Those Steps We Walked Together chapter 4

Chapter 4

Lachaise Cemetery is located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, in Little Paris.[1]

“Wow-I can’t believe it, that the two of you came up with this story!”

Leia’s eyes widened as she exclaimed in an exaggerated tone.

She did not come to the school on Monday afternoon to meet, but she listened to Bruno telling the story about the ‘steps of the Louvre’ that Cheng Ke Song and Hugo had come up with.

Now the four of them are sitting on the steps outside the Paris Opera, waiting for Julia and Valentine to come.

“I went to the Sacred Heart Church with Valentin yesterday, did you know? That guy actually came up with a horror story in the church, killing and haunting…I don’t have any expectations for his creativity. Léia grumbled.

“Julia is similar to Valentin. The story she came up with is that the animal bones in the Natural Museum came alive and rushed out along the steps, stirring chaos in the streets of Paris!”

Bruno said laughing. “Look, at the end of the story, what does it have to do with the stairs!”

Hugo laughed after hearing the words: “It is a wise choice for us to divide into 3 groups. If you let Valentin and Julia get together, I don’t know what kind of magical story will be created.”

“Hey, Hugo, don’t think I don’t know you!” Bruno said mercilessly, “If it weren’t for Kesong, you wouldn’t be able to think of such a good love story!”

Hugo stunned: “Who said we are telling a love story?”

Bruno stretched out his hand and hooked Hugo’s neck, smirking: “Aha! Don’t think I can’t see it, your story is filled with pink bubbles! Although you use “him” when you tell us, don’t worry, I don’t discriminate against homosexuals.”

Hugo punched Bruno on the shoulder: “Shut up, you!”

Cheng Ke Song was also a little embarrassed, and smiled helplessly: “Why can’t it be friendship?”

“Because friendship is never more touching than love!”

Leia leaned in and put on a shy posture exaggeratedly.

While these few people were arguing , Julia and Valentine came out together from the subway entrance and crossed the road to the square of the opera house. Valentin put the last bite of the sandwich in his mouth, as he threw the wrapping paper into the garbage bag at the intersection, and hurried over.

Seeing Cheng Ke Song, Valentine’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t wait to speak as he hurriedly swallowed down the food.

“kesong! I heard about your story! The Chinese are so romantic! Oh!”

He said it was a heart-warming gesture.

“In fact, most Chinese believe that France is the real romantic country,” Cheng Kesong explained.

“No, no, listen to me.”

Valentin swallowed the contents in his mouth hard, and said: “I saw a collection of Chinese poetry from my grandmother, which is said to be from more than a thousand years ago. The romantic feelings of those poems written by the ancients are several levels higher than those of the French!”

Cheng Kesong didn’t know what effect the ancient poems would bring when translated into French, and since there was no way to refute it. He could only respond with a smile.

“Okay, but it is undeniable that the story you and Hugo created is very romantic.” Valentin surrendered.

Hugo shrugged helplessly and said: “Well, everyone, let’s go to the opera house, to draw a sketch of those steps, while composing some romantic stories .”

Julia lifted the backpack on her shoulders, very much dissatisfied.

“Why must it be a romantic story? I think the Opera House is very suitable for horror stories…”

The Paris Opera House is a typical Baroque-style building, combined with a Greek-style colonnade. The facade and the interior of the building are carved with complex Ornamentation. The murals in the corridor are connected to each other, and the mirrors of the large expanse are radiantly reflected in the light.

The group of six came to the lobby of the opera house.

In front of their eyes is the very spectacular and famous steps.

The whole body of this step is made of marble, and the handrails are made in a smooth arc shape, meandering upwards, with the ends extending to both sides, like a pair of branches . On the cylindrical high platform at the beginning of the armrest, there are two female statues at each end. The statues hold several candlesticks in their hands. The candlesticks are filled with candles-of course, now it is all electric candles.

There are dozens of these tiller candlesticks in the hall, and the whole hall is recovered in a luxurious gold.

Cheng Kesong raised his head to admire the intricate patterns carved on the walls of the hall.

This opera house is a gem of architectural art, no matter how many times he comes here, he will never be tired of it.

“Did you know? There is a huge underground lake in the the opera house,it’s not open to tourists.”

Valentin began to tell the mysterious story again.

“In the” Phantom of the Opera, “which everyone saw.”

” When the night came, all the senses were sharpened, and the darkness awakened the illusion “

Valentin opened his bag and took out his sketchbook, while imitating the accent of the opera.

“Perception is silent, all the senses put down their defenses, when a sound was heard”

“Close your eyes, because they only tell you the facts, and these facts are not what you want to see”

Julia also joined in.

Cheng Kesong looked at the two people standing on the edge of the steps who were co-operating well, and the corners of his mouth could not help but twitched slightly.

“Have you seen ‘The Phantom of the Opera’?” Hugo asked.

Cheng Ke Song shook his head: “No, but I will watch when I go back.”

“I have a CD of that movie at home. If you need it, I can bring it to you tomorrow.”

“Is it a good story?”

“It’s not bad, it’s a mixture of love and horror themes, and there is a lot of opera-like music in it.”

Hugo, paused, and added: “It’s in English, can you understand it?”

Cheng Kesong Nodded and said: “I can try it.”

“I can help you find the script book , If I remember correctly ,I bought it. It will be easier to understand with the script.”

“Okay, then you can bring it to me tomorrow.”

Cheng Kesong suppressed his untimely anxieties, of watching the movie together and leaned on the wall opposite the arc steps, and opened the sketch book to start drawing.

After Julia and Valentine performed their opera, they leaned over and picked up their painting tools and descended from the steps.

“Wait, don’t come down!” Bruno exclaimed: “I’m drawing your interaction! Go back and take the pose just now!”

Julia: “Hey! You can’t be so selfish, we also want to draw. , The future research report must have our paintings!”

“It makes sense.” Bruno nodded, and reached over Leia’s shoulder, and poked Hugo with a pencil, “Hey, you two, yes, that’s right. You and Ke Song-you two have got your perfect sketches yesterday, now go to the steps to help us, go put on a pose!”

“But what we drew yesterday was not the steps of the opera house.” Hugo naturally disagrees: “And The story here hasn’t been decided yet. How do we pose?”

“The story is easy to tell!” Valentin interjected, “Who said that that the people who like opera must be nobles, the servants who clean the steps, light candles in this hall, they can also like opera.”

“But they don’t have a stage, so they can only sing a few words of their favorite lyrics when cleaning here every night. There is a maid who loves the butler, and every night the butler performs their love opera on the step’s together—”

Julia said disgustedly: “Can you really tell a decent love story?”

“One day, the maid accidentally fell into the lake under the opera house and never came back.”

“She turns into a ghost and sings the opera she once sang with the butler on this step every night.”

Valentin did not live up to Julia’s expectations.

Hugo sighed exaggeratedly, and shook his head again.

Valentin immediately reacted: “Why, isn’t the story good? The steps connecting the with underworld, this definition has appeared in many myths and stories.”

“I think it’s not bad.”

Julia was very serious . She nodded, and added: “But don’t involve the underground lake. Let the butler and the maid have a dispute. The butler accidentally pushed her down the steps and she died unfortunately, but after that the butler regretted it –”

“My God , This story is not good at all.” Bruno also shook his head.

Valentin gave a “tsk” and looked at Cheng Ke-song again: “What does the ‘Almighty Kesong’ think? Don’t always keep silent!”

” Does it have to happen in the opera house?” Cheng Ke-song was helpless.

“Of course!”

“Well, then I think it’s better to have an opera artist.” Cheng Kesong really started to think about it.

After a while, he smiled and said, “A couple of opera artists often perform in the opera house. One day, they had a very important performance, but the wife’s body was a little unwell. The gentleman felt that the performance was important and the illeness was not a big deal, because he himself often performed on the stage with illness, so his wife finished the performance with illness.”

“After the show ended successfully, the wife collapsed on this step when she left the opera house.”

“The gentleman regretted so much that he resigned from his role as an actor and came to clean the steps as a cleaner every night. He can only see his wife’s ghost again when he is on this step at midnight every day. So he’s been doing his job as a cleaner, staying with his wife every night, and never been on stage again.”

After the story was finished, Valentin stared at Cheng Ke Song with a speechless expression on his face.

Julia laughed a few times: “I finally know why Simon is jealous of me! Ha! Ke Song really is almighty!”

With that, she put her amrs around Cheng Ke Song’s neck very naturally and squeezed him.

It has been almost a year since Cheng Kesong came to Paris, but he still can’t adapt to the enthusiasm of the girls here, but he also knows that this is the culture of the city, so he didn’t hide.

“Hey, let go!” Hugo smiled and pushed Julia away, “Croissant[1], is very introverted, you will scare him like this.”

[1]kesong in chinese is also written as croissant]

“Oh, Asians are really easy to be shy!”

“I think this story is not bad.” Hugo immediately changed the subject.

“Add one more vote.” Léia raised her hand.

“So, how did the cleaner artist and his ghost wife get along on the step? we need two models?” Valentin reiterated the old story.

Several students immediately voted and drove Cheng Kesong and Hugo from the ground.

“No, it’s a couple, why don’t you let a girl play it?” Cheng Kesong blurted out.

Valentin exclaimed: “Do you discriminate against homosexuals?”

Cheng Kesong was taken aback : “…No.” Hugo gave Cheng Kesong a surprised look.

“That’s right–” Valentin refused to give up. “Hurry up, we want to draw sketches with dynamic characters. Now among us only the two of you have good pictures in your hands. You must give us one, opportunity to paint.”

Cheng Ke Song was still standing still, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, but Hugo suddenly grabbed his wrist.

Hugo pulled the person to the middle of the steps, and one of his arm was lightly resting on the handrail behind him. He half-circled Kesong in his arms, turned his head and barked his teeth at the four people under the steps.

“Hurry up and draw!”

The familiar woody scent between the two of them was faint a lot.

Cheng Kesong thought: He doesn’t seem to have smoked today.

“The story just now is also very good. You have a talent for writing stories.”

Probably to avoid embarrassment, Hugo found a topic: “When this year’s preparatory course is over, which major do you want to go to?”

The art school Cheng Kesong was in is divided into several campuses, and each campus is divided into several majors. When he applied to this school, he reported in the digital art campus. After the first year of the preparatory course, they will be divided into three majors: 2D animation, 3D animation and game art.

What Hugo asked at this time is what was the direction Cheng Kesong wanted to choose in the future.

“I… haven’t decided yet.”

“Your drawing skills are very good, and you are good at making stories, and the storyboards are also very good. Two-dimensional animation can’t trouble you.” Hugo laughed.

Among the three major branches of this school, the two-dimensional animation class is the most difficult to enter.

“How about you?” Cheng Kesong asked.

“Game art.”

Hugo answered without hesitation.

The few people under the steps finished sketching, and Cheng Kesong and Hugo drew their own angles. They found a cafe for lunch, and also, sorted out their thoughts so far.

At the dinner table, Valentine suddenly offered another different opinion.

“According to the story told by Kesong, the wife of the opera artist should be buried in the cemetery? While the plot has not yet been finalized, should we go to Lachaise Cemetery tomorrow? See if there is any other inspiration? ”

Hugo disagreed:.” Don’t always look for inspiration, we should leave enough time to draw the storyboard ”

” today it is Tuesday, I suggest we go more than a few places, “Julia replied.

The two looked at Cheng Kesong together.

“I also think it’s only Tuesday, so don’t worry.”

Cheng Kesong smiled and looked at Hugo.

Those Steps We Walked Together

Those Steps We Walked Together

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
Cheng Kesong had an itch inside his heart since the first time he saw Hugo.He was helpless since that exotic boy was in a different class.Until one day, the school released a group challenge to separate classmates.Cheng Kesong looked at Hugo’s name on his team, excitement burning inside his heart.


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