Walk Slowly chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Yu Yinxing still remembers the scene of their first meeting. Every time he thinks about it, he always feels that he was so arrogant and naive, unaware of the immensity of heaven and earth.

(TN: Unaware of the immensity of heaven and earth – means to have an exaggerated opinion of one’s ability.)

At that time, he was still a junior in photography who hadn’t graduated. It is said that male art students like to keep their hair long, and Yu Yinxing is no exception. He had shoulder-length hair. Yu Yinxing loves to photograph buildings the most. So whenever he’s on vacation, brings his camera and wander around the city.

Once, he heard that a very young and famous architect designed a building. They say that the architect was just 26 years old, but he had an excellent mastery of architecture. He was also regarded highly within the business circle. Dubbed as one of the most outstanding young architects in the 21st century, a title not many young people can possess. So, Yu Yingxing came to the building with great expectations.

The building’s design was indeed beautiful and gave off a majestic feeling. But based on Yu Yingxing’s years of experience, the more attractive the building, the worse the practicality. He also thinks that since it’s designed for the government, the practicality should be higher than the aesthetics to not go against the government’s original intention of constructing it.

By coincidence, a man next to him was also taking a picture of the building. Yu Yingxing spoke out his thoughts.

“This building is magnificent. However, I feel like its practicality is not very good.”

After hearing what he said, the man beside him stopped taking pictures. He turned his head and looked at Yu Yingxing. The boy who just talked was focusing intently on shooting the building. He saw as the boy’s long hair scattered on his shoulders, a dark gold-rimmed eyeglasses sat on his tall nose bridge, and he had a smile on his face as if very satisfied with the photos he had taken.

“Oh? Do you have a problem with this building?”

Hearing the man’s reply, Yu Yingxing also put down his camera and turned to look at him. Four eyes faced each other.

The man had a crew cut and wore a suit. He looked very dignified and must have just participated in some formal event. Still, his face made people feel very comfortable.

Yu Yingxing guessed that he might be a photographer enthusiast.

“I don’t have any problem with it. It’s just my opinion.” Yu Yingxing told the man beside him what he thought.

The man did not say much but only replied, “Thank you.”

Then continued to photograph the building.

Yu Yingxing took pictures for nearly 2 hours. Since it was getting dark, he prepared to return. Turning back, he saw that the man was still staring at the building in front. Yu Yingxing didn’t think much of it and took the bus to go back to school.

Almost a month passed.

“Yinxing, have you heard? In a couple days, a senior from our school’s Architecture Department will come back to give a lecture to current architecture students about his learning experiences.” Yu Yinxing’s somewhat close roommate said.

“This senior is very outstanding. During his school days, he was such an influential figure. He also won a lot of architecture awards. He’s the one who designed the government building that was just built in the city. “

“Is it Senior Shang Molin?” Yu Yinxing had heard of Senior Shang Molin’s name even before he entered the school. He really wanted to meet him. However, when he came to school, that person already graduated. Therefore, he hasn’t seen him yet.

“Yes. Didn’t you like architecture? You can listen.”


Two days later, Yu Yinxing went to the assembly hall.

Sure enough, he was not the only one who wanted to see the outstanding Senior. In addition to having no empty seats, the corridor was also full of people. Yu Yinxing came early and grabbed the middle seat of the front row.

20 minutes later, the lecture finally started. The host first introduced Senior Shang Molin. Besides the awards he knew, Yu Yinxing discovered that the senior also had several awards he didn’t know, which were won after graduating.

“Now, let us welcome, Senior Shang Molin!”

The first thing that caught his eyes was a pair of slender legs. As the senior slowly moved forward, a familiar face appeared before Yu Yinxiang.

Isn’t this the photographer enthusiast he just saw in front of that building? It turned out that he’s Senior Shang Molin. Did his boastful evaluation annoy him?

Yu Yinxing just wants to escape the hall now. If the senior recognizes him, wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

However, going out now would be more eye-catching. Forget it. Let’s just sit and listen to the lecture. Yu Yinxing only hopes that the senior won’t notice and recognize him.

But contrary to his expectation, since Yu Yinxing grabbed a good position that was not only in the front row but was also in the middle of the front row, Shang Molin recognized the photographer at a glance and smiled at him.

Yu Yinxing was even more embarrassed.


Shang Molin began the lecture, but Yu Yinxing didn’t hear a thing. He just wanted it to be over and apologize to him.

As a result, there was a delay in ending the lecture. Particularly in the last question segment. The students’ questions below were endless, and a female student even stood up to ask an emotional question.

“May I ask, does the senior have a girlfriend?”

“I don’t.”

“What’s your ideal type? Do you think I fit the criteria?”

Shang Molin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How did a lecture turn into an emotional subject? But Shang Molin didn’t feel annoyed. He just thought that the female students nowadays were lovely.

Shang Molin looked at the girl with a smile and answered, “This is a personal question, but my ideal type….”

Shang Molin stared at Yu Yinxing with playful intentions.

“Someone who knows photography, just like the long-haired classmate on the front row.”

Yu Yinxing had a bad feeling. Sure enough, most of the students in the front row had short hair, and only he had long hair.

Everyone looked at Yu Yinxing. After seeing that he was a boy, the hall was filled with laughter.

Shang Molin couldn’t stay any longer, so he ended the lecture after answering a few more questions.

After the lecture ended, Yu Yinxin ran to the backstage door to apologize to the Senior. As a result, when he arrived backstage, he saw many girls also waiting for the Senior to come out.

At this moment, the door was opened, and Shang Molin came out. As soon as he came out, he saw the only boy among the group of girls.

Shang Molin called out, “Junior!” The girls around consciously gave space.

Yu Yinxing walked over with embarrassment.


“Well, come in first.”

Shang Molin went backstage again, followed by Yu Yinxing. The assistant meaningfully closed the door.

“Senior, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to evaluate that building last time.”

Shang Molin smiled.

“I don’t mind. I’m willing to listen to other’s opinions. After all, no matter how much I learn, my designs are only my subjective opinions. The quality of work can’t be evaluated by one person. Only when the public gives feedback can I know whether a work is good or bad.”

Yu Yinxing was a little surprised when he heard this reply because he had heard this passage from a respected teacher. Although their professions are different, in some things, they still have some similarities.

“Okay! Thank you, senior.”

“My name is Yu Yinxing. I’m a photography major and a junior this year.”

“As I guessed. So, do you like to take photos of architecture?”

“Yes. I like it very much.”

“Okay, then leave me your contact details. Can I ask you to help me shoot for buildings in the future?”

“Of course!” Yu Yinxing was overjoyed.

“I have to get back quickly. I still have things to do. I’ll get in touch with you later.”

Since then, the contact between the two of them has become more frequent.

In the end, they logically got together even until now.

It’s been 15 years since they first met.

Suddenly he heard the opening of the door, so Yu Yinxing naturally greeted him.

“You’re back.”


“Are you tired?”

“It’s okay. I’ve been drawing in the office today.”


“Not too much.”

“Then, I’ll cook again later.”


“Today, I suddenly remembered our first meeting. I’ve always wanted to ask, what was your first impression of me?”

“Hm? I forgot.” Shang Molin replied jokingly.

“Well, I guess at the time, I was just an arrogant and naive kid in your eyes.”

Shang Molin went forward and pinched Yu Yinxing’s face, kissing the tip of his nose.

“I lied. I’ve always remembered it.”

“At that time, I thought, this boy had opinions and looked especially beautiful.”

“Then why didn’t you ask for my number then?”

Shang Molin did not speak.

He remembered being shy and afraid that the boy might misunderstand his intentions, so he just kept on peeking at him from the corners of his eyes.

“Why don’t you answer?”

“I also forgot. I guess I didn’t expect it at that time.”

Fortunately, fate let them meet again.

Besides, there’s still a long time ahead.

Walk Slowly

Walk Slowly

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
When he saw him for the first time, he pointed at the building in front of him and said, “The design of this building is very beautiful, but I feel like it’s not very practical.”When he saw him for the second time, he learned that it was him who designed that building. So, he apologized for his previous comment.When he saw him for the third time, he was conquered by his talent and never looked away again..


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