What It’s Like To Have A Jealous chapter 8

He Jihuai wasn't heading north, but south

As the story was more or less over, the young lady lamented: “In fact, you’re not the only couple we’ve interviewed today. We found out that many lovers are jealous because they lack a sense of security. Thus, sometimes, the jealousy that originally signified care becomes an unreasonable trouble. So, Little Brother, have you ever felt annoyed by this kind of jealous behavior?”


“How to put it….” After hearing the question, Xie Zhinan pondered for a while: “Although my little friend likes to be jealous but unexpectedly, he also knows how to control himself.” Speaking of this, Xie Zhinan seemed to remember something and lightly smiled: “Besides from his quote, ‘The biggest advantage of being together is that I finally have the right to be jealous openly.’ he also has another classic quote which goes, ‘I don’t want to be angry with you because of those insignificant people.”


In the end, Xie Zhinan concluded: “It’s probably because he knows how to be measured, and I don’t do anything that makes him worry.”


For example, he didn’t receive any gifts that expressed ambiguity anymore, nor did he add contact details of anyone hitting him. He also maintained a proper distance from his friends. If he had trips that he needed to report to He Jihuai, then he’d report it. If he was having dinner with He Jihuai, then he should have dinner with He Jihuai only. No fishing and flirting with others.


T/N: Fishing means giving hope to other potential romantic partners 


If He Jihuai is jealous, then he’ll coax him.


His Baby He is very easy to coax and is also willing to be coaxed easily.


When the interview was over, Xie Zhinan and the young lady waved goodbye to each other then he took He Jihuai to see the film.


He doesn’t know if what he just said impacted He Jihuai, but He Jihuai has been so obedient and sticky to him along the way. He doesn’t know what to do.


Xie Zhinan couldn’t help but joke: “Did my Baby He transmigrate?”


He Jihuai murmured: “No. I just discovered that I seem to love you more.”


Xie Zhinan rubbed his head. Bending his eyes, he said: “Then remember to love me forever.”


They were watching a horror movie tonight. The gloomy atmosphere and thrilling plot made all the audience in the theater focus on the screen. All except He Jihuai. This person couldn’t help but stare at Xie Zhinan while thinking, ‘Why is Xie Zhinan so attractive? And such a handsome Xie Zhinan belongs to me.’


Being stared at by He Jihuai, Xie Zhinan squeezed his hand and whispered: “Why are you not paying attention to such a good movie?”


He Jihuai was unsure if he heard it correctly, but he quietly replied: “What do you want to eat tomorrow? I can cook it for you.” Before Xie Zhinan could answer, he continued: “Anything is fine. I can make you whatever I know and learn whatever I don’t know.”


Xie Zhinan laughed: “Others are shivering because of the movie while you are thinking of what to eat tomorrow. You’re making the ghosts feel frustrated.”


He Jihuai thought what Xie Zhinan said made sense. Thus he immediately covered his eyes and whispered: “This ghost is too fierce. I’m scared.”


Xie Zhinan: “…..”


Fortunately, you’re not an actor. Otherwise, the director will be pissed off by you.


It was past nine o’clock when the movie ended. He Jihuai didn’t want to return yet, so he took Xie Zhinan for a walk on the Luohe Bridge. They walked and occasionally stopped as the cold breeze blew past them. The dim lights on the roadside stretched their shadows until they unknowingly walked to the end of the bridge.


Xie Zhinan pinched He Jihuai’s face and said gently: “Wait for me here.”


He Jihuai asked: “Where are you going?”


Instead of answering, Xie Zhinan smiled and said: “You’ll know later, remember to wait here, don’t go anywhere.”


At first, He Jihuai was not that curious, but when he saw Xie Zhinan smiling like that, he felt as if his heart was being tickled by a cat’s claw.


He obediently agreed and said: “Then you have to come back quickly.”



Xie Zhinan responded, then turned and disappeared from his sight.


He Jihuai followed Xie Zhinan’s figure with his eyes and unconsciously began to recall the time when the two had just met.


A glance upon encounter. He Jihuai will never forget Xie Zhinan’s stunning and gentle appearance when he stood up for him that day.


Thereupon, grass grew, and warblers flew around in March, fragrant flowers scattered everywhere in April, and the summer of May were all bound to Xie Zhinan.


Xie Zhinan may not know that from the moment he fell in love with him, even if he just said his name, he felt that the three words “He Jihuai” were sweet.


During the days when he was secretly in love, he had experienced all the feelings of the world. If Xie Zhinan smiled at him, he would be happy for a long time; If Xie Zhinan frowned, he would be nervous; If Xie Zhinan was still online at 2 o’clock in the evening, then he would not sleep yet.


In addition, when he heard that Xie Zhinan didn’t like eating breakfast, he would bring him breakfast every day; When he heard that Xie Zhinan didn’t like to bring umbrellas, no matter how heavy the rain was, he would try his best to give Xie Zhinan an umbrella and hold it. Holding the umbrella, he would subconsciously tilt it to Xie Zhinan’s side; When he heard that….


Although he’s the jealous type, he’s actually unwilling to be harsh on Xie Zhinan.


As he was reminiscing, he suddenly heard someone calling him from behind: “He Jihuai.”


He Jihuai instinctively turned around only to see Xie Zhinan, who had somehow changed into a black suit. He had a slight smile on his face and held a bouquet of bright roses.


His clear and gentle gaze passed through from his lenses, overflowing with tenderness.


T/N: To those who forgot, XZ wears glasses.


The surprise came so suddenly that He Jihuai froze in place and didn’t respond for a while.


Xie Zhinan smiled and said: “If you’re in a relationship, start with a bunch of flowers.”


T/N: Probably means that the 3-month thingy was over and they’re in a relationship for real.


He Jihuai finally reacted. His eyes turned red.


He ran over and hugged Xie Zhinan. The momentum was so fast that he made Xie Zhinan stagger back.


“Why are you crying? Are you upset? I’m not here to coax you.”


He Jihuai snorted: “Who’s crying? I’m just too touched. I didn’t expect you to do this. You’ve hidden it well.”


Xie Zhinan rubbed his head and smiled without speaking.


After a short silence, He Jihuai suddenly called out: “Xie Zhinan.”


“Yes?” Xie Zhinan answered lazily.


He Jihuai said: “I have never concealed my impure intentions.”


“What?” It was such a strange remark that Xie Zhinan didn’t know how to respond for a while.


He Jihuai paused then continued: “The first day I added you, I changed my ‘X’ letter name to ‘Not Heading North’.”


Xie Zhinan was stunned for a second. He didn’t say anything but hugged He Jihuai tighter.


The first day I added you, I changed my ‘X’ letter name to ‘Not Heading North’.


Xie Zhinan. He Jihuai wasn’t heading north, but south.


T/N: The ‘Nan’ in Xie Zhinan means south sooo it’s just a cute little wordplay here. 

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xie Zhinan was about to take He Jihuai to the cinema but was stopped on the street and interviewed by a young lady: “Hello, little brother. May I ask, what is it like to have a jealous lover?”Xie Zhinan thought for a while and couldn’t help but laugh, “Probably… a sweet little burden.”


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