What It’s Like To Have A Jealous chapter 6

No one can make her more convinced than her brother

After Xie Zhinan returned to the dormitory, he saw the message sent to him by Fan Wenzhi.


Fan Wenzhi had been waiting in the dorm for a long time. After seeing Xie Zhinan’s return, he asked with a meaningful look: “Tell me, where did you go tonight?”


Xie Zhinan put his laptop on his desk and said: “Writing a paper, where else can I go?”


Fan Wenzhi snorted: “Lao Xie, you’re really not honest. The school’s forum already exploded, and you’re still telling me you only wrote a paper?”


Xie Zhinan raised his eyebrows.


Fan Wenzhi took out his phone, swiped its screen a few times, then put it before Zhinan: “Look at it yourself.”


Xie Zhinan looked over, and a huge bold headline in front of him: Shocked. Why did the little prince of the music department leave the celebration ceremony?


The following was a long series of words from the host: [We all know that many people especially went to tonight’s singers’ competition for the little music prince. As a result, the little music prince disappeared for a long time during the beginning of the event, canceled the original track sound, and sang an acapella song. (Aside from the point, the little music prince deserves to be the little music prince. That acapella performance was truly amazing.  It sounded like it came from millions of post-production and sound effects. I really loved it.) I originally thought this was already so shocking, but the little prince disappeared again during the celebration ceremony. Guess where he went?]


[2L: I guess this melon must be explosive.]


[3L: Host quickly tell us! Or else I’ll blow off your dog head!]




Xie Zhinan skipped over the long series of gags in the middle and directly went to the next response of the host: [The little prince actually went to find Xie Zhinan, the new male god of the computer department! There are pictures for evidence. I saw them hugging each other.]


Attached is a blurry photograph in which you can vaguely see two figures hugging each other under the dim street light.


[345L: Fuck, are handsome guys selling themselves internally now?]


[346L: What nonsense. I guess they must be long-lost brothers! Doghead.jpg]


T/N: Dog head is an internet slang that is meant to express irony humorously (it’s the doge dog meme)


[347L: What?? This matter has something to do with our Xie Nanshen?]


T/N: Nansheng means Mr. Perfect


[348L: I came as soon as I heard ‘Xie Nanshen.’]


[349L: Don’t guess wildly. Xie Nan Sheng and our Senior Sister are a match made in heaven.]


Then, there was a burst of speculation about their relationship. It also involved the accident that occurred in the advanced math class at that time. In short, it was a lively and extraordinary group of demons dancing which was very dazzling.


The somewhat tired Xie Nanshen scrolled to the end and saw someone saying: [Let’s just @ little music prince and ask him directly.]


This remark was unanimously agreed upon.


Xie Zhinan raised his eyebrows. Holding Fan Wenzhi’s phone, he registered his own account.


30 seconds later, Xie Zhinan’s comment blew up: [He drank some alcohol tonight and is probably asleep. Please wait and @ him tomorrow.]


It was self-evident who he was referring to.


Fan Wenzhi had been paying attention to Xie Zhinan’s actions the whole time and was dumbfounded when he saw what he did: “Lao Xie, you’ve been silent for so long, and you didn’t want it anymore, so you want to make a name for yourself by getting close to He Jihuai?”



Xie Zhinan threw back the phone to Fan Wenzhi and began to clean up his desk: “I’m not a celebrity. Why would I want to make a name for myself? By the way, I have something to tell you.”


Fan Wenzhi’s keen intuition told him that this must be an extraordinary matter. He gulped and exaggeratedly touched his heart: “Say it. I’ll see if I can bear it.”


Xie Zhinan smiled: “It’s good news. He Jihuai and I are together.”


“Oh, that is indeed a good….” Fan Wenzhi groaned, then suddenly reacted: “What? Who are you together with?”


“He Jihuai.”


Fan Wenzhi: “…”


He looked at Xie Zhinan for a long time. His mouth opened and closed several times as if he had a thousand words to say, but in the end, it was condensed into a single word: “Awesome.”


On this side, Xie Zhinan made an explosive understatement, while He Jihuai was no better on the other side.


After he woke up the next day, he heard from He Shi what happened on the internet last night, and he was silent for a while.


The girl, He Shi, babbled endlessly: “Brother, what’s your relationship with Xie Nanshen? How could he speak for you like that? Why does it feel so sweet? My Xie Nanshen is really a caring person and also polite. He uses please.”


When He Jihuai heard the last sentence, he smiled: “Your Xie Nanshen is now my boyfriend, so remember to call him brother in the future.”


He Shi was still immersed in Xie Zhinan’s polite mannerism. Slowly, she came to her senses and asked in disbelief: “What? Brother, are you telling a horror story?”


He Jihuai laughed and scolded: “Horror story, my ass! I confessed last night. It was so hard to catch him.”


He Shi opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say.


He Jihuai hung up his phone and started a live broadcast.


Xie Zhinan was in class at that time and didn’t know about the live broadcast. By the time he knew, the live stream was already halfway through.


“Someone asked if I am in a relationship. That’s right! I’m in a relationship.”


“Who confessed first? I chased him first.”


T/N: He and she are pronounced the same in Chinese.  


“Who is it? I can’t tell you this yet. After all, he likes peace and dislikes being paid too much attention.”


“Was last night’s song written for him? Of course, it’s written for him, and it was also inspired by him. Speaking of which, I should thank him because he gave me so much creative inspiration. Later, I want to make a cake or a cookie for him as a gift. Is there any little sister that wants to teach me? I’ll introduce you to a handsome little brother~.”


“Explain Xie Nanshen’s words last night? Hahahaha. I won’t explain~.”


“When is the official announcement? When the right time comes. But to be honest….” At this point, He Jihuai paused and mischievously laughed, then said a classic He family quote: “The biggest advantage of being together is that I finally have the right to be jealous openly. Alright, stop. My lover’s class is gonna be over soon. I need to pick him up for dinner to prevent him from being hit on.” Exactly after he finished speaking, the live stream room went black.


There was a howl of slaughtered dogs in the comment area.


T/N: I think the dogs here meant single people so no dogs were harmed here (TдT)


He Shi also watched the live stream. After it ended, she couldn’t help but say: “My god!”


No one else can make her more convinced than her brother.


Xie Zhinan, who watched the second half of the live stream, wanted to laugh. He didn’t realize that when He Jihuai said that he would be jealous openly, he really meant it. He Jihuai has been secretly remembering that ticket he reluctantly accepted from the senior sister at the time to avoid public embarrassment.


Later, He Jihuai just happened to see him and the senior sister dealing with student union matters. He Jihuai was sour.

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

Score 9.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xie Zhinan was about to take He Jihuai to the cinema but was stopped on the street and interviewed by a young lady: “Hello, little brother. May I ask, what is it like to have a jealous lover?”Xie Zhinan thought for a while and couldn’t help but laugh, “Probably… a sweet little burden.”


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