I replied Master Merlow with a nod.

“Yesterday you were able to connect in the evening and at night, right? Will we connect at that time again? I want to meet Yoshiki too!”

“Yes, I want to see the place where the worlds connect.”

Thus, we decided to meet in this room again in the evening. Until then, we have free time to buy whatever we need. I offered to go look at some weapons to Master Merlow.

When I Opened The Toilet Door, I Was In a Different World, but I Will Never Transfer To Another World!

When I Opened The Toilet Door, I Was In a Different World, but I Will Never Transfer To Another World!

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Tadano Yoshiki, aged 17, a second year high school student; when I opened the door to my toilet, I was in a different world, but I will never transfer to another world!This is my daily life of people from another world who want to summon me, and me, who kicks up a fuss because I don’t want to be summoned.


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