Trapped in This Boring Room! chapter 10

Loop ???

How many days have passed since then?
I no longer have a sense of time.
At some point I stopped posting “Other World’s Pincer Master.”

I just gave up, not doing anything in particular.
I read novels on “Let’s Write a Novel,” I spent the day lying down, I pointlessly trained my muscles.
There were days I sat in a stupor at the foot of the bed.
I wasn’t hungry. I just wanted something, anything, to put in my mouth.

There was little to do.
I could browse “Let’s Write a Novel,” write a novel, or draw a picture with the software.
In other words I could view and create artistic works.
I didn’t want to read novels, but there wasn’t anything else to do.
I mostly spent my days reading over novels, meditating, and running in circles.
There are a lot of works available.
I could pass loads of time.

Nevertheless, even that came to an end.
There were ultimately a finite amount of novels on “Let’s Write a Novel”.
That one year continued to loop, from April 2017 to March 2018.
Only novels written up that point were available to me.

I had read pretty much all of them.
Of course, I might have missed a couple novels here and there, but at the very least I had read all the novels on the rankings.

My drawing skills also advanced.
It’s not at a professional level and by no means does the software have very high performance, so I can’t say that it’s beautiful, but if I’m remembering it correctly this should be close to sufficient.
That is to say, I needed to draw a picture every few days or I’d forget what they looked like.
People’s faces.

However, in time, that too was lost to me.

I went to a corner and sat down, staring at the room that had become all too familiar.
Neither the sound of the PC running nor the electric hum of the monitor could be heard.
Alone in the quiet room, I looked across to the opposite corner.
It was the farthest spot from me.

I stood up, and in a straight line dashed forward.
I shifted a half step towards the wall.
I hit the wall before I could take a third step.

Balling up my fist, I pounded on the wall.
With my legs I endlessly kicked against it.
Over and over and over and over.
I opened my mouth and scream squeezed out of it.


I wanted to behold the starry skies!
I wanted to sprint through the streets!
I wanted to feel the rain beating down on me!

I opened my mouth wide and stretched out my tongue.
Putting all my strength into my jaw, I forced my teeth through my flesh.
Even with pain like an electric shock shooting through my skull, I didn’t loosen my clenched mouth.
The smell of iron filled my nose.
In the next instant, there was a small pop.
Something clogged my throat.
I couldn’t breath. I crouched on the ground and pressed down on my throat.
My nose tried to take in air, but blood spewed out instead.
Even if all the air in my lungs had been exhaled, I couldn’t inhale fresh air.
After such a long time, I’ve received the joyous sensation of pain. Under such an overawing sensation, my consciousness grew faint.
My vision grew darker and darker.
The pain grew steadily greater.
My body began to cramp.
To break down.
I hold down my throat.

When I came to, I was standing in the center of the room.


I thrust my finger into my mouth and felt my tongue.
It had a grainy feeling and my fingertip got wet.
I sank to the floor.
I lay on my side, burying my face in my knees.
My body involuntarily trembled and burst into tears.

Even death was not allowed to me.

Loop ???

  • Day 1●

I didn’t know how many loops it had been.
I only knew it was the first day from looking at the date.
I found myself sitting in the chair, reviewing my work.

“Other World’s Pincer Master” wasn’t my work.
That wasn’t my own novel.
I wrote the second half, but that was just cooking a dish that was already prepared.
I hadn’t chosen any of the ingredients nor the style of cuisine.
At most, I’ve chosen the type of sauce.
What I was looking at was the novel I wrote long ago.
The title was “Average Legend of a Hero”.
Since I’ve come to this room, it’s the only novel I’ve written from scratch to take a ranking.

As the title suggests, it is indeed an average, mediocre story.

At the time, I couldn’t see how bad it was.
However, now I understood.
There are flaws all throughout this novel.

Firstly, the title.
“Average Legend of a Hero”.
This title makes it sound like a generic tale.
What kind of hero is it? What kind of situation is it? What kind of power do they have? What is the tone? What happens?
I can’t get any of that information from the title.
Nonetheless, “legend” and “hero” leaves a strong impression of fantasy, so could somewhat appeal to readers of this site.
That could be why it gained more points than my other works.

The synopsis as well.
I’ve written in detail about the equipment, magic, and races that appear in the novel.
I’ve included too much exposition littered with proper nouns, which makes it hard to follow.
It says nothing about the characters, their idiosyncrasies, or the plot.
I don’t need to explain the whole setting with the synopsis.
Rather, it makes it seem like the equipment and magic are the core of the story.

There’s still a lot of room for improvement.

Overall the writing is clumsy and difficult to read.
There are many places where the basics like “Subject, Predicate, Modifier,”[note]An explanation of these in Japanese can be found here for those with some fluency: [/note] the 5W1H,[note]Who, Where, Why, When, What, and How[/note] and particles[note]Grammar words in Japanese.[/note] have been left out.
There are times even I have no idea what the characters are trying to say.
Only the past me knows what I meant.
Now too much time has passed; I can’t figure it out.

Also, I didn’t put any line breaks in the text.
Even if the text is displayed vertically,[note]Syosetu/Narou has the option to display novels in vertical format, the traditional way of reading Japanese.[/note] it’s still difficult to read on a web browser.
Paired with the horrendous writing, anyone would want to leave after the first few lines.

The main character is not interesting.
He has no virtues, no sense of justice, no hobbies, nothing that would express individuality nor his own credo.
He’s an alright guy, I guess.
However, he’s too ordinary.
There’s no expectation that he’ll do anything interesting.
He’s a whatever person.
There were few occasions to use the ability he obtained with great pains.
An ordinary man got some power.
This was supposed to be a more interesting and exciting development.
However, with the main character’s lack of individuality, scenes using that power were not many.
There were few pleasant scenes.
Even if a major theme of the novel was that there are things that are more important than a power gained by chance, it felt like I tried to push the lesson too hard that it just came off as preachy.

Neither the character nor the development had any surprises.
That sounded good, but there isn’t any change or depth.
For example, an arrogant female knight appears in the story.
However, there was no explanation as to why she was so arrogant.
It was my decision for her to be arrogant. There was no reason there.
She remained arrogant, no matter what happened in the story.
Even if she loses to the main character, even if her house falls, she continues to have absolute confidence.
She never changed her mind.
Therefore, you can predict her behaviour in any situation.
If you can predict the action, of course you can predict the story.
The scene which seems to be tense is not particularly tense, and I can feel the expected harmony.
In spite of that the character does not even reflect if something is done, it is at the level of irritation.

There were still a lot of terrible things.
There was nothing to praise.
A person who read this, bookmarked this, and gave it a high rating probably didn’t exist.
Far from that, who would even read the first chapter.

I know that because of the countless days I’ve spent only looking at the site.
No reader will be hooked on this novel.
How would I even get points like that.

If one compared the novel to a store, the storefront drove customers away.
A storefront that attracts customers.

Signboards and samples would be set up in front of the store, to show at a glance what’s in stock with, and the storefront would have a big enough entrance to let the people in with it wide open. There would not be a single piece of trash outside, and feature items would be lined up in the show window.
A kind of storefront where customers can’t wait to enter.
My novel is the complete opposite.
On the signboards and samples, words like “amazing” or “cool” are lined up, the entrance is small, underground, and the corpse of a mouse is rolling around. There was no show window.
Moreover, as long as there are no good products that can be shown, customers will not enter inside and turn right away and they will return home.
Return customers? Don’t joke like that.

I didn’t understand the fundamentals.
But now I know.
You can see how the readers are going to enter, and what they like.
That was how it felt.

I moved the mouse and launched the word processor.

  • Day 1 – 377 ●

A novel’s theme is extremely important
The theme essentially determines the number of readers a work will have.
Saying that, I do need to give an explanation.
To compare it to sports, in any given major sport, say baseball or soccer, there are many people who play it, there are many people who don’t play it but watch it, and there are many people who don’t do either but still have an interest in the game.
But what if it’s a minor sport that you don’t even know about?
How many people would be interested in writing novels about, say, kabaddi or hurling? How many people would want to read them?
If 100 people were randomly selected and asked whether they want to see a game of baseball or a game of kabaddi, baseball would be the overwhelming majority..

There were a million registered people in “Let’s Write a Novel”.
A million people.

That’s what the top page indicates, no doubt about it.
That’s obviously less than the 1 in every 5 people in the world that my friend claimed the site to have, but it was still a million.
By no means was that a small number.
In that million, the people are varied.
Men, women, apache attack helicopters,[note]No, this was not in the raws.[/note] children, seniors, homosexuals, straights, students, doctors, police, sailors, post-graduates, journalists, drivers, musicians, NEETs…
A theme that can be understood by many of those people will draw in a large readerbase.
People tend to want to read something with a theme that they can understand rather than a theme that they can’t.
There aren’t many things that everyone has in common with each other, but there are things that one must encounter if one is alive.
Family, work, study, money, intersex relationships, death, friendship, pride, loyalty…
These will be my themes.

In order for the title to be good, it has to catch the eye.
And to do that, it has to leave a strong impression, be very interesting, and use strong words.
Words that leave a strong impression are as numerous as the stars.
What do you call them, buzzwords?
Words that people use subconsciously after seeing them.
Basically, popular words.
But these words are different for everyone. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
However, it’s different within communities.
In a community, there are people with similar interests, so the words they’re interested in would be the same.
For example, among housewives, “bargain,” “limited time offer,” or “sale” would be words that they’re interested in.
So, what about “Let’s Write a Novel”?
On this site, things like isekai have been popular.
Reincarnating into a fantasy world while living a fulfilling life, training, and going on adventures.
Then in short, words that have to do with isekai and fantasy are key.

Sword, magic, hero, demon lord, sage, knight, adventure, world, strongest, reincarnation, transmigration, dungeon…

One uses these words to make a strong impression and a good title.

  • Day 2 – 377●

From the many stories I’ve read, there’s a few things that I’ve come to understand.
Only after someone reads the title, synopsis, and the first few chapters will they give points, for the most part.
On “Let’s Write a Novel,” a new author with a new novel would only get from 30 to 180 unique viewers.
Unique viewers, is the number of readers the novel has.
In other words, on the first day, an author with no reputation would get around that many readers.
Among those, some would bookmark it, and that’s where the first points start to come in.
Honestly speaking, the percentage of people who bookmark the novel wouldn’t change much.
Even with the fiction ascending the rankings and becoming popular with the view count multiplying, the percentage really wouldn’t change much.
Of course, if good reviews were posted on some other site, or if the author was known, that would change things slightly.
But, who decided whether or not to continue after seeing the title, the synopsis, and reading the first chapter is the reader. It’s the reader’s own judgement to put in a bookmark.

Then, how does one increase that chance?
How does one get more bookmarks?
What do you need in the title, the summary, and the first chapter to get more bookmarks?

That would be “anticipation.”
Just making the readers have “anticipation” is enough.
Giving them the impression of “woah, this looks good.”
If one does that, the chance of them thinking “I don’t really care if I read this or not” lowers.
Other than that, one has to show the reader an interesting setting.
It has to be done early.
In order to make the reader feel interested, the setting has to be interesting.
There would be no reason not to continue reading.
And that’s how one gets bookmarks and increases their ratings.

  • Day 3 – 377●

My theory boiled down to a single point.
There was something more important than getting points.
“Increasing reader parameters.”
Parameter, meaning the number of denominators.

Just saying “reader parameters” would make no sense.

Let’s start from the beginning.
One time, back when my friend was still with me, we were having a normal conversation.
Maybe my memories of this conversation were just a delusion…
Well, this is this, and that’s that.
Anyways, a long time back, my friend once said this.

“I’m fine with manga, but I can’t stand plain text…”

This was in reply to when I recommended a novel to him.
I don’t really remember what exactly I recommended, though.
Anyways, he expressed his disapproval.
At that time, I was just a bit annoyed and didn’t think much of it.

I realized something when I recalled that scene.
Maybe it really wasn’t because he couldn’t read words.

That thought came from a certain feedback I got for “Other World’s Pincer Master.”
I got a lot of feedback for that book.
Apparently, there was a guy who could not understand the intention of the sentence.
I thought he was harassing me by writing things like this, but there were several guys like him.
In the end, I thought my writing was wrong, but those who understood knew it.
In other words, there are people in the world who cannot read books written in a certain number and character.

No, that’s not true.
There are characters in the manga too, and if they can’t read at all, they should not bother to read novels on the novel submission sites.
In other words, “A book written in difficult sentences cannot be read by a certain number of people,” is more accurate.

For example, let’s say you have a book written in Khmer.
It’s Khmer. Have you ever heard of it? It may not even exist.
What percentage of people who live in Japan can read the book?
It wouldn’t be anything over 10%, and that’s an overly generous estimate.
If the content of the book was technical, less than 10% of the people would be able to understand what was written in the book.
Perhaps it might not be even 1%.
What if the Khmer in the book is full of slang or the writer’s writing ability is fatally low?
It may be less than 0.1%.

The Khmer language might have been idiotic.
But what if, for example, it was the whole book of the Six Laws?
What if it’s a thick document to get a patent?
What if it’s a paper about the theory of relativity?
Isn’t it strange that there are people who can’t read it, that is, people who don’t understand?

So, on the other hand:
What if it’s “Anne Mann’s Picture Book”?
Can you read it?
Whether you want to read it or not, you can read it if you’re told to read it.
After all, it’s written in Japanese, it’s all hiragana,[note]Japanese phonetic alphabet, as opposed to Chinese characters.[/note] it’s written in easy words.
It depends on how old you are, but if you’ve passed first grade, you should be able to read it without problems.
Even kindergarteners may be able to read about half by themselves.
I think that anything kindergarteners can read means that more than 90% of the people living in Japan can read it.

Why can you read it?
That’s because “Anne Mann’s picture book” is easy.
Because it’s all written in simple sentences.
“There are a large number of readers who can read it.”

In other words, “Let’s write a novel.”
Among the users of “Let’s write a novel”, how many users are currently active?
Among them, how many people read stories written about things other than isekai?
Among them, are there people who would like to read the titles and synopsis that are difficult to understand?
Among them, what percentage of people will read the introductory part full of explanations and continue reading.
Among them, how many people can read sentences written in a difficult and roundabout way?

After that, the number that has been reduced from the “total number of users” is the “reader population”.
Of course, with a title that is difficult to understand, other than different world, with an introduction that is full of explanatory text and a lot of difficult and roundabout sentences, the “reader population” is going to decrease.
On the contrary, in a different world setting, with a title that makes sense, with less explanation and more immersive, and if straight and simple sentences are used, then the “reader population” is going to increase.
This “reader population” is not the actual number of readers.
But, you can say that the actual number of readers is higher than this population.
So, to increase the number of points, we have to increase the number of readers.
Specifically, if this reader’s population doesn’t exceed 100,000, it would be physically impossible to take the cumulative first place.

As you can see by looking at some of the top works in the cumulative rankings, the ratio of ratings to the number of bookmarks is around 15% to 20%.
There are many ratings of around 9 for sentences and stories.
The current total number for first place is 350,000.
Even if 100,000 people put bookmarks, 200,000.
Of the 100,000 people, 17,000 people rated 9, and 153,000.
A total of 353,000.
It becomes a numerical value that can take the first place in the cumulative rankings.
It’s just a hundred thousand people.

100,000 people account for 10% of the total number of users of “Let’s write a novel”.
I don’t think all of the million people are using it to write.
I don’t know how many actually use it, but let’s double it to 20%.

“A work which is bookmarked by 20% of the total users.”
If you think about it that way, it may feel a little hard…
The other people are not in kindergarten.
These are people who register on a novel posting site and want to read novels.
Moreover, it’s not about writing difficult things.
It wouldn’t be impossible.

  • Day 7-377●

The themes should be things that many people can easily experience.
Give a good title.
The first chapter is expected with the synopsis.
Within a few chapters, show a really interesting scene.
That’s how you increase the number of readers.

That’s what “Other World’s Pincer Master” used to do.
Most of the highest-ranked works are also made use of it.

It’s easy to say.
But in reality it’s not easy to do.
I needed 376 trials to get all of them done.
However, for the time being, it can be said that the first barrier has been broken by me.
It’s first place in the daily rankings.

Now, this is when the game begins.
From here, we have to achieve two goals at the same time.
One is to increase the ratio of ratings to the number of bookmarks.
The other is to make sure that the people who read it don’t go away.

However, these are not so difficult.
All you have to do is write an interesting story.
No, it is difficult.
Is this the most difficult…..

However, there is no clear way to do this.
There is no surefire way to win that will make it interesting.
Because “interesting” is different for each person.
I have no choice but to believe in my senses and repeat trial and error.
Until the readers tell me that this is interesting.

  • Day 13-431●

There is a limit to the amount of time a person can concentrate.
About 40 to 120 minutes.
There are individual differences, but I feel tired and my concentration drops sharply after that.
The same goes for reading.
40 to 120 minutes.
If you can concentrate for 120 minutes, then you can also concentrate for 40 minutes, so let’s say it’s 40 minutes.

The average reading speed of a Japanese person is 400 to 600 characters per minute, so one can read about 16,000 to 24,000 characters in 40 minutes.
Since the average chapter has around 5,000 characters, that’s about three to five chapters.

Let’s break the stories into three to five chapter segments.
It can be a discussion scene or a battle scene, but it will not continue for more than three to five chapters.
Or, even if it is just one thing, write something that makes the reader think that it is interesting. Inspire the readers.
By repeating it, the reader can continue reading without interrupting the flow of information while repeating the cycle of focus → break → focus.

I realised it when I was reading.
Yes, it was when I was reading a certain work.
Was it a work that ranked at the 80th place in the cumulative ranking?
The work was wonderfully interesting.
The mountainous scene was particularly lively, and I felt as if it was the best work on this site. There were a lot of fans, too.
In the comments section, it seems that there was also something like “It’s strange that this work is at this rank”.

But at the same time, it was very long.
Each story was incredibly long, and it took about 3 to 4 hours to read without break.
It was very tiring to keep reading it without a break.
It was supposed to be an interesting story, but I couldn’t understand the content at all, and I get nervous about whether this topic still continues, I stopped reading it once, took a break, and start reading it again the next day, but when I start reading it again the next day, I couldn’t understand the content and have to read it again from a few chapters ago.
There were a lot of such things that I read to the end.

If you are someone who stays focused for three to four hours, someone who has good enough memory to remember the contents even after taking a break, and someone who can read sentences at twice the normal speed. Or, if you’re used to reading and accepting such things, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

But not every human can.
Some readers may stop reading when they feel tired or stuffy.
It’s a waste, but they might go away.

Avoid it.
That’s why it should be 40 minutes.
Write at least one interesting thing and break the story while a person is still focused.

  • Day 38-766●

Whether the reader is enjoying it or not.
I don’t know if they think it’s interesting.
Whether the author is able to convey what he/she wants to convey without excess or deficiency and without discomfort.
One of the ways to check that is the comments section.
If you take the first place for a day, you will get a lot of comments.
There are people who think it is interesting every time, people who point out contradictions, people who point out typos, people who anticipate future developments, and people who criticize.
There are many things, but be careful about criticism.

There are three types of criticism.
Just harassment.
The ones that hit things that you don’t like and make you feel uncomfortable.
A person who is objective and says the right thing though the expression is severe.

I want to ignore everything involuntarily, but only the first one can be ignored.
It is better to reduce the criticism like the second one as much as possible.
Although it can’t be helped that there is such a thing in the part that is usually serialized, it is not a good thing for me. I have to rewrite it with the intention of losing everything.
The last one is the most important.
My ears hurt, and it’s really annoying to point out from above, but it is also true.
You have to listen to it because it’s correct.

The second and the third.
These are the tips for fixing the work.
I planned to go back a week and use it as a reference to repeat the manuscript until I get the maximum points.

  • Day 53-910●

There is one thing that you had to be careful of when editing a novel.
It couldn’t be said that the solution presented by the person who made the correct point is always correct.
In other words, it wouldn’t be always be better to follow some random stranger’s advice.
They don’t know the whole story.
They sometimes might say that this is better, but they don’t know the whole plotline.
There are different points and problems.

For example, suppose a character is a very disgusting guy.
His attitude is bad, his mouth is bad, his behavior is superfluous. And he is hostile to the main character
Of course, his popularity among the readers is also low.
The protagonist forgives such a guy and turns him into a friend.
If that’s the case, then naturally, the comments section will be rough.
Why did you make such a disturbing and unpleasant fellow a friend; kick him out of the party and kill them!

However, actually killing him in later chapters wouldn’t be the best either
Even if you changed the personality of the character and made it mild, it would only make the story worse.
It would hinder future developments that I had planned to do, and as a result, the results could become less interesting.

So what you should do is to not kill that nasty guy.
It’s about delving into why he’s a bad guy, his attitude is bad, and his actions are all superfluous.
On top of that, suggest that this guy has some good points too.

The protagonist acknowledges that little bit of goodness in him, laughs, accepts his bad attitude and mouth, and forgives him.
The bad guy is impressed by the size of the hero’s heart, and comes to respect the hero only.
It is accepted by idiots in the comment section.
And everyone ends up happy. Clap clap clap.

If you write it carefully, the readers will accept it.
All that’s left is to advance the story until the bad guy shows his true worth.

  • Day 14-1244 ●

The amount of time a person can concentrate for is 40 minutes. It would be nice if there was one interesting thing in the meantime.
There is no doubt about it.
But that’s not enough.
That alone does not increase the ratio of ratings to bookmarks.

Because people get used to stimulation.
If the fun that can be felt in 40 minutes is always constant, you get used to it.
Yes, you get tired of it.

In order to avoid this, it is necessary to prepare “amazingly interesting 40 minutes” once every several dozen times
From the story that makes you think that it is as interesting as usual, you will begin to challenge the difficult places that are not comparable to the usual.
I don’t know how to fall, I’ve been nervous for 40 minutes.
The tension suddenly rises to the climax.
Then, when it goes beyond that, the mystery that approaches the heart of the story is revealed, and the story goes on to the next stage.
The excitement that the reader gets by this is several times higher than usual.

It’s close to the pleasure you get from gambling.
Gambling (depending on the type), the more you learn the rules and theory, the more you win, the less likely that you’ll lose.
If you follow the theory, you can gradually win in total.
The feeling of winning with one’s skill and ability lasts for a long time.

However, one day, there are times when I can’t help but come up with good things.
There are times when a big chance rolls in, such as the stakes will be tens of times when you hit it.
You bet your money with quivering hands, you wait for results with a beating heart… and you win.
It’s a big hit.
It’s not something that happens often.
At most once every tens, or even hundreds of times.
However, the pleasure you get when it hits is so big that it is incomparable to the daily small victories.
And when a person experiences that pleasure, it changes him.
He keeps gambling to get the pleasure of hitting only once every few hundred times.

A treasure trove that makes people want to keep reading your work involuntarily.
With it, people think that the work is irreplaceable.
They find it so interesting that they want to introduce it to others.
An evaluation is also included.

But there shouldn’t be too many.
If it’s too much, people will get used to it.

  • Day 88-1531 ●

Then, I will post a story every day, every day, every day, every day.
I’m going to post the best story.
I post it twice a day.
I will use as many techniques and take as many points as I can.
Repeat and rewrite the day over and over again until you can get it.

  • Day 63 -1890●

However, there are times when we notice a fatal mistake.
No matter what happens, the time will come when you will realize that there was a better idea.
There are times when we didn’t live up to our expectations and couldn’t exceed them.
Writing useless and bloating stories that have nothing to do with the main story….

In such a case, it returns greatly.
Then rewrite.
I go back and rewrite it as many times as I want until I can write a more interesting story than the last time and until I get a higher point than the last time.

  • Day 193-???? ●

Listen to the readers opinions, sometimes adopt them in the story, generally follow the road you laid out, sometimes it’s the wrong way, but don’t fall outside the road, just keep following it.
The path you are walking on is a curved one, a story that no one knows.
There is a margin, but don’t waste it, and sometimes you meet the expectations and sometimes you betray them.

The more you write, the bigger the story will grow.
Depending on the size of the stories, the work will gradually grow.
Returning a month ago, the foundation was firmly consolidated, the outer moat was built, the inner moat was built, and the castle walls were also built.
After laying the furoshiki, construction on the castle is started.
A large, hard, robust, and impregnable fortress.

And as the story grows, so does the castle.
Sometimes the walls are destroyed, the inner moat is filled, the outer moat is filled, the castle is destroyed, and the foundation is dug back.
Start over and build a bigger castle this time.
The bigger the size, the more effort it takes.
Repeat a long and daunting task.
Without getting tired, every day, every day, every day, every day.

  • ■■ Day-????●

What day is it, how many laps have been now?
I don’t know.
I don’t care anymore.
However, only the work progresses.

I post every day, every day, every day, every day.
I’ll post the best story twice.
I’ll use as much skill as possible, and get as many points as I can.
Repeat over and over again until you get it.
Rewrite, rewrite. Rewrite again and again.
If you think it’s not good, go back a month and rewrite it.
If that is not possible, then another month.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Every day, every day, repeat the same thing.
However, only the contents written are different.
Every day, they do some kind of event, sometimes they encounter a big event that would shake history, however, it does not progress greatly, little by little, little by little, steadily approach the final goal.

  • ■■ Day-????●

The adventure continues.
If they fail, they return as if they were starting over from the save point, and they go the right path.
They don’t know that.
They don’t even know that they’ve done it over and over again, sometimes returning to big turning points.
They don’t know that I’ve made a big decision with a completely different conclusion.
They also don’t know that I’ve solved an event in a different way, more dramatically.
The adventure continues.
But not forever.
The end is approaching.

The battle against the last enemy begins.

  • ■■ Day-????●

The last enemy was very strong.
The main characters were doing their best to beat the enemy.
Still, it was not possible to win.
I just can’t win.
But they don’t know.
Just one time ago, I had defeated the enemy.
Just two times ago, the enemy was annihilated.
Only three times ago, I had defeated the enemy.
That we’re starting over and over again until we really do our best.
Retrying again and again, until the enemies really do their best.

As a result, it became a fight to the death.
Literally, it was a fight to the death.
It was a battle of all-out vs. all-out, appropriate for the end of the story.
A battle that could be won by either one, a battle in which anyone can die.
A battle where everyone on the scene died once.

And the one who won was the main character.

  • ■■ Day-????●

Peace has come to the world.
All countries have become peaceful.
Countries that were in the war, those that were entangled in internal conflict, and those that had famine.
Everything has become peaceful.
The main characters have taken action for that.
Everything was a coincidence, but it was all an inevitable result.
Everything has moved for this peace.
All the problems in this world have been resolved and the hero is forced to make a final decision, leaving no worries.

Should he stay in this world or return home?
At first, he had no reason to return home.
The original world was like a damn shit pit and he couldn’t find any value.
That’s why he is—Bang!

There was a sound behind me.

My consciousness suddenly returned to me from the work.
A white room. A room with nothing.
The sound rang in a room with nothing.
Where did it come from?
Which direction is the sound coming from?

With that in mind, I came in front of the door.

It might have been a hallucination.
I’m sure it is. It must be so.
I’ve heard hallucinations many times since I came to this room.
So, yes.
This is also a hallucination.

Because I haven’t taken the first place in the cumulative rankings yet.
Then there’s no way this door will open.
No, but how about it?
Recently I was only checking the points of daily rankings.
What was the cumulative ranking today?
When I saw it before, I’m sure, yes, the left most number was three.

Swallowing my saliva, I put my hand on the doorknob.
If I went back and looked at the rankings, I’d know in one shot.
But I didn’t.
I put my hand on the door knob, slowly turned it… and slowly pulled it.

There was no resistance that should have been there.

“I…… Haa…!”

My heart started to pound.
I put power into my arm. From the legs, waist, chest, back, neck.
I filled my whole body with strength, and I decided to open the door!

And I turned back.

“Oh, huh, ha.”

I took a deep breath.
And slowly removed my hand from the doorknob, letting go of it.
Then, as I retreated, I returned to the computer one step at a time and sat on the chair.
I grabbed the mouse and checked the ranking.

“Did I take it…”

It was the first place.
350221 points.
Who rated and bookmarked me?
I don’t know. I have no idea.
But my eyes weren’t deceiving me.
It was written that my novel was in first place.

But at the same time, it was visible.
The difference the first and second place is only a few points.
If someone whimsically removes a bookmark or cancels the rating, it will quickly fall to the second place.

If that happened, then that door might close.
I might never be able to take the first place again.
Since I can get out now, I should just leave.
Right now. While I had first place.
That’s what I did everything here for.


But I didn’t let go of the mouse.

The journey was long.
A long, long journey.
I have traveled with them.
I didn’t have a conversation with them. I’ve decided all the conversation.
Personality, gender, hobbies, things they are good with, things they are bad with.
I’ve decided everything.
Their will does not exist there.
But I traveled with them.
It’s true that I traveled.

And the readers also traveled.
There are people who have supported my work for a long time.
Every day, there are people who wrote their comments.
There were those who always criticized my writing, but I finally earned their prase after the the fight against the last boss.
Many different people have traveled.

And he also traveled.
He also wrote his comments.
Though it’s only a few times, he gave me heartwarming words.
He also gave me a message.
Impressive to me, he’s the one I’ll never forget.
He wrote that he liked my work.
Even though he posted his own work, he wrote that he liked my work.
I also like his work.

…The journey must end.

The line of sight is reflected on the word processor that has been left on.
The final chapter is written now.

The content is as follows.
The main character, he has to decide whether to stay in this world or to return.
At first, he had no reason to return.
The original world was like a shit pit, and he didn’t find any value in it.
But he noticed.
The original world and this world are the same.
There are inevitable situations in every world.
To be happy, to be upset, to be sad, and to have fun.
No matter what world you are in, the same thing happens.
This world has become peaceful.
All the problems in this world have been brought to an end by him. He did everything he could.
There are no more problems left.
Was that really the case?
No. Wrong.
There was only one problem left in this world.
Only one.
It was his.
It’s his problem. It’s just his problem.
However, he who is the savior of this world must end it.
That’s why he—

Trapped in This Boring Room!

Trapped in This Boring Room!

Can’t Leave This Room Until I Get First Place on Syosetu
Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , , Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
When I woke up, I was in a pure white room.There was only one machine in it, and that PC’s display had these words:【You cannot leave this room unless you rank first on the novel posting site, “Let’s Write a Novel”】And so began this story of me being trapped in this room with nothing in it, the story of my hellish daily life of posting novels.


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