Those Steps We Walked Together chapter 8

Chapter 8

The Group held a meeting at school on Friday.

They determined the details of the story and discussed a short outline for drawing the storyboard.

“On the steps of the opera house, the opera artist is holding his fallen wife. This painting is certain. It is the real beginning of our story.”

Julia ticked off the scenes everyone listed.

Cheng Ke Song was cutting out his sketches and handing them to Hugo to make a research report book. Hearing this, he glanced at the list in Julia’s hands.

“The Seine River on the night of the full moon also has a very good sense of scenery art, I think it can be added.” He said.

“Although Aran Cardian’s tombstone is not adjacent to the steps, we can do some artistic treatment, drawing a high step directly to his tombstone. The opera artist kneels on the top of the step, praying for Aran Cardian’s guidance. “Hugo added.

Julia really agreed: “This picture must be drawn too!”

Cheng Kesong handed the painting to Hugo. Both of their eyes met, and Hugo wittily stroked Cheng Ke Song hand and winked. . Cheng Kesong couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, as he gently kicked Hugo with his toes under the table.

Hugo Kong squeezed his fist pressed it against the tip of his nose, smiled and coughed lightly.

“Are you listening to what I said?” Julia stretched out her hands rather helplessly.

Bruno and Valentin, who were whispering to each other, immediately sat upright, pretending to look at Julia seriously.

“What?” Cheng Kesong asked.

Julia said: “There are only three paintings. If the scenes in front of the opera house and the tombstone are painted, the third one may need to be changed. Just a scene by the Seine can’t express what we want from the story.”

“It’s better to cut the picture into two parts, the real world on one side and the reflection on the other, symmetrical to each other.” Hugo suggested.

“But we won’t draw the real reflection, but we can draw the plot on the reflection side as the opera artist and his wife holding hands and standing together happily.” Cheng Kesong added.

Valentine blew a whistle and smiled at Cheng Ke Song and Hugo.

“You two joining forces together are really invincible!”

He said, making a gesture between the two.

Hugo said: “I will sort out the research report, and it may take a whole day to copy all the pictures and text you gave me in the official booklet. Kesong will be in charge of the storyboard, and he will be under great pressure and it’s also time-consuming. So I hope that the four of you can work together to complete those three paintings.”

Léia frowned: “There is not much time today, at most I can determine the composition and draft… Tomorrow is the weekend, the school does not open, we have to work together, let’s meet each other tomorrow.”

“Who has a house big enough to accommodate the six of us?” Bruno asked.

Julia took the lead in raising her hand: “I live with my parents, and there is a ten-year-old brother at home. He is very naughty so I don’t recommend to go to my house.”

Valentin and Bruno’s house situation is similar, It is not convenient to take so many people back.

Cheng Kesong also shook his head: “The room I rented is only 20 square meters.”

So everyone’s eyes focused on Hugo.

Hugo raised his hand showing a gesture of surrender, and said helplessly: “Well, tomorrow Saturday, everyone will meet at my house, we will have to complete the task all night!”

Hugo lives in Kewei on the 6th line. Near Sal station.

On Saturday morning, Cheng Kesong carried his painting tools on his back and followed the phone navigation to find Hugo’s downstairs.

Hugo went out to take Cheng Kesong into the building, and the two walked up to the top floor of the apartment building along a spiral staircase full of French classical romanticism.

The corridors of the old-fashioned apartments in Paris are a bit dim and narrow, and the doors are also wooden doors that look old.

After entering, you can see a diagonally downward roof, with a window facing the sky on the roof.

“This is the attic?” Cheng Kesong was surprised.

“Yes, I like the attic.” Hugo smiled.

The size of the room is not small, but there are no other wall partitions except the bathroom. It is a small room where you can see the head at a glance. Hugo nailed a rope to the inclined roof of the middle section of the bay, and hung some narrow European-style flags on it. The flags hung down to form a simple visual partition.

On the left hand side of the entrance is a small open kitchen. A workbench and several folding chairs are placed just two meters away from the cabinets.

Hugo walked in with Cheng Kesong, passed through the hanging flags, and came to the bedroom on the other side.

There is a huge circular carpet in the bedroom, the mattress is placed close to the inside of the angled roof, there is a TV at the foot of the bed, and three game consoles of different brands are stacked on top of each other in the TV cabinet. The handles and game disc boxes were randomly thrown on the carpet.

Next to the head of the bed is the desk, and closets and shelves are placed back against the wall away from the inclined ceiling.

This is a small attic with a simple layout but was designed by Hugo to be very comfortable.

The room was not cleaned up deliberately, the quilt on the bed was not folded, some changed clothes were scattered on the carpet, and there was a bag of open but unfinished potato chips beside the desk computer.

Hugo pinched a piece from the potato chip bag and threw it into his mouth, squeezed another piece, and handed it to Cheng Ke Song’s mouth.

Cheng Kesong reached out to take it up, but Hugo avoided it.

“Or do you want me to feed you with my mouth?”

He squinted at Cheng Kesong and laughed.

Cheng Kesong face reddened as he took the potato chips directly from Hugo, and turned his head to look at the paintings and various game posters on the wall.

Hugo leaned close to Cheng Ke Song from behind, put an arm on his shoulder, and half wrapped the person in his arms.

“That poster was drawn when I bought the latest “Halo” at the exhibition.” He said in Cheng Kesong’s ear, “Are you interested in playing games? When our weekly challenge is over, you can come to my house, we can play games together—Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft’s.”

Cheng Kesong laughed: “Okay.”

Hugo laughed happily, and put his other hand on Cheng Kesong’s shoulder. He put his arms around his neck behind him and pressed his face to his ear.

“Kesong, I…”

Hugo was interrupted by the ringing of the telephone.

He picked it up with some regret, and heard Bruno’s annoying voice: “I’m downstairs at your house, but there is an entrance guard! You have to come down to pick me up!”

Hugo let go of Cheng Kesong and grabbed his hair annoyingly and exited.

The group members arrived one after another, and the ambiguous atmosphere in the small attic was completely dissipated.

Cheng Kesong took out a stack of printed storyboard sections from his bag, on which he has already drawn a sketch with a pencil. He put the sketch in the center of the workbench, and let everyone see if there is a need to add or remove details, or if there are any suggestions or comments on the perspective of the screen.

After discussion, the storyboard was finalized after two changes were made to the screen, and the sketches of the three finished paintings were finalized, and everyone began to concentrate on painting.

Hugo compiled the research report.

The hard leather notebook used in the report book is a uniform style issued by the school. He needed to cut the sketches drawn by the team members and the photos taken into suitable shapes and paste them in, and mark the source of these graphic investigations, causes and consequences, and story ideas, etc. . Since all of these words need to be handwritten, he had to start the draft with a pencil, and then trace it with a pen after he was sure that the spelling was correct.

The workload was not small.

At noon everyone ordered take-out sushi, and after a brief meal, they immersed themselves in work again.

The first work to complete was Hugo’s research report.

He handed the report to Léya to check the gaps, and got up to move his limbs.

Cheng Ke Song’s storyboard is only half drawn.

He was extremely focused when he was painting, and he paid no attention to anything around him. It wasn’t until Hugo put one hand on the table next to him and pinched his shoulder with the other hand that he raised his head.

“Drink some water and take a break, you have been painting for a while.”

Hugo pointed to the water glass in front of Cheng Ke Song.

The glass of water was there from lunch, and it hasn’t even moved a little bit.

Cheng Kesong gathered the drawing paper, held up the cup and drank it, closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Tonight we may really have to pull a all nighter, half of it is still left.”

“No, my side has been completed. I’ll help you draw the storyboard in a while.”

Hugo stood behind Cheng Kesong while holding his shoulder.

At this time, Léia closed the research report, handed it back, and said with a smile: “It’s a perfect report book, I don’t think there is anything to change.”

Valentin looked up from the drawing paper: “Hugo’s report book never is not perfect. Our class has circulated the report book he made in the scene design class. It’s a pity that he didn’t learn the decoration design!”

Julia said, “Léia hurry back to paint. There are too many sculptures in our opera house. , I’m going crazy!”

Bruno interrupted at this moment: “My tombstone is almost finished, I will help you draw the sculpture in a while.”

Valentin wailed: “No! Bruno! You just agreed to come and help me paint, the water waves! These damn bubbles and refractions!”

Julia and Léia laughed gleefully.

The crowd chatted for a while, and once again immersed themselves in the work.

Hugo took a few drafts of the storyboard from Cheng Ke Song, moved the chair to his side, observed his method of drawing the storyboard, and imitated the details of the next few drafts.

The sky was completely dark unknowingly, and it was not until ten o’clock in the evening that all three finished drawings were declared complete.

Hugo stepped forward and hung the painting paper that had not yet dried completely on a drying line by the window. Valentin cleaned up the palette and bucket, and Léia got up and wiped the tabletop and floor clean.

“I have to go back. My mother has sent tens of thousands of text messages to remind me.” Julia said, rolling her eyes.

Bruno said: “I’m going to take Line 6 too, let’s go together.”

“How bad is the storyboard? Do you need me to stay for help?” Valentin looked back and asked with concern.

Cheng Kesong laughed and said: “It’s almost over, it will only take an hour or two.”

“I will help him paint, you all go back first.”

All four of them felt that Hugo and Cheng Kesong’s partnership was impeccable, and they did not insist, after saying goodbye to Hugo, they went downstairs to the subway station.

Hugo returned to the house and sat down beside Cheng Kesong.

The two continued to draw the storyboard without saying a word.

The last line was drawn, Cheng Kesong put down the pen, squeezed his fingers, and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Have some supper and take a break.”

Hugo had already checked and proofread all the storyboards in front of him. At this time, he put a plate of salted cheese biscuits and a glass of juice with Cheng Ke Song. He took the last page in Cheng Ke Song’s hand and looked at it carefully.

Cheng Ke Song stretched out with a yawn, drank all the juice, and ate two more biscuits.

“Ah, it’s almost twelve o’clock!” He was shocked, and immediately got up to pack his painting tools.

Most of the subways in Paris are out of service around one o’clock in the morning. If he doesn’t leave quickly, he might miss the last train. Although there are night buses in this city, he is not familiar with the bus routes here, so it is easier to take the subway.

Hugo’s hand holding the drawing paper paused.

He hesitated for a moment, and finally got up to help Cheng Kesong pack his things.

“I’ll take you downstairs.”

The lights in the corridor of the old apartment were a little dim. The two walked side by side on the narrow rotating steps, and their arms inevitably collided.

Hugo’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

Cheng Kesong descended a few more steps and looked back at Hugo in surprise.

The big boy face was covered in the light, the expression on his face was a little fuzzy and difficult to distinguish.

“No need to send me , I know the route, please go back and rest soon.” Cheng Kesong said.

Hugo descended a step, staring straight at Cheng Kesong.

“A… Faire la bise[1]?”

[1]Faire la bise: This act of cheek kissing]

In France, the Faire la bise is not only used to greet friends when they meet for the first time every day, but also can be used for the last goodbye every day.

Cheng Kesong smiled, stepped up a step, and moved his cheek to Hugo.

Hugo raised a hand and stroked Cheng Ke Song’s ear.

Then he suddenly pushed Cheng Kesong against the wall of the spiral staircase and kissed his lips.

The painting bag on Cheng Kesong’s shoulder slammed on the steps.

He raised his hand to hug Hugo’s waist and kissed back affectionately.

The two stood on this revolving step full of French romanticism, as their necks and shoulders, hugged each other tightly, and kissed each other viscously with their lips and teeth.

They hugged and kissed for a long time, until the voice-activated light in the corridor went out, and the two gradually stopped.

Breathing chaotically, Hugo whispered: “Kesong, I think…I am in love with you.”

“Whether you want to return to your country in the future, whether we will separate because of this in the future, at this moment , I can’t help it! I think we deserve to have…at least a few years of good memories. Isn’t it?”

Cheng Kesong put his forehead against Hugo’s forehead, panting “…Yes.”

Hugo gently pecked Cheng Kesong’s lips: “It’s past twelve o’clock.”

Cheng Kesong immediately straightened: “…I might miss the last train of the transfer.”


“Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday.”

“We can play games together… or something…”


Hugo laughed a few times, and a slight vibration passed through the chests of the two closely touching.

Cheng Kesong sighed almost inaudibly.

Hugo: “What?”

Cheng Kesong: “About the steps…I now have a better story.”

Hugo chuckled and kissed Cheng Kesong’s lips again.

“It’s a coincidence, I also know the same story.”

Those Steps We Walked Together

Those Steps We Walked Together

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
Cheng Kesong had an itch inside his heart since the first time he saw Hugo.He was helpless since that exotic boy was in a different class.Until one day, the school released a group challenge to separate classmates.Cheng Kesong looked at Hugo’s name on his team, excitement burning inside his heart.


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