Three Wishes chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Life passes by so quickly. Did you know that a human can only live about thirty thousand days? And here I am, already at the end of my life.” Yi reclined in his sickbed, looking at the man who sat beside him. A man who’d stayed unchanging through the decades.

Years past, when Yi had met the man for the first time, the man had been a tall, mature adult.

But now Yi was a white-haired senior, and Nie seemed like a child to him.

“I know I’m about to die. Will you grieve when I’m gone?” Yi’s voice trembled with age, wrinkles deeply creased his cheeks, and his eyes brimmed with the knowledge of life’s vicissitudes.

Without thinking, Nie tightly gripped Yi’s spotted hands, afraid that Yi would leave him the moment he loosened his hold.

A long time ago, Nie had lost a lover and his heart had ached beyond all measure.

This time, Nie felt Yi’s hand gently, peacefully, returning Nie’s hold. To his surprise, Nie didn’t feel the waves of sorrow and grief he’d expected.

Instead Nie felt calm. Serene.

Staring fixedly at the ill old man, Nie remembered when he’d been at the bottom of an abyss. When he’d seen neither the sun nor the sky, and the only thing he could do was hide in the mud, letting the insects bite on his wounds.

He remembered the joy that had stolen over him when that first thread of light shone on him after eons of darkness.

He thought of all the time he’d spent with Yi in his youth.

The realization that separation was acceptable came over Nie in a flash.

Because Yi had genuinely loved and cared for Nie. Because no matter how time marched on, Yi was in Nie’s heart. Even if Yi’s body grew old and his soul departed. Even if everything turned to ashes.

Yi would always be in Nie’s heart.

Once that warm, clear smile like sunshine had fallen on Nie, it could never wear away.

Quietly watching over the man in the bed, Nie allowed himself to completely forget the past things that should be let go, replacing them with memories that should never be forgotten.

“Do you remember why I’ve always been beside you?” Nie asked Yi very softly.

“It’s been too long, why should I remember?” Yi’s eyes showed a tender smile. “Truly, I don’t think it matters.”

“When you saved me from the magic lamp, I told you then that I’d grant you three wishes.” Nie almost whispered. “Don’t you know your three wishes by now?”

With a smile Yi stretched out a frail hand, lightly caressing the face of the young man before him: “I’ve never seen you smile. All this time you’ve been following alongside me and I’ve only felt your loneliness. I didn’t want to tell you my three wishes. Because I knew if I did, you’d complete them too soon. And the only thing awaiting you would be going back to a solitary infinity.”

“Yet now I’m going to die. Not even a demon can stop the passing of life.”

“For my first wish, I wish you to be happy.”

“My second wish is for you to be happy.”

“My third wish is for you to be happy.”

“These wishes are something I can’t do myself, but they’re what I desire the most. Only with the power of a demon can these wishes be fulfilled.”

Each wish issued from Yi’s mouth possessed the power of a spell, striking Nie straight through the heart.

At that moment, Nie, a demon of the world, gathered up the sick old man in his arms, tightly holding him close. As if Nie could embed the man into the marrow of his bones. As if the man could become a part of Nie.

Feeling Yi’s heartbeat pulse against his chest, Nie found that all his old hatred, despair, pain, and loneliness had completely dissipated away.

So long ago, a lover had died in Nie’s embrace, and the agony of it had torn Nie apart.

And now, the man who’d given Nie a second chance at life, the man whose love had made its way into Nie’s heart, was closing his eyes forever while being held in Nie’s arms. But Nie was filled with serenity.

“Very well.”

“Be at ease, I will live happily,” Nie said.

“I will forget the past, including you too.”

“That is what a demon does best.”

“Just it’s also the most difficult matter for a demon with the power to destroy heaven and earth.”

Yi’s eyes fluttered shut, a smile lurking on his old face.

He looked incomparably peaceful, like a child innocently sleeping.

Reminding Nie of the teenager he’d seen sleeping in the moonlight, when Nie had first come out of his lamp after ten thousand years of desperate solitude.

The corners of Nie’s mouth slightly curled up, revealing the first smile after so many years.

A sense of happiness welled up inside him.

While a tear slid from his eye and down his resolute cheek, before falling into the eyes of the white-haired man.

Still holding the old man, Nie slightly leaned over.

The next second an immense circular light burst out, radiating enough power to illumine the darkest depths of the cosmos.

Then a gold light flew up and out, making a beautiful arc against the vast blue skies of the firmament. Like a fleeting shooting star, its elegant glory shone down into the depths of the soul, making anyone who witnessed it incapable of forgetting it.

“I will remember your three wishes. Am I not the most powerful being under the sky, capable of ending the world? The demon that makes every person tremble? Naturally I will fulfill your three wishes.”

In the depths of creation, Nie gazed at the old man in his arms for a moment before bowing his head to softly kiss the wrinkled lips.

“After this you will die, but you’ll endure forever in my heart. It will never change, never fade away. You are a part of my body now. You’re my wings, and when I spread them they give me the strength to cut through the past and see the present. See the true world.”

“I love you……until forever.” Nie went to the first place he’d existed, when the universe was new, gently laying down the old man there. “So, even if I put you down now……I still keep you with me in the deepest way.”

The old man’s serene smile remained on his face, his short white hair as soft to the touch as it’d always been. Soft enough to reach a person’s most innermost being. Yet the man had never caused harm, instead giving endless warmth like the sun and affection like an infinite ocean.

Many, many years later, the world had gone through countless reincarnations.

People had long forgotten the old myths and fairy tales. Great ages and histories of epic voyages were submerged under towering mounds of data. Who could completely search it all?

Yet everyone knew of a winged man in black, able to soar to the highest, farthest places of the cosmos.

Nie had never felt that his life was lacking after Yi’s death, for Nie had striven to fulfill Yi’s three wishes.

“For my first wish, I wish you to be happy.”

“My second wish is for you to be happy.”

“My third wish is for you to be happy.”

“I will be happy as you wished,” declared Nie, “I will live in true happiness until the end of the universe.”

“Because that is what I once promised you.”

Hundreds of millions years later, embracing a man who loved Nie completely and whom Nie loved completely in turn, Nie’s mouth was raised with a warm smile.

“I am very happy, I have finally fulfilled your three wishes.”

Three Wishes

Three Wishes

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A dying man finally makes his three wishes.


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