Unfortunately, My Engagement was Cancelled, but I Don’t Care Anymore! chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

I don’t care anymore!

Nice to meet you, good day. My name is Plume Mensarotunda. I’m a daughter of a Duke. I’m currently attending the school graduation party…

“Plume Mensarotunda! I’m breaking my engagement with you!”

My fiance, His Highness Prince Alloghans Paradisus, was saying there. Did you not know that your standing as the Crown Prince is only possible with the backing from my family?

“And then I’ll get engaged with this Dorosus Historia, and we’re going to make a country together!”

Right next to him was the Baron daughter Dorosus who had a proud face on. Oh no you shouldn’t. You definitely can’t be Crown Prince now. But if you’re only aiming to be with that person, then Allo-sama can enter her house as son-in-law. In this country, there is an excellent second prince. Well, that’s good.

“Is that so. I understand.”

“…Hmm, you’re being quite obedient. Well, fine. It’s not just about breaking the engagement. I’m also condemning your wrongdoings…”

Wrongdoings, huh. That Baron Lady, she’s trying to frame me, huh. Without knowing anything.

“That’s it!”

A dazzling light suddenly appeared between me and Allo-sama. Oh, you’ve already come.

“Oh my, Light Spirit King!?”

“Everyone prostrate!”

Light Spirit King… Luke Frugos-sama appeared.

“Lulu…I’ve been waiting for you all this time. There would be no problem if you had no fiance, right? Come with me. Unlike that man over there, I’m sincere. I swear I’ll make you happy.”


“!? Spirit King, why with such a despicable woman!”

“Noisy, stupid”

Luke-sama dropped a lightning bolt to the one right next to the dumbfounded Allo-sama, to the Baron daughter Dorosus on the other side.

“Oh no…”

“All the bullying that that woman has told you is false. My Lulu has made no such thing. I swear in the name of the Spirit King of Light.”



Alas, Baron Dorosus is now pale and trembling. I can’t say anything. Really sorry.

“Now, Lulu. Shall we go before he comes?”

“W-wait. Don’t hurry so much.”

This time, a dark fog appeared next to me.


“Demon Lord! It’s the Demon Lord! Run away!”

Demon Lord… Venusto Opskuliters-sama appeared. Everyone ran away, and the venue became empty.

“Venus… you should already give up on Lulu.”

“What’s with that, Lulu isn’t just Lu’s, right?”

Then, they glared at me.

“What does Lulu want to do?”

“It’s better to be my person than Lu’s, right?”

“… For now, I want to go home and talk to my parents and brother.”

“Then I’ll!”

“No, I’ll be the one to send you.”

“Now now, you can send me both with transfer magic.”

It’s overprotection. Or is it just that you want to be with me?

“You’re such a sinful child, huh, Lulu. To have the Light Spirit King and I, Demon Lord Venus in the palm of your hands.”

“But I like that you, too.”

After being thrown away by Allo-sama, I am now being troubled with these two wanting to be with me.

I don’t care anymore!

Unfortunately, My Engagement was Cancelled, but I Don’t Care Anymore!

Unfortunately, My Engagement was Cancelled, but I Don’t Care Anymore!

Zannen nagara Konyaku Haki Sareta node Mou Dou ni demo Nare!, 残念ながら婚約破棄されたのでもうどうにでもなーれ!
Score 5.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The story of my trouble because of the s*upid First Prince.


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