The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin B*tch chapter 2

Chapter 2

He seemed a bit flustered, but I couldn’t care less. I took off my robe, my shoes, everything, even my shorts, which were damp, and threw them off the bed.

I also stripped off Larks-san’s clothes, who was standing right next to the bed. These fucking knight’s uniforms are so complex, I wasn’t even sure If I should start by pulling the pants or starting with another piece?

“Looks delicious…”

As soon as I relaxed in front of him, I suddenly sighed at the hard thing that popped out.

“I’m sorry, Rezel-sama. It’s just that I’m sweating and stuff, and, uhh…”

Larks-san, who seemed to be concerned about sweat and dirt, tried to back away. Rather, as if I was lured by the smell, I approached him and took a taste, and the irresistible flavor and scent filled my brain.

“Hmm, hn, hng, …haa, deliciousss…”

I tried to take it into the depth of my throat and savour it on impulse, but I almost gagged at the thickness and length that almost made my jaw lock, so I shifted to licking it with my tongue. Both ways were delicious. I couldn’t get enough.

“Haa, Re-zel-sama, If-if you would like me to serve… I… I’m gonna…!”

Lick, suck, stroke, hold, and savour it.

Larks-san, who seemed to be an earnest person, reached out his hand as best as he could even though sometimes he jolted and bounced his hips. I could taste his manhood all I wanted.

A service? I removed my mouth from it and thought about it. It’s true that my nipples are flaring painfully, and my hole is tingling to the point that I can feel my love juices trickling down my thighs. I want him to touch me.

But right now, I want to swallow his semen as soon as possible. I’m soaking wet, but I’m still a virgin, so I don’t think I’ll be able to taste it down there smoothly. Yeah, let’s take it in the mouth first. I rejected his suggestion.

I shook my head and showed a simple refusal, and enjoyed the feel of the glans oozing nectar with my tongue before taking a gulp down in my throat.

“Ngh, ahh…!” Larks-san’s voice, which leaked out as if he couldn’t hold it in, was pleasant to my ears.

While getting drunk with the pubic hair that grazes the tip of my nose and the stuffy smell, I used my tongue, my cheeks, and the depth of my throat to suck it up! In the next moment, I brought it back to the edge of my lips and then back to the depths of my throat. The next moment, I’m back to the edge of my lips and down to my throat again.

I moved my head up and down, savoring every drop. I’m feeling good just by stimulating my throat and lips.

“Ahh, uh, …s-stop, Rezel-sama! If you do it that hard, I-I’m going to cum…!”

While I was entranced and intoxicated by the sensation, as if my mouth and throat had become my genitals​, I heard Larks-san’s voice from above me, he couldn’t hold it anymore.

Let it out. Let it out. Give me your semen. Let me drink it. Pour it on me. Up and down. It’s so sticky​ and gooey. Mark me from head to toe with semen all over. I want it inside me. Fill me up. All of it. All of it. Dye me with a manhood scent. Fill me. Fill this hunger.

“…Ahh, u, uhhhh…!”

Suddenly, a hot substance splashed in my mouth, I gulped down reflexively. My scattered thoughts return for a moment.

Ah, I was lost in my thoughts for a moment because I wanted too much semen. Really, such a disgusting bloodline curse.

I sucked up every last drop and swallowed it. After a while, I noticed an indescribable discomfort in my mouth and throat, which made me knit my brow.

“I-I’m so sorry, Rezel-sama. Only me cum…”

Larks-san who is shivering and bowing his head, offered me a towel and a glass of water, which he seemed to have prepared for me unnoticed. There was a water jug, a cup, and some fruit on the night table next to the bed, so I guess that’s where it came from.

As I seemed to have calmed down enough to be able to observe the room, I gratefully accepted the glass offered to me and gulped down the water.

“Ehh, u-m, gulped down…!”

Larks-san, who had apparently intended to ask me to wipe up his residue with a towel, was flustered, but I had no choice. I couldn’t afford to waste a single drop. That’s how thirsty I was.

“Haa… it was delicious. Thank you for the food.” Then I clasped my hands together and looked at Larks-san, who was bright red and speechless.

He was 25 years old. He was six years older than me, and he was a nice, fresh young man with a knightly trained body and a stoic face, but for some reason he had no experience with women, not even kissing. I guess he didn’t expect that I would suddenly give him fellatio. I’m sorry about that.

Hmm… He let it out once, and it’s bad enough to force him to continue now in that state.

Where are the other sacrificial dicks…

“Eh, what happened to the others?”

“Well, they came with us to the inn, so I think they’re waiting in another room…”

“I see. Then…”


Should I call the next one? As I was about to stand up, I felt a pleasant sensation run across my skin when Larks-san’s rugged hand caught my arm. I couldn’t help but look over at him, and his slim fingers looked really scrumptious.

I was going to call the next one, but before I do that, couldn’t I have this hand caress me once or something…? He said earlier that he would serve me…

“This is selfish of me, but… Could you please not invite anyone but me into this room until I’m no longer useful…?”

As I stared blankly at his hand, lost in my imagination, I tilted my head when a shaky voice told me that.

Until it is no longer useful, but usually men are not useful for a while once they have come… Ah.

“It looks like you still can do it, doesn’t it?”

“Well, uh, yes. I can still do it.”

I looked away from his hand. Even though he had already let it out once, I wasn’t sure if he was empty, or if he was going to let it out again. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw how vigorous his thing was, and Larks-san shyly admitted as much. His shy smile is cute, but his thing looks vicious.

Hmm. So he still could do it. And he said he hoped that the other sacrifices would be left out of my clutches until he was no longer useful.

“Rezel-sama wanted more than one person, but, uh, I…”

“No, I just want you to fill me up continuously, so we can take turns. Some people may wilt if they see someone else’s dick. And since you’re all coworkers, you don’t want to make things awkward in the future.”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant…”

I wanted to listen to Larks-san, who was mumbling quietly with a bright red face, but it seemed that my time was up. Because my thoughts melted and I couldn’t take my eyes off, I could only think of consuming the feast that I had tasted with my mouth earlier.

“I’m sorry. I think it’s time for me to get some of that. I promise that I won’t call anyone else until Larks-san is no longer useful, so please take off your clothes now. I’m starting to miss body warmth. I want you to hug me tightly.”

“…! I’m sorry, right away!”

Larks-san came up on the bed while taking off his clothes with his fingers, which seemed to be rugged, and skillfully unraveled the knight’s uniform that I struggled with earlier, and his well-trained body was gradually revealed. My throat gulped at the sight of his well-trained body, which was becoming more and more apparent.

I want to feel it. I want to touch it.

Following my impulse, I moved closer on the bed, reduced the distance, and reached out my hand.

“You seem well-trained…”

“T-thank you!”

The naked Larks-san, grinned happily in response and was waiting for me with his hands spread out on his lap, prepared to fulfill my earlier request.

I sat down sideways on his thighs and was immediately caught in his arms, causing me to exhale.

“Hmm, the stability of… Ah, the scars…”

I gently stroked the fine scars that came into view from the time his well-trained body had been worked up to this point, Larks-san’s body shuddered, and the heat against my hole grew hotter and hotter.

“Fufu, ah!” The laughter that escaped me turned into a gasp when a hand began to stroke and rub my skin in retaliation.

“Ah, ha, uh, hn, ahhh…” The feeling of a large hand stroking up my thigh and down my armpit, then gently lifting and squeezing my breasts, gradually weakened my composure.

“Nn, no…” Rezel’s voice leaked out together with the sounds of the hands rubbing her breasts.

“No, haa, hyaa, …hey-n!?”

Together I felt the feeling of my thighs being rubbed with one hand while the other invoked a sweet tingling sensation from being pinched at the tip of my breasts, which were squirming and twisting and changing shape, when suddenly the hand on my thighs quickly moved down.

“No, ahh, hn, hn, uhn.” My body trembled and jerked as he stroked my dripping wet pussy.

“No, d-don’t, don’t look at me…! Hey, Ah!” He stared at it so much, and I glared at Larks-san, who was breathing heavily, but his hand didn’t stop.

“May, I, kiss you…?” He asked me in a quiet voice that was almost drowned out by my incessant panting, and I nodded my head without thinking.

“Good, so good, oh, fu, uhh, hnn…!”

It was only when he covered my lips that I knew he was begging me for a kiss. Larks-san gave me a gentle kiss that softly touched me, but I was in heat and soon wanted oral pleasure as well, so I twisted my tongue and sought his saliva.

Oh. Come to think of it, this is my first kiss.

Larks-san also said he had never kissed either, until we shared one today.

I thought about it absentmindedly, but then I realized that I had kissed, sucked, licked, and swallowed a lot more before that, which made me laugh strangely.

Ah, totally disgusting blood. I felt sorry for Larks-san who had to deal with this stuff. No, but he volunteered to do it alone, even though it might be to protect his other colleagues. It doesn’t go limp either. It’s probably not my sweat, but his oozing bodily fluids that are helping to lubricate the movement of his penis, which has been rubbing loosely against my hole for some time now. In other words, he’s probably quite enthusiastic.

His tongue, his hand stroking my bottom, his strong arm supporting me, all of it was hot, as he was doing his best to meet my demands. It’s so hot that I almost feel like I’m being sought after.

“Hnn, huh!?”


A light tearing sound was heard as a finger extended out from the hand that had been caressing the surface and slipped inside me.

It suddenly felt like I was going to burst.

“~~~~~! …No, ah, I-I said wait, ha, ah, ahhhH!”

“Yes yes, it’s so adorable that it’s clamped down tightly.”

Saying something indistinct in an indifferent voice, that contrasts with my screaming gasp that escaped the kiss, Larks-san chuckles as he moves his fingers inside my pussy and crushes the flower buds with his palm, attacking me incessantly.

No, no, no! This, this is something that I’m probably going to get addicted to! It feels good, but it’s too stimulating!

“St, st, stop! I’m losing my mind, hii, stop, ah, ahh…!” I shook my head desperately, I cried out in a hoarse voice, my eyes welling up with tears.

“You don’t like it? But it’s too tight for me to insert mine. …Or would you like me to stop now?” said hot headed Larks-san, who had stopped moving his fingers and tilted his head.

“No, no, I want your dick! My body is so hot with arousal that it is going to be unbearably itchy all the time if you don’t squirt your semen all over me until I’m a soggy mess deep inside…” When I expressed my urge and what I desired, Larks-san cleared his throat as if he was shocked by my overly straightforward request.

“…Um, …then, let’s hang on just a little more.”

Another finger was inserted at the same time as he said that. Even the pressure and the creaking pain were converted into pleasure for me, and I was a witch of Chenrunonil to no end.

The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin B*tch

The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin B*tch

Kyuukoku no Majo-sama wa Shojo B*tch, The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin Slut, 救国の魔女様は処女ビッチ
Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“Your country? I can save it, but please give me 5 or 6 virgin dicks. I’ll use my powers if you can give me ones that’ll pump me with fresh semen until they turn flaccid.” “I love you. I will definitely satisfy you, so please let me be the only one. Let’s get married.” A story about a witch heroine who saved the country who is a thoroughbred virgin sl*t due to her bloodline, and a peerless knight who wants to make such a witch his own no matter what.


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