The Villainess Who Falls in Love ~The New Fiance Who Seems to Be Quiet Was the Ultimate Yandere~ chapter 1

Chapter 1

First, is it true that I’m a Villainess, who is condemned by everyone?

The chilly season is where you dream more often than usual.

It wraps me gently in a vague and comfortable world, like how the sky is just before the dawn, a mist of light purple.

A sweet space that makes you want to stay there forever.

I’m in a slight daze from the light sleep, and suddenly I feel a bright light on my eyelids.

It must be the morning sunshine. If you don’t get up–

Then as my eyes open and I noticed something strange.

I was surrounded by people in fantasy outfits in the middle of a strange castle hall.

The marble floor has thick stone pillars, the walls are lit by glittering lights and the throne in the front is seated by the king, an old man.

Vases with colorful flowers are placed on both sides and the white lily flowers give off a fragrant aroma.

(Where am I……?)

Suddenly, I look down on myself.

I wore a soft and shiny silky garment.

A gradual, loose-fitting silhouette that resembles a goddess in mythology.

She also has luxurious gold accessories on her neck and wrists.

This is the first time I have ever worn such clothes.

(Who am I……?)

It’s true, that you will meet the opportunity to think about such things while living.

I was lost for words.

The people around me are staring at me for some reason.

I thought I was probably in the middle of a ceremony, as many people had a golden cup with a purple liquid like wine.

――But–I wonder what did I do to recieve such cold stares from them?

I have no idea.

I’m a very ordinary woman, who is also mediocre in everything.

(But what should I do? What is my name? Why are you here? Oh, no, I can’t remember who I was–)

I clenched my lips.

It seems, that my mind was covered in mist.

I can’t remember myself at all.

Everyone around me was dressed in the same smooth and elegant clothes like me.

In modern times, it would be a gentle design that does not tighten your body.

The people all wore gold crowns, collars and bracelets, which also have various jewel fitted in and at a glance it can be seen, that they are high-ranked people.

(I was supposed to be sleeping, why am I suddenly in a place like this?)

No matter how much I think about it, there was no answer.

A hand was put out to me in silence.

It’s boned and it looks like a man with long, slender fingers.

Surprised, I look up.

The young man with a fearless look smiles at my sight.

His silver hair is trimmed, he is also dressed in fine formal clothes and his clear amber eyes are pointed at me.

It can be concluded from his appearance alone, that he has a wise and gentle personality.

(A pretty man….that man, somewhere…)

I thought that I have met the young man before, as I reach out and take his hand.

“Hey! That woman is a criminal!”

Suddenly, the voice of a thick man echoes around the hall and a big bearded man restraines the young man.

The young man looks at the man with his hands stretched in the air.

“Gunnar! Don’t be fooled. Brunhild deceived us all!”

A man, who is dressed like an old officer, stood beside a large man, as he exclaimed.

“Wha…what are you saying!”

Involuntarily, I held my fists thight and argue back.

—- Finally, I thought.

This is the condemnation scene of the Otome game “Eternal Lovers ~ Eternal vows to the world tree”.

━ This game with the theme of Norse Mythology, is loved by it’s core fans.

And I’m one of them.

I have only heard rumors of it, before my purchase and since I bought it back then, I’ve been absorbed into playing it many times.

The feature of this game is the sheer amount of variety the routes have leading to the bad end.

Although the happy ending is available as the main route, if you make a mistake in your decisions, even just a little, it will fall straight to the end of the tragedy.

The Ultimate Despair!

It’s actually about choosing people, but I was really into the bad endings. I’m so sorry.

The heroine Gudrun is a beautiful and innocent maiden.

The main route of the game is that she marries the hero Sigurd, who saved the world and leads a happy life.

The game’s appeal is that the game has events even after marriage and that users can enjoy a sweet and enjoyable honeymoon with the hero.

However, there was one trap here.

According to the Nordic myth that became the original story, Sigurd will be assassinated by his ex-fiancé princess Brunhild.

Brunhild, the ruined princess, kills herself while hugging his corpse.

Brunhild had a tragic and sad past.

She has bought the wrath of the main god Odin and slept in a palace surrounded by fire in a steep mountain.

She was engaged to the great hero Sigurd, who saved her, but he marries Gudrun, the daughter of King Gyuky.

After that, Brunhild was deceived to marry Gudrun’s brother Gunnar, but in the end she could not give up on Sigurd and abducted her husband and his sister to kill her beloved man.

――Because she really loved Sigurd.

――And she definitely wants to get Sigurd, because there was nothing else she wanted.

The death of Sigurd, the capture character, is the worst bad end possible.

However, I and many fellow fans, loved this unfortunate ending.

Because, I think, they crave for the overwhelmingly emotions, that makes them cry.

Brunhild lives for love and dies for love.

The supreme Yandere, the ruined princess Brunhild, that brings madness to her surroundings, is a longing that the otome game players want.

(Maybe this is a Villainess…?)

I came up with one possibility.

On these web novel sites, the genres which are called “Villainess, Otome Game, Reincarnation or Transmigration” have become popular these days.

Let’s briefly explain here.

A Villainess is a person who stands in front of the Heroine of the Otome game as a love rival.

She has a good look, high status and pride, and is often set as a fiancee for the heroes of the game, while doing wrong things behind the scenes.

The main story of the game is that the player reveals the secret of the Villainess and if it’s successful, the hero breaks his engagement with her, while vowing to the mediocre, but heartfelt heroine an eternal love.

Not as the lonely villains, but as the ordinary heroine in a world of beautiful and gentle love with an extrordinary hero.

Aiming at that is the normal way to enjoy Otome games.

However, the web novels, that are set, that you will be reincarnated or transmigrated into the Villainess have gained tremendous support from readers.

(Incidentally, the style of reincarnation and reintroduction, that begins the from the childhood and replaces the Heroine as it is, with the character seems to be different from the original.)

Unlike the heroine with a happy ending, the Villains have only bad endings such as executions and exile.

–Yes, the villain cannot be happy!

It is said that the struggle of the hero who has reincarnated and transferred to such a bad position is evoking the sympathy of web novel readers.

I can understand the feeling very well.

Because I love such a Villainess, Brunhilde.

(No, but wait. It would be the worst to actually transmigrate into her…)

I was in despair.

Admittedly, as an otome game player, I enjoyed “Eternal Lovers ~ Eternal Oath to the World Tree”.

Brunhild was beautiful, but she had a deep darkness in her heart, and in the end, I saw myself in Brunhild, who works hard for her loved ones.


(I just enjoyed it as entertainment. I never wanted to reincarnate into it!)

In addition, this scene is certainly a scene where the declaration of her suspicious behaviour is made and condemned.

If the time is limited, you will be sentenced guilty of death.

――In short, it is the worst situation of all to be in.

You have to argue here and survive successfully.

Otherwise, the tragic consequences of it will arrive.

I braved my courage and raised my voice.

“That, I…”

“Noisy. Restrain it early and take her away.”

The bearded man who shouted loudly gave instructions to the mercenaries who are set aside.

The people around me are quietly staring at me and talking in silence.

“Well, wait. Listen. I’m nothing…”

I was too late and in a blink of an eye, the strong men have squeezed me together and I pressed against the cloth.

(Wait, is this a sleeping drug…?)

This is a familiar scene in the game.

I don’t know if it existed in the mythical era, but in the game, I was certainly put to slept with the poison that permeated this cloth.

This development is by all means the same in the game.

I think that this is a torture route in the dungeon for the Villainess, that does not go to the bad end for the Heroine.

(In other words, no matter how you go, you can’t change the future)

After that, Brunhild, who was tortured, then converted and married Gunnar.

Curiously, the scene of the torture is not included in the main game.

It’s a blank period, so to speak.

Therefore, the fans have made various speculations.

Of course, the biggest reason I can think of is, that I, Brunhild, was cut off due to circumstances, such as budget and schedule on the production side.

Brunhild is a supporting role that adds glamor to the main character.

There is no reason to describe it in detail.

However, since it is a character loved by game players, secondary creation are actively done by fans, as fanfictions or doujins.

Most of the time, I get hooked on it due to the horny torture.

Originally, because it is an Otome game, it’s development is fully understandable, and as a fan, it motivates me.

However, if such torture was really being done during the blank period,–.

(Oh, what will happen to me from now on)

Feelings of anxiety fill my chest.

While doing so, a soft and sweet scent, like sugar and nuts, enters my nostrils.

In the next moment, I was unconscious.

Brunhild woke up with a warm touch.

(Did you move me? Where’s this?… eh, yeah, naked!?)

Brunhild, no, I was floating in the air.

All the elegant clothes that I wore previously, were taken off and it looks like a large developement is happening.

My wrists and ankles are entwined with countless black tentacles that support my body.

The tentacles are slightly thinner than my arms, while feeling damp and warm.

I feel shiveres by a motion I have never experienced before.

(What do you mean?)

I was again amazed.

I used to wear beautiful clothes.

Why is it like this?

The room in front of you is a small and dimly lit. There are no windows. A flame is burning on the candlestick besides Gunnar.

A crimson carpet is drawn on the floor, and a metal shackle is attached to the stone wall. There was a big treasure chest in the corner of the room. It is gorgeous, but it is in a space filled with a very nasty atmosphere.

I’m so stunned, that I can’t speak anymore.

“Fufufu, you have a nasty look, Brunnhild.

I can see your important parts in full view.”

A hoarse voice came out. It’s Gunnar, who has reached out to me earlier.

He is the new fiancée of Brunhild, who was told by Sigurd to be dismissed -and a man who will be her husband in the future.

A person more unnotable than the other characters in the game, as Brunhild can’t forget her former fiance even after marriage.

“Hey, stop! What do you mean? Where is this…?”

I tried to move my limbs and struggle to escape from the tentacles, but I was stuck tightly and could not move at all.

From the flowery Otome Game to the Torture, this position that opens me towards him is irresistibly embarrassing.

Officially portrayed as a docile young man, for some reason he now sits in a luxurious leather chair with gold decorations and holding a glass of gold, perhaps containing wine.

Looking at my foolery.

His fearless features, silver hair, amber eyes, and cloak make him a mesmerizing beauty.

Apparently, the tentacles, of low-ranking familiars, are restraining Brunhild at his command.

“Why do you do this!”

Loudly, I threatened him.

The voice of a tall woman echoes in a small room.

While I’m caught in a strange situation, it’s feeling that like I’m not.

If you could scold Gunnar!

It’s terrible to make a woman face this.

“Don’t make a noise. This is the dungeon I prepared for you.”

Gunnar raised his mouth a little and told her in a sarcastic mock.

The Villainess Who Falls in Love ~The New Fiance Who Seems to Be Quiet Was the Ultimate Yandere~

The Villainess Who Falls in Love ~The New Fiance Who Seems to Be Quiet Was the Ultimate Yandere~

Score 5.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
“You are now forever a servant of the pleasure I give.”When I awoke, “I” was transmigrated into Brunehild, the Villainess of a Norse Mythology Otome game.After the engagement was broken and I was condemned in the eyes of the general public, all that was left waiting for me is the route of detention, torture and pleasure inside the dungeon!?My new fiancé who looks at me with a cool face and has tentacles in his control. He was a plain character in the game, but he is the ultimate do S Devil and Yandere.


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