Villainess (?) and My Engagement Cancellation chapter 3


Grace and I enrolled in the Royal Academy. When I first saw Grace’s uniform, I thought I would ascend. As always, she’s cute ignoring her vertical rolls.

By the way, at the school, it is said that sister and Cecil-brother-in-law is an admired couple for some reason.

“Yo, Noah”

“James, good morning”

James Garcia is my friend at school. He’s a nice guy who I became friends with after being talked to at the entrance ceremony. He is the fourth son of a Marquis family, but he dislikes hierarchical relationships and seems to fend off his engagement story. When James looked at me with dark brown eyes, deeper than his brown hair, he suddenly put his hand together in front of my face.

“Sorry, let me copy the assignment! If I won’t have it today, I’m going on detention.”

Ha~ and I sighed.


“Noah-sama, I will do anything if you have something next time! I’m saved”

I don’t really mind… hmm? I notice James has something in his hands.

“Is this paint? Does James also draw?”

“Oh it’s true the paint didn’t entirely come off… Yeah. My hobby is drawing. I was drawing all night long and forgot the assignment.”

James then twisted his head.

“Saying 「also」, does that mean there’s someone else? “

“Oh, my fiance loves drawing too.”

“Hmm… For an aristocratic lady huh.”

For the time being, I think James is still a nobleman, but… I’m kind of interested in what kind of picture he draws.

“Now then, James… Show me and Grace…my fiance your drawing.”

“Eeeh, I haven’t shown my drawings to anyone yet.”

“Did you say anything?”

James nodded reluctantly when I said so. Grace will surely be pleased to know that there is another person who paints like her. I like seeing Grace’s paintings, even when she’s still in the process.

“Eh, there is really another person who draws pictures, huh!”

“Yeah, my friend James. I only knew this about you for the first time today, but we’ll go see it together.”

“I definitely want to meet her!”

As expected, Grace was curious and we headed to James’s dorm room.


James was from a Marquis house and had a rather large room, but it was filled with paintings. Moreover…

“You’re a genius…”

Grace murmured. Yes, James’s prowess were so great that even I, who had little knowledge of painting, was overwhelmed. This is not a hobby level.

“I’m somewhat, shy…”

James smiles shyly. I do think Grace’s painting is very good and hers is my favorite painting. However, James’ painting was in a completely different dimension. I was a little worried and looked at Grace.

“James-sama, you’re so wonderful! How did you paint this painting here? What kind of paint do you use here?”

Grace asked James with sparkling eyes. She looks like she’s having fun… What a relief…

James opens his eyes as if slightly under pressure.


“Ah, I’m sorry… I was just so excited…”

“No, if you’re fine with me, I’ll tell you… but haha you’re such an interesting child.”

James laughed while saying so. Then, the two of them talked happily, and I think it was good, but… it doesn’t sit well with me somehow. No, Grace is just happy to be able to talk about painting… Yeah… I didn’t know I was such a narrow-minded person…

After that, Grace started talking about her complex feelings while I was sending her to the dormitory room.

“James-sama really does draw such wonderful pictures, doesn’t he.”


Every time Grace calls James’s name, it makes my chest hurt. Dark emotions spring up.

“But if it was before… if I was shown that kind of painting before I met Noah-sama, I might have been in despair.”


“I would probably think 「I’m not talented anyway」… and I might have stopped painting again.”

Saying that, Grace then turned her indigo eyes straight to me.

“But I met Noah-sama and realized that I really like drawing after all. It’s because of Noah-sama that the me of now is right here. So no matter what my destiny is… I’m definitely glad that I was able to meet Noah-sama.”


Ah… because she’s like this… I thought I wouldn’t like Grace even more than this, but now I like her more. Even if Grace’s emotions towards me are different from mine…

“I’m also glad I met Grace”

I mean that from the heart. Grace smiled like she was about to cry.

Villainess (?) and My Engagement Cancellation

Villainess (?) and My Engagement Cancellation

Akuyaku Reijō ( ? ) to Boku no Kon'yaku Kaishō, 悪役令嬢(?)と僕の婚約解消
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
“Can you get rid of your engagement with me?”“Okay, I understand… Just, one last thing… if that’s possible”Noah Spencer, son of a feudal Count, will be engaged to Grace Roland, daughter of another feudal Count. Grace has a villain’s face (?), but has an innocent personality and a hobby of drawing, the least one might expect. Because of her dazzling smiles every time she draws, Noah’s feelings are getting heavier and heavier, but it seems Grace is only focused on drawing.


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