This is My Common Sense chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“It is common sense to have your excretion seen by men in the toilet.”

I was told this the instant I entered the park toilet. That’s why I brought the man who said this with me into the cubicle and let him see me peeing. If there were no men around, then I would have nearly peed by myself. Using common sense, that’s not possible, though.

“Masturbating after excretion is common sense.”

Yes. I must masturbate after peeing. Although I haven’t wiped yet, it can’t be helped since it’s common sense.

“It is common sense to say lewd words while masturbating.”

“Pussy! My pussy feels good! Schlucking my pussy sticky with pee using my finger feels so good! My rock hard nipples are also erect, and my clitoris is also standing sti-ff! My pussy juices won’t stop anymoore!!”—I screamed while masturbating. After all, that’s common sense.

“Before cumming, you will obscenely declare it while climaxing. At that time, taking a shit is common sense.”

Since I was about to cum—“I’m a perverted woman who masturbates and drips out pussy juices in the park toilet. Masturbating feels too good that my pussy is already twitchting. No more, I’m cummiiiiiiing!”
-*splaaaaaash*!! *Bfft* *Bfft* *Bfft*!! As I squirted, I pooped while cumming. In front of a man. I am not embarrassed. Because this is common sense.

“It is common sense to give fellatio when a man takes out his cock.”

The man took off his trousers and brought his cock in front of my face. After I licked the tip and head with a *smooch*, I used my hand to massage his testicles as I licked it all over while it was inside my mouth, and sucked with all my strength as I moved my head back and forth. Although it’s troublesome, since it’s common sense, I politely did it. Then the man got worked up and said this.

“It is common sense to put a cock inside your pussy and have it cum inside, after it has gotten stiff to a certain extent from the fellatio.”

Once it reached a certain extent, the man’s cock got stiff after taking it out, and as it was *twitching* inside of my mouth since a while ago, I thought that it was about to cum. I removed my mouth, and said “Please put your cock inside of my pussy and cum inside me”. The man immediately put it inside my pussy, and pistoned several times before cumming. Not good, not good! I’m glad that I didn’t do something that was so lacking in common sense as making him ejaculate from fellatio.

“When you’ve had someone cum inside you, using the most appreciative words to give thanks while wiping the cock with your own panties is common sense.”

Exiting the toilet cubicle, I performed a dogeza. “Thank you very much, dear sir, for letting out your most precious semen inside of my pussy.”–I spoke, still kneeling while wiping his cock clean with my panties. Since this is common sense, it is only natural.

“You will wear those panties just like that. Without wiping your ass or pussy. That is common sense.”

I stood up and put on my panties. My panties were sticky with the man’s semen and my pussy juices, and semen was dripping from my pussy. There was a little poo still stuck to my butt, and, come to think of it, I still haven’t wiped after I peed. I won’t wipe since it’s common sense, though.

“After exiting this toilet, you will forget everything that happened in the toilet, and you won’t care even if you feel discomfort in your body. However, from now on, you will come here every day and repeat the same thing. The man will change every day. This is your common sense.”

After the man left, I also exited the toilet. I feel as though I’m forgetting something, and I feel discomfort around my crotch, but I don’t care. However, I must come back to this toilet again tomorrow.

That is my common sense.

This is My Common Sense

This is My Common Sense

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
Although it’s troublesome, since it’s common sense, I politely did it. Not good, not good! I’m glad that I didn’t do something that was so lacking in common sense…. This is my common sense.


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