The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin B*tch chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Well, If it were me, I could probably save this country. That’s what I think? But you see, I, or rather, the power of my blood, requires a [Price]…”

“Eh, will the country provide it for me?Just like I wanted? …That, if I told you that I wanted five or six young, healthy, excellent cocks, or something like that…? Eh, are you sure? Can you afford that much?”

“Er, the ideal man is a virgin who has no lover or companion, and preferably an aggressive one… …Are there a lot of knights?  Eh, can I eat all the knights? Do they agree, or rather aspired? Ah, if I don’t help, I will die first…”

“If that’s the case, well, I guess it’s okay. At this rate, I’ll die too if I’m not careful. It’s not a good night’s sleep if I’m the only one who escapes. Oh, I don’t need a title or anything.”

The person I had such a conversation with the other day was His Majesty the King of this country.

His Majesty, the head of the country, immediately gave me six virgins for the sake of the country.

They were given to me under the guise of an exclusive guard, along with a pledge of absolute obedience to me signed by them and His Majesty the King, in which in the pledge says things like “I will give it my all”. Well, it’s a sacrifice.

It was a necessary sacrifice, though it was a little pitiful that the young knights, who seemed to be so earnest and well-bred that they were probably virgins, were sacrificing their dicks to the witch.

Because I was given the title of [Witch of Salvation] as payment to save this country and was recognized as a great witch whose status was superior to His Majesty the King, I needed a dick to use my power to save this country.

No, wait. I told him I didn’t need a title. Why was I being put in the top honorary position in the country? Was it because I was going to save the country? I see. Well, whatever, I didn’t have time to argue about it.

Let’s get back to the story. Why did I need a dick to save my country? The reason was that I, Rezel Chenrunonil, am a very powerful and great witch born into the Chenrunonil family, a family that has produced witches for generations, but this strength was given to me by a family curse. The curse of this family is in bad taste.

A witch of Chenrunonil becomes a bitch in proportion to the magnitude of its power. The curse of my family is a shameful open secret that is known to everyone in this county.

I’m not sure when, but anyway, it is said that long ago my ancestors prayed for power and a certain god responded, but the god who responded must have been an evil god or a demon.

There is a price for everything, but what we need to use our power is semen. Or, to be more precise, what we need after we use it. Once we have used the great power that resides in this blood, what strikes us, the witches of Chenrunonil, is sexual desire.

The heat that made me crazy surged up from the bottom of my abdomen, and if I don’t eat an amount of semen you could bathe in, the heat that burns my life will not dissipate. If I don’t become a bitch after using my powers, I could die of insanity at worst. It is thought that the system may be a miracle by first reducing the life force and then rejuvenating it with semen that is filled with life force to sustain life.

It’s really a curse in bad taste.

I had no intention of using this cursed power in my life. I had no intention of ever using the power that would confirm my future of straddling a man and shaking my hips with hunger, or the great magic which is a definite way to indulge in a mad sexual feast. It must be to the point that the country has no other alternatives than to be destroyed if it is not used.

And yet, I’m being pushed around by [God] to no end in my life.

The nightmare began in a mountain village located in the north of the country. It is said that the place was blessed with abundant blessings from the mountains, and although it was not as open as a town, it was prosperous to the extent that it was questionable whether it could continue to be called a village.

It’s not just that the mountain’s blessing is so great… It was on the side of the mountain, which was considered as a holy place for a certain religion, and there were many pilgrims and occasional believers who migrated there.

If that were all, it would have been just another village with a few oddities.

One day, all of a sudden, demons flooded out of that village.

It seemed that the members of that certain religion held a ritual for the [Resurrection] of their [True God] in that village. Six hundred and sixty-six believers sacrificed their lives, and summoned the manifestation of their god, the Demon King, who led countless demons into a state of agitation and cruelty.

The ‘Demon King’ is the name that we ordinary people call it, and it seems that the doctrine of the religion is that the evil human beings will be destroyed by the [Judgment] of that being who is the [True God] for the believers, and a paradise for the good people will appear.

What kind of paganism is this?

It was a funny story that was so laughable until the believers who were supposed to be saved by the indiscriminate and random rampage of the Demon King and his demons were the first to be killed. The Demon King and the countless demons, created by the Demon King in the ritual, overflowed from the village and covered the whole country in despair, almost destroying our country. If I had the power to deal with such a situation, I couldn’t help but use it, no matter if the cost was using a dick.

Knights, magicians, priests, soldiers, guards, mercenaries, adventurers, and even gatekeepers and random volunteers showed their will to resist the Demon King, regardless of their original occupation.

The King, who could only stall for time at great cost even after throwing all of his country’s forces at it, bowed to me and offered me six virgin cocks. And I used my power, confident that I would be clinging on to them in the future.

Even though I am a witch, I have the power to counteract demons, and I pray to the Shithead God to perform miracles, and the demons lose the power that the Demon King gave them, lose their ferocity, and they become the beasts that they used to be. The Demon King, who had lost his subordinates and most of the power in his body, didn’t seem to understand what was happening to him, and in the end he was beaten by me and was banished.

It was called a Demon King, like a single creature, but I think it was a mass of energy, a collection of 666 people’s grudges and souls. I hit it with my counteracting power, and it was banished.

As a side note, the reason why our ancestors claimed that the gods were the ones to whom the witches of Chenrunonil had once sought power was because the powers that manifested themselves to us witches were all powers that were called healing, purification, strengthening, and barrier. It’s because they are all powers that are called holy and pure. It’s a holy power, but the price of using it is too dirty. Well, because it’s dirty, I’m not a saint but a witch.

Or something like that.

I was somehow trying to resist the fierce urge that seemed to burn through me as I looked back on the reasons and circumstances that led me here today.

“Rezel-sama, we’re almost at the inn!”

“No. I’m fine here. I don’t care if it’s on the street or on the ground. Give me your dick right now…”

“Uh… I can’t let a Witch of Salvation expose herself in a place like this, a little, just a little more!”

I was slowly dripping with tears and I wanted to suck on his ears and neck to distract the loneliness in my mouth. I was already at my limit.

My limbs are weak and my underwear is soggy and uncomfortable. The clothes that cover my tingling skin are a hindrance, and yet every part of my body is so sensitive that just the feel of the clothes rubbing against my skin and the jolts of movement are enough to make me climax.

He, Larks Nohener, one of the owners of the sacrificial dicks offered by His Majesty the King, was running with me, and he was sweating, either from impatience or because he was running with one person on his back.

Although I haven’t gotten insane yet by sniffing, licking and sipping his sweat, I can’t help but want to throw away my shame and clothes and straddle him.

The best thing to do is to use semen, as I’ve been told that the young man’s bodily fluids will quench some of this thirst, and in fact, I think I can manage to make it from the Demon King’s castle to the nearest inn, but I feel like this life extension is making me more agitated. I’m sure that if I were to get to the inn and be reassured, I would be very disturbed by what I had endured.

Right now, I’ve just finished hitting the Demon King hard. That is, after I’ve given it my all. So the curse of my family is still kicking in.

The country’s top official, who witnessed the Demon king’s disappearance, was reading out a letter on behalf of His Majesty the King, granting me the title of ‘Witch of Salvation’, and the various privileges and success rewards that come with it, and I’ve been completely ignoring it and hugging the knight beside me = Owner of Sacrificial Dick = Larks-san.

I want it. It’s aching.

Honestly, I didn’t expect the heat to be so painful.

I want to lick it. Rather I want to suck it. I want to rip off his clothes right now and lick, bathe, slurp and drink his thick fluids.

No, I know what I’m doing. I know that I can’t do it outdoors in public, much less on the ground where there are hygiene concerns.

After all, my own mother was so defeated by this urge that she ran away from the country, abandoning me, the child she had just given birth to, after her urge was satisfied and she came to her senses. I heard that she fled to a country so far away that no one knew about her anyway, so far away that I could not reach her, i.e., I was a hindrance who did not know whose seed she was made from.

So I told Larks-san in advance that, “I want you to take me to the inn no matter what I say.”

I know that he’s just following my instructions and that he’s doing me a favor by somehow trying to appease me. I know this, but on the other hand, I can’t help but aching. I feel like I’m being teased, and tears well up in my eyes.


There is a sound of something being violently kicked and the impact brings to the surface, for a moment, the consciousness that had been teetering on the brink of unraveling due to an uncontrollable sexual desire. The next thing I hear is a clattering, somewhat hurried sound.

Then suddenly, the bottom of my back, where I was thrown down, was somewhat soft.

“We-we’re here, Rezel-sama, it’s an inn! Thanks for enduring it until here. Uwaa!?”

It’s an Inn! An Inn! An Inn! This is probably on the bed! I can do whatever I want now!

As soon as I understood Larks-san words, I took off my clothes as if to tear them out of the way.

“Rezel-sama !? U-um, that’s so daring…!”

The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin B*tch

The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin B*tch

Kyuukoku no Majo-sama wa Shojo B*tch, The Witch of Salvation is a Virgin Slut, 救国の魔女様は処女ビッチ
Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“Your country? I can save it, but please give me 5 or 6 virgin dicks. I’ll use my powers if you can give me ones that’ll pump me with fresh semen until they turn flaccid.” “I love you. I will definitely satisfy you, so please let me be the only one. Let’s get married.” A story about a witch heroine who saved the country who is a thoroughbred virgin sl*t due to her bloodline, and a peerless knight who wants to make such a witch his own no matter what.


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