The Villainess was Captured by the Prince before the Game Started chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Please break the… engagement… Please…”

It was the first prince of Wilhelm Kingdom, Leonhardt, who was being begged to break the engagement by his fiance, the daughter of a Duke, Lucia Vanfleet.

Tonight is a night party celebrating His Majesty’s birthday, and the two, who have been engaged since the age of seven and had always gotten along to the point of being envied by others, are attracting everyone’s attention right now.


At the beginning of this problematic evening, Leonhardt escorted his beautiful fiancee, who was the envy of everyone, to perform the first dance. After that, he danced a few songs with different daughters, moved to the places of his entourage, talked about politics and economics, and turned to the people around him to grasp the current situations of the aristocrats.

Though being busy away from his fiancee, Leonhardt was still able to observe her as he looked around secretly while roaming without being obvious to others, observing her friendly relationships, and remembering those who looked ecstatic looking towards his fiancee. He was definitely able to do it well.

Being the first prince of this country, there are many daughters who want to talk to him, though he reluctantly makes contact with them. He tries to escape the difficulty by using his aides as an excuse, or by putting on a smiling face for socializing while gently refusing, or if neither seem to work, ask for a dance and then drop them off right after.

Though, it seems that there are some daughters who lack manners and become frustrated because their intentions were not transmitted. There are also many people who are thinking of becoming his fiancee, and also daughters who are aiming for even just side rooms and wealth.

Then there’s this daughter who spoke familiarly to the man of high nobility who already has a fiancee. Of course, the young lady who saw the sight of her fiance’s arm being held by another at this instance turned pale and moved to the wall with her friends and finally left the venue. Though, the young lady who moved to the wall believes in her fiancee and waited for him to pick her up.


This time, a daughter from a commoner who was adopted by the Countess came to greet me and asked me for a dance. Tonight being that adopted daughter’s debut and being a rumored person in tea parties, this adopted daughter is relatively famous even though it’s rare for someone coming from an Earl family to stand out. With this, she was gathering everyone’s gazes, and while I was thinking that she wouldn’t possibly just lightly ask royalty for a dance, when the music played, my arm was suddenly pulled and I couldn’t refuse until I was dragged to the dance floor.

Around the middle of this troublesome evening, when I was about to bring my fiancee back to my place, I couldn’t find Lucia anywhere when I looked around.

When I called out to Lucia’s friend whom she was just with her earlier, she said that Lucia had left the venue with a pale face. I asked for a reason but she wasn’t sure, and was told instead that Lucia seemed surprised at the sight of me dancing with that Count’s daughter.

I thanked her friend, explained to the situation to my aides, left the venue, asked a nearby escort knight about Lucia’s whereabouts, and went to the royal garden I previously showed Lucia, as I was informed.

「Why go to the garden?」

With an unpleasant feeling, I quickly head to the garden.

The garden was full of moonlight, and under that moonlight stood my beautiful fiancee who looked like the goddess of the moon.

I was so fascinated with her beautiful figure that was the same as when we first met, no, even more beautiful with her maturity, that I forgot to breathe.

The first time I saw that beautiful, soft honey-colored hair paired with those big green eyes, I almost thought I was seeing a fairy.

A few years ago, I happened to come across a girl who happened to go to the royal palace to accompany her father for work and was watching the flowers in the gardens of the office area to kill time. The moment I saw her, it felt like something shot my heart and she immediately became a big presence in my mind.

At that time, I really thought she was a fairy and thoughtlessly asked her, 「Are you the flower fairy?」 Every time I recall myself of that time, I blush. 「I’m a human, you know」 was what she answered but then a man who seemed to be her father rushed to take her away and I was not able to ask her name. Now that I think about it, the man who left the palace quickly without greeting me knowing I was royalty was rude, but I could guess that he didn’t want me to know her daughter’s name.

From that day forward, in order to know the man who had taken her away, I remembered all the names and face drawings of the royal workers and aristocrats, and walked around the office to find the Duke Vanfleet I identified from the pictures. I was also amazed at the fact that I, a prince, had never met him even though he was the head of a Duke estate.

By persuading His Majesty, by persuading Duke Vanfleet, and by persuading the parliament, I was finally able to get my beloved fiancee.

That same fiancee stands and weeps in the garden. Even that appearance of shedding tears is also beautiful, and I even feel as if I am seeing an illusion of a picture.


I wanted Lucia to be aware of my presence and therefore called out to her. No, if you don’t notice me, I’d be troubled. Though I don’t know why, but my beloved fiance is weeping.


Lucia’s eyes widened as she was surprised to see me. She turned away and wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

As I approached her and reached out, Lucia stepped back. It was a scared, rejection-like gesture.

“What happened?”

I felt frustrated with that reaction. It felt like I was rejected. I wanted her to tell me what happened, so I spoke as softly as possible.

And what I received in response was —–

“Please break the… engagement… Please…”

I felt my eyes reflexively widen as I was so surprised.

“Why do you want to break our engagement?”

This is all messed up. Still, I consciously made myself calm down and let out a quiet voice. 「Calm down, calm down.」, I tell myself and look at Lucia gently.

“There is someone else who is suitable for Leo-sama. That person is not me… I’m not good for you… I’m sure you’ll like the other person.”

Her words were so sure as if she had seen the future and decided my feelings on her own, that I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t believe that her words connected me as if I had a fixed future.

Throughout this engagement, I have sincerely dealt with Lucia, and I even sometimes whispered words of love and confirmed my feelings to her.

Leonhardt was becoming anxious.

She was a fiancee whom I stubbornly convinced the duke for and decided to have out of my own love-at-first-sight, so I can’t help but think that it was just politics for her. Even so, I did my best to treat Lucia with all my heart so that I could get across my feelings to her.

「Can’t you tell what I’m feeling? No, that shouldn’t be the case. Before tonight’s party started, she was smiling and we even kissed in the waiting room. Was even that kiss, fake? Is it that she just can’t go against me, a prince?」

“First, tell me the reason. Making something that hasn’t even happened yet your reason is unacceptable.”

I then embraced and soothed the crying Lucia. I feel so relieved that I couldn’t help but stroke her head and lightly kiss it.

「I don’t think she hates this.」

“T-that is……”

“Does Lucia hate me? Do you want to break our engagement because there is another man you liked?”

「Oh, I suddenly got irritated…」

“You’re wrong… I… I like Leo-sama…”

「Even though you like me, yet you still want to break our engagement, isn’t that contradictory?」

Lucia cried, “I want you to break our engagement… you can still make it now,” she says, and I don’t get her even more and more. There is no reason to discard the engagement while fiances like each other.

“Meeting event… and I thought love… so that’s why not me… hic… Uh… Leo-sama… you’ll fall in love with the lady you just danced with… Uh… uu… hic…”

Lucia is crying and talking without any sense, and in the middle, she said words that do not make even more sense.

This world is a game world from Lucia’s previous life, and I am a capture target who has the future of finding true love by falling in love with a woman who was the adoptive daughter of an Earl family, finally breaking off the engagement with Lucia at the graduation ceremony.

Lucia will then be condemned because of oppressing a young lady called the heroine, and will become a commoner without a title, but depending on the route and subject of the attack, the death of the duke’s family, execution, and prostitution seem to be the results.

Therefore, if she continues to be engaged to the crown prince and becomes part of the road to royalty route, there is only the consequence of falling into ruin, hence, she wanted to sever the engagement.

Furthermore, if the end of the reverse harem route is reached, she will be taken around the city, and after being humiliated, the duke’s family will be destroyed by execution, which would cause trouble for the territorial people.

「Do you expect me to understand with that explanation that doesn’t make sense? I will fall in love with that woman I just danced with? That woman from before, you say… … it’s no use. I can’t even remember her face at all. I want to tell you to calm down and breathe, but that does not seem to be possible. I’m getting a headache.」

“Lucia liked me that’s why she got jealous, right?”

Leonhardt, who was strangely calm, decided to take a word from Lucia.

“Yes, I like you. So… I want to say goodbye to these feelings. I want to say goodbye before you come to hate me.”

Lucia, the one who confessed her thoughts, and Leonhardt, who is filled with smiles after being told he was liked, have contrasting expressions.

“I see. I get it.”

「I get that you do like me. All I have to do now is to make sure you can’t escape… There are too many people in the royal garden.」

Lucia’s body shook when she saw the smiling Leonhardt. Realizing that it was not good to stay together like this, she tried to move away but failed because her waist was being held.

“I… I seem to be confused… Uhm, about the engagement, I’m going to ask my dad to let His Majesty cancel it. That, uhm… I’m going to take my leave now.”

Lucia tried to move her waist but the difference in power between a man and a woman is so obvious that she could not separate from him.

Leonhardt wouldn’t just let Lucia tell her father to request for His Majesty to break the engagement. Though the Duke himself could not break the engagement, but as a father who cares so much for his daughter, he would definitely use any means necessary to do so.

Leonhardt then back hugged the Lucia who was hurriedly trying to escape and whispered in her ears

“I love you, Lucia”

Leonhardt himself was startled to hear such a surprisingly sweet voice coming from him, and the same was true for Lucia, who turned bright red up to her ears. He then princess-carried Lucia and immediately moved quickly.

“Uhm, where are we going?”

Leonhardt was surprised that he was able to move smoothly towards the private area for the royal family even though along these quarters are rooms being lent to foreign ambassadors right now.

“Hm? To my private room.”

Even though they were fiances from an early age, because Leonhardt had a strong desire to cherish Lucia, he had never before invited her to his private quarters. So as to not make a scandal for his precious fiance, they had always only met in the garden or the salon.

There was a guard in front of his private room, and the guard was startled to see Leonhardt approaching, holding Lucia in his arms. Still, he understood the intention of his lord and opened the door without saying anything.

The room with the lights off was dim, and he relied on the moonlight to navigate around the room.

“Uhm… I’ll be in trouble being in Leo’s room!”

Even if a pre-marital woman is his fiancee, entering a man’s private room at night is nothing but a scandal.

“We’re already engaged, that’s why it’s fine, right? Is there something bothering you? Let’s do our talk as fiances.”

“If that’s the case, we can just do it at the salon! Moreover, we could just talk at the party venue!”

“Lucia was the first to escape, right?”

Lucia thought that she would be lowered in the sofa, but she was wrong. Leonhardt was headed for the door beyond the sofa.

“If you’re headed for the sofa, it’s over there! Where are we going?”

“Hmm, where, I wonder.”

Leonhardt: When Lucia saw the smile that raised the edge of my mouth, her body suddenly reacted. 「I have to run away!」 Even if you think so, you cannot escape from me.

「Gaaaa! ! !」

After the door that was closed was kicked open by force, the next thing Leonhardt did was head for the bed and gently put down Lucia on it, and then immediately lay on top of her.

“It’s okay. I’ll be gentle.”

Lucia’s heart beat faster as she was being stared at by such searing eyes.

「No, no, I need to refuse or else I’ll be ruined」

Lucia: Even though my head knows it’s bad but my body won’t move. It’s almost as if I’m a prey caught by a carnivorous beast.


Leonhardt: The next morning, I woke up with the light coming in from the curtain. I’m currently filled with the feeling of indescribable happiness and the relief of having one body.

It’s all because I finally got my beloved fiancee who’s sleeping next to me. I don’t anymore have to fear her being taken away by someone else, and she will stay by my side for the rest of her life.


A few days later, the marriage of the First Prince Leonhardt Wilhelm and the daughter of the Duke, Lucia Vanfleet was announced.

For the first time in the kingdom, a prince married while still studying at the Royal Academy, hence, it was said that Lucia was being disrespected, according to the rumors floating around the social circles. However, at the time of the wedding ceremony, the prince directly said 「Because she’s so beautiful that I’m afraid I couldn’t wait until graduation」 and with that, the rumors and bad talks by the people were immediately dispersed and settled.

Except for one… the adopted daughter of a Countess who screams for the unexpected thing!

“You should not be captured before the game even starts, you know!! With this, the event won’t even start!!! Give me back my future reverse hareeeeeeemmm!!”

The Duke’s daughter who was supposed to be the villainess, was captured by the prince before the game even started.

The Villainess was Captured by the Prince before the Game Started

The Villainess was Captured by the Prince before the Game Started

Akuyaku Reijou wa Game Kaishi Mae ni Outaishi ni Kouryaku Sareta, 悪役令嬢はゲーム開始前に王太子に攻略された
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
“Please break the… engagement… Please…”Crying and begging to her fiancee, the first prince of the Wilhelm Kingdom, Leonhardt Wilhelm, was the daughter of the Duke of Vanfleet, Lucia.This is the story of a Duke’s daughter who recalled her memory of her past life at the sight of her fiance the prince dancing with the daughter of a Count, wanting to cancel the engagement, but was captured by the prince instead.


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