Two Quarrelsome Childhood Friends Locked In A Room They Can’t Get Out Of Unless They’re Honest With Each Other, And After They Get Out Of The Room, They Start Dating. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

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“Hey, why are you following me!”

“Urusei, it’s decided because my house is also there, but this stupid woman!”


The way home from school.


me,Takashi Kudo(Takashi)Had such an unpopular exchange with a classmate and childhood friend who was walking in front of me.


No, I’m still a junior high school student, so I’m sure I’m a child, not an adult, but that’s not the case now.


A childhood friend who lives next to my houseHaruka Takase(Haruka Takase)Shouted, disturbing the blonde pigtail.


“Really, it’s the lowest that I’m a childhood friend like you!”


“That’s this line!”


Her mother’s grandmother was a Westerner, and Haruka in Quarter was a very conspicuous child, not only in her hair but also in her appearance, which was far from the Japanese.


On the other hand, I’m normal, normal.


In the old days, we used to play together and we shouldn’t have been bad friends, but from the time we went to junior high school, we suddenly got into a relationship where we couldn’t get along with each other.


To be honest, I’ve always liked Haruka.


I’m so crazy right now, but I know that the roots are straightforward and kind.


Above all, you can feel relieved to be together.


I wonder if I can be myself without having to stretch my shoulders.


However, she is not in the family frame.


There is absolutely no such thing as being a childhood friend of the opposite sex or a lover.


Haruka seems to have entered a growth period from the upper grades of elementary school, and the style away from Japanese people can not be seen directly by a virgin boy around the age of honesty.


Rather, just wearing clothes is enough to make Nani.


If it’s Nani, it’s Nani.


Don’t let me say that.


Honestly, when Haruka is next to me, I don’t even feel like thinking about other girls.


Since she entered junior high school, her originally excellent appearance was further refined and I could only sigh.


She is no longer out of my reach.


My heart of giving up is so cute and hatred 100 times.


I think the first opportunity was something trivial.


After being told something far and overreacting once, if I opened my mouth all the time, it became a distorted relationship where each other cursed each other.


Although I have a desire to apologize and repair the relationship, the embarrassment and the patience peculiar to adolescence combined with the relationship with Zuruzuru still continued.


Even if the relationship is restored, I and she will not be in balance.


My feelings won’t reach her.


In that case, it is better to give up if she hates her, rather than having a half-hearted childhood friend.


I was so strong today and sweared at Haruka.









Following me, Haruka screamed confused.


It happened just a short distance from our house.


Around the corner of the road, we were in a strange place before we knew it.


“where is this?”

“When did you enter the building?”


We found ourselves in a white room, not outside.


The room had no windows, was covered on all sides, and had only one door that seemed to be a doorway.






“I won’t open”


Haruka turns the doorknob and tries to open the door, but there is no sign that it will open at all.


“Don’t do it. I’ll do it.”


Turn the doorknob on behalf of Haruka.


I push and pull the door, but it just makes a rattling noise and the door doesn’t move even if it jumps.


Then I saw some letters floating on the door.



“This room is a true room. You can’t go out unless the two people who enter this room are honest and tell the truth. ”



“What is this mischief!”


Haruka was indignant.


“I can’t keep up with this kind of play”


Haruka takes out the smartphone and tries to contact the outside.


“Lie …”


“What happened?”


“I’m out of service …”


I also took out my smartphone, but it was the same as Haruka.


I can’t call or email.


Not connected to the internet.


“What’s going on! Get it out, get it out of here soon!”


Haruka knocks on the door.


I calmly hit the wall to see if there was another place to go out and check the material.


If the back of the wall is hollow, the worst option is to destroy it, but it didn’t seem to be afraid to hit it a little hard in terms of material.


“What should I do……”


Haruka sat down on the floor, perhaps because the excitement had subsided.


I tried throwing things at the ceiling as well as the walls to see if there was something that could trigger me to get out of here, but the results were not good.


“Oh no, it’s no good. I can’t seem to get out at all.”


At last I thought about it and sat down on the floor.


How long has it been since I entered this room?


When I looked at my watch with that in mind, it stopped for some reason at the time we would have entered.


The same was true for smartphone watches.




――Guu ~


I heard a belly ringing.


Not mine.


So there is only one answer to who it belongs to.


When I sent my gaze toward Haruka, Haruka noticed my gaze and said, “I’m sorry,” he turned away.


“Is it bad? If you want to laugh, you should laugh!”


Without answering anything like that, I opened the bag I had and messed up inside.


There must have been a cookie I brought with me to eat after meals during today’s lunch break. It’s a chocolate chip cookie with chocolate chips.


I took the package out of the bag and silently offered it far.


“You, this”


“Eat. Are you hungry?”


“But …”


Haruka hesitates.


Of course, if you can’t get out of this room, you can’t eat.


Naturally, food is precious.


“Because it’s okay”


“But only I eat …”


Haruka hesitates again.


Oh yes.


Haruka has always been a child who never thought that he should be the only one.


When I shared the sweets I got from someone when I was in kindergarten with all my friends, I sometimes cried because I lost my share.


At that time …


“Then, eat it in half.”


Yes, at that time I ate half of the one I got from Haruka and ate it together.


There were 5 cookies, so 2 and half.


I divided it in half exactly.


“thank you……”


Haruka said so and brought the cookie to his mouth.


Gaze is drawn to her glossy lips.


I felt like I couldn’t do it when I thought that lips would belong to someone other than me.


I was hungry as if I had shaken off that idea, so I carried the cookie to my mouth.


We could only hear the sound of chewing cookies and crunching silently with each other.




I checked the inside of the room to see if I could escape from this room with the expectation that even after I finished eating the cookies.


I searched all over to see if it would be a chance to get out.


But the result is the same.


And again we both sat down on the floor.



(Anyway, what is this?)



To be honest, I don’t understand the current situation.


It is completely isolated from common sense.


It’s abnormal.


But that’s just a waste of thought.


The only absolute fact that we are now trapped in this way is no doubt.


By the way, there was a hint on the door to get out.



(What does it mean to be honest and tell the truth?)



It’s a terrible story for this period, but I’ll have to follow the instructions of someone who prepared this room.


Acting according to the conditions is the only act that may be possible to get out of this room.


That would literally be the key to getting out of this room.


The problem is what the key is, but I didn’t worry so much.


Because I could only think of one thing that I kept secret.


When she glances at Haruka, she has a vague expression on her face.


I think it’s been a long time since I ate cookies a while ago.


I don’t even know how long it’s been since I’ve lost my sense of time.


I’m hungry again, and I’m a little hungry.


If this goes on, not only me but her life may be dangerous.


I was hungry.


“Hey, Haruka. Do you have any idea what is written on the door?”


Haruka looked back at me with a vague expression.


“Honestly tell the truth, that is, if we are hiding something, tell it cleanly.”


“Oh, yes. Is there anything you’re hiding?”


“… I don’t know.”




Perhaps I wasn’t without the feeling.


There was a faint expectation that Haruka would be the same as me.


But unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work as well as the story.


If what God says is true and God has created this situation now.


The intention is that I should confess far and be shaken to clear up the relationship between the two strangely confused people.


I can’t even be close to Haruka as a childhood friend who isn’t close to me anymore.


I glance at Haruka’s face.


He looks a little sick and his complexion is not good.


That would be the case if you were trapped in such a place.


There seems to be no grace anymore.


I said to the front of the door that I would stand up abruptly.


Then he looked at Haruka and said.


“Haruka, I’m sorry. I’ll tell you the truth from now on. So if I can get out of here, I’ll just leave here. I don’t need a reply.”



Haruka has a neat expression on her face.


Oh, you who have such a face are also cute.


However, this will be the last time I see such a face.



“Haruka Takase, I like you. I’ve always loved you.”



When I confessed that, I turned away from her and grabbed the doorknob and turned it around.


“Damn, what’s going on! You said it! You told me all my truth obediently! No more! Open it, open it fast, fucking bastard!”


I hit the door with a bang, but the door doesn’t move even if it jumps.


Oh embarrassed!


It didn’t follow my scenario of confessing and leaving here immediately without hearing a reply from Haruka.


Play with a naive virgin boy!


It’s definitely not free!


I kept hitting the door with anger.


“I’m sorry!”


Suddenly someone hugged me from behind.


Needless to think.


That person I just confessed to.


The feel was softer and warmer than I had ever felt.


“I’m sorry! I lied, I like it, I like it, I really like you! I love you!”







At that moment, the door, which I had never been able to push, pull, or hit, opened easily.












When we noticed, we were standing on the road near our house.


I can’t find the white room that was just before, no matter where I look.


It’s as if nothing had happened from the beginning.


When I checked the clock, it started to move.


Not much time has passed.



(Is it a dream?)



A so-called daydream.


Was it a bubble dream that my desire to be both feelings with Haruka showed?



–It’s undeveloped



With that in mind, I left Haruka and started walking.




I look back on the voice of the Lord.


“Please, I’ll be honest! That’s why I shouldn’t be alone!”




When I heard the words, I rushed to her and hugged her strongly.


“I’m sorry, I wasn’t stubborn.”

“No, I couldn’t be honest.”


Oh good.


That wasn’t a dream!


Apparently we were similar people.


She looks up at me with her moist eyes.


My heart bounces and my heart beats so fast that it’s noisy.


I put my hand on her shoulder with a quivering hand and she dyed her white cheeks slightly pink.


I gently kissed her lips with her eyes closed and her face raised slightly.


The first kiss with her had a slightly sweet taste of chocolate.

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Two Quarrelsome Childhood Friends Locked In A Room They Can’t Get Out Of Unless They’re Honest With Each Other, And After They Get Out Of The Room, They Start Dating.

Two Quarrelsome Childhood Friends Locked In A Room They Can’t Get Out Of Unless They’re Honest With Each Other, And After They Get Out Of The Room, They Start Dating.

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , , , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
A story of two quarrelsome childhood friends who are locked in a room they can’t get out of unless they’re honest with each other, and after they get out of the room, they start dating.


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