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One day, a certain blogger named ‘Not Heading North’ posted on Weibo: [Recently many people have sent private messages to me, asking whether I fabricated Nan Nan’s age since Nan Nan is so mature and stable and didn’t seem that young at all. I’ve come to dispute that now.]


This blogger is considered to be a relatively famous blogger. Because one, he is a famous musician in the music circle, and the other because he’s been praised for having a fairytale love story that started in college.


[If I don’t say it, you all probably wouldn’t know what your so-called mature and stable Xie Nanshen is like at home. He’s always in bed and doesn’t like to eat breakfast. Always in bed and doesn’t like to eat breakfast. You probably wonder why I repeated that twice? Let me tell you this, every weekend, he doesn’t go to work, so he sleeps in bed until 10 o’clock in the morning. When I woke him up, he said he didn’t want to. And when I asked him why he answered that he doesn’t want to eat breakfast.


My expression at that time was: “…”


I asked again: “Why don’t you want to eat breakfast?”


Lao Xie logically replied: “Because I don’t want to get up.”


Me: “…”


There’s no other option. I can only coax the boyfriend I found for myself.


So I coaxed him and said that I made his favorite soup dumplings. The little kid hummed, and I thought he was going to get up. Just as I was preparing to help him get up, I saw him turn over and went back to sleep.


Me: “…”


Say, who is used to this spoiled attitude of always sleeping and not eating breakfast?


(Audience: You are used to it. Not Heading North: Okay, I admit. I am used to it.)


He is also picky about food.


You really can’t imagine how picky he is about food. He eats tomato scrambled eggs without tomatoes; He eats stir-fried pork with green peppers without the green peppers; He eats pickled cabbage fish without cabbage…. That’s not all. He even only drinks C’estbon water instead of Nongfu Springwater. The reason is that Nongfu Spring is not as sweet as C’estbon. I asked, doesn’t all water taste the same? He said, no, there is a difference. A big difference.


Apart from this, your Xie Nanshen likes to mislead children.


When I was on a business trip a few days ago, no one cooked for him. Before leaving, he promised me that he would take care of himself. Then, he stayed up all night for a week and just ate instant noodles for that week. That’s not all. He also often goes to the supermarket at 9’oclock in the evening to buy instant noodles. One night, he met the neighbor’s kid. The kid asked: “Brother, why do you eat instant noodles every day?”


Xie Zhinan, with the noodles in his hands and fork in his mouth, raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Because eating instant noodles is good for inspiration.” After saying that, regardless of whether the child understood or not, he walked away.


But I guess the child didn’t understand because he told his mother about it as soon as he got home and his mother happened to know my mother so she also told my mother. After hearing this, my mother sent me a series of: [Shock! A college student ate instant noodles for a month and had stomach cancer.] After that, she tactfully asked me whether she should take care of Lao Xie for some time.


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


So I called to ‘question’ your Xie Nanshen. Then your Xie Nanshen proceeded to worry about others. Saying I have to take care of myself during the business trip; Saying the S City is so hot these days and doesn’t rain. However, seeing that he couldn’t avoid being questioned, he began to act spoiled. Like, “Baby, I miss you.”, “Baby, when will you come back?” And so on. Thus, every time I reason with him, I am always defeated by his magical attacks.


Now tell me, do I still need to fabricate his age?]


As soon as this was posted, the comments were full of laughter. Everyone didn’t expect Xie Nanshen to be so cute in private.


He Jihuai held his mobile phone and laughed until his stomach hurt as he read the comments.


He was lying on the sofa and rubbing his stomach.


Then, the bedroom door behind the sofa opened, and Xie Zhinan stepped out of the bedroom.


He should have just woken up. Wearing milky white pajamas, his hair was in a mess, and there were even hair strands that were curling up.


He Jihuai hurriedly stood up: “Nan Nan, you’re awake. I already cooked. You can come and eat after washing your hands.”


Xie Zhinan hummed, then he yawned and sauntered to the bathroom.


Walking towards the bathroom, his back faced He Jihuai revealing a milky white tail.


When He Jihuai bought these one-piece cow pajamas, Xie Zhinan refused to wear them. Still, He Jihuai coaxed and pestered, even using special methods to force Xie Zhinan to wear it.


It was probably Xie Zhinan’s first time wearing such an unspeakable thing. His white face turned a little red. It was rare for this kid to be bashful.


He Jihuai was knocked over by this look, but he was afraid that the kid would be angry from embarrassment, so he could only endure his laughter.



After Xie Zhinan got used to it, did he dare touch him.


But then, the kid reverted back to his usual calm and gentle appearance. He Jihuai touched and rubbed him for a while, but he didn’t get embarrassed again.


On the contrary, he started a fire after rubbing and rubbing, and the pajamas were thrown on the floor.


After Xie Zhinan came out of the bathroom, He Jihuai reheated the dishes.


He made sweet and sour pork ribs, minced meat eggplant, and braised prawns. All of which were Xie Zhinan’s favorites.


The shrimp has already been peeled and placed in a bowl.


Xie Zhinan ate the shrimp without speaking.


It’s not that he didn’t want to talk but because he didn’t dare to speak.


After all, he just finished eating instant noodles for a week. If he praised He Jihuai’s craftsmanship now, he’s not sure whether He Jihuai would turn over old accounts.


T/N: ‘Turn over old accounts’ means revive old quarrels. 


He Jihuai smiled, unable to perceive what he was thinking.


When the meal was over, Xie Zhinan volunteered to wash the dishes but was stopped by He Jihuai.


“Nan Nan, I’ll do it. You can watch TV.”


Xie Zhinan pushed back his eyeglasses and quietly said: “You must be tired from your business trip. Let me wash.”


He Jihuai meaningfully replied: “Don’t worry, you have important things to do later. Watch TV first.”


Xie Zhinan looked at He Jihuai.


He Jihuai looked back calmly.


A few seconds later, Xie Zhinan said: “Okay, I’ll go watch TV.”


After washing the dishes, He Jihuai sat across Xie Zhinan, holding a notebook and pen in his hands.


“Tell me, how many packs of instant noodles did you eat this week?”


“Three packs…”


“What?” He Jihuai raised his eyebrows.


“Five packs…”


“Nan Nan, do you think you can fool me like that?”


Xie Zhinan was silent.


He Jihuai was preparing to attack, then Xie Zhinan suddenly called out: “Brother.”


He Jihuai was startled.


Although Xie Zhinan was almost 3 years younger than him, this person has never called him’ Brother.’ He usually calls him ‘Baby’ when coaxing him, ‘Xiao He’ when teasing him, or he’ll jokingly call him ‘Baby Xiao He.’


It’s He Jihuai’s turn to be silent.


In fact, honestly speaking, that ‘Brother’ is not enough to silence He Jihuai. The problem is that Xie Zhinan is currently wearing black and white cow pajamas. He’s not sure if he’s doing it on purpose. This person seemed unaware that he had put on the hat, so two little horns were poking out from his head when he got up.


His glasses were also taken off, so his usually clear and gentle eyes now revealed a trace of innocence.


This kind of innocence greatly contrasted the way he cutely called him ‘Brother.’


He Jihuai took a deep breath and repeatedly warned himself, ‘No, Xie Zhinan must not succeed this time. He needs to have a good talk with him about these things.’ 


He gave his mind a psychological hint, and just as he wanted to speak with a solemn face, Xie Zhinan called out again: “Brother.”


This time the ending syllable was not hurried, nor was it prolonged. It sounded so coquettish.


He Jihuai’s hands tightened on the notebook. Xie Zhinan watched as his chest rose and fell several times, then finally calmly said: “Good. Call me that again.”


Xie Zhinan couldn’t help laughing.


He Jihuai realized that he had been tricked by Xie Zhinan again.


He discarded his notebook without any care and threw himself on Xie Zhinan: “Nan Nan, call me ‘Brother’ again.”


Xie Zhinan smiled and started to change the subject: “Baby, why didn’t you tell me you’ll return today? I could’ve picked you up at the airport.”


He Jihuai refused to listen and insisted: “Nan Nan, call me ‘Brother’ ~.”


Xie Zhinan: “Today was so hot. Baby, did you apply sunscreen?”




After several rounds of repeating this pattern, He Jihuai got tired and bit Xie Zhinan hatefully. It didn’t hurt and only tickled Xie Zhinan.


He Jihuai: “Okay. There’s bound to be a day where you’ll call me ‘Brother’ again.”


Xie Zhinan smiled and didn’t answer.

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

Score 9.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xie Zhinan was about to take He Jihuai to the cinema but was stopped on the street and interviewed by a young lady: “Hello, little brother. May I ask, what is it like to have a jealous lover?”Xie Zhinan thought for a while and couldn’t help but laugh, “Probably… a sweet little burden.”


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