Villainess (?) and My Engagement Cancellation chapter 2


Two years have passed since I first met Grace. Today is the first time in a month I am meeting her. I prepared a present, but will she be pleased with it?

“You’re thinking about Grace, aren’t you. You’re grinning.”


My sister lives in a dormitory at the Royal Academy where nobles of this country go to from ages 13 to 15 years old, but she is now back on vacation. Me and Grace will go there next year.

“You too, sister. I bet you’re really looking forward to seeing Cecil-brother-in-law.”

“That’s not the case! It’s just that I couldn’t meet him during the holidays…”

Your face is red, though? Sister loves her same-age fiance and Grace’s older brother, Cecil. My sister wore a cat face for the first time, but before she noticed it, her ghost skin had peeled off in front of Cecil. For some reason, Cecil seems to like sister very much and their idiot couple act is so embarrassing for those around.

Speaking of my relationship with Grace, I think we’re usually on good terms with each other, but… Grace seems to still like drawing more than me…

“Grace, long time no see”

“Noah-sama! It has been a while”

Grace smiled. Lately she’s been smiling and laughing a lot around me, and I’m really, really happy.

“Catherine, I really wanted to see you. You’re beautiful today too.”

“Don’t say such stupid things! … I-I also wanted to meet with Cecil…”

Waa… Sister and co are immediately in their own world for two.

“Grace, let’s leave them alone. Can you show me your new drawing?”


Then Grace showed me various drawings. As expected, Grace’s skills at painting is really good… I feel Grace’s gentle character being emitted.

“Oh yes, I have a gift. This, it is rare paint, you know.”

When I said that, I handed her a set of paints and Grace’s face shined. Not only did I order rare ones, but I also made them stamp Grace’s name on each one.

“Thank you, Noah-sama! What nice color… I’ll cherish it very well.”

“Please use it, since I’m already here and I want to see you to.”

Grace made a happy face.

“If that’s so, then, can I draw Noah-sama?”


“Ah… well, the jade color of this paint is very similar to the color of Noah-sama’s eyes…”

Grace said a little bit. I said I wanted to see Grace painting, but I didn’t expect her to draw me.

“Of course, you can”

It feels a little embarrassing… I sit right in front of Grace and stare at her, who moves her brush with a serious look. It’s nice to be able to look at Grace in this way… I’m so happy.

Grace had a more joyful look when I gave her paint than when I gave her expensive accessories. She’s really an interesting girl.

“I like you…”

Waa, that went out of my mouth. I’m relieved that Grace seemed to just concentrate on her drawing and is unaware.

I’ve always been attracted to Grace since before. Maybe Grace doesn’t feel the same… but, I think I’m the closest person to Grace. Now, I want to praise the parents who have made our engagement. I’m going to school next year so I can meet Grace every day, so I don’t have to rush.

“It’s done!”

Oh… I can’t say it’s my own face, but it’s wonderful.

“Thank you. My face looks like this, huh.”

“Noah-sama has a beautiful face and is worth drawing.”

“…I used to be mistaken for a girl since before, so I don’t like it, though.”

“No way, I like it, you know. And also, more than my villain face…”

I couldn’t hear the latter half of her sentence because my mind was filled with the word 「like」… No, calm down. She said she liked my face. Don’t get it wrong. But for the first time, I felt thankful for my face.

“Noah-sama looks a lot like Catherine-sister-in-law-sama, no.”

“Eee… I’m very unwilling about that though…”

“Fufu, isn’t sister-in-law a very wonderful person? Brother loves sister-in-law very much, and I heard they’re a famous couple at school.”

“Those two… So they’re like that even at school, huh… Grace shouldn’t be like that…”

My world will end when Grace becomes like my sister. Always flirting with my fiance is a little… No, I’m really envious.

When I was thinking that, Grace’s face became a little cloudy.

“Of course, that’s right……”

“Grace, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing… Oh yes, we’ll also be going to school next year, huh.”

Grace’s face still doesn’t clear with that.

“Isn’t it something to look forward to?”

“No, I’m really looking forward to going to school with Noah-sama, but… Engagement breaking…”

I didn’t understand the last thing she muttered, but when I heard that Grace is looking forward to attending school with me, my heart was lightened.

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it.

Villainess (?) and My Engagement Cancellation

Villainess (?) and My Engagement Cancellation

Akuyaku Reijō ( ? ) to Boku no Kon'yaku Kaishō, 悪役令嬢(?)と僕の婚約解消
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
“Can you get rid of your engagement with me?”“Okay, I understand… Just, one last thing… if that’s possible”Noah Spencer, son of a feudal Count, will be engaged to Grace Roland, daughter of another feudal Count. Grace has a villain’s face (?), but has an innocent personality and a hobby of drawing, the least one might expect. Because of her dazzling smiles every time she draws, Noah’s feelings are getting heavier and heavier, but it seems Grace is only focused on drawing.


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