The Villainess Who Falls in Love ~The New Fiance Who Seems to Be Quiet Was the Ultimate Yandere~ chapter 2

Chapter 2

(Oh, why do I look like this)

A drop of tears spilled from my asshole hanging naked in the air by my tentacles.

I want to disappear, as I feel the embarrassement, when I remind myself of my current posture.

The tentacles of the familiar restrain both of her hands and legs, and she is dressed naked for him, from the secret place to the upper swells.

While he wore the same high-class clothes as he was in the hall, his back leaned into a luxurious chair with his legs crossed and he gazed at Brynhild with a cup in one hand. In other words, only Brunhild is experiencing this unbearable humiliation.

“This is your new place of life. Brunhild, you will live in this dungeon from now on. Look, here you have all the nasty toys of the world.”


She twists and looks around the room. The small door behind Gunnar also has a padlock inside. Metal shackles and ropes hang on the stone walls, reminiscent of the past, when the dungeon imprisoned a sinner. The treasure chest in the corner of the room may contain tools for torture.

Although there was a fluffy carpet and a canopy bed, it was certainly not a room for the general nobleman.

“My dear, Brunhild. You can only go out to the outside world, when you swear that you are a good girl. You also have to wear a chastity belt. Make your clothes more neat and elegant, and use words and phrases. I’ll also make my attitude fit for a discarded lady like you, and when I come back to this dungeon, I’ll blame you with the toys here every night.”

“What is that? You are not just a pervert.”

I was angry and stared at Gunnar. Is it an attitude toward a woman you love? It is a condition that neither Brunhild nor “I” can accept.

However, Gunnar laughed, laughing, as if he didn’t care about my feelings. If I’m a villain, is he like a Prince wanting amusment?

“I don’t care what you think about it. You have to keep close watch and let me know what you do when you go out. If you’re a good boy outside, I’ll give you pleasure.”

“Ah!? Don’t say stupid things. What are you going to do, release me!”

I boldly answered. However, in the state of being naked and restrained by tentacles, it is not compelling at all, and it is miserable.

“Fufu, as I expected, it’s a pretty strong woman. It’s rewarding to train… Brunhild, these tentacles are low-grade familiars that I manipulate. And a reward for you in the future.”

Familiars are the servants of the gods. It is the biggest humiliation for Brunhild, who is a goddess Valkyria, for them to touch her.

“Nah… this is a reward… Well, what if I couldn’t be your “good Girl”? I’m telling you, I’m not a woman who works as expected.”

Brunnhild is a noble and beautiful woman. There is no way for such a person to comply.

Besides, not only as a game character, but the player’s “I” is unlikely to become a “good child” like Gunnar wants to have.

“If you couldn’t be a good girl? It’s easy. See, this.”

Gunnar ordered his familiars with his fingers.


The tentacles are expanding and octopus like suckers stretched out, and they were pressed against the tops of my chest.

It looked like an octopus leg, it accurately captured my sensitive parts.


I let out a heavy voice. The slimy tentacles rub and suck on the nipples.

“How are you, Brunhild?”

Gunnar asks you to make sure you know what you know.

“How it is? You’re the worst man! — Hmm… Ah…!”

If you repeatedly knead sensitive parts, your voice will naturally leak. A mysterious, tickling and pleasant feeling that spreads from the tip of the chest to the whole body.

“The you who is always strong, has such a loud voice like this… It’s an unbearable sight for a man.”

Gunnar motions for other tentacles to move towards the tentacles on her chest, while telling her in mock.

“No, don’t do…!”

The tentacles are groping her body and the nipples that have risen up are pulled up, while stimulating to squish the tip tightly.

Meanwhile, another tentacle gently crawls as if stroking the entire chest. I was going to be crazy with the different kinds of pleasures given at the same time.

My hair, which had been tied up just before, is disturbed by my movement and sticks to my sweaty forehead. Breaths were turbulent and my body was burning as if my body temperature suddenly rose.

“How much do you want to resist, I won’t stop until I’m satisfied. You know, if you can’t be a good boy, you’ll continue to be imprisoned like this, in this dungeon. I see.”

“That’s…please, ahhhhh, stop it…!”

“Do you want me to stop? Then I’ll take on the attitude that I want to stop. Look, Brunhild, beg me.”

While saying, Gunnar drinks a glass of wine and rearranges his legs. The noble figure, which is the exact opposite of me who was completely naked.

He seems to enjoy the torture of Brunnhild.


It’s a humiliating command, begging till the other party is satisfied. I can’t follow that.

“It means that Pride can’t get in the way of someone like me. I’ll make you understand it. I’ll put you in so much pleasure, you will never think me as of such a man again.”

“No, no… stop… ah!”

When Gunnar gives instructions, the tentacles holding the limbs move. I’m taken to a position, which opens my secret in front of Gunnar. Then another tentacle came between my legs. Several tips carefully crawl into the maiden’s secret bush.

(That, that’s no good, really…!)

I try to escape by moving my limbs, but I can’t do anything, if the tentacles are tightly restrained me. I haven’t been stimulated yet, but the lower part of my stomach feels a little painful and hot.

“Fufufu, isn’t it a great flood? Do you want to play with my tentacles as well?”

The tentacles are slickly moving along the meat hill, but never touch the core of the heart. It’s irritating and frustrating, but there’s no way I can tell you to play with it.

“I want you to play with it… Ah… Ah!”

Despite trying to be being bullish, I have no persuasion because I am opening all the embarrassing parts of me and making a nasty voice.

“It’s a lie. Because your place is full of honey. You see, I’m the only one here. Please tell your honest feelings…. Do you want to continue?”

I can be restrained and continued to be stimulated by the erogenous zone, and I can look at the idiot- but I cannot bear it that it continues forever.

(But she loses if she does what he wants.)

I want to resist it. It is outrageous to yield to Gunnar’s cowardly means.

But-I was at the limit of the caress of the tentacles that would bring out a pleasant feeling from the back of my body.

“…Okay, please, please, tentacles…fiddle my XXX!”

“Fufu, Fuhaha, Fuhahaha!”

Suddenly Gunnar laughed out loud. Perhaps it is an excitement for being able to draw out the desired word from a woman who loves it.

“What, I said it so seriously, don’t laugh.”

Irresistibly humiliating. I wonder if the day will come when I want him to be caressed  by tentacles, that aren’t even loved by him.

“Okay, well, it’s good for the first night. I give you what you want.”

He ordered the tentacles. The tentacles stretch out towards my pussy with its tip and begin to tamper between my fissures.

“Ohhhhh, uh…!”

I was so happy that I screamed.

I wonder if Brunhild was also like this. No, am I now Brünhild? Who am I in the first place?

――Though such a question crosses my mind for a moment, it doesn’t matter at all.

Your body could be changed like this――.

Moreover, with the caress of a low-ranking familiar, directed by another man who is not a beloved man.

(What’s wrong with me?)

I could not believe my body. I’m wondering about this.

I am not an obscene woman. Rather, she even looked down on such acts.

Despite that,–.

I feel irresistibly twisting myself, but the tentacles entwined in both hands and legs do not allow me to escape.

I just devour the pleasure given by the slippery tentacles.

“Fu, Brunhild. Unlike humans, we are infinite and immortal. You are now the servant of the pleasures I will give forever.”

(This pleasure hell will continue forever)

Just thinking about it makes me feel cold. However, I am powerless. You wouldn’t be fleeing from Gunnar.

The tentacles traced back and forth through my mystery, and some penetrate into the honey cave. At the same time, the flower core is kneaded, and the posterior hole is similarly stimulated. The caress of the chest is the same as before.

(Oh, the limit is already…!)

I breathe roughly and I panting. You can see that the whole body gradually fluctuates.

“What do you want me to do? Tell me. What do you want me to do in the future? If you can tell me, I’ll give you what you want.”

Gunnar said in a teasing manner with one eye closed. That is my outlook feom now on.

“Please, please… let me reach you, play with XXX, and let me reach you…”

“Fufu, irresistible, you’re a noble princess, and you’re struck by the sensations of a low-ranking demon, and you want to climax… It’s fine for the first night. I’ll give you a reward.”

When Gunnar casts a spell on the familiar, the tentacles move more lustrously, stimulating the chest, flesh, and rear hole, more intensely than before. The sensation of the tentacles moving individually is unpredictable and uncontrollable, and I’m just tossed around.

“Yeah….I’m crazy…!”

――I was convulsive and cramped and I came.

At the same time, a warm flood blows out from the nymph. The clear liquid shines brightly in the air and wets the crimson carpet.

(Yeah… what’s this…!)

I was blind. I’ve never heard of anything like this. I know that when men reach themselves, they spit off their offspring, but I’m sure this kind of change will occur in women’s bodies as well.

“Brunhild, who doesn’t know anything, is cute….I’ll tell you. A woman who feels the limit, is how she blows over her tide from the past shadow.”

“That’s right…”

Gunnar said nothing. Then, when he instructed the familiar, the tentacles separated from the body of Brunhild.

Gunnar catches the floating body.

Muscular and robust arms wrap Brunnhild. I didn’t know because he was sitting, but he seems very big.

He wore a jet-black cloak.

When hugged, it has a sweet and moist scent unique to human skin.

A very personal and delicate odor that you can’t notice in the gorgeous hall, but now you can feel it, because it’s close by.

“Brunhild, don’t say bad things. Become my wife.”

I loosened the tightly tied lips. I thought he was a coldhearted man, but his real expression may be here.

Amber’s eyes fluctuate. A sharp nose in the long eye. This is the first time I’ve seen a man with such a great eyebrows.

(He used to be a supporting role in the game, but he might look cool… No, it’s not a problem because he has a good face!)

“Are you going to marry me now, even with such a terrible deal!”

I decided and ate him.

I’ll look back at him, but he’s still staring at me with his calm eyes.

“Yes. I like you. I know you hate me. But someday I’ll turn you around.”

As he said, he hugged me strongly. I’m in a position, where I can bury my face in his neck.

The sweet scent of myrrh that is tingling in his clothes, tickles the nostrils.

(What do you mean, oh yeah, that kind of thing. Brunhild was so soft—)

I remember the game. On this route, Brunhild, who was taken along, did not even attempt to assassinate Sigurd by suddenly staying in one sheath away from him. In this way, the game had a happy ending.

“You swear you’ll be my wife.”

“…OK. Gunnar, I will be your wife.”

I agree with you. It’s not what is being said, but the words that accompany your will.

“I will make you the happiest in the world in this dungeon.”

Gunnar gives me a soft smile. The way he looks up close, has a naive and sincere look…


It seems that she will be sucked into his amber eyes.

I wonder if there has ever been a man who was so attached to me.

(I like this person)

Gunnar, who locked me in the dungeon and tortured me with tentacles, gave me a loving feeling. A man who cannot be forgiven. But-I want to know more about you and love you-such feelings spring from my chest.

――――I never fell into pleasure.

I fell in love with you, in deep, deep love.

The Villainess Who Falls in Love ~The New Fiance Who Seems to Be Quiet Was the Ultimate Yandere~

The Villainess Who Falls in Love ~The New Fiance Who Seems to Be Quiet Was the Ultimate Yandere~

Score 5.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
“You are now forever a servant of the pleasure I give.”When I awoke, “I” was transmigrated into Brunehild, the Villainess of a Norse Mythology Otome game.After the engagement was broken and I was condemned in the eyes of the general public, all that was left waiting for me is the route of detention, torture and pleasure inside the dungeon!?My new fiancé who looks at me with a cool face and has tentacles in his control. He was a plain character in the game, but he is the ultimate do S Devil and Yandere.


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