Well, Villainous Daughter chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Daughter to a Duke, Blanca. You have done so many things to the Baron Lady Salvia that I can’t stand it anymore, so now I’m breaking my engagement with you and sentencing you and your clan to exile!”

“Prince, I’ll happily accept your order. Please let me say just one last word.”

“What? You’re allowed to speak.”

“The time for the revolution has come! Now is the time for our long-awaited reattainment of kingship!!

As the public screamed, many fully armed knights appeared from the shadows of the pillars, and the King, Queen, and the Prince were surrounded.

And everyone except those people stayed away and knelt in front of the maiden.

“Everyone in the old Orca Kingdom, you had endured so well. And now, you have sworn anew to my Kingdom. I am very happy. From this time onward, the Orca Kingdom has been revived!!! “

The Prince was stunned and asked the maiden

“What on earth···”

“Let me explain.”

For some reason, the Baron lady behind the maiden said so.

“Why are you there? Weren’t you being bullied by Blanca?”

“It seems he still doesn’t understand. You do know what is the root of this Kingdom, no?”

The prince was captured by a fully armed knight and tied up with the former King and Queen who had been taken off their throne.

“Oh, even though I know, it was all for this, huh.”

“What do you mean, Father?”

“I have not yet explained the true origin of this country to you, huh.”

“The true origin? The Kingdom was founded by overthrowing the ancient kingdom of evil and condemnation, right?”

The King shakes his head.

“That’s just a complete nonsense. This country started out with a wizard who happened to overthrow a dying dragon.”

“A wizard?”

“”Yes, a wizard who happened to get the power of the dragon he defeated and foolishly killed all the royalties of the Kingdom of Orca, only leaving behind the Duke’s family to rule for one magic contract.””

“Are you saying a magic contract?”

“Yeah, that covenant tells you and your clan to rule until your clan isn’t needed anymore.”

“Then, isn’t our clan just like the evil monarchs in the story!”

The King says with a laugh,

“Yeah, we’re like that, and because you said you’ll expel the Duke’s family, the contract is now void.”


“The contract expired because you said you would expel the entire Duke family.”

“Thank you for the explanation, former King. Yes, our family has regained the unjustly robbed kingship!”

“I’ll especially say this to you since you’re so stupid. Garnet is a member of our family and we sent her to you to let it come to thi!!. I’m sorry, Garnet, to let you play such a hard role.

“No, if it’s for the wishes of our clan, I’ll even spill muddy water and dirt to that former Prince.”

The Prince was confused.

“Muddy water? Dirt?”

“Yeah, you trash! You were a convenient presence for my family, but I didn’t think you were this stupid. The plan was only to expel His Majesty and release him, but what is the most liberation for my whole family? Hahahahaha”

“Liberation? What do you mean!”

“Didn’t the ex-King say it earlier? Because of the curse, our clan can’t go openly against you, and rebellion would have us killed even just by bringing it up.
I think the ex-king said earlier, our clan couldn’t act directly against you, and the rebellion had a curse that would kill you if you tried to bring it up. Just for this, I even intended to die as a spy for my family.”

“Did I make a mistake?”

“No, at the very end, you did everything right, so I thought I would make you all regret being alive by minching your toes, but I changed my mind. I’ll let Garnet give you mercy.”

The maiden said so and gave Garnet a sword.

“Yes Princess, thank you for giving me the opportunity to clear our years of resentment. Well then, goodbye, Prince.”

“Wait, Garnet… Didn’t you love me?”

“No way. You don’t know how much I put up with you. Now bring your head out, and then die!”

“Wait, Garnet, I… I…”

The ex-Prince’s neck fell off.

The former King turned away and the Queen looks pessimistic.

“It is good to not be merciful and for you to experience hell in this world.”

And then the Kingdom of Orca has been revived.

Well, Villainous Daughter

Well, Villainous Daughter

Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
It is about a strange villainous daughter who starts winding as usual.


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