Traumatized Boy Want to Live Quietly chapter 13

Last Day of Golden Week, First Half

Yesterday I went to the coffee shop. After dropping off the documents, my boss gave me tour through the shop and showed me my schedule.

The atmosphere of the coffee shop feels so pleasant that I immediately want to start working straight away, but I promised to hang out with Yuki, today. Apparently the last day of Golden Week meant that Yuki was free from any club activities.

He asked “Are you free on the last day of Golden Week? Do you want to go out somewhere?”

“Yes, I’m free.”

“Oh, well, let’s go watch a movie, shall we?”

“A movie. ……. …… Yeah, I think I’ll go. What kind of movie?”

“Horror movies.

We had a conversation like this and decided to go see a movie. I usually try not to waste too much money, but I’m starting a part-time job, so I should be good.



I arrived at the shopping mall. The trip took me 20 minutes to cycle from my house. When I went to the meeting place, Yuki was already there. He was carrying a badminton racket case on his shoulder. I wanted to arrive 10 minutes before the agreed meeting time, but Yuki had arrived before me.

“Hey, Shota!”

“Good morning.”

“Let’s go, then.”

“Yeah. We have to buy our tickets first.”

I opened my phone to see when the movie would start. While doing that, Yuki looked at my homescreen and was suprised.

“Oh, those are the only apps you have downloaded?”

“Yeah. I don’t really play games nowadays. I used to, though.”

“You don’t play games? Does that mean you don’t have any games at home?”

“No, not anymore.”

“Eh, ……, what do you usually do?”

“Eh? Usually? Hmmm… …… housekeeping, studying and training? Yeah, I have a TV, so I guess I watch it sometimes.”

“Seriously, ……. ……Alright! Let’s go to the arcade after the movie finishes today.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“We’re gonna play for the rest of the day!”



We went to the cinema on the top floor, bought our tickets and looked at the other movies until we were allowed to enter.

“Oh, it’s open. Should we buy some snacks?”

“Oh, I’ll just get a drink.”

I bought orange juice, and Yuki bought popcorn and melon soda. We walked through the entrance with our items and headed towards the designated room where the movie would be played.

“When I walked into this movie theater, I feel kind of …… nervous, you know?”


“…? What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing. ……”

I said that, but that was not true. I could hear Ryosuke’s voice in my head like a hallucination, and I felt like I was drifting away from reality.

I honestly didn’t mind being invited to a movie, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. About a year ago, Ryosuke, his junior, and his friend had come to see a movie together. We were not going to the same cinema, so I thought it would be fine. But when we walked into the room where the movie was being played, I thought I heard the voices of the three of them.

The …… blood drained from my face. The sound around me is gradually getting quieter–


Yuki called out to me in a slightly louder voice. I felt as if my distant consciousness had been brought back.

…… It’s okay. It is Yuki who is here, and Ryosuke is not involved now. It’s okay, it’s okay. ……

“Are you okay? You suddenly blacked out.”

“……Yes. Let’s go sit down.”

“Hmm, ……, yeah.”



After that, I was able to watch the movie without any problems. There seemed to be a problem with the content of the movie, though.

“It was scary as hell. ……”

“Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay. …… I might not be able to take a bath tonight. ……”

“Why did you choose a horror movie if you get scared easily? ……”

“No, I just wanted to see something scary.”

“Just make sure you take a bath, okay?”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Are you sure?”

While I was watching the movie, I heard a lot of startled noises from people around me. It was definitely scary, but I don’t think it was enough to make me react that badly. ……

“Well, let’s take a break and have some lunch.”


Traumatized Boy Want to Live Quietly

Traumatized Boy Want to Live Quietly

Trauma Danshi wa Shizuka ni Kurashitai, トラウマ男子は静かに暮らしたい
Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
When he was in elementary school, Shota Ishikawa was a “popular kid with a good face, who could study and exercise well,” but by the time he graduated from junior high school, everyone around him was calling him an a**hole. Shota didn’t mean to do anything wrong, but his classmates, childhood friends, best friends, and family all didn’t believe him. Now in high school, Shota hides his face, cuts back on his physical activities, and tries to live a quiet high school life.


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