What It’s Like To Have A Jealous extra 2

About Brother Nan

After the two of them officially announced their relationship, some people would often send messages to He Jihuai and ask him questions. Some questions were serious such as asking him about the postgraduate entrance examination, and other questions were quite strange. Fortunately, Lao He has walked through rivers and lakes, so when he encountered those problems, he could solve them by joking. Until one time….


A female schoolmate asked him a soulful question: [Little prince, it seems like I haven’t seen you call Brother Xie ‘Xie Nanshen’ for a while since the ‘Not Heading North’ accident. Why is that?]


He Jihuai silently stared at this question for a long time and replied: [That’s a good question.]


At that time, they were already in their third year of university. Xie Zhinan focused on the postgraduate entrance examination and moved out of the dorm with He Jihuai living with him.


This matter started with renting a house.


Xie Zhinan shook his head and said: “Wait. I can’t sign the contract.”


He Jihuai was shocked: “Did the landlord think you were so good-looking and felt that he couldn’t let you live in the house and harm his daughter? There’s no such rule, right?”


Xie Zhinan replied: “I’m an adult yet. I still need to wait 2 months to turn 18.”


“Oh, it turned out to be this….” He Jihuai nodded, then he reflected on what he just heard, doubting his own ears: “Nan Nan, what did you just say? You’re not an adult yet?”


Xie Zhinan calmly said: “I went to university when I was 16, and I became a third-year at 18. I am indeed underage.”


He Jihuai: “….”


He gulped with difficulty: “So…”


They looked at each other, and Xie Zhinan smiled: “You didn’t see it? Because I am tall, few people can tell that I’m still young.”


He Jihuai thought about the stupid things he had done before and said in a complicated tone: “Very good.” After saying that, he felt that it was not enough so he added: “Very good, Nan Nan.  I will take care of you in the future.”

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xie Zhinan was about to take He Jihuai to the cinema but was stopped on the street and interviewed by a young lady: “Hello, little brother. May I ask, what is it like to have a jealous lover?”Xie Zhinan thought for a while and couldn’t help but laugh, “Probably… a sweet little burden.”


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