Villainess (?) and My Engagement Cancellation extra 3

Grace 《After》

Noah-sama took me to the backyard of the school. In the game, the engagement cancellation was supposed to be done at the graduation party, but the reality was a little different.

Noah-sama was silent for a while. It may be the last time that we can be alone like this.

“Can you get rid of your engagement with me?”

When I was actually told so, I was more sad than I imagined and I was about to start crying, but I held my tears and nodded. Am I smiling properly?

“Okay, I understand… Just, one last thing…”


“Noah-sama, I love you.”

I curved my lips up because I wanted to smile at the end.

When I turned my heels, the tears I couldn’t stop started to overflow.

“W-wait, Grace”

“I won’t wait”

“Turn around, Grace”

I was stopped by Noah-sama and I turned around with a miserable face.

“Grace, what you said earlier…”

“Please don’t let me say it again!”

I glared at the mean Noah-sama.

“You said you love me.”

“~Yes, I told you! I love Noah-sama!”

I said in abandonment.

“Is this a dream made to match my desire?”


Noah-sama squeezed his cheeks and smiled happily.

“Because, I love you, Grace.”

“Eh? Eh?”

I wasn’t expecting that, Noah-sama having the same feelings as me.

Then, it turned out that it was really a misunderstanding that Noah-sama and Elena were hugging each other, and Noah-sama confused that me having confessed to James-sama and offered to cancel his engagement.

“But… I’m the villainess… I’m going to have my engagement broken.”

I unintentionally let it slip, but

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but Grace isn’t a villain at all. You’re my kind fiancee… If you’ll stay with me from here on… Will you marry me then?”

Noah-sama said so and I was so happy that I couldn’t stop crying.

The answer was already decided from long ago.

Then I heard that Elena was leaving school because she stole my paint, bullied and lied to me and other capture targets’ fiancees. It was a completely different development from the game.

I got back my important paint… and I was very happy that Noah believed in me even though Elena said she was being bullied by me.

And although we just graduated from school the other day, Noah-sama said that he wanted to get married early, so we decided to have the wedding as soon as possible. I had the same feeling.

Finally, tomorrow is the wedding.

For some reason I couldn’t sleep, and I was staring at the jade color paint as usual.

Looking back, various things happened since I met Noah-sama. When I realized I was a villainess, I couldn’t believe there was such a future as this.

I’m really happy to be able to marry Noah-sama.

However, after finally having mutual feelings, Noah-sama realized he wanted to mess with me, always saying 「I love you」 or 「You’re so cute」 on a daily basis, and I was so embarrassed I want to die. Isn’t it too hard for me who had no romantic experience in the past life?

Just kissing even touches my limit. What would happen to me when I get married… But it’s true that I’m so happy Noah-sama loves me.

Though I’m worried, as expected, I couldn’t sleep because I’m looking forward to it. I wish it would be a wonderful ceremony like brother’s wedding.

The preparation for the ceremony should be perfect. James-sama, who has become a very popular painter in the kingdom, drew our picture. It’s a very nice picture and I think I had made some really nice friends. I also want to give a picture when James-sama gets married.

Oh, but I haven’t let Noah-sama see me in my wedding dress yet. I chose the dress with Catherine-sister-in-law so I think it’s ok, but… I hope he thinks it’s beautiful.

I didn’t really think that such a day would come, but… if I can keep laughing with Noah-sama, I could do anything.

With such a happy feeling, I closed my eyelids.

Villainess (?) and My Engagement Cancellation

Villainess (?) and My Engagement Cancellation

Akuyaku Reijō ( ? ) to Boku no Kon'yaku Kaishō, 悪役令嬢(?)と僕の婚約解消
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
“Can you get rid of your engagement with me?”“Okay, I understand… Just, one last thing… if that’s possible”Noah Spencer, son of a feudal Count, will be engaged to Grace Roland, daughter of another feudal Count. Grace has a villain’s face (?), but has an innocent personality and a hobby of drawing, the least one might expect. Because of her dazzling smiles every time she draws, Noah’s feelings are getting heavier and heavier, but it seems Grace is only focused on drawing.


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