Those Steps We Walked Together chapter 6

Chapter 6

According to the ideas provided by Julia, the story design of the group has begun to take shape.

Everyone decided to go home and start to refine the details of the plot, organize their own research notes, so that they can be summarized by Hugo.

And character design is also on the agenda.

The creative aspect of the characters is what Cheng Ke Song is not good at, so he decided to take a walk along the Seine on Thursday, to draw a picture of the steps that go into the water, observe the passers-by , and look for designs that might be eye-catching.

Desperately, he took the initiative to ask Hugo.

“Do you want to go with me together tomorrow?”

Hugo blinked and smiled immediately: “Okay.”

Since in their story, the plot which involves Seine takes place at night, they need to make a graphic survey of the night scene of the Seine. , So the two made an appointment to meet at the Place de la Concorde on Thursday afternoon.

Summer days in Paris are always very long, and it is often not dark even until after nine o’clock in the evening. Today happened to be the summer solstice[1] again. Although the agreed time between the two was five o’clock in the afternoon, the sky still did not change, but the temperature was slightly lower than midday.

[1] summer solstice — the Sun travels the longest path through the sky, and that day therefore has the most daylight. ]

The breeze blew on the Seine, stirring up a thin layer of fine waves.

Standing on the edge of the Seine in the square, Cheng Ke Song saw Hugo walking in the sun from a distance.

Hugo wore a slightly close-fitting gray-green cotton short sleeves, khaki cropped harem pants[2], and a pair of extremely simple beach flip flops under his feet. Instead of a belt on his trousers, it was tied with a long fabric belt. After a knot was tied, the tassels on both ends fell to his knees, swaying slightly with his footsteps.

This belt is woven from many high-purity colorful cloth strips, the color is vibrant, and it is very conspicuous against the gray tones.

Around his neck is a colored wooden decorative chain that matches the colored belt, and it is casually wrung on his chest.

For the first time, Cheng Ke Song saw someone who can combine clean and refreshing with exotic customs so ingeniously-Hugo’s temperament has always been like this.

When Hugo approached, Cheng Kesong discovered that the other party had replaced the three diamond studs on his face with rubies.

“Good afternoon.”

Hugo greeted him with a bright smile, raised his hand and half-wrapped Cheng Kesong’s shoulder, and made a face-to-face ceremony with him.

Cheng Kesong immediately noticed that the perfume on his body had also changed. It was a little richer than before, with a slightly moist and deep smell of amber and musk.

“Let’s take a walk along the Seine River. Do you want to go to the Citadel Island or to the Eiffel tower?”

Hugo asked, tilting his head.

Cheng Kesong didn’t think about it for too long: “Tower, the tower in the night is always beautiful, and I haven’t seen it for a long time.”

Both of them had no complaints about the itinerary, and went west along the the Seine, wandering slowly.

There are many bridges on the Seine River, and there are also many steps that extend from the shore into the water.

These steps are often built face-to-face, and when you go down from one side, you can see the upward steps on the other side. The river is not particularly clear, but four or five steps can be seen through the water.

Hugo sat down on the side rail of a step and leaned down to look at the reflection on the water.

“Actually, the Seine is not suitable for such a supernatural story. It is too conspicuous. Everyone who comes to Paris will come here oneway or the other. Whether you go to Notre Dame, the Tower, or even the Louvre. And it is too crowded here. The ship’s pass by, the business atmosphere is too strong, and nothing here can be matched with the word ‘salvation’ or ‘supernatural’ .”

There was an obvious worry in his tone.

“I think it’s okay.” Cheng Kesong sat down at the top of the steps, put his feet on the two stone slabs below, and continued to speak.

“Look, our story takes place on the night of the full moon. On the night of the full moon, anything can happen in the legend. At that time there will be a full moon in the sky, and there will be a full moon in the water, maybe It is at this time that a mysterious door will open between the two.”

Hugo listened to Cheng Kesong quietly. After watching him for a long time, he suddenly smiled: “You are not the same as I thought. .”

Cheng Kesong did not react for a while: “What?”

“The first time I saw you, you felt mysterious, as if nothing can move you. But now I know that I was wrong.”

Hugo curled up a leg. Putting his chin on his knees, he smiled and looked at Cheng Kesong.

“You are actually a very romantic person, there are many things that can move you, otherwise you can’t think of so many beautiful stories. You are just a little passive, and all your romantic feelings are hidden by you, rarely Someone can see it.”

Cheng Ke Song is still not used to being judged so directly, was a little embarrassed.

“I am very happy to have this opportunity to work with you to complete the weekly challenge mission.” Hugo smiled.

I’m also… very happy.” Cheng Kesong said.

“Hey, you stay like that, I want to draw a picture!”

With that said, Hugo suddenly jumped directly from the sidebar above the steps and landed on a step lower than where Cheng Ke Song was sitting. Due to his movements , his figure shook before stabilizing.

“Be careful!” Cheng Kesong got up subconsciously to help.

Hugo leaned against the wall of the sidebar behind him, grinning: “It’s okay!”

He took out the sketchbook from his bag, sat on the steps below, and started to sketch Cheng Kesong.

Cheng Kesong turned his head to look at the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk of the Seine.

Most of them are tourists on this road, with the excitement of seeing the beautiful scenery on their faces for the first time. They are dressed in casual clothes, and some women even wear colorful and colorful hats, which is somewhat incompatible with the temperament of the local residents of Paris.

In fact, this is not a very good observation point, but Cheng Kesong still felt the scenery here is very beautiful.

Whether it is breeze or sunshine, the fine waves on the steps , even the tourist boat passing by the center of the Seine in the distance makes him feel very happy.

There is also the big boy who is drawing him intently.

Hugo happened to raise his head and collided with Cheng Kesong’s gaze looking at him.

“Do you know you are handsome?” Hugo asked suddenly.

Cheng Kesong was taken aback, then shook his head.

He knew that he was not a handsome-looking person. His skin is a bit darker, his facial features are also very ordinary, and he has a pair of single eyelids. His nose is not very tall, and his lips are too thin.

He thought he was the kind of person who would be instantly dull when thrown into the crowd.

It is completely different from Hugo, who is destined to shine.

“You have an oriental mystical temperament. You may never have noticed how charming your dark eyes are.”

Hugo hugged the sketchbook to his chest, supported his chin with his right hand holding a pen, tilted his head and turned his face, to look towards Cheng Kesong.

Cheng Ke Song’s face was a little hot, he whimpered a few times, and said, “You are also handsome.”

“Me?” Hugo raised his eyebrows, “This look cannot be described as “handsome”. When they praise me, they use the word “beautiful”!”

“Let’s go, look for another step.”

Hugo stepped on the stone slab and walked up, and after the process, he stretched out his hand and pulled him up from the ground.

The two stopped and walked along the Seine, drew close-up and distant views of several steps, and drew sketches for each other.

At around seven o’clock, the sky gradually darkened.

The warm-colored sunset hung on the horizon, casting a sparkling golden light on the surface of the Seine.

Under this light, it is no longer suitable to continue painting. Cheng Ke Song and Hugo walked side by side by the Seine. The spire of the Eiffel Tower can already be seen in the distance, forming a silhouette against the setting sun.

“Dinner together? There is a nice little restaurant nearby.” Hugo suddenly said.

Cheng Kesong would naturally not refuse.

It was indeed a small restaurant, and there was a circle of iron outdoor dining tables under the awning[3] outside the restaurant as usual. The setting sun tilted, coming from far across the road, shining on the dining table through the gap of the awning.

The two sat down at the small outdoor table.

“Good evening, gentlemen.” The waiter quickly handed over the menu.

Cheng Kesong ordered a steak carefully, and Hugo did the same.

“Drink some wine?” Hugo asked with a smile.

Cheng Kesong opened his mouth and the words of refusal, finally turned into: “Okay.”

When dining in a restaurant in Paris, you can order a glass of wine. If you order a bottle of wine, the waiter will pour some in the glass and let the customer taste it. When the customer is satisfied with the taste of the wine, they will serve the customer a new bottle. Customers can even request a taste of every type of wine in the store, and then choose their own table wine.

But neither of them had such a hypocritical character. Cheng Kesong ordered a glass of Bordeaux as usual, but Hugo chose pink wine.

“Have you ever eaten snails when you came to Paris?” Hugo asked.

“I have tasted it the first day I came here.” Cheng Kesong said, “but I like the green garlic sauce better than the snail itself.”

“The bread slices dipped in green garlic sauce, are delicious!

” Yes, it’s delicious.”

“Apart from snails, what else have you tried?” Hugo asked curiously.

“A lot… but I still cook more by myself and rarely eat out.” Cheng Kesong laughed.

“Wow! Do you cook your own Chinese food?”

Cheng Kesong nodded: “Just cook rice, plus some simple stir-fry. I can’t make any complicated food.”


“It’s already great, I can only cook Italian Food.” Hugo curled his lips.

The waiter quickly brought the wine and put a small basket of baguette slices on the table. In western restaurants in Paris, this kind of baguette slices are provided free of charge, and you can ask the waiter if you want seconds.

When the two of them finished their steaks, Cheng Kesong followed Hugo’s method, pinching two slices of bread, tearing them apart and dipping them in the soup on the dinner plate.

“This restaurant launches a unique dessert every early summer, which is my favorite.”

Hugo said, calling the waiter and adding two rose ice cream balls.

“Their rose ice cream is made with roses that are blooming in the current season. It has a strong fragrance and a warm color. It is a double enjoyment of vision and taste. You must try it. But before that, I suggest you drink the wine first.”

Cheng Kesong sipped the little red wine left at the bottom of the glass into his mouth.

The ice cream is on the table soon.

Sure enough, as Hugo said, two round and bright red ice balls were placed side by side in a white porcelain plate with a golden rim. From the light from the glass windows of the restaurant, they were red and enchanting, as if two clumps of extremely passionate flames.

Hugo put his arms across the dining table and leaned forward slightly. He picked up a small scoop from the plate, put a small piece of ice cream into his mouth, tasted it slowly for a while, then stuck out the tip of his tongue to lick his lips.

“Fragrant and refreshing, I like the taste of the pure rose.”

Cheng Kesong only felt that the other party’s lips seemed to be dyed the same color by the crimson. It was flowery and charming.

Cheng Kesong lowered his eyes awkwardly and took a bite of the ice cream in front of him.

He rarely eats desserts, and he doesn’t like the overly sticky taste of cream and sugar. Especially French desserts, they are always too sweet, as if you can only taste the taste of sugar after a bite. He is even insensitive to macarons, known as the queen of desserts.

But the ice cream in front of him overturned Cheng Ke Song’s impression of French desserts.

No dairy products are added to this ice cream. The taste is very refreshing. Compared to ice cream, it looks more like a smoothie. At the begging there is a rich rose fragrance, and the very light sweetness is subtly integrated in this floral fragrance, like a finishing touch, mobilizing the taste buds of people.

No wonder Hugo admires it so much.

The rose is a symbol of love, its fragrance is rich and fragrant, elegant and mellow. Between his lips and teeth, in his nose, it stimulated every sense of Cheng Ke Song, making him feel that the breath was even more intoxicating than wine.

The sky has turned into a deep blue, and the afterglow of the setting sun has finally slowly dimmed. The Eiffel Tower in the distance lit up with golden lights at this moment when night was about to fall, becoming the most dazzling presence in the night scene of Paris.

Cheng Kesong looked at Hugo, but saw in his eyes a more dazzling light than the lights on the Eiffel Tower.

“I want to go to the iron tower.” Cheng Kesong heard his own voice say this.

Then Hugo answered with a smile.


Those Steps We Walked Together

Those Steps We Walked Together

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
Cheng Kesong had an itch inside his heart since the first time he saw Hugo.He was helpless since that exotic boy was in a different class.Until one day, the school released a group challenge to separate classmates.Cheng Kesong looked at Hugo’s name on his team, excitement burning inside his heart.


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