What It’s Like To Have A Jealous chapter 7

No matter how much you explain, it won’t be the correct answer

He Jihuai said: “This beautiful senior sister seems a bit familiar.”


Xie Zhinan didn’t react at first, then introduced: “That is your senior sister. You should have seen her before.”


He Jihuai was even sourer: “What’s the use of seeing? You must know her well, to the point of receiving gifts. “


Xie Zhinan recollected and laughed: “Be reasonable. There were so many people at the time, and she took care of me a lot in the student union, so it would be a little unkind to refuse her.”


It made sense.


He Jihuai hugged Xie Zhinan’s waist and replied unreasonably: “You’re too much. You even scold me for her.”


Xie Zhinan: “….”


Actually, no matter how much you explain, it won’t be the correct answer in this kind of situations.


Xie Zhinan bent his eyes.


He Jihuai was still angry and seemed to want to say something, then Xie Zhinan suddenly leaned forward and kissed the corner of his lips.


The sweet crit came so suddenly that He Jihuai was stunned and blinked his eyes.


Xie Zhinan asked deliberately: “I didn’t hear it clearly just now. What did you want to say?”


“Xie Zhinan, you violate…” Before he finished his sentence, XIe Zhinan once again leaned forward and pecked the corner of his lips.


“What? Repeat it. What’s wrong with me?”


He Jihuai lost his voice.


Xie Zhinan teased him: “Why don’t you speak?”


He Jihuai and Xie Zhinan looked at each other. The smile in the other’s peach blossom eyes was so gentle and indulgent.


He Jihuai paused for a while and asked slowly, “Uhm…it tastes a little sweet. Do you want to do it again?”




Xie Zhinan really couldn’t hold back. He laughed and squeezed He Jihuai’s cheeks.


He Jihuai thought that if the mountain doesn’t come to him, then he’ll go to it. If Xie Zhinan won’t kiss him, then he will kiss Xie Zhinan. So, he hooked Xie Zhinan’s neck and kissed him, and not only did he kiss, but he also licked him.


T/N: ‘If the mountain doesn’t come to him, then he’ll go it’ just means if the other party won’t take the initiative, then he will.


He Jihuai continued what he wanted to say earlier: “In the future, except for me, you are not allowed to accept ambiguous gifts from others.”


After listening to Xie Zhinan finish his story, the young lady grinned from ear to ear: “Little brother, you are good at coaxing others~.”


On the side, He Jihuai quietly interjected: “Isn’t it because I’m easy to coax?”


The young lady laughed: “Right, of course, little brother. You are very easy to coax.”


Xie Zhinan continued: “There was also that time when it was not very easy to coax.”


The young lady quickly asked: “Little brother, say it~.”



Xie Zhinan reminisced: “Once before..:”


In the first month that Xie Zhinan and He Jihuai confirmed their relationship, He Jihuai would come to Xie Zhinan’s dormitory to look for him or Xie Zhinan would be too busy writing codes. He played games with Xie Zhinan on Xie Zhinan’s bed or gave Xie Zhinan food. Gradually, Fan Wenzhi had become familiar with He Jihuai and even knew that this little prince of the music department was like a vinegar jar that has been soaked in vinegar since he was a child.


Although Fan Wenzhi and Xie Zhinan are dormmates, they don’t study the same profession. Fan Wenzhi is studying media biography.


T/N: The last sentence is ‘范文智在新传学习自媒体,’ and I’m not sure if I translated that properly. 


Early that morning, Fan Wenzhi wanted to shoot a video. The theme was: What is the experience of seeing girls in front of your boyfriend?


One of the main subjects of the video is naturally Xie Zhinan.


Xie Zhinan just finished writing codes and was resting on a chair playing with his phone.


Fan Wenzhi walked up quietly while holding his phone and asked: “Hey, Lao Xie, take a look at this girl.”


Xie Zhinan lifted his eyes and looked over.


It was a video about changing clothes. In the video, the beautiful girl had a sexy figure. Her frown and smile could hook people’s hearts and souls.


Xie Zhinan looked for a while then commented: “Not bad.”


Fan Wenzhi laughed. His laugh made Xie Zhinan baffled.


Fan Wenzhi moved to another video: “What about this one?”


Xie Zhinan: “So-so.”


After doing this a few times, Xie Zhinan asked: “What’s wrong with you today? Do you want me to help you pick a blind date?”


Fan Wenzhi laughed to the point that his stomach hurt: “A few days ago, the teacher asked us to hand over a video assignment. I’m shooting a video called, ‘What is the experience of seeing girls in front of your boyfriend.’ When you were looking at videos of the girls just now, I sent that to He Jihuai. He replied with three periods. Hahahaha.”


Hearing what he said, Xie Zhinan cast a subtle glance at Fan Wenzhi.


Fan Wenzhi laughed for a while, but no one joined. He stopped laughing and became a little nervous: “What…what’s wrong?”


Xie Zhinan looked at him sympathetically and shook his head: “While he’s not here yet, prepare everything you need to prepare.”


“What is it?” Fan Wenzhi was startled. Why was it that his tone was like telling him to prepare for his funeral arrangements? Before he had the time to ask, the door suddenly opened.


He Jihuai, the little prince of the music department who was 1.8 meters tall, slowly walked in.


Fan Wenzhi: “So soon?”


He Jihuai first approached Xie Zhinan. He held a light blue lunch box in his hands and said: “These are the cookies I made today for you. Please try it.”


Xie Zhinan smiled: “Put it on the table.”

He Jihuai happily placed it on the table and then looked at Fan Wenzhi. His originally gentle eyes changed, protruding on Fan Wenzhi like two lasers.


Fan Wenzhi felt a bit small for a while.


He Jihuai grabbed Fan Wenzhi’s neck, dragged him outside, and said with an insincere smile: “Come and tell me, who on earth gave you such a stupid idea?”


He Jihuai wailed: “Brother! Brother! I was wrong! Brother, I was wrong!”


Xie Zhinan took a cookie from the lunch box and bit it lightly.


It just came out of the oven, making it fresh and warm. The thick milk aroma wrapped around the tip of his nose, which was a little sweet.


He held up his chin and looked in the direction where the two were heading while thinking in distress. This time, his boyfriend was slightly difficult to coax. Forget it. Let Fan Wenzhi fend for himself. No need to coax.


Thinking of this, Xie Zhinan ate another cookie.

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

Score 9.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xie Zhinan was about to take He Jihuai to the cinema but was stopped on the street and interviewed by a young lady: “Hello, little brother. May I ask, what is it like to have a jealous lover?”Xie Zhinan thought for a while and couldn’t help but laugh, “Probably… a sweet little burden.”


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