What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover chapter 2

What do you think of my brother?

That evening, Xie Zhinan had just returned to his dormitory, and after taking a bath, he looked at his phone. There were more than 30 messages on his Wechat which he glanced over一一


His mom: [Do you need money this month?]


His dad: [The Goddess day is approaching. Remember to order a bouquet of flowers for your mom and sister.]


T/N: Goddess day is Women’s day in China


His roommate Fan Wenji: [I’ll be back late tonight. Lao Xie, please leave the door open.]


T/N: Lao Xie is just XZ nickname. It means Old Xie but it’s weird to write that.


There are also some Student Union matters.


Xie Zhinan responded one by one. Finally, his gaze fell on the conspicuous portrait of a simple girl.


The ‘X’ letter name turned to ‘Not Heading North,’ and three messages came in succession.


[Hello, little brother!]


[Nice to meet you!]


[I’m He Shi, the girl from earlier!]


Xie Zhinan looked at the name thoughtfully. He wiped his hair with a towel and slowly replied, [Xie Zhinan.]


In a second, the other sent another message: [What a beautiful name!]


Xie Zhinan didn’t know what to say about this appraisal, so he replied politely: [Thank you.]


The other sent out a shy expression.


[Thank you so much for today. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do. It was such a difficult question, and I didn’t know that at all.]


Xie Zhinan chuckled when he read the message but couldn’t figure out the purpose of the other party.


He thought it was a little funny. The other person probably didn’t know that the reason why he helped He Shi wasn’t because of chivalry but because He Shi also belonged to the Student Union. Since he’s the vice-president, He Shi works under him.



To his own subordinates, not helping would be unjustifiable.


In order not to embarrass the other party, Xie Zhinan didn’t point it out. So he replied: [It’s just a trivial matter. I was just talking nonsense with a serious face earlier to fool the professor.]


After sending, he also added half-jokingly: [Actually, I was also really nervous at that time.]


[Little brother, you are so kind!]


[You’re so gentle!]


Xie Zhinan was a little suspicious that the other party was a girl using He Shi’s name to fool around with him. After all, something like that has happened many times in S City.


He replied with a smiling expression.


The other party did not reply within 30 seconds.


Xie Zhinan thought that the conversation this evening should be over. He put down his phone, kneaded his neck, took out his Advanced Mathematics book, then sat on his desk and turned on the table lamp, preparing to review what he learned today.


Unexpectedly, in just an hour, he picked up his phone again only to find out that “Not Heading North” sent another 5 to 6 messages in a row.


[Uhm… Brother Zhinan.]


[It was my brother who asked for your phone number earlier.]


[His name is He Jihuai.]


Probably because the other was anxious for not getting any response so half an hour later the other person sent out again —


[That… Brother Zhinan, I have no other meaning.]


[I’m just worried if my brother offended you today.]


Following that were three withdrawn messages.


The last sentence was, [Brother Zhinan?]


Xie Zhinan lamented, the girl chatting with him is pretty lively. At the same time, he felt dumbfounded when she mentioned her brother.


He replied: [I was reviewing just now. Your brother didn’t offend me, don’t worry.]


This time, the reply was quick again: [Then, what do you think…]


Looking at this opening remark, he wondered whether the girl would confess to him directly?


He was absentmindedly waiting for the other’s text that took a minute to be sent: [What do you think of my brother?]


Xie Zhinan: […What?]


The other repeated: [What do you think of my brother?]


Xie Zhinan:[…]


This question really confused him. A question mark slowly popped out of his head.

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

Score 9.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xie Zhinan was about to take He Jihuai to the cinema but was stopped on the street and interviewed by a young lady: “Hello, little brother. May I ask, what is it like to have a jealous lover?”Xie Zhinan thought for a while and couldn’t help but laugh, “Probably… a sweet little burden.”


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