What It’s Like To Have A Jealous chapter 5

My Dear Prince

Things broke out a month later.


At that time, the school conducted a ‘Top 10 Singers of the Campus’ convention, held in the S University’s auditorium.  Because there were so many handsome guys and beautiful girls at this convention, the tickets were hard to obtain.


Xie Zhinan didn’t have much interest in the convention. However, their student union’s beautiful senior sister, who was one year older than him and a music department member, reserved a ticket for him.


On the day the senior sister came to send the ticket, she had delicate makeup and wore a white waist dress with a long hair shawl. She was gorgeous and graceful. She looked very charming when she smiled.


The two of them stood together, attracting people’s attention.


It was inconvenient for Xie Zhinan to refuse the senior sister in public, so he could only smile and accept the ticket.


This happened to be seen by He Jihuai.


If Xie Zhinan saw correctly, He Jihuai was also holding something at that time. He moved his lips to say something but saw He Jihuai reluctantly smiled at him then turned around and walked away.


Xie Zhinan touched his fingertips and thought that it would also be good to have such a misunderstanding so he could let He Jihuai give up.


The senior sister said: “Junior, your senior sister reserved the best position for you. You must go tomorrow evening~.”


Xie Zhinan retracted his gaze and smiled: “Since it’s senior sister’s invitation, I’ll definitely go.”


The two of them originally made a well-thought appointment. But at the last moment, Xie Zhinan had no time to go because the following night, the college suddenly had an urgent paper that Xie Zhinan needed to write.  Xie Zhinan helplessly explained the situation to his senior sister then gave the ticket to Fan Wenzhi.


[Today’s singers’ convention is lit. You actually gave such a good opportunity hahahaha.]


[Those senior sisters are so pretty!]


[Fuck, He Jihuai is actually absent!]


[Everyone’s searching for him!]


[Do you think that the little prince of the music department got kidnapped? I heard they couldn’t contact him.]


Reading the last sentence, Xie Zhinan unconsciously frowned and replied: [What’s the matter?]


Fan Wenzhi replied quickly: [I don’t know, but at the last moment, He Jihuai still arrived at the site, but he seemed drunk. He was so intoxicated that he composed a song on the spot that it even shocked the judges. As expected of the little music prince, his talent is amazing.]


Xie Zhinan’s fingertips paused on the screen for a moment and finally replied: [I see.]


After replying to Fan Wenzhi, Xie Zhinan put his phone in his pocket. He packed up the computer and books on the desk and prepared to return to the dormitory. He had put his phone away too quickly and ignored Fan Wenzhi’s late reply: [He Jihuai is too crazy. He actually disappeared after the award ceremony. The pretty girls who wanted to ask for his contact information were all dejected and regretful. It was really a mess.]


T/N: The last sentence is “真的是,旱的旱死涝的涝死” idk how to translate that. 


It was already 10:30 when Xie Zhinan walked out of the school building. He kneaded his sore neck while walking along the gravel path towards the dormitory building.


The soft light was like silver frost on the ground.


Xie Zhinan stepped on the light, raised his head, and suddenly saw that not far away, a person squatting under a tree looking eagerly in his direction.


At first, Xie Zhinan was startled, but when he looked properly, he discovered that the man was none other than He Jihuai, the one who had just caused an uproar in the singing convention.


Xie Zhinan stopped. He wondered whether to continue walking or to walk to He Jihuai.


He thought for a few seconds. In the end, he felt soft-hearted and slowly walked in front of He Jihuai.


The music department’s little prince looked a little embarrassing tonight. The hairstyle especially made for the convention was now messed up. The collar of his beige suit was stained with some unknown liquid. His white face was a little flushed. Most importantly, his eyes were misty and wet, just like a newborn dog.

Seeing Xie Zhinan approaching, He Jihuai stared blankly. Then, he suddenly stood up, but because he was too fast, the blood flow to his brain couldn’t catch up, making him dizzy and hit the tree beside him.




Looking at this scene, Xie Zhinan couldn’t help but laugh.


He Jihuai rubbed his head and looked at Xie Zhinan accusingly.


Xie Zhinan jokingly asked: “Why are you squatting here?”


Probably because of drinking some alcohol, He Jihuai became frank: “I heard that you were writing a paper in the classroom, so I came to see you, but I was afraid that you didn’t want to see me.” As he spoke, He Jihuai felt aggrieved: “Xie Zhinan, I really like you. Since I first saw you in that math class, I have liked you. I never thought I’d fall in love with someone at first sight until I met you. At that time, I seemed to hear Kapok flowers blooming, the sign of summer. “


Towards He Jihua’s heartfelt confession, Xie Zhinan was speechless.


He hesitated and said: “I….”


He Jihuai didn’t seem to hear and continued talking: “I know it’s wrong. I like you, and that should bring you happiness, not trouble. But you’re just so special. I’m a little reluctant.”


Xie Zhinan was silent.


He Jihuai smiled lightly: “It doesn’t matter. Give me some time. I will learn to control myself.”


He Jihuai and Xie Zhinan were about the same height, but Xie Zhinan had slightly lowered his eyes.


He Jihuai asked: “Xie Zhinan, can you hug me?”


There was another silence.


He Jihuai lowered his gaze in disappointment, thinking that he was rejected.


After a while, Xie Zhinan softly sighed, set the bag on his hand aside, and gently embraced He Jihuai into his arms.


He Jihuai widened his eyes in surprise and excitedly hugged Xie Zhinan back.


At that moment, the silence of the night seemed to be cut through, and its coolness went away. As the noisy and warm summer arrived. Moths were dancing under the flickering lights on the side of the path, accompanied by the beating of gongs and drums in the bushes.


T/N: Beating of gongs and drums in the bushes is this in raws’ 伴随着树丛里知了敲锣打鼓的鸣唱’ I didn’t really get it, but I guess it’s the sound of cicadas and birds??? If you know lemme know.


He heard XIe Zhinan say: “I think, rather than giving you some time, I’m more inclined to give you a chance. I’ll give you a 3-month probation period, and let’s observe. What do you think?”


Happiness came so suddenly that He Jihuai didn’t know how to react. After a while, he asked in a daze: “What did you say?”


Xie Zhinan laughed: “You are so drunk.”


He Jihuai looked over and said with grievance: “I’m not that drunk. I only drank some alcohol. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to see you at the singers’ convention if I was too drunk. As a result, you didn’t even come tonight.”


Xie Zhinan replied: “Be reasonable. I wrote my paper until 10 o’clock, and I also haven’t rested yet.”


He Jihuai snorted: “But it’s good that you didn’t come. After all, It wasn’t me who gave you that ticket.”


They haven’t even officially got together, but he’s already eating vinegar.


Xie Zhinan felt that it was funny. He rubbed He Jihuai’s head and gently said: “I just said, My dear prince, how about we get together?”


He Jihuai’s eyes lit up, and hugged Xie Zhinan: “Ofcourse, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”


After returning to the dormitory, Xie Zhinan wanted to send He Jihuai back first but couldn’t persuade him. The kid had to send him back first and also look the initiative to help him carry the computer.


Xie Zhinan was helpless. But after seeing his sweet and silly smile, he went along with him.


The two of them passed by a lot of people along the way. Xie Zhinan watched as He Jihuai left with some headache and sweet thoughts. Tomorrow, the school forum is likely to explode.

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

What It’s Like To Have A Jealous Lover

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Xie Zhinan was about to take He Jihuai to the cinema but was stopped on the street and interviewed by a young lady: “Hello, little brother. May I ask, what is it like to have a jealous lover?”Xie Zhinan thought for a while and couldn’t help but laugh, “Probably… a sweet little burden.”


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