The Villainess Who Falls in Love ~The New Fiance Who Seems to Be Quiet Was the Ultimate Yandere~ chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Gunnar, please. Please have mercy…”

Brunhild, ‘I’, was avalanching my husband on a luxurious canopy bed. This is the world of the maiden game “Eternal Lovers – Eternal Oath to the World Tree-” with the theme of Scandinavian mythology.

I’m Brunhild, a Princess with a tragic background and Villainess, also someone who was in the way of the heroines Happy End.

I was convicted under the eyes of the general public and imprisoned in the dungeon.

But my new fiancé, Gunnar, saved me.

My Husband, who greeted me as his wife, changed my reputation from “the ruined princess” to “a chaste married woman”.

Unlike before marriage, people came to praise me for wearing neat and elegant dresses, treating people kindly, and acting gracefully in social circles.

People around the area seemed to have rumored, that her mind became calm because of the deep love of Gunnar.

However, the reality is different.

Gunnar, who seems to be sober and sincere-was the ultimate devil Do S Yandere!

“Fufu, Brunhild. You used to look at me with these eyes, I’ve always wanted it from you. I want it this much, this is it.”

Gunnar said, placing his hand on his crotch. He raises his mouth a little and shows a funny look. At night the two of us have different look on our faces than during the day.

“Oh, I want it, Gunnar…!”

I gave a soft voice and I hugged around Gunnar’s neck with my arms.

I am now living in this noble dungeon. Even though it is a prison with no windows and the shackles are hung from the rugged stone wall, the interior and furnishings are no different from those of a noble residence.

The bed where Gunnar and Brunhild lie in now is also luxurious, with soft pillows and duvets, while the canopy bed is draped with elegantly gauzed curtains.

“Then you are going to crawl on all fours and stick out your butt.”


Happily, I took the posture as I was told.

Gunnar, who is behind me rolls up the hem of my nightwear, exposing my thights to the cold air. Then there is a clicking sound. Gunnar is removing the leather chastity belt.

(Finally, I am getting the reward!)

I, who became Gunnar’s wife, was severely disciplined by my husband. All the flashy dresses and accessories that she wore, when she was single were banned and I was given the neat and elegant design that my husband liked.

In addition, they were forced to use language and gestures in an elegant manner, while we were taught again by tutoring of the musical instruments and embroidery that children of aristocrats learned.

And, during the daytime, I am wearing a chastity belt. This is to prevent other men from sneaking in without their husband’s knowledge and not comforting themselves.

In the daytime, if you properly play with Gunnar and show up as a good wife, I will receive pleasure as a reward. But if she can’t does what he wants – I’ll be irritated in this dungeon all night with tentacles of his familiars and various fornications.

It was a hard penance. Especially during the last three days. I couldn’t keep up to Gunnar’s words–as I wasn’t able to complete his desired level of work with her originally weak embroidery–I’m tired.

And I was blamed in this dungeon until I lost my mind, and became physically and mentally disappointed.

However, today is different. The embroidery of the family crest on the white handkerchief was also beautifully finished, and the work as a wife of an aristocrat was perfect. That’s why I was told by Gunnar himself – hold me.

“You’re gradually becoming able to play the role of my wife.”

While saying that, Gunnar, who was standing on the bed, hugged my waist and pressed his lower body against mine. The swelled and hardened tip is applied to the moistened honey.


It is a high price to accept for the first time in three days. Naturally, my chest also begins to stiffen.

“I’m going inside, Brunhild”


Irresistible, a non-audible voice leaks from the edge of my lips.

Gunnar, who was careful about the reaction, began to move his waist slowly.

“… how is it?”

Gunnar asks with a voice full of heated desire.

During that time, a explosive popping sound was heard in the sealed dungeon.

“Hmm… oh, it feels..good. I, I think it’s crazy.”

“I know, when it’s going in, report it to me properly.”

”Ha ha ha”, and a rough sigh, was let out by me, whispering in tears.

Gunnar speeds up the pacing, while laughing with a humor.

I was totally excited after the first couple days. Every time the upright meatstick is put in and out, the transparent joy juice flows down from the joint between us.

“Oh, yes, my dear master. I’m coming, I’m going to…”

“Ah……..Dear Brunhild. Let’s pour my kind.”

Humbly held down, Gunnar repeatedly wore my innermost part with a rhythmic movement.


I was struck by the feeling that I loved the most and then I screamed and reached it. At the same time, the cock contained in the vagina also trembles and ejaculates with splendor.

“Oh, master… Thank you. Thank you. I cherish the master’s kind…”

“I’ve poured a lot tonight. I will take care of it, not you.”

“Oh, thank you. I am so happy!”

I let go of the hand that was supporting my body, and I fell into the bed. My whole body is sweaty.

Gunnar hugged me from behind and whispered gently in my ears.

“Brunhild. I also care about you. I hold you like this and you call me your master, and I’m sure I’m the happiest person in the world.”

I also fell in love with Gunnar before I knew it. I was looking forward to being bound by Gunnar and him giving me pleasure.

Gunnar, who has a gentle and quiet personality outside, has darkness and illness in his heart and when he is alone, he whispers me sweet words like this. In other words, he is a Yandere.

I love Gunnar like this. I want to feel even closer to his darkness and illness.

Maybe Brunhilde “I” was also changed into a Yandere by Yandere Gunnar.

The People around us would find strange if they knew our true relationship. However, there is also the word binding lid on the cracker pan. No matter what others think, it would be nice if the two of us are happy.

Thus, we who were yanderous lived happily forever.

-(This time true) HAPPY END-

The Villainess Who Falls in Love ~The New Fiance Who Seems to Be Quiet Was the Ultimate Yandere~

The Villainess Who Falls in Love ~The New Fiance Who Seems to Be Quiet Was the Ultimate Yandere~

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
“You are now forever a servant of the pleasure I give.”When I awoke, “I” was transmigrated into Brunehild, the Villainess of a Norse Mythology Otome game.After the engagement was broken and I was condemned in the eyes of the general public, all that was left waiting for me is the route of detention, torture and pleasure inside the dungeon!?My new fiancé who looks at me with a cool face and has tentacles in his control. He was a plain character in the game, but he is the ultimate do S Devil and Yandere.


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