The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin B*tch chapter 3

Chapter 3

He fingered me a few times and, soon after, he suddenly shook his hips, I writhed, I was in the middle of a climax, and the heat that burst out of me made me climax repeatedly as I lost count, until Larks-san came probably around three times.

“I don’t want anyone else to touch you. I love you. I’m happy to be your first. I like you, Rezel-sama. If I impregnate you after this, will you marry me…?”

At first, I thought that these words that he said over and over again were just lip service, or pillow talk.

His passionate gazes and the serious expression on his face made it hard for me to believe that he was lying or joking.

The hands that caressed me so lovingly and the irresistible kisses pouring down on me truly made me feel like they were truly dedicated to a loved one.

He has already cum inside me three times without pulling out, and now I’m being shaken more and more fiercely as if he’s not going to let anyone else take me. While I continue to be pushed up by the extreme pleasure, I wanted to believe it was true.

“Rezel-sama, Rezel-sama, ah, my dear, I love you, so please stay with me…!?”

His words, whispering in a mellow voice, suddenly cut off, and the rhythm stopped.


As I turned my head, no longer able to speak properly due to my panting breaths, his hand gently touched my cheek.

“Please don’t cry, Rezel-sama. I apologize. I was caught in the heat of the moment, was drunk with happiness, and expressed my uncertain hope…”

Larks-san, who was pale and bowing his head, wiped my face as he knew that I was indeed crying.

“Ah, it’s not like that, just, I mean that I don’t know why you won’t stop.”

I rushed to wipe my eyes, but the tears kept flowing.

“Ah, your eyes will turn red if you rub it that much. Wait, I’ll give you something to cool you down…!?”

He lowered his eyebrows and stopped my hand, as if he was deeply concerned. When I burst into tears, Larks-san opened his eyes.

“I-I apologize Rezel-sama, I-I’ll pull…”

“No, don’t pull out!”

He was about to make a move, but I held him firmly by the waist with both legs, stopping the heat from escaping.

“Umm, but you’re crying because you’re sick of me…”

“No, no, no. It’s because I hate myself. I hate the blood of Chenrunonil that won’t be satisfied even after all this, and I’m so happy with Larks-san’s words that I feel elated and over the moon…”


“Hiyaa, eh, uh, w-why are you getting hard now?”

As we talked, the heat that had been fading regained momentum, and Larks-san hugged me tightly.


He lifted my upper body and changed my position to face-to-face sitting. I let out a shameful moan as the hot stick penetrated even deeper under my own weight, while his body temperature, which was slightly higher than my own, covered me.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with his toughness, even though I can barely lean on him anymore.

“I couldn’t help but think that you said you accepted my love and that thought made me happy.”

At his words, tears started to fall again as he gently stroked my head with his big hand.

“Wh-why do you say that, Larks-san? W-why do you say you like me?”

A large palm stroked my back as I hiccuped and asked.

“…Well, actually, I’ve known about you for a while. I know this may sound creepy to you.

This opportunity to serve you first is something I took with force by beating up all my colleagues in the Knight Order.”


Did Larks-san just say he beat them up?

He was so polite and gentle that I couldn’t help but feel that these words didn’t suit him. Looking somewhat impatient, he continued to ramble on.

“Ah, I’m not a stalker! Even if I say I heard about you through others, and wanted to see you for a long time, I’ve managed to hold back.”

“Through others?”

“Ah, yes. I was dormmates with Waven Chenrunonil at the knight academy and had a chance to hear about you, his sister-in-law…”

The explanation quickly reminded me of the family that my mother entrusted me with, my mother’s older brother and his wife have one daughter and three sons, the second of which was Waven. Incidentally, the curse of Chenrunonil can only be passed down in the female line, so although we share the same last name, no one in this family has the same power or curse as I do.

Waven-san gave up on knight academy early and dropped out after three months, and now he has become a merchant and has been fairly successful, but there was certainly a time when he stayed in the dormitory of the knight academy.

Waven would never think that the person he was with there would be the sacrificial cock to your sister-in-law.

“From your explanation, my cousin describes me as a ‘crybaby’, ‘fastidious’, ‘spoiled brat’ and all bark and no bite…”

I mumbled to myself, and Larks-san chuckled.

“Yes, you’re right. He said, “You’re a spoiled brat who keeps crying, ‘I hate it, I hate it,’ even though you’ve been blessed by the gods of Chenrunonil.””

“Well, normally people would hate being cursed, right?”

I couldn’t help but grumble, Larks-san chuckled awkwardly while wearing a troubled smile and averted his gaze.

“As for me, thanks to that, I’m able to help you with the curse… But I’m sure it’s a nasty curse in your eyes.”

These words reminded me of the current situation.

We were both naked and entangled in each other’s bodies, and I was full of his semen and the plug that seemed like a seal stopping it from flowing.

Yeah, well, it’s the first time I met someone like him.

“That’s why I can’t help but fall for your nobility, your devotion, for using the power you call a curse for the good of others, even though you knew it would shatter your virginity, even though you knew you would be compelled to seek a man in this way.”

I felt my body stiffen at the words he said gently.

I shook my head in a panic.

“It-it’s not that noble. It’s not. Even if I have the power, if I don’t use it, I’ll regret it, and I won’t be able to sleep well.”

“I heard that you have a habit of saying, ‘I don’t want to be like my mother’. I’ve also heard that you are so guarded about the opposite sex that you keep your distance from even your cousin Waven, to the extent that you barely see him. I know you won’t make the decision to rely on a curse that you loathe so much.”

“B-because I really hate it… I may sound silly, but when I was little, my dream was to be a ‘wife’. I’ve been dreaming of building a peaceful and happy family with only my dearest person like my uncle and his wife, but I’m cursed with this blood…”

“I’ve heard that too. Waven praised you for studying and training your power so that you may one day use it.”

“… I’m sure you’re going to make fun of me, right?”

“Well, I’m not going to ridicule you.”

He chuckled, and I felt my shoulders relax.

“Ahh, ‘wife’, I wanted to be…”

Unintentionally, I spit out the number one reason for my tears earlier, the dream I couldn’t throw away.

“Yes, by all means, please be with me. I’ll be your only one.”

I listened to Larks-san’s words with disbelief as he hugged me tightly.

Why would he say this?

Because of this, I’ve once again seen the dream that I had abandoned when I promised to lend my strength to His Majesty the King.

“Um, it’s not good when you say that. I’ll take that seriously. I’m going to cry again.”

“I don’t intend to make you cry, but please take it seriously. Because I do mean it.”

“Um, but I’m a bitch. Even though you’ve already filled me up, I still feel thirsty. I feel like I’m half full…”

“If you still don’t feel satisfied, I’ll fill you up again. I mean, I’ll definitely satisfy you no matter what.”

Larks-san stared at me with determination, and his cock was still hot and hard, even though he already shot it out four times.

I began to be shaken slowly, just as he said he would satisfy me, and soon the feeling of pleasure went down my spine.

“Hnn… unrivaled stamina!? Um, but even though I can control it today, I don’t know if I can control my urges once I use the power again in the future. So, I mean, I’m not suitable to be your wife…”

“If you are going to use this much power in the future, the only time you would need to use this much power would be for a major national event.”

“I can’t just sit back and watch people suffer when I know I can save them…”

“I love you more and more for your nobility and sublimity. I’ll do my best to support you!”


At the same time he said that! He thrust up hard and my hips spluttered.

Oh, no. I think I just came.

I clung to him tightly and somehow managed to breathe through it, then glared at him.

“…Nn, B-but, you know, it’s better not to talk about marriage when we don’t even know each other very well, or you’ll be the troubled one if I’m serious with you, right, Larks-san!?”

“Waven told me that Chenrunonil’s ‘impulses’ will calm down somewhat after you give birth to a child who will inherit your power. Is that true?”

“Ah, yes. Somehow the curse weakens? Maybe it is dispersed? Seems like it. It is said that my mother came to her sanity and ran away, and according to the records of the past generations, after giving birth to a child, everyone was able to use their power and not feel this much hunger…”

“I see. Then I will impregnate you.”


Leaving me confused from his sudden and boisterous declaration, Larks-san tells me blandly.

“If you conceive my child, it won’t be the same as ‘your mother who gave birth to a child who doesn’t know whose child is this?’ that you dislike so much. I couldn’t promise that you’ll be asked to do this again in ten or fifteen years, but if you can have a child with my seed, I guess that will solve a lot of problems. So, I will fill this place with my seed until you are pregnant, and then I will make you my wife.”

“Huh!? Ehh!? W-why go this far for me…!?”

“Because I love you. The fondness I had for you when I heard Waven talked about you, turned into love the moment I saw you. Everything about you is just the way I like it, and my love for you is unbearable.”

“Eh, but, no way, really!? You fell in love at first sight? Then, you fell for my beauty…”

“Yes, I did. Your eyes, your hair, every part of your body is so beautiful that I can’t help but be attracted to you. Or do you not like me? If there is a part of me you don’t like, I will improve it. If you want to make your dream come true, I think you should compromise with me who falls in love with you at first sight.”

His gaze locked onto me so intently and passionately it was somewhat scary and I felt my mind rapidly accelerating forward into a state of confusion.

“W-well, um, if you’re talking about love at first sight, I was the one who fell in love at first sight! I thought you were so cool! When I first saw you, I knew that this person was a good person, he always stayed close to me, and I started to like him more and more because he respected and cared for me and didn’t make fun of my cursed blood. There’s not a part of you that I don’t like, Larks-san!”


He called my name enchantedly and happily and I realized what I had said as my cheeks turned rosy.

“Uh. That. Um.”

If I don’t make an excuse somehow, I feel like the atmosphere will become awkward.

In contrast to me, who was in a hurry and could not utter a single word, Larks-san said in a smiling and eloquent manner.

“Then, I’ll take that as consent and agreement. I’ll impregnate you. When this is over, let’s get married as soon as possible. It would be a pity if our child finds out later and realizes that the order1​ is wrong.”

“Ehh, wait wait, hnngh, ah, ahn!”

I wanted to discuss it properly, but my curse-addled body greedily sucked up the pleasure of being pushed up and shaken, and my thoughts quickly dissolved.

“It’s all right, Rezel-sama. If it’s with you, I can do it again and again. I will fill you up until you are satisfied… Although there is no guarantee I will stop after you are satisfied.”

I felt fear at the last words he whispered.

“Huh? What did you just say? Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahh…!”

W-wasn’t this guy supposed to be a virgin?! How could he penetrate me so accurately and even didn’t let me have a chance to speak!

My confused mind quickly dissolved with the pleasure he was giving me.

I didn’t know how many times I had climaxed until I cried out, “Enough, I can’t take it anymore, I’m full!” and then I was slammed even harder, and I was knocked up from the violent pleasure.

And when she woke up, a knight was kneeling in front of her with a sparkling smile, offering her a wedding ring and a marriage certificate.

The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin B*tch

The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin B*tch

Kyuukoku no Majo-sama wa Shojo B*tch, The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin Slut, 救国の魔女様は処女ビッチ
Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“Your country? I can save it, but please give me 5 or 6 virgin dicks. I’ll use my powers if you can give me ones that’ll pump me with fresh semen until they turn flaccid.” “I love you. I will definitely satisfy you, so please let me be the only one. Let’s get married.” A story about a witch heroine who saved the country who is a thoroughbred virgin sl*t due to her bloodline, and a peerless knight who wants to make such a witch his own no matter what.


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